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12:19 AM
@JohnDvorak is the first comment on that (by now closed) question actually OK?
It could have been worded better, yes
@Makyen clean up closed posts please.
2:39 AM
Is a question asking how to check if a variable is any_of a set of other values, a dupe of a question asking how to check if a variable is none_of a set of other values?
2:56 AM
You mean like one that asks for how to subtract is a duplicate of one that asks how to add?
But I'd say it depends. If it's a unit test, it may be a different Question.
Sorry, here's the specific case. Is this a dupe of this?
The second one is obviously a canonical. There's no canonical target I can find for the first, and I'm not sure one exists. Or even if one should, which is my question really.
I'm not sure if it makes sense to make them dupes. Not that it doesn't make any sense, but.. if someone searched for "none of".. then they will land on "one of" and likely not understand the similarity.
Both look to be OP and good for Code Review site
You mean POB? I disagree. Also, it's definitely off-topic for code-review. The canonical doesn't even have working code.
How are they opinion based? They're asking how to check if something is not part of a list..
Please don't just look at one word. The different ways to do this is useful.
"Most efficient way" means "How" and "Optimize" also just means "How"
3:10 AM
@Scratte Yeah, that makes sense, but the solutions are one ! apart, which makes me unsure.
Looks like 4 !'s to me :D
Also, the solutions in the canonical is unlike yours.
The title is not very searchable though :(
@Scratte That's besides the point, I could add a solution on the canonical. Also, someone updated their answer to add that solution 2 years ago.
"Compare to ensure a variable is not like multiple values" or something..
Nah. there are enough good signposts that cover those terms.
@cigien Then add a link to that in your Answer to say the implementation needed is the opposite of what is needed in the other.
@cigien Then use "unlike" :) The current title isn't good. I'm talking about the "Optimize Conditions" title.
3:21 AM
@Scratte Thanks, both are good ideas, but they only address the specific posts. There are more posts like this, e.g. this one 3 hours ago. What I want to know if all the none_of posts should be closed with the any_of target, or if a separate none_of canonical is justified.
@cigien Knowing users, and how search works, I'd way use a separate one.
They're going to use "unlike", "not like", "different from", "not equal". If they land on a "like", "same", "equal to", they're probably going to go "Hmm.. that's not what I want. I want to do the opposite".
Ok, I'll wait for a bit to see if anyone objects, or comes up with a nice none_of canonical. If not, I'll close some posts with the post I'm involved in as a target. I quite like my answer :p
You're going to have to chance the title then :D
@Scratte Not to worry, if the user goes "I want to do the opposite", there's a canonical for that ;) How to get the opposite value of a bool variable in C++
@Scratte Yeah, I'll definitely edit the title if I do that.
But.. your Answer seems a little advanced :) Or maybe I just don't understand the syntax of c++. I know I get confused about the use of shift operators :)
3:29 AM
Advanced in what sense? The language feature is only 3 years old, if that's what you mean.
There's no shift operators anywhere in the solution though.
I know. It was just an example :) I'm not even myself.. I think I need sleep.
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4:39 AM
Is this answer ?
5:17 AM
That was quite an impressive flood of spam...
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, per request
6:32 AM
^ will roomba now
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8:34 AM
@bad_coder this one seem to be a duplicate after OP added error
@NicolasVuillamy Asking for votes isn't allowed. See FAQ #10
@NicolasVuillamy this still looks like a resource request anyway (write code for me)
@NicolasVuillamy I'm sorry, but we don't permit requests from people who are involved in the post. Please see FAQ #15.
@NicolasVuillamy If you want to ask people about why it is closed, why it should not be reopened, or what could be done to improve it, that would be permitted. However, any such an inquiry needs to be really seeking input, not just something that's phrased with the intent of getting people to vote.
8:55 AM
^ roll back please
@Ruli Good point, there are 74 textual occurrences like that one. Almost certainly a duplicate. Apparently it's OS dependent and if you use environment managers like Anaconda, etc...Hasn't happened to me that I can recall in my setup.
