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12:00 AM
Is that right?
12:25 AM
@hichris123 Well, I think it's spam because there's an email address within it.
@KevinGuan Unfortunately, there's a ton of people who put emails in their posts. Most of them just because they don't understand SE != a forum.
@HaddE.Nuff Yeah that's the correct format. And note that we also have a user-script to generate a cv-pls request when you're vote to close a question automatically: github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts
@hichris123 Hmm...
@hichris123 ok... but why would you put your email address in a forum post?!
Because they think people will send them a zip or something? I'm not sure.
One more close vote is all that is needed.
12:30 AM
But it happens fairly frequently.
@JanDvorak Hmm...seems people are all starred the wrong message...
12:56 AM
@HaddE.Nuff Oh, and as Tunaki said, if you still have some questions about how this room works, feel free to ask =D
@KevinGuan That's about receiving an email, not posting an email address in an answer.
Oops...I think I need some coffee.
@hichris123 brews coffee for @hichris123
thanks for the coffee =p
@hichris123 Well, then, that post has already been delete (via delete votes), let's move on and I'll not report posts like that in the future.
1:13 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels i liked how the OP tried to "improve" it by making some of the words bold.
@cimmanon: yeah, he's still quite unsure of how this site works. Hopefully he'll have a careful look at the help section and get with the program.
1 hour later…
3:02 AM
@Mogsdad I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
3:18 AM
What has happened, the room is dead every time I join lately?
If it's dead you wouldn't expect an answer now :P?
3:33 AM
@JarrodRoberson Saturday night... I guess some people have better things to do with their time!
@Closey next 10 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@Mogsdad The next 10 tags are: 32, 31, 27, 27, 24, 24, 24, 24, 23, 23
Same user again: stackoverflow.com/q/36672397/3933332 I already commented on his first question: stackoverflow.com/q/36672347/3933332
Wow.. what a mess
You see a preview of your question in the ask page. What did OP think when they looked at their question?
@Rizier123 Really? I was the only one who thought that was just unclear?
@Rizier123 "I wonder what those English words are, I wish this interface was in my native language."
3:49 AM
@Mogsdad Well the title is "How to get the number of pages in a Word Document on linux?" and from that you can tell what he wants to do, but with that garbage body you have no idea where he is stuck, what exactly the problem is. But because of the title I chose the other one.
The mess makes me think he was pressing buttons on the editor without knowing what they were doing.
I saw unicorns and cats which asks better questions than that one.
Even though most cats questions are like adfjkljkfdjsdfg.
1 hour later…
5:19 AM
^ Keeps editing it back in, stop editing, just flag.
5:34 AM
> Godwin's law is alive and well. - stackoverflow.com/questions/36672043/…
6:10 AM
any mods around?
can we have some offensive flags on this stackoverflow.com/questions/36672043/…?
I'm going to get 9 helpful flags on this post at least.
Why 9?
I've flagged 8 comments by them too.
yes there are a range of threatening and abusive comments there
6:13 AM
Oddly, 2 of them have already been deleted.
we need some mods to freeze it
@TheLostMind are you here? Please freeze this user's activity
@AlexanderO'Mara I like your reference to Godwin's law. I haven't seen that before
@Yvette I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
6:35 AM
@Yvette Oh hey looky that my flags were the sixth!
Plop again =D
And question deleted
mods are sleeping, we just kill it our selfs :P
9 helpful flag, and not even my record.
@Yvette - wait lemme check if I am around
@AlexanderO'Mara 8 here
@TheLostMind !!/alive
6:38 AM
@Rizier123 - mods are humans too :P
What are those "humans" you talk about?
I think they're like obsolete versions of modern bots
I'm thinking if I should learn JS and document it as GitHub repo to get other people's opinion of it :P But not too sure yet.
Google's reCAPTCHA 2 always thinks I might be a robot for some reason.
7:05 AM
@Rizier123 I'd gladly help with that, I already try to help @KevinGuan and he's only had a couple crisis yet
stackoverflow.com/a/36671390/3933332 Seems like a good answer. But I think someone dv because of the vlq question. Left a comment on it.
@Kyll So KevinGuan is also learning JS right now :P?
7:22 AM
hi everybody
I need one help in jquery,though this is off the topic for this chat but no one is available in jquery sites
would anybody mind helping me?
