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@Mogsdad I broke the diff... into many pieces; it's doing inline changes now, somewhat. It takes a hell of a long time to diff that way though, so I think I need to diff the lines first, then if the lines are different then diff the words in that line. Right now I'm just diffing all the words.
@JK. Needs one more.
12:40 AM
@TinyGiant One step forward, two back?
12:59 AM
@TinyGiant Fixed Issue #8.
1:14 AM
My involvement in the nascent beer.se community continues unabated: beer.stackexchange.com/q/4624/4526
@josilber "so much low"?
@Mogsdad Thanks -- fixed!
@josilber Do you have equivalent stats for wine?
@Mogsdad wineinstitute.org/files/… , though not as graphical
@josilber Italy & France are the top wine producing countries, according to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine#cite_ref-FAO567_81-0
1:20 AM
Right, I suppose I wonder how the differences in type of alcohol came to be.
@josilber Must have been one heck of a party on Christmas Island in 2008!
I guess with such a small population there's some noise in these per-capita metrics
@josilber Yeah, and the method of measurement is likely sales or import numbers, which would explain the Vatican's numbers. A place like Christmas Island could have supplied cruise ships for a season, and it would have been a huge blip.
Mm, good point.
@josilber Historically the water in France has been really bad, and it takes water to make beer. Wine, on the other hand, is much more common and does not take water to make.
1:25 AM
@TinyGiant Mm, interesting. Sounds like you should leave an answer!
Now if only I had facts to reference...
Sadly, the beer community is dying from lack of participation =/
When traveling, I've noticed a marked difference in the street feel of these countries; in France and Italy, bistros dominate town squares, while in Germany and northern Switzerland Bierstubes are more common. Cross to England & Ireland, and you're surrounded by pubs.
0.1 questions per day is a sad face
Ouch, one question every 10 days?
1:27 AM

Beta Q&A site for beer aficionados and collectors

Currently in public beta.

@josilber Maybe the Q&A format doesn't translate well to a topic that's got so much subjectivity?
I would answer, but as I said I don't have any facts to reference and as such I wouldn't be doing you or the community a service.
Q: Beer SOS - The state of the site

bluefeetAhhh...Beer, a lot of people love to enjoy it but as far as participating on the site, we're struggling. Beer.SE is averaging a bleak 0.1 questions a day. While we have a great percentage of questions being answered, at 97%, the lack of activity is concerning. There are a few active users but ...

Kind of weird -- high visit count but low question count. So people are interested in reading but not interested in participating
Yeah, I don't know about the water quality now, but historically it was horrible and that is also the reason why kids drink wine with dinner. The wine is (was at one point) healthier than the water, and if you drink it in small enough quantities over a long enough time, it doesn't intoxicate you anymore.
Which has to do with the chemical make-up of wine vs beer. The "alcohol" that is produced is different. I remember some studies done a while back feeding beer, wine and other alcohols through a mass spectrometer showed some interesting differences. Can't find it for the life of me now though.
1:32 AM
@josilber Maybe needs some off-topic feeder questions like those that abounded when SO started. "Most memorable beer mascots", "Strangest beer ingredients you've tasted / brewed with", "Beer you wish you'd never tried", "Most interesting place you've made whoopie drank beer"
@Mogsdad Probably the case. I want to maybe leave a question a week or something (which, sadly, would double the question rate).
Now where the hell did my wife I put my hammer.
@TinyGiant Whenever I'm missing something, it turns up on my pillow.
Found it... well not the one I was looking for but, found one!
1:37 AM
Now where did I put those nails?
@josilber Hey - 1,000 Answers! Should do up a special logo for that!
On beer?
Oh yeah, you're right! Exactly 1000.
Free beer for all community members.
@josilber ...from their own fridges, natch.
How do I get the status rectangle?
1:39 AM
can't be reproduced
@josilber What do you mean?
Like, we can do tags with [tag:whatever]
But I've seen folks in the tavern do status boxes
lemme find an example
Hmm. It's one-boxed, so probably a url.
[mod-tag:test] nope.
You can't outside of meta chat
That's the easter egg for meta chat.
1:45 AM
Should I report a bug for this?
@TinyGiant Hmm, off-by-1-pixel bugs sometimes get downvoted
Yeah, thats free hand
Q: Typing [status-*] in chat shows red moderator tag

Maxim ZaslavskyIn Chat, if you type [status-*] (where * is anything), a red moderator-tag is shown: Unfortunately, this can create havoc: I think that this filter should be somehow limited. Sure, it's fun to use, but it needs to be fixed.