@Ruli I'm currently debugging my own stuff, and SO is really active on a Monday morning. Some music to start the week :D
@bad_coder similar here, thanks for music, here is a bit of mine :)
9:18 AM
@NicolasVuillamy OK, the way SO is structured the question would be on-topic if you added a specific tag, like bash in Linux, or powershell-CMD in Windows. Something that makes it language specific in order to turn the question into a programmatic problem and not a resource request.
@bad_coder thanks , i'll do that :) i don't care the language , so if i add python & node tags, would it be ok ? and people could anyway reply with some package ?
@NicolasVuillamy yes, if the problem is language specific and programmatic a library is a valid response.
@NicolasVuillamy I would not recommend that; still sounds like "write code or give me a library" and if you don't care which language, obviously not a programming problem at all
and adding spurious tags is just confusing; would you reject a solution in C?
@NicolasVuillamy no
9:24 AM
mmm if you were me, how would you edit my question ? :p
@NicolasVuillamy you should phrase it like:"How can I format a markdown table in Python" (so it's not phrased like a resource request).
@NicolasVuillamy But anyway, my quick fix would be opening the file as a CSV, use padding for the cells, and save again (as long as you have the separators in the original file it's easily doable.)
Is this question asking for external resorces? The answers are all link-only
@NicolasVuillamy Let me quote you: "I am looking for a script" is a resource request :/
9:29 AM
@Yatin I want to read it as How can I use spring-data with CouchDB.
I feel like I shouldn't have had flagged the latest answer... Youtube link might be edited out 🤔
@NicolasVuillamy It is a good idea to add what you have already tried.. like which links you referred to and why they failed...
Is this NAA? It doesn't seem to contain an answer and I'm not even sure what the "'load with data URI' method" that doesn't work refers to.
it seems whatever I try i can't ask my question... :) as a last resort, do you know a community where such basic question could be ask ? :p
@NicolasVuillamy if you honestly tried to solve this yourself and didn't succeed, show your code; but I suspect if you know Python at all, this is not hard to do
I don't have code, I maintain Mega-Linter, which is a linter aggregator, and i can't find a CLI to format markdown tables in it :/
9:40 AM
(i just found lots of editors plugins =
@NicolasVuillamy Problem is your example is really simple, if you check the Markdown tag there's a meager 731 questions about tables...What does that boil down to? Even if you get an answer it won't help you, because a Markdown table can contain any number of body elements or HTML. So yeah, you need a library...
@NicolasVuillamy And that's off-topic on SO. But try google, there'll be a ton of solutions for this.
i tried google and stackexchange was my last hope :p
@NicolasVuillamy don't go "Princess Leia" on us, "these are not the droids you are looking for". Anyway, your question contains the answer, twice. Both the tables are valid Markdown :D
I know but i want it to be nice, my goal is to make Mega-Linter the ultimate tool to get rid of anything ugly in code :p
(and i'm more chewbacca than princess leia :P )
9:46 AM
@NicolasVuillamy Then I wish you luck, I'm neck deep in a terrible library with intricate constructs. May the force be with us :D
@NicolasVuillamy Your question is both too broad and missing details. You haven't explained what you want formatted, how, or why. There are multiple ways of formatting tables in Markdown. You have not specified which Markdown version you are using, so which type of Markdown table formatting you want isn't clear. Why you want the formatting changed from what you have to what you want isn't clear. They literally produce the exact same HTML when used in some Markdown converters (e.g. GitHub).
I integrate linters and formatters: i can format dozens of formats, including markdown, but markdownlint and remarklint does not prettify markdown tables, and i'm looking to add this capability to the global tool :)
and i saw lots of extensions ( for Vs code for example ) that can do that, but no standatalone package... that's this graal i' m looking for :p
So, ultimately, you're looking for an existing library. OK. That's off-topic for SO.
yep :) i can check markdown consistency, markdown dead links, but i consider the tooling complete if i can also prettify it :) nvuillam.github.io/mega-linter/descriptors/markdown
atom.io/packages/markdown-table-formatter I need that, but as command line :p
Please edit out the potentially spammy link. The suggested edit queue is full
10:03 AM
My earlier question was solved: The post is now deleted.