1 hour later…
8:34 AM
@SpringLearner looks like it is a lazy Sunday ... no help from here, sorry.
8:49 AM
Discloses affiliation
@BhargavRao yes, but most of those answers, and the question ... I dunno ....
@rene The website at the moment can be spam tho, formaciononlineweb.es :D
@BhargavRao I close voted the question and did some voting in the answers
Should be able to get that roomba-ed
Voted to delv that sd report
9:05 AM
@rene yes
Did the javascript room wake-up?
I have posted a question in SO
got 2 answers but I have already tried the way they suggest
Be careful before you link that in a chat room
sh... I am in many rooms. Careful before posting anywhere.
That --------------------------^ is true
9:12 AM
@BhargavRao why is to so?
@JanDvorak any reasons?
I am the reason to beware.
@JanDvorak chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/29984609#29984609 Begging for upvotes is normally not very accepted. Same for stars :D?!
@Rizier123 It sorta worked. And yet it didn't.
are you the person who is downvoting me?
I haven't seen your question yet
9:17 AM
just kidding
@SpringLearner If you want help and can wait till Monday, ask on Monday. Try to avoid Sundays. That's because most of the good answerers will be slacking. The troll answerers or rep-<5 letter w word>s will be active.
Cool. I was going to check the private room you're in.
@BhargavRao at least we'll have stuff to flag
Nope, they'll usually be technically incorrect answers. So we can't flag.
Morning Sam
@Rizier123 Yep, we kinda have sessions of JS knowledge in the Ministry
Plop Sam
afk again
now afk
9:27 AM
thoughts for burnination?
really? What about , , , ?
those, too
> big data type cleanup project
> Are these basic programming concepts useful for anything?
What ? I almost have a gold badge in that one :P
@JanDvorak Perhaps for newbies trying to find help.
Even also, Burn all teh things.
(tbh, I feel that they are required)
9:41 AM
@BhargavRao Agree. I use tags many times to search for something like if I already answered a question or not. Then I mostly use the language tag and the "subject" like [arrays] or so.
Yep, Exactly. Apart from that, If I ignore [arrays], which is usually for [numpy] (in python), I will not be shown those questions.
Hence it will certainly be useful. Anyway I am ready with other additional uses, if there's a full-fledged meta
9:56 AM
Plop Kev
@Kyll Yeah =p, @Rizier123 Kyll is a good teacher \o/
Hi @Madara \o
afk, need to execute code
@Kyll hi darling I went afk just after you appeared
Hey guys... I am not sure if this question is that worth. I would see it as it can be solved in simple terms, or am I wrong? How this question got so many up votes, which I solved like in 2 mins?
@TheLostMind are you around or asquare?
10:12 AM
@Rizier123 yes :)
@Rizier123 JS is a lot of fun, what language are you coming from?
PHP I think
Well mainly PHP :P
@Rizier123 OO and stuff?
10:20 AM
Nice, so same as me
I started out with PHP, and have since moved away in favor of JS
(For various reasons, not just because JS is awesome or because PHP was inadequate)
Leaving PHP? Feel the shackles fall off your wrists and the smell of summer caress your nose.
Just adding a new language to the list :P And trying something new
Side question: Anyone here playing RSS?
@Mogsdad I am having trouble using your magic editing, can you please give me a link?
@CindyMeister I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
10:27 AM
@Yvette To the editor?
What do I lose if I ignore Closey?
@JanDvorak Bots will all hate you, even Sam.
@JanDvorak The sense of feeling stalked 24/7.
10:28 AM
Anyone even knows about RSS? :O Otherwise -> youtube.com/watch?v=4hd3X3Mesy8 (Best: Full HD; Full screen)
<---- Don't know
(where's the train?)
In the station.
10:33 AM
The wall shattering looks nice, but the faces look as unrealistic as in every game.
@KevinGuan now that's how you build a dam.
Yeah, sure =p
@Sam yeh the editing, hang on I'll reload browser
@KevinGuan yeh that link
10:37 AM
ah it's all good... how can I delete that message to Mogsdad?
@JanDvorak Need more realistic faces: youtube.com/watch?v=sGnOrKdhstc :P?
Yvette passed a audit!
where's @TinyGiant?