Love it... post asking to restrict something explains how to use it.
so what is the so chat easter egg?
1:48 AM
[modmsg-is it this?]
nice, nice
could you guys see that?
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to balpha, the SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

@josilber Wasn't watching, what did I miss?
Type <(?:"[^"]*"['"]*|'[^']*'['"]*|[^'">])+> in as a chat message
1:56 AM
Are you guys trolling here...
haha, ok it's legit
Once again... hockey in the AM. G'Night, boys n girls!
Good night!
3:05 AM
Yeah RegEx does that sometimes. Anyways, good night guys
7:49 AM
I believe this isnt a suitable question for so : stackoverflow.com/q/33001205/2140173
however its received 4 upvotes somehow? only 2 close votes so far
8:47 AM
Before answering the question I ran a search of possible duplicates for a few minutes. Not finding any good one, I decided to answer, providing links to the doc and to a nice blog article. Why am I even trying?
Q: Meteor.js using value of a helper as template

huvberI would like to render different template based on a helper value. I will try to write and example. ... {{#with myHelper}} {{> this }} {{/with}} ... with the helper define like this for example: ... myHelper : function(){ return MyCollection.findOne({ userId: Meteor.userId() }).personal...

9:32 AM
Anyone know why this question is protected? It is still attracting answers.
9:43 AM
Look what you have written => echo 'alery(message successfully sent)'; //not showing an alert box. It should be alery not akery. — Pratik C Joshi Mar 10 '14 at 5:01
^ rofl
^ Mjöllnired
10:15 AM
This one is really stubborn stackoverflow.com/q/33007384/2930477
1 more needed
10:31 AM
@SmokeDetector Now he’s edited it: he just copied the first few words from the question. It’s not really a follow-up question, it’s just garbage.
11:01 AM
Although your comment is very rudely put, I would delete the question if allowed. — matt 4 hours ago
@cimmanon Isn't it tool req?
Actually most of the close reasons apply
throws a dice
yeah, pick one really.
this almost sounds like a tool rec: stackoverflow.com/questions/33035622/…
Downvoted, vtced, commented
@matt As a matter of fact this is the kind of comment generated by the system, and cimmanon is using it in large series (as others) to clean up some tags and questions. if you want to discuss about it, feel free to drop in chat, we've got funny animals. — Kyll 14 secs ago
1 hour later…
12:20 PM
@SmokeDetector you
@NisseEngström lol, 15 answers for a typo (also, closed)
@cimmanon Amazing.
@cimmanon I wanna meet the people who think "hey, there's a guy who had a problem two/three years ago and got 7 answers, it's sure gonna help him if I just rephrase everything he already knows."
Because I wanna punch those people.
@Siguza yeah, most of those answers popped up in a very short period of time (FGITW), but the rest should be ashamed of themselves
@Siguza I usually downvoted them when they turn up in the LQP queue.
12:31 PM
@cimmanon There is even one that is 2 years late and dead wrong...
@Siguza yeah, i already downvoted that one :p
Wait, it even has an upvote?!
@Siguza Is that even a valid syntax for if? (I only use C-style syntax.)
@NisseEngström lolnope
not at all ^^
12:48 PM
Plop @Rizier123
@Kyll Can't tell, but I will happily vote to reopen it if someone requests it. There are lots of meaningless dupe closures out there (in my opinion).
@Kyll By a mile. On what architecture? With what language? What compiler? Blocking on what?
1:27 PM
so I just fixed a bug in about 20 minutes that I said would take a day and a half to fix.
I guess I've got some free time now.
@NisseEngström Would you rather it not be protected? It would still attract answers, but the bar would be even lower.
@Mogsdad Good point. I guess I was wondering why it wasn't closed, which it is now.
1:46 PM
@Meehow It's not a great question, maybe broad, but why do you think it's not suitable?
@cimmanon A perfect reason to reopen the question so a more updated answer can be posted. The purpose of this site is for programmers to ask questions and find answers. Stop flogging the rules and meta discussions. It's a simple and clear question now, people want an answer to it, open it up already. — Chris Moschini 2 mins ago