@Yatin shouldn't this question be closed? seem off topic, or at least too broad and misses any details, the accepted answer also contains a potentially spammy link
10:30 AM
@Ruli yep
11:11 AM
Feedback from a mod on a declined flag of mine: Was this a misflag? No, trust me, I'm sane.
11:26 AM
Is this flag-worthy? See my comment in which I link to the other answer. It seems to me to lead basically to the very same code so doesn't add anything new. But I'm not an expert on Python Jinja.
@JeanneDark no, that is an answer. Not an awesome answer so your guidance comment is appropriate.
@rene Thanks! I didn't flag it, just wondered if I should.
12:17 PM
12:33 PM
what is wrong with my formatting this time? got to install extensions finally
@Ruli May be "https://"? See if you can edit the message...
I cant sadly
Yes. It's the missing protocol. [This doesn't work](example.com/noProtocol)
Ask RO to bin that message and post it again...
Also, that question is closed just an hour ago. You will need 20K+ users to delete it. Alternatively, you may wait for two days to make it eligible to be deleted by 10K+.
@rene can you please remove the request? i cant edit it enymore to proper formatting, thanks
12:42 PM
1:03 PM
1:16 PM
Is this a spam or R/A? (from LQP)
^^ Please neglect above. It is just a Thanks comment when I also read the question.
@AmitJoshi Mod flaggable at the very least
It seems to me that NAA flags are processed faster than VLQ flags.
There's some truth to that. Remember that VLQ also covers questions, which are not as straightforward as NAA
Still, not a lot of either hangs around very long
VLQ's on Questions tend to get declined, no?
There's a larger pool of open VLQ flags because of flagged questions? I sometimes flag link-only answers as VLQ (or if they're not in English), because they may be edited and then become answers.
1:28 PM
Why was this Answer deleted?
@JeanneDark More often than not I find they are questions in Answer though. I generally google translate them to see what they're saying
SOCVR has been mentioned on meta. Should a RO come and answer? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/357271/…
They even linked to the graveyard.. that's unusual.
@Scratte More of a reason to delete them. But they sometimes also seem to be attempts at answering the question.
Yes, but if you VLQ them, and they translate their question into English, it's still needs deleting, no? But the flag will be inactivated..
@Scratte The flag will be marked helpful. And you can then still flag as NAA.
1:34 PM
@JeanneDark So.. it's a ploy to get your flag count up? :D
Looking at a lot of Answers that gets deleted, I'm finding Stack is more useful if one can see those. That's very unfortunate. It basically means that one needs 10K for Stack to be truly useful :(
@Scratte If it's not obvious it needs closing, yeah
@Scratte I wonder how much trash 10k+ see
I've seen people VLQ questions that might merely have basic coding problems, but if it looks MRE at a glance it'll be declined for sure
1:43 PM
@Yatin That's my issue. Some times I see actual Answers being deleted. (and fine Questions too, but with no direct link, no one can find them). So then at 10K one needs to sift through the useless to see the useful pink ones. That just seems.. counterproductive.
@JohnDvorak I've left a comment
@Yatin Can't be quantified. It's a lot
@Zoe Is there a way to toggle the ability to see deleted stuff? I mean 10k+ also use SO for getting answers, so seeing deleted stuff might be distracting.
Nope, I often get distracted when I'm looking for stuff.