@Rizier123 cool
10:54 AM
@CindyMeister You've reviewed 40 posts today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 28 minutes and 29 seconds, averaging to a review every 42 seconds.
Eh, it's back to 40 reviews again?
can this be closed as too broad? stackoverflow.com/questions/36675429/…
@PhMgBr Yes, since a week already. There's a discussion in the Room transcript, somewhere...
Eh whatever
@Yvette - I will have to check again..
11:04 AM
Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to other readers. See: How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.
@PraveenKumar these guys don't deserve a three-click closevote. Unclear is enough ;-)
@JanDvorak True that.
Also: Plop!
11:08 AM
11:11 AM
@Yvette Aw =p How are you?
@KevinGuan I'm outranked by the ninja =p
@Yvette I wish I knew ='(
@MadaraUchiha inadequate
Best Hiya train I've ever seen. Thank you guys. ::tearsofjoy::
@EricD There was like 3 Hiya in that
@JanDvorak What does you mean?
11:30 AM
feel the burning on your eyes
@JanDvorak Depends on your grammar nazism level
@Kyll don't cry :'( too sad
@Yvette Also, Skype
11:35 AM
@Kyll yes will do, am setting up new pc
Plop TLM
that was so authoritative!
Olo @TheLostMind
11:42 AM
head of IT?
2 hours ago, by Madara Uchiha
the F?
11:50 AM
@JanDvorak Undertale, go play it.
Does the entire game have such terrible english?
@JanDvorak No
It's a brilliant game
Go play it
How do you answer this guy, when it is MCVE?
there is no specific code... the code is good, I just don't know the CSS commend that necessary.... — Sportalcraft 39 mins ago
^ Link Only...
and the question is POB
@PraveenKumar maybe they have zero CSS yet? looking at the screenshot, it's possible? ;)
@EricD Could be... Without knowing the HTML, how would someone give you the solution? Isn't it like asking for "give me teh codez?"
12:02 PM
Hi, peoples. Just one more needed on this baby:
@Yvette What sort of trouble? You'll find the latest in the SOCVR UserScripts repo.
@Mogs The latest update of MagicEditor (some 2 weeks back) has made it really good. Thanks and Best of Luck for the future versions.
I may be wrong, It seems to me that some questions on windows-server tag does not belong to SO. It should be asked on SF. For example:
and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36586076/how-to-get-service-running-on-windows-server-vm
12:10 PM
@EricD You may check my reply. LoL.
@PraveenKumar rofl
mean ;)
Nopes... It works for me. :)
I also mentioned my HTML, not the OPs...
Well there's a smiley and you're polite, so... good comment. ;)
160 reviews more for another gold badge. 8 days is too long for me :/
12:14 PM
@EricD :D :D
@BhargavRao Ha ha ha...
sd 2remove- edited
Seeing JS Code that I had written an year ago; Looks like some alien script. :D
The advantage of Perl is that you can't tell the difference between an intelligently designed piece of code and one written by a genetic algorithm.
@Mogsdad sorry it's all good. I couldn't delete the ping
I am just sharing my observation. May be questions on windows-server tag does not get sufficient attention compared to other tags. If you have a look at the questions on windows-server tag, you will find several questions that either belong to SF or TB/no MCVE/Recommendation.
Hi @Yvette, What happened to that inverted name?
12:29 PM
Any gold badge? Might want to wield your hammer (I say this in a strictly professional way): Ouane Tou
@Kyll Gungnir'd
@MadaraUchiha Hacks!
@BhargavRao No it's not, but let's leave it alone so that the professor can easily find this question. :)
@BhargavRao SockPuppet flagged. :P Who would even vote it up?
@PM2Ring I guess that it's the account of a peer or the prof itself :P
@PraveenKumar Flagged as NAA, dunno who could've voted it up
12:39 PM
@BhargavRao I did the same thing bud.
@Yvette Ok - Good morning / evening!
12:58 PM
@BhargavRao it's a dupe all right
Hyia \o
1:14 PM
but not the accepted A.
and bounty auto awarded
Yep, the auto award does not award the OP
Dupe, accepted by both the OP and the other answerer
An accepted answer that consists of two questions and a link to another question. Argh.
