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12:02 AM
@JonClements It's a late tag
I can't mjollnir it.
Okay... what's your suggestion?
@JonClements The CV I did, (leave the higher voted one open) close as dupe
You don't need to be involved though, unless you're handling a mod flag, this is fine for the community to handle
well - something had to bring my attention to something about Java - wasn't my choice :)
as long as it's in the CV queue - that's fine... thanks
What's wrong with that to warrant deletion?
@JonClements Thanks - I re-read it. I'll edit the question so it's no longer a gmtc, the answer salvaged it.
In the olden days, that would have been "too localized"
Esp since each piece of the ask is represented by multiple dup questions.
12:34 AM
Can we please get this thing closed? It's a dupe and is just getting worse as time goes on.
Now it has a self-answer in the question.
i voted on both.
@durron597 Thanks
^^^ It's not cw, but deleted user
12:40 AM
I'll have to fix that.
Wow - they did self delete their account pretty sharpish... not seen that before :)
Yeah, got pissy when two users told him he wasn't actually asking a question, and that the implied question was primarily opinion based on Stack Overflow and would be better asked on Code Review.
@JonClements And in a stunning reversal, I'm back to saying delete it. That's based on this meta post, where this type of broad question is likened to a "Broken Window". It exemplifies bad behavior: the OP asked a vague, broad question that was unlikely to help anyone but themselves. They were given chances to improve it, which they did not do. They got their free code and ran. If we leave that, others will see it, and throw their own rocks.
Making it less broad, to suit the answer, say, will alter the OP's original intent. Short of that, it's unsalvageable without the OP's input.
I think staying closed is sufficient... but can't stop you voting the way you feel is best :)
@JonClements Is not closed just the final step before deletion? I believe shog said something like that.
12:58 AM
I do vaguely remember hearing that
There's Kevin's everywhere today! It's like an invasion!
@Mogsdad my $.02 (I haven't looked at the post) If there's any doubt in my head, at all, the first thing I do is look at views.
If it's under 1000 views, it massively swings me towards deleting.
Over 2500, massively towards keeping.
@Mogsdad Voted to delete.
A few things recently have made it very clear to me that the thing SO cares about the most is the front page
Thanks -- my edit was getting crazy, I'm happy to abandon it.
1:03 AM
Unfortunately, my deletes do no good on the front page.
No. Funny thing... I never look at the front page. Do you?
only when rep whoring.
Shog says that if no one is looking at a post, it almost doesn't matter what you do with it.
Then he says so "why bother deleting it, it's a waste of your time"
Why bother closing if no one has posted a bad answer...
1:05 AM
@TinyGiant Well, the questions you post are generally pretty new
No one's posted a bad answer yet
But they will because rep whoring
LOL, and that's damn well why I'm closin 'em
All of the questions I link here are the worst of the ones I find when looking for questions to answer. I don't actively go out and find questions to close, I just happen to find tonnes of them when actively looking for questions to answer.
1:17 AM
@TinyGiant Why is the accepted answer bad?
There is no explanation, why is it good? I didn't downvote any of them though. I just posted my own.
Just because it's code only?
someone downvoted it.
It was that way when I got to it.
@durron597 Whew... almost added the same comment as Kevin!
1:19 AM
@Mogsdad Solid guess, probably the right answer
@KevinBrown When people think naming conventions don't matter, that's the sort of example that gets pulled out.
@Mogsdad freebie for you: if not any(el.Name == look for el in Comps): Comps.append(Props(look)) - although that naming is terrible - bad OP! :p
@Mogsdad I use that comment way too much, but that's life on SO I guess...
@JonClements And then you get to watch the OP ask what any does
Although... if they put a def __eq__(self, other): return self.Name==other, you could then just do if look not in Comps: Comps.append(Props(look)) but yay... probably just get confusing
@JonClements That replaces the whole for Prop in Comps: block, right?