2:04 PM
also, i am officially not asking for downvotes on that blatent non-answer :p
@cimmanon Boom
@cimmanon I'm not officially saying that I downvoted that blatant non-answer.
@Mogsdad It's too broad.
@Mogsdad the op is basically asking for help porting an embedded VBA code to a stand-alone VB6 application.
2:20 PM
question about a typo in a 3rd party library: stackoverflow.com/questions/33040413/…
@Meehow I disagree with that statement. There are questions that ask for translation "help", this isn't doing that. They are asking how to execute existing VBA from VB6. The answer will be either "this is how", or "you can't do that, here's why", and hopefully an alternative.
2:38 PM
@TinyGiant Now I wanna know what that was >.<
@Siguza wow that was good joke. Too bad you'll never know :D
For some reason when I loaded the question the close banner didn't load. I said something stupid then went to close it and it said it was already closed.
Steam protip: Subscribing to the forum of the group allows you to be notified whenever there is a new conversation
I gotta get steam at some point. Not sure the repercussions of running steam on my system, but whatever.
@TinyGiant Which OS?
2:41 PM
@Kyll Linuxcraft
Well, its Fedora Rawhide, lots of complicated stupid decisions I made when setting it up that in general cause it to be very.... unstable.
Which is like Linux, but homebrew
@Siguza No this is homebrew Linux linuxfromscratch.org
@TinyGiant That's pretty much how I pictured it :P
My roommate uses Arch linux
2:43 PM
Also, turns out "Linuxcraft" is already the name of at least three Minecraft servers... should've figured
I've learned Arch Linux is the "Dark Souls" of Linux
Lol, no I chose ready-built stuff, I just happened to choose a whole bunch of unstable things when installing.
@gunr2171 Arch linux is a very good distribution and out of all of the "Build it yourself" systems, it is the easiest yet most versatile to use.
I chose Fedora Rawhide because of Gnome and Wayland+Weston
And I'm just a lowbob who goes with Ubuntu :P
2:45 PM
But then again, I boot on Linux every leap-year or so
@TinyGiant which is funny, because even though my roommate is really good with linux he still has a lot of problems with his computer. Audio and video problems, having to set everything up that he hasn't got around to do, etc.
"Linux is free as long as you don't value your time"
@gunr2171 He must have a weird hardware setup
Or he just monkeyed with it too much.
2:47 PM
Which, as a Linux user, I know is entirely plausible.
Anyone ever wants a challenge, install Gentoo.
Their package manager is named after the act of carrying a boat on your head.
@TinyGiant Can anything be worse than Vista?
You don't understand, the challenge is just to install a bootable system.
At all.
2:53 PM
First time I tried to install it was 4 tries, over a span of 4 days.
@TinyGiant Sounds like me trying to get Assassin's Creed to work...
Um. You're getting hacked. And you want us to review your server's code and tell you if there's a problem. No, the problem is on the other side of the keyboard. stackoverflow.com/questions/33041276/…
Q: Burninate [ember-controllers]

Kitler43 questions, 0 followers and controllers in ember will soon be history (they are being removed in the near-not-so-near future) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ember-controllers

pew pew
@TinyGiant Never report a "problem" unless you're sure you want it "fixed".
2:59 PM
@Mogsdad My thoughts exactly.
If only there was private messaging...
3:12 PM
Anyone want to lend a hand testing something?
@TinyGiant raises hand
@Siguza Can you leave a comment here? Doesn't matter what it is, I just need the notification.
Thanks, that's good you can delete it now.
Me has advertised on Steam board
3:18 PM
A: Burninate [ember-controllers]

MogsdadYour post sounds like a decision made by a committee of one. A word of caution before you begin burninating ember-controllers... First - you've addressed few of the reasons for burnination, so it's not clear that the tag deserves to be removed. Second - Read over the recent proposal related to ...