How about an accepted answer that says that my answer is the correct one : )
1:21 PM
... I've been working my way through the query of "not enough rep to comment' "answers". Lots of filth down here, Dennis!
@PetterFriberg I love that phrase in answers, in all its variations. "All the other answers are wrong...", "This is the only answer you need...", etc.
Sometimes, that is true :)
Search for "not an answer" is:a, you'll be scared
@BhargavRao twitch
Anyone around here with CV privilege over on MSE?
1:27 PM
@bharg @ tuna Better?
@rene We only do SO here : )
@rene Yep, rene has 20k rep there, Oh wait
@PetterFriberg playing with fire, I like it
You'r all soooooo helpful ... I'm off to Yahoo Answers
YES. We finally got rid of rene!
1:29 PM
taking out the matches
starts to one-box
@Mogsdad If you're in an editing mood: stackoverflow.com/…
@rene I do...
@BhargavRao just went to being me :) the other was too long and complicated
@Yvette What happened to Ms? Did you drop out? :P
1:32 PM
@Braiam Oh, .... I meant delvote privilege to get rid of this sorry...
It is Sunday ...
@Tunaki Added to my todo list, right after stackoverflow.com/…
@Tunaki LoL. Why?
Plagiarism :p
Then, these people must send you the lawyers.
1:39 PM
@Tunaki BTW... Most of those questions are getting flagged, so if anyone is looking for free flags, help yourself!
ps: Your legislation cannot do.
Who are these guys? :p
it is spam?
@PraveenKumar, you are beeing to tough.. the user also have rep
@PetterFriberg LoL. That's what I changed immediately.
anyone else seeing mixed content warning with a js file? xkcd.com/1663
1:52 PM
Hi @Braiam \o
> Fireefox has blocked the insecure parts of this page
Be careful with your spam flags @Praveen
@Tunaki I know...
@Braiam Yeah
Waffle time!
1:54 PM
Already done.
> using our chat
2:13 PM
@DonkeyKong Hi just like to say Hi
@PetterFriberg Hi!
First time that I see you around. Your new in here? or I'm just not having the correct amount of attention?
Ha yeah I don't really ever go in SOCVR chat and haven't spent much time at all on Stack Overflow in quite some time, so you haven't missed seeing me around :)
Then welcome!, another 400 rep and you can help us out to close some stuff.
I'll get back to you with that by Wednesday :P
2:25 PM
@DonkeyKong Doesn't look unclear to me, The OP just does not know the use of return.
editing that post
@BhargavRao Hm yeah, I suppose that could be it. Good luck convincing them they don't know the use of return, in any case.
Edited it. Re-consider the question
No yeah I agree, with that edit someone could answer describing how return statements work and so forth.
@BhargavRao You are sure that user need this the question still seem strange...
There need to be a duplicate for how to get result from function, If you like we can reopen and close with that.
2:41 PM
Nope, the OPs problem is 1. They are not calling the function 2. They are not returning the list. So no single post covers both.
I'll write a quick answer now
@BhargavRao Ok. I just voted to re-open.
Have written a quick answer, If the question is opened, some one ping me or else just answer that using this gist.github.com/Bhargav-Rao/6a42f412c8e0c8cda0fc7ce8172616ff
Good answer needs open question : )
> The first that you need to note
I you forgot a word there
I just changed the sentence, Thanks.
Autoflag? 1 2
2:47 PM
 return animals       # RETURN THE FUNCTION
@BhargavRao are you sure that's what you mean?
I don't think animals is a function
Thanks, Shows that you should not write an answer when your thoughts are somewhere else.
zondo's just answered it in a comment...
@BhargavRao Yeah, got autoflagged
@MadaraUchiha Thanks. :-)
@PM2Ring Wow zondo's got to 10k real quick! That's nice to know
Fine then I will refrain from answering. Can continue my work :P
@BhargavRao He sure is keen!
@BhargavRao And the OP seems satisfied with Zondo's answer.
2:55 PM
@BhargavRao You know, SO is a site where you can post multiple answers and the best ones are voted to the top
@MadaraUchiha It's a bit difficult to post answers to a closed question. :)
@PM2Ring Link?
2:58 PM
Sorry. I forgot you guys don't like oneboxing.
I don't think it's that unclear, especially after the edits
I've reopened.
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