1:24 AM
@Mogsdad yup
Also retains the same short circuit behaviour, just less faffing about
Answers to that shower worthy question keep coming in, all inferior to mine.
@ElliottB. Please delete this answer and edit this information into your question. — durron597 3 mins ago
@durron597 6 answers on that one, just saw one show up in Blaze
You realize that some just told him to put the solution in an answer instead of his question.
whee... finally got my application to typecheck again!
1:27 AM
@JonClements Did I get it right?
Q: Can we have an "edit question" magic link for answers?

durron597Yet another request for a magic link. In the following situations: I answer a question, the asker replies to me in a comment, and I want to reply to them asking them to edit certain information into the question The asker adds extra information as an answer instead of an edit I want to give t...

@Mogsdad looks fine to me... I did just type it in straight into chat though :p
@TinyGiant Oh, I just read your comment too quickly. Whoops.
@durron597 Lol, mixed signals.
1:31 AM
@KevinBrown I would not NAA that, but I would VLQ that
odd, is there any information as to why this question was reopened and closed as a duplicate by a mod (the dupe target didnt change)? stackoverflow.com/posts/32151075/revisions
@KevinBrown I flagged spam actually... a user doesn't necessarily NEED to be affiliated for it to be spam, but without more around the link... that's my call. Let's see if the mods agree.
@cimmanon Possibly because it had reopen votes, and the mod didn't want it open
@durron597 had a few upvotes, wasn't an option
@KevinBrown Not anymore :)
1:33 AM
@TinyGiant the reopen voters would have appeared next to the mod in the version history?
@cimmanon I think you can ping him now that he's the closer, I'd just comment and ask
@durron597 That doesn't attempt to answer any question. Besides "Where can I find answers other than Stack Overflow"
@cimmanon Correct, I forgot about that.
@Mogsdad not spam... no
@Mogsdad Never ever spam unless it's 100% definitely spam
If you have one iota of doubt, flag as something else.
@TinyGiant Eh. VLQ has 100% guaranteed helpful, NAA only has 99% chance of helpful if mod is having a bad day or something.
1:36 AM
We have to be strict on spam flags as it imposes 100 rep penalty and hobbles/rate limits the posters network
@JonClements Or edit to be spam for sure! (Message received, though.)
@TinyGiant ah . The red headed stepchild of Stack Overflow.
That's the one
I try to stay as far away from it as I can, twitter-bootstrap seems to be all vampire/helper territory.
I have never seen a good question in it.
1:39 AM
I can hazz this picturez turned to htmlz?
You should use bootstrap for that...
I can hazz this picturez turned to bootstrapz?
@durron597 That is an extremely useful answer.
Not the accepted one
1:41 AM
That one is rubbish
@TinyGiant The answer is good, but the question is gimme teh codez.
I would hazard to say that it should be canonical. As such it cannot be a gmtc
Not arguing, but that is probably the only bootstrap question ever asked worth anything.
@durron597 I have to disagree on that one. The question kind of sucks and all of that information is available (may not always have been) in the documentation.
That will make me "happy"
That one is horrible.
they're both horrible lol
They are, both opposite ends of the spectrum of horrible lol
1:56 AM
DOM parsing libraries should be used for parsing DOM. RegEx is not intended to parse DOM, and should not be used to parse DOM. Please do not use RegEx to parse DOM. Instead use a DOM parser to parse DOM. Parsing DOM with RegEx has been known to open blackholes, and drive programmers to insanity. — Tiny Giant 2 mins ago
I was going to add more "parse" "parsing" and "DOM", but I decided not to.
I'm not sure what to make of this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/32151506/359284
Or that question, actually
@TinyGiant but.... <div.*>(.*)</div> couldn't possibly go wrong!
@KevinBrown have you got some canned comments you use?
@KevinBrown Edited to be an answer.
1:59 AM
@durron597 Nooooo, never could anything possibly go wrong with that.
Besides the blackholes and insanity.
@TinyGiant Cthulhu, that sort of thing.