1:50 PM
@Yatin Not without a userscript (that doesn't exist atm), but deleted stuff is pushed to the bottom, so you won't notice on questions with lots of undeleted answers
It should be doable with a simple userstyle
or that, yeah. I keep forgetting stylus is a thing xd
or a uBlock rule
now, to update the answer counter you do need a script
2:05 PM
@Yatin I used to think the answer was "a lot" until I became a mod, where you see everything. You generally only see deleted stuff you run across (i.e. a deleted post on a question) or questions you know the URL of
The system hides virtually all the deleted stuff because it's mostly noise at that point. Hence why you can't search for deleted content you didn't create
10k users are spared of deleted comments, fortunately
Yeah, that would totally kill my productivity
Even mods don't see deleted comments by default. You have to click a button to add them back in
Luckily Sam has a userscript that clicks that button for you ...
ooh, TIL. Is that a recorded action, or just a courtesy to the mods?
2:10 PM
I don't know of one that auto-unhides, but Sam did fix the clunky interfacing they gave us. The default button is right below the timeline button. Sam makes one at the bottom of the comment list, where it makes sense
3:27 PM
@MorganCodes Hi! Can we help you? If you want to know more about this room, read the FAQ.
@MorganCodes Hello :)
@Scratte likely because it is link only -- it was mod-deleted by Martijn
3:42 PM
@TylerH Yes.. I don't agree it's just a link only. I argued that in the comments. I expect those are gone now.
@Scratte The comments are there. Do you think the answer is ok without the link, i.e. is "You need to install the package." an answer?
@cigien "You need to install the package" seems like it would be a valid (not necessarily good) answer to a question like "Why does my code say X package is missing?"
@khelwood Yeah, seems reasonable. Is there a way of telling if it was deleted because it's NAA, or for some other reason?
@cigien Only asking the mod who deleted it
They mention in the question that they installed it and that it was present ("I verified that I have the DSC resource kit installed, and the module is listed when I execute the Get-DSCResource command."). I wonder if the question is typo/no repro though.
3:56 PM
The OP claims that they did in fact do everything right. An answer that says "make sure you did all that" is a comment really.
@cigien It was deleted as NAA. I'm sure of it.. I mentioned to the user that gave a "true positive" feedback to Natty that this wasn't an NAA. But I do not think they retracted the flag. Also, I do not know if there were more than one flag in it.
@cigien No.. that would be assuming that any other person that has this issue did everything like the Question author did :)
@cigien Well, with no comment given by Martijn, one can only suppose that it was deleted as NAA. If you're really concerned/bothered, ask on Meta. Martijn will just love you for that.
If a question says, "I did X, Y, Z, ... and it's not working", I'm not sure "Do X" is an answer. Whether it's NAA is unfortunately a slightly different question, and I'm less sure about that.
Even if it was reported as NAA and (maybe) shouldn't be, a mod might delete it just because they think it's unhelpful.
@AdrianMole I know nothing about Martijn. Is the last bit sarcastic? Anyway, I'm definitely not bothered by this answer. There are much better examples if I want to ask a mod for clarification on how NAAs work :)
4:06 PM
@cigien I don't think Martijn does sarcasm.
@AdrianMole I was asking if you were being sarcastic about Martijn appreciating clarification questions directed at them on meta.
... some have suggested (though I will neither agree nor disagree) that Martijn is to Cody what Palpatine is to Vader.
..that's just more confusing. Does Cody not appreciate sarcasm?
Speaking of Martijn... This question is obviously off-topic, but kept "alive" because of the bounty. Is this meta post applicable here?
@GertArnold some old chat about bounty
4:18 PM
@GertArnold Yes and no. It only has 2 days left, meaning they've gotten 5 days of bounty benefit. All we can do is refund it, which means they get that benefit for free. I'd wait until the bounty ends
I don't understand how that's off-topic. If they ask how to do it.
@Machavity Thanks, I guess that makes sense. I see this happen more often (as more of you do, apparently). I just wish people spent effort (= revision) instead of rep in getting attention.
@GertArnold Posting a well researched Question does not work for getting Answers, see Stack Overflow fails to promote well-researched, well-written, but difficult questions
@Scratte But it's clearly a very broad question, based on disputable premises. Lots of potential for lengtyy discussions there.
@GertArnold I skimmed the one upvoted Answer. I see a sort of: There is just this one way.
4:29 PM
@Scratte The answer only touches one aspect of the question, and see OP's comment. Hey, even talking about the question sparks discussion :)
Is this attempting to Answer the Question?
"How to" questions always trigger discussions in here ;)
@tink in the broader context of shell programming, I would not rule it out as vaguely "programming related". The question actually seems to be about quoting in the shell anyway
@GertArnold That happens with all Questions. From the most upvoted useful ones to spam. Taking about it doesn't mean anything :P Also.. comments on Answers are normal too.
@eyllanesc What is missing on this one?
@Scratte this is a broad statement that is as equally untrue as it is true when applied to individual examples
4:37 PM
@TylerH I don't know. My own post got no attention other than votes. I figured I should have researched it a lot less.
4:52 PM
@Scratte is seriously? Can you reproduce or analyze the problem with those few pieces of code?
@eyllanesc I didn't try. I was just curious.
@Scratte Please analyze before asking. Personally, I prefer to answer specific questions that are useful.
@tripleee Yeah, I know that sed can be "broadly" seen as a programming tool. But his invocation to me still doesn't resemble programming.
@AdrianMole Yeah, that tag is flawed
5:05 PM
Nice finds @AdrianMole and @Machavity =D
It's one of the few rewards I get from reviewing suggested edits - finding bizarre tags.
@Scratte what post?
Can one be a flawed expert in least-astonishment?
@AdrianMole It's even been edited into this one :)
5:08 PM
Real code on SO right now: return Na::Na::Na::Na::Na::Na::Na::Batman{}.x; :)
@NathanOliver horribly inaccurate number of "Na"s is triggering me
@Dharman oh hey, you passed me - congrats on both!
@TylerH I'd say classic "off by one" ;)
Not enough Na's?
Maybe a case of a not-a-Na?
5:10 PM
@TylerH My only Question. I deleted it a long time ago..
@Scratte well how do you expect to get an answer if you delete the question?
Sometimes it takes years to get an answer on Stack Overflow. That is the beauty of the site :-)
and sometimes an answer can take years to get accepted
@TylerH It was visible for quite a while. I self-answered it after some times.. I can't remember how long it was visible, but longer than the extra penalty for deleting answered Questions.
that's not only unhelpfully vague, it's also relative and still doesn't effectively counter the fact that you took action to ensure it would never get an answer
Wait, wait, you not only asked a question that others thought was useful, but you also found the answer and posted it... and then you deleted the question and answer?!
Do you... understand how the site is intended to work?
(Honest question)
Nono.. no one thought my Answer was useful. I expect the votes were "this sort of looks useful", but I not think anyone actually read the whole thing.
I mean, you thought your answer was useful, no?
5:16 PM
And if I were every to undelete it, I'd have to rewrite the Answer as I'm not sure the borrowed code is copyrighted.
Just because you have 0-score answers doesn't mean no one found it useful... just means that no one visited the answer and bothered to upvote it when they were able. But even so, there's nothing wrong with 0-score answers.
@TylerH I've come to learn that what I think is useful isn't a measure of usefulness.
You even get a badge for it if it happens enough
@TylerH Only for non-self answers :)
I'm sure however.. that someone, somewhere, can nitpick it into having some details somewhere that may be a little vague. So it could probably just be closed.
Or perhaps it's not minimal. Or.. it's not a proper "How do I find this information?" type question. It wasn't a debugging Question. In retrospect, I find it a bit puzzling that it wasn't ever closed.
5:33 PM
Why does it go through reopen so much? stackoverflow.com/posts/59158548/timeline
@Dharman I expect users find it, and think it's useful.
@Scratte Are you saying people misclick reopen button when they want to upvote?
@Dharman Popularity != good.
@Dharman No. I think people find it. Find it useful. And click two separate buttons :) The reopen button is perhaps clicked so other users that do not have account, can also see it :)
Also, the target is a dumpster fire
5:46 PM
Huh? What are you both talking about?