Yeah, you know, the regular end-of-the-world stuff.
@KevinBrown Ah huh... that explains that one - thanks :p
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
2:01 AM
@JonClements dangit, I broke Jon
Doesn't take much work to do that :)
@JonClements OH NOEZ!!!!!!!ONE. The RegEx DOM parsing has struck. The world is ending!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN
@KevinBrown The question is meh. It's more of a "Minimal Understanding" thing
I'd say, if anything, not a specific programming problem. Finding the correct sub-URL is not really a programming question
Alright, I'm done flagging answers without explanations for tonight
'night all
2:23 AM
@durron597 @TinyGiant Sometimes the punishment isn't worth the effort... I'll need soap-on-a-rope for this.
Q: Why abstract class allows to define a concrete method inside it

luciferI have an abstract class A,which allows some abstract method and also concrete method.My question is that why abstract class allows concrete method to be declared ,because we are using abstract class as a superclass and use the structure in the extended classes.Can anyone help me with this? abs...

Wow... you guys might find this one funny: stackoverflow.com/posts/32120120/revisions
@durron597 I fixed the typos and voted to reopen. KIDDING! BOOM! Seriously, though... HTF did it get migrated from Programmers?
@JonClements sigh
@Mogsdad I'm waiting to see if he reopens it.
@JonClements Uh. Wha? An accepted confirmation that there's a problem?
2:33 AM
@JonClements That is pretty funny, and drepressing. Mostly funny though.
@Mogsdad Why would anyone ever migrate that anywhere lol.
@TinyGiant When I've even commented on having a question migrated to code review, I've had flying monkeys all over me for it. The bar is high, etc. Does that not apply in the opposite direction? (I know this wasn't CR...)
No, they have scripts running because we have migrated a lot of horrible questions to those sites. It hasn't become enough of a problem yet to have scripts running in the opposite directions.
Q: Conflicting meta posts on whether link-only answers should be flagged as not-an-answer?

Maximillian LaumeisterFrom this meta post, I got the idea that if an answer is a link-only answer, then it is indeed "Not an answer", which led me to believe that link-only answers should be flagged as "Not an answer": see this meta post on NAA that states that link-only answers are indeed 'not an answer' (note th...

@SmokeDetector @TinyGiant There's more wrong there...
It might be better to roll back some, it looks the OP has been changing the intent of the question as they progress. And what's with the tags?
... and mysql> was a command line prompt.
2:41 AM
That's just confusing pasting
@Mogsdad usually they just close help requests, i dont think i have seen one migrated.
@TinyGiant I'm on it.
I fixed it somewhat. But it is hilarious that they put the thanks back in after it was edited out.
Wow I really want to reopen this
but it's not my expertise at all
2:45 AM
@durron597 kinda weird that question was closed in the first place
@TinyGiant Voted to reopen.
@durron597 Un-boom
think it got closed because it was a unix command? and not a "programming problem"?
@cimmanon maybe they thought it was "gimme teh codez"
but it's not, it's one line of curl
2:48 AM
@cimmanon That is debatable. A terminal is a programming tool, curl is a library, and it is a programming task.
@TinyGiant It's dup anyway.
I'm out of votes, and covered with repwhoring shame. Enough. 'Night, all!
night :)
@Mogsdad G'night
3:02 AM
Q: Get element by index In Map Java

Yên ĐậuI have one Map in java like this: Map<String index1, Map<String index 2, Object obj>> map = new HashMap<>(); And i want get object in map by index 1 and index 2. Some one help me!

FGITW for a guy who has 80k rep and answers a WRONG answer.
@YênĐậu This answer is wrong, that's why you can't figure it out. — durron597 9 secs ago
3:17 AM
Flag this comment as non-constructive, but your profile says that you are "a lego jedi at the rest of the time", but on your profile picture your sword is red :/ — Jean-François Savard 50 secs ago
^^^ Lol
@Jean-FrançoisSavard I didn't say whether I was a dark Jedi or not :) — durron597 5 mins ago
Fortunately (I don't know if the voting was from you all) the voting seems to have normalized
3:23 AM
my answer is 4/0 now and the wrong 77k answer is 3/-2
Which question?
@TinyGiant The one those comments are from
@TinyGiant Aww, you gave-teh-codez
Found it. /me is innocent
And/or a problem that can no longer be reproduced
(only needs 1 more vote)
@TylerH who the heck upvotes that off topic crap
3:25 AM
shrug beats me
off for a bit, gn all
Does anyone have an idea how long csv-resultsets stay downloadable on the dataexplorer?
I'm out for the night. Have fun guys
3:37 AM
gn8 tiny
Finally finished with a query for tag-health, and integrated it into my MSE post: meta.stackexchange.com/a/261578
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
SO can be a very unforgiving club of opinionated snobs. That's not to say it doesn't have a lot of great things about it...just the opinionated snobs I think we can mostly do without. — richard 54 mins ago
Sound familiar?
5:23 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
8:16 AM
9:11 AM
rude / offensive flags needed ^^^^
3 hours later…
12:05 PM
Does someone know: If a question gets closed does the OP immediately see it, or does he has to reload the page? Like when an answer gets deleted it only gets the red background when you reload it, is that the same for the closed message ?
how is it we managed to break simple behaviors like uploading a file in an effort to "make things better for the user" sigh
image uploading is broken on meta in my browser, hurray progress!
@Rizier123 I have to reload so I assume the close event is not on the websocket which means the OP would have to reload as well...
okay, good to know :)
@cimmanon the imgur thinghy?
12:13 PM
@rene yeah. clicking on it and dragging files onto it do nothing
on MSO, right?
i am not using an evergreen browser, but it does support drag&drop uploading.
Hmm, no repro on IE11/Win7
@cimmanon which browser
@rene opera 12
Opera12 is not supported ...
let me find the post about that
12:19 PM
Umm.... two chrome instances left running for about 2 days... total RAM used between them, 11gb
Blame Windows leaking handles...
I'm on Linux ;)
My statement still stands...
Chrome tries to be portable across platforms, including memory consumption...
opera 12 supports all of the necessary javascript commonly required to do AJAX style file uploads. failure to provide a suitable fallback for browsers who dont is, quite frankly, a crime.
Yay.... did my first small job on an elance like site yesterday... only 10 mins work, but worth it just for the lovely review :)
I reckon it's the spotify web player that does it
12:29 PM
@cimmanon yeah, I can't find the bug report I had seen but Opera 12 is not here unless you use the mobile version.
If I recall correctly Opera versions above 12 were based of one of the common web engines ...
I can't find the bug I have seen on it...
@JonClements You are self-employed?
1:35 PM
does this count as too broad? users are just going to interpret it as a tool request: stackoverflow.com/questions/32156560/…
@cimmanon I would say so. Maybe salvageable if the OP explains what their current procedure is ... that might solve their issue or give alternative libraries
1 hour later…
2:50 PM
HTTP status codes are so simple:
3:09 PM
@TinyGiant - an auto-boomer would need the same monitoring that would support an "outstanding request" monitor. SE requests polling for status no more than once per minute, but that might be enough for the job.
3:19 PM
^^ And what is the bad keyword in that Q ?
@Rizier123 baba and similar phrases are used in spam
3:40 PM
@rene ugh, now it is a self answered question by the OP that has nothing to do with php, its essentially a tutorial for installing sass on windows... which we already have a question on sigh
@cimmanon in 2 days I can delete vote that..
@rene or just try and get another 1.5k rep :)
@JonClements i think thats totally doable in 2 days :p
I'm not sure even Skeet could definitely pull that off :)
@JonClements Heh, I answered another question today. Don't say I'm not working on it...
3:47 PM
Work harder dammit! :p
Okay ....