You asked why the question goes through the reopen queue, the system uses views and votes to nominate closed questions to reopen.
I also noted that the target is less than ideal, since it requires you to read several pages to get an answer.
@Braiam Does it? Do you have a link to a meta about that?
The target is the canonical. There are shortcut links to each error message
Yeah, that's not how Q&A works.
You might be right that it's the system pushing it into reopen review automatically
It's not ideal that useful questions get closed as a dupe of the canonical, but this is what PHP community thinks is helpful and it doesn't cause much harm so let it be
5:50 PM
A laundry list of common questions is what frequent question is meant to do
The canonical should only be used by gold-badge holders to quickly close repeated questions about the same problem
@Dharman I see harm whenever a question is closed against that list by default.
That's laziness of the php users.
Why is it lazy?
Because instead of searching for a good target you just link to a laundry list and leave the OP to figure it out.
The OP should have figured it out themselves in the first place
5:52 PM
They could if they could find a relevant question ;)
Nobody ever reads a FAQ list. Users need to know their public to achieve the objective they are set to achieve.
For me duplicates are means to prevent the same question to be asked. A duplicate target that fails at that shouldn't be a target.
And lets not address the elephant in the room that that question is overly too broad.
The problem is that people don't read at all. They don't search for the solution online, they immediately ask on Stack Overflow hoping that someone will fix it for them. Duplicate closures are not going to prevent that.
@Dharman That's not a excuse for us to then proceed to trow more text at them!
They aren't going to read it anyways, so why?
The php tag problem isn't a problem solved after the question is asked, but before.
But such solution would require SE to do something that prevents people from asking questions, so there's that.
I agree that we need something to prevent people from asking questions. We need to ban questions on Stack Overflow
But the company is never going to do that. They see questions as the primary source of revenue
Not the views
because, again, people are not searching, they are asking
That's probably not true at all. I think it was yesterday where it was revealed that only 30 posts has been marked a duplicate of one that was viewed 30,000 times. Perhaps it was 40 posts.. but most users just found the target.
6:08 PM
@Scratte true, which is why the question I asked about has so many views and upvotes. I'll give you that. Most people search, but still, there is a large number of users who just ask again. We have a problem with duplicates, and we need something to handle them better.
Perhaps a special duplicate target list.. where posts can be added when they've been used as a target for X posts already. Then those could be listed separately when closing. Though that just poses a new problem of having those being used as targets even then they're not.
@Scratte How would you search for them? Imagine a list with 1000 links
the search box used to have a "FAQ" option as well as "recent" and "active" and "votes", but it was never clear to me how that was populated; the stuff it contained was basically useless but perhaps it would be possible to come up with a better ranking than whatever they used for that
Like any other search. Keywords. Just only against that list in a separate dialog.
Sometimes I know there's a target for a post, and then.. I spend 5-10 minutes! searching for it. I've even gone through user profiles to find the post that I know is there :( I remember another user using it and then I go through 5 pages of bookmarks on their profile.. or I remember someone Answering it.
Is this an acceptable target for this? Or is that a RTFM target?
6:18 PM
It's now buried in the tag info page
It's by the number of linked links that is populated
@Braiam the new label already improves its usability
Since it includes deleted post links it's the more accurate representation of what is frequently linked. Works the same for links in comments, posts and duplicate message.
@cigien works for me
Ok, thanks.
@cigien I'd say it's too broad.. :( I mean the target.
6:21 PM
@Scratte Sure. Separate question though.
@cigien Well.. The target shows them how to find out. Sort of.
@Scratte Yes, I agree, it's too broad. There are some very high quality answers there though, so if there were any activity on the post I would flag it for locking. As far as I can tell, there was one CV 2 years and one this year, and both expired. Seems like users don't want to close it.