4:05 PM
@durron597 that is on programmers .... or is this the SECVR room?
@rene ugh I thought I changed the room
4:22 PM
@durron597 Boom
I already know how to get the edit link, it is annoying, especially if there's more than one answer. — durron597 2 mins ago
Also, I want to incrementally improve users behavior. I want to get them in the habit of editing instead of commenting, then they'll be like "crap! Where's that convenient edit link?" and then they'll go find it. — durron597 1 min ago
W3Schools (see the userprofile...)
@rene Upvoted all of Martijn's comments ;)
I completely disagree with you. Most new users come here expecting it to be like a forum. Most forums make it difficult to edit, and expect replies to be in new posts below the original post. The first step is to teach new users that the culture is an editing culture, not a replying one. They won't look for the edit button because they're used to that being the wrong thing to do. — durron597 2 mins ago
I didn't want to risk being banned for comment serial voting ...
@rene haha
4:36 PM
oth I might as well write a bot that up votes every comment from Martijn. You can't go wrong with that....
Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong there...
@rene I think you get a limited number of comment upvotes per day
otherwise, sure.
Let me be the first to invent the Sock Puppet Comment voting ring...
The first to be banned for having a Sock Puppet Comment voting ring...
Q: Trouble with Android tutorial

arcyI think the people who write the tutorials forget that the people reading them are new to the topic. We're supposed to learn about those by stepping through things, but if something goes wrong we don't know where to look for the error. I have Windows 7 Pro, I have not attempted any eclipse deve...

4:45 PM
I can't find the link to the tutorial in question... anywhere in the question.
Or is there an official "Android Tutorial"?
> A heart attack can occur in many situation. Then will a patient be banned to ask for the solution of the heart attack to a doctor?
@rene ^^ And I just got one when I read OP's comments :)
Oops ... Doctor Pieters, please respond to ER SOCVR...
5:05 PM
^^^^ Also, a soap-on-a-rope answer by a 48.5k user.
5:23 PM
@theUnified Glad that you found your solution. If at all my answer helped me, click on the tick button next to my answer to make it as accepted. — Praveen Kumar 2 mins ago
^^^ The OPs solution is definitely not your answer.
As can be seen by the OP's answer.
@TinyGiant that guy answers a lot of duplicates. when you point out how often he answers duplicates, he always responds with "i close a lot of duplicates too!"
@cimmanon Yeah, I see lots of his answers on garbage questions.
5:45 PM
@Unihedron old version of the script?
5:57 PM
This is a question about Java, so this C solution isn't at all useful here. — Kevin Brown 8 secs ago
^ that question could benefit from being protected
So many code-only answers there
23/31 answers could benefit from some explanation (or text in general)
@KevinBrown done
@durron597 Can you take a look at my edit to this Java source question? Let me know if I bunged it up or not, or if there is any other way you can improve the Q&A.
It has 33,400+ views and a Q/A score of 11/6. The answer seems to be pretty straightforward, but I don't use eclipse so I don't know for sure.
6:14 PM
too bad protecting doesnt do that much good at protecting old questions. 100+ rep users are just as bad as the 1 rep users in that regard
Some other PHP guys in here?
@Rizier123 what's up?
That is a good question
too bad it is php :p
6:22 PM
Hey, I love PHP. I just dislike most of the questions I've seen when watching for new PHP questions.
you guys think haskell questions are bad when they come up as an audit? think about how bad it is trying to get help as a haskell programmer. i dont think i have ever found a question that answered mine
If we're talking about closing questions, here's a prime candidate stackoverflow.com/questions/32158485/…
Wow, this stuff really works!
6:28 PM
@Rizier123 was that the first one this month?
@TinyGiant yes, is there anything in the new versions?
Saveable room list. Plus bugfixes.
And other things.
well, my room list is just this room
That's cool. But there were a lot of bugfixes that went into the new version as well. But if you don't want it that is totally cool.