@cigien I mean the duplicate is specific in a way that's not covered by the target. So while the target is broad, it doesn't actually have an example for that case. So it's sort of like "Read the book, and then work it out. Good luck with that :)"
Aah, I see. The OP's title is "How to evaluate ...?" and they have shown no indication they know how to do so. I think the target is appropriate.
I would use the debugger target on a question that said "How do I debug ...?" and which showed no knowledge of debugging.
6:31 PM
I just looked at it. And I'm hmm.. why do they think it's what it is. But you're right. They do not seem to know where to start with it. "complexity of finding subsets of supersets of subsets" is what isn't covered.
@Scratte Exactly. If the OP had shown they know how to do the math for subsets, and for supersets, but were stuck on this part, the target would be inappropriate.
Not fond of the last part of the comment though.. :(
And this looks somewhat similar to the last thing I just CV'ed ... btw, how can I reference my own contributions here? =}
The UI doesn't present me with a 'reply to this' for my own stuff ...
Drag and drop.. :)
6:43 PM
Que? :D
Hold on.. RyanM made a gif :) I just can't find it right now :) But for now there's the slow way
Can a moderator please add a to this?
@10Rep you should flag the question to request that
Ahh ok
Hey! Im aware that my tag was discussed here. I was told to join the chat? What verdict did you all reach?
6:45 PM
Btw, does it make sense to CV highly voted and repeatedly answered [Off Topics](stackoverflow.com/questions/4093786/…?
@tink Cv any post you think should be closed. score, views, etc. They don't matter.
Cheers Scratte ...
@Ironkey While it was discussed a bit here, it seems legitimate, and it would be more appropriate to ask about on Meta, I think, if it becomes a problem. You could suggest a Wiki description and Wiki Excerpt (that follow the rules/requirements for them) to help illustrate how the tag is a good fit for the site.
@tink But also keep in mind that it was asked 10 years ago :). Such questions might be eligible for a historical lock.
Heh ...
6:47 PM
@tink Please read the FAQ before, though
/me shrugs ... historic, hysterical, ... it still doesn't belong ;)
@10Rep questions should get a historical lock generally when they need one
@TylerH alright thank you!
which is to say, when there is a close/reopen war going on, or a delete/undelete war going on
@tink On "How to reply to one's own message": There's one with stills and this is the one from RyanM with a moving gif that explains "Drag'n'drop"
6:48 PM
Moderators typically do not preemptively apply one.
Yeah, that's why I said "might".
Is this just NAA or already somewhat rude?
@JeanneDark That's rude.
@JeanneDark I gave it just NAA - but I can see that it could be perceived as rude. But not worthy of a red flag, IMHO.
I gave it NAA, but I guess RA could also be considered.
6:53 PM
Thanks, I guess somewhat borderline. But maybe mods may give benefit of doubt
@AdrianMole Not worthy by the system definition?
Seems a little odd to create an account just for that though.
It's older
@cigien My emphasis would be on "IMHO."
6:55 PM
A clear decisive answer ;)
Do you have non-humble opinions?
... if I were a mod (perish the very thought), I would not decline any R/A flags on it.
why perish the thought?
@AdrianMole That's effectively the system definition.
@10Rep Perhaps Adrian would decline my flags just to tease me.. :D
6:57 PM
Well, when I said any flags, I would implicitly exclude Scratte flags.
That question took 7 years to get deleted.
@bad_coder @TylerH please move to dev/null - meanwhile OP clarified question.
I think this question should be deleted because I can't understand what it is asking about, correct? stackoverflow.com/q/23828423/1839439
@bad_coder moved per your request
It doesn't seem to offer anything positive to the site ... but neither is it doing any real harm. I'm on the fence.
7:11 PM
@Dharman I'm on the fence as well
The fence is buckling under the weight.
Ok, then I will not waste my delete votes on it yet
I broke the fence. Sorry about that. I won't sue you or anything
lol!.. they're putting it the sidebar that one can hide :D But why is Stack putting all the buttons on the left side? It's not user friendly.
7:13 PM
I don't understand why people upvote the question I asked to close above
They probably don't understand why you vote to close it.
@Machavity What happened to the engineer's credit?
@klutt A question can be close worthy and up-vote worthy at the same time.
@AdrianMole Build a better fence next time :P
@cigien Yes, but this was not one of them :)
7:15 PM
@klutt Ah, I see. Since you didn't link to anything, I thought you meant in general :p
@Scratte oh, that hiding aspect I didn't even consider. You might want to ask that.
@rene Nope.. I don't have an account on meta.
@cigien schroedinger​'s post. rofl
7:19 PM
Besides.. my problem is that they're moving all the buttons to the left. And I'm too tired to ask why they putting all that energy into making the UI less user friendly.
@Scratte You could have literally pasted this message on the meta post. Minus the "tired" bit ;)
@Scratte Obviously, there's an unnatural excess of sinister developers in the SE team.
@cigien I created an entire Question for this purpose once.. it got views and votes and ..nothing happened. Please move the Flag Button back to the right side. The thing about it is that.. I'd rather spend time on fixing it on my own end.
Sorry to hear that, I know that can be frustrating.
@Scratte I don't follow. It looks like the post was positively received, and there appear to be 3 solutions there. One is your own of course. Why is that nothing?
@cigien Did it make the button go back to the right side? Or did it just list workarounds? :)
7:31 PM
@Scratte True. I flagged them as all NAA ;) But everyone can't win. Some people like left, some right. Workarounds for those who don't like the current design seems very nice to me.
@cigien Heh.. I think you may get hose flags declined ;) But if you count the votes, it seems more people want then on the right than on the left, so overall it's hard to argue that it's better to have them on the left. On a general note: We read from left to right, so having and "end" on the left doesn't make a lot of sense. Perhaps that's why others find they also want it on the right.
this qualifies as no MCVE (NATO)?
@SurajRao I like Too Broad.
When it comes to the workarounds. They're nice for the very limited amount of users that use them only.
@Scratte Here's the GIF
7:42 PM
@SurajRao It is protected by a bounty
yes.. probably needs a mod flag
A mod's seen it I think, but it's not been closed/deleted.
@RyanM Thanks.. but I found it. And mentioned you again a few lines down :)
@Vickel I'm not sure how an IDE usage question isn't about programming
@Scratte ah :-) I just saw my name in the starboard and went to address it :-p
7:45 PM
@RyanM Oh, I CVed it. Is that really on-topic? It is about a tool, I guess.
Yes, that's on topic. It's the typical "How do I do this in my developer tool?"
well, *if your question generally covers…

a specific programming problem, or
a software algorithm, or
software tools commonly used by programmers; and is
a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development

…then you’re in the right place to ask your question!*
@cigien via the help center (emphasis added): "Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for programming." Since IDEs are primarily used for programming, questions about them are on-topic.
Actually, I have read those pages. As evident, they can be interpreted to mean different things in specific cases. Selecting text in pycharm feels off-topic to me, but I retracted the vote anyway.
@RyanM I think asking for a sequence how to press some keys on an IDE is off-topic
7:50 PM
@Scratte Your comment is inappropriate for a new user. It requires context they don't have.
Much, thanks :)
However.. I think it's better they know now than later.
Which part exactly?
@Vickel I know what you mean, but a sequence of keystrokes in an IDE is most of programming ;)
@cigien I'm pretty sure I've seen such a question closed before, but cannot find the Meta about it
7:55 PM
Actually.. there are some things in IDEs you cannot do, unless you know the key combination.. :(
@Vickel My guess is there's more than one meta on this. If you find any nice links, please do share.
trying to do magic and find the link :)
@Vickel But then that begs the question: What Questions, in your opinion, are OK about tools primarily used by programmers?
@Scratte it's not really defined, isn't it?
@Scratte Sorry, forgot to respond to this. I'm not arguing for one or the other, my point was only that you should voice your opinion on that meta post :)
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