6:31 PM
Woo, this is what I call a successful turnaround. Someone actually read my comment and explained their answer
I'll update it when I get around to :)
@KevinBrown someone actually edited their answer to explain it after being asked? That's unheard of!
@KevinBrown updated, pleasure to receive your review — evc 7 mins ago
@TinyGiant Most people either ignore it or say "yeah sure whatever, next time"
> Thanks for informing me, I'll do that next time.
6:39 PM
/me punch you
@evc I give you the seal of approval:
@Unihedron wow thanks :)
keep up the good work
ok I'm disappearing now
@rene That's the best PHP question for the past 2 months I think
@TinyGiant BTW: stackoverflow.com/a/32159552/3933332 Got it :D
@Rizier123 lol
6:49 PM
@rene It's sad reality; and WOW these list items kill me. I need to do a really edit to make that somehow readable
@Rizier123 Great answer. Makes sense.
@TinyGiant It's horrible to look at! Just trying to make that more readable
Yeah, there is that. But it is very complete.
@Rizier123 needs some more bold and italics
Give me a few minutes guys :D
6:53 PM
@Rizier123 I want to see some headers and sub-headers as well.
@Closey starting
@josilber May Shog9's Will be done.
Hash and Hashband in SPA app This my question was asked 17 days ago, and viewed only 15 times. Does it have problems with it?
@evc I don't think that can be used as a URL
What is cv-pls?
6:58 PM
close vote request
argh, this is what happens when I spend too much time watching answers roll in
done with cvs until later
@TinyGiant that duplication was not the best version, found better one Multiple hash signs in URL any chance to reduplicate or something?
Anyone feel like reopening to change the dupe target?
Reopen this one so we can redup it?
7:07 PM
@Rizier123 @rene @DavidArenburg You want to lend a reopen vote to redirect a sign-post?
@TinyGiant hmm, what?
btw, Im surprised you casted a reopen vote on that lame music Q
how much far up I need to scroll in order to find that relevant discussion with shog
@DavidArenburg It was yesterday around this time
@DavidArenburg Well, it was then closed for the wrong reason, but I couldn't re-close it as too broad.
7:10 PM
After editing the close reason was wrong I should say.
@TinyGiant reopen vote done
@TinyGiant "Is there a package for blabla?" doesnt qualify as tool request?
It ended up being How can I play music with R?
That isn't implicitly a tool request.
ok, scrolling
7:12 PM
We close it again when Shog9 isn't looking over our shoulder...
As he looks over your shoulder
@evc new target is set
Obsession is not just a perfume by Calvin Klein
I can't see the target though...
Not sure why it was protected. No one else tried to answer it
7:16 PM
@TinyGiant cool thanks
@RichardScriven ask Avinash
No problem
Its more against unnecessary comments
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@josilber Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
7:18 PM
@Closey last session stats
@josilber Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 24 minutes and 9 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 36 seconds.
@rene kaboom
@rene This edit could probably be rolled back
(and the question improved/edited)
that is an odd edit
7:23 PM
@KevinBrown meh
@rene it indents the code an extra step and adds in an extra closing curly brace, does that break the code?
(i dont know java)
it is c#
same difference, every curly brace language looks the same as any other :p
I see, there was a dangling } that needed to be code but now I see what is done there
@KevinBrown on hindsight, you're correct
@KevinBrown @cimmanon edited ... better?
@rene removing the headings is ok?
7:38 PM
@TinyGiant @KevinBrown @rene stackoverflow.com/a/32159552/3933332 Now I edited it :) (I maybe add a few more references or so)
@Rizier123 that code snippet :(
@cimmanon yeah, not relevant
> It tires to call a class method.
fairly quiet Saturday evening
Where do the tires come in?
7:49 PM
ok. Read it. So shog basically says "I have nothing to do with it - post on Meta".
I think it should most definitely be closed as too broad.
I can't find the link to the question, but I believe it was closed as POB, but I could be wrong.
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