@Mogsdad This post has been deleted, deleted posts cannot be voted on.
Oh wait, that was the question.
@TinyGiant Guess they didn't like my answer!
@Mogsdad I guess not. Brb
3:22 PM
Now I'm really afk brb
<- yay, 860 off-topic questions >.<
4:43 PM
just wondering:
If a question is the same as another, but they use different programming languages (which can easily be converted to one another), are they duplicates?
@bob no
@bob I would say no
I flagged this as a duplicate of this; same question, different programming language
4:45 PM
Different language, different question.
@TinyGiant which is why I included which can easily be converted to one another
Yeah, that would be a good dupe, if it was the same language.
In cases like that I leave a "Possibly Relevant: ..." comment.
Otherwise every user that sees that question in the future will have to convert code from another language just to see if it actually solves their problem.
However, if you think you can edit the question to be on-topic and post an answer attributing to the original then go for it.
4:49 PM
A: VB.Net Merge multiple pdfs into one and export

bobYou can use the following function: Dim mergedPdf As Byte() = Nothing Using ms As New MemoryStream() Using document As New Document() Using copy As New PdfCopy(document, ms) document.Open() For i As Integer = 0 To pdf.Count - 1 Dim reader As N...

did a skeleton, converting the code & referencing, expanding it now
I love how you expanded it... lol
not expanding it until the OP tells me it works, lol
oh, and how do I mark code as a specific language? I've forgotten
<!-- language: lang-c# -->
new dupe:
better, and it's the correct language this time
Are you sure? It doesn't look like the same thing. I'm not a c# guy though
4:56 PM
I'm dumb
@TinyGiant look at the error they're getting, and look at the title of the other question
still needs to be dupe-hammered. the 'accepted answer' won't exactly help anyone who has to use that specific code.
A: Get devices from "Network"

Haris Hasansee Retreiving a list of network computer names, i guess it is what you are looking for

@bob Certainly link-only. But then, so is the other -- accepted -- answer.
@PaulRoub I disagree that the other answer is link-only. Without the link, it still provides an answer to the question.
5:12 PM
The question is a General Computing question. Should be closed, voted to hell and deleted.
@TinyGiant Meh... It asks how to do it in C# or VB.NET. Too broad?
@bob Agreed, it's more VLQ than NAA
If that's the way you feel, sure. Either way the whole thing should just get nuked, but we don't need to flag it for moderator attention to do so.
And Kyll is officially not asking anyone to downvote that horrible accepted answer.
I am. It's crap and not part of a deletion effort. If you too think that it is crap (which you are likely), then please downvote it.
Deleting it will be a happy side-effect
Well, that's not even really asking people to downvote it. You're more or less saying "Please vote as you normally would."
5:19 PM
Which in this room means "please downvote" since the quality of what's being treated here is generally... questionable.
And the questionable question in question has a questionable answer whose usefulness is being called into question.
^ What he said
Q: Full stack , Stack Exchange etc, What is stack ??

Praneeth BobbaThis might be silly and non technical. This website name is "stack"overflow and there is "stack"exchange. In one of the job portals I saw a new term "Full Stack Developer". In one of the presentations of an IT giant, there were talking about the stacks like "Server", "Storage" , "Applications"....

^ Um.
english.stackexchange.com ?
5:23 PM
Was wondering what to do with this when I saw suggestions on the right ^^
I'm not sure this is the appropriate duplicate
I think it needs some magic....
The oil and matches sparkly kind of magic.
@Tunaki Mostly it is. "What is full-stack development" would be fit on Programmers
I guess
Don't tell them I said that
IMHO stack refers to a 'stack of sites', hence the 'SE Network'
at least, I use the same sort of analogy for my 'Map Stack' site
5:29 PM
I'm fairly certain that the Stack in context of Stack Exchange is directly related to stacks of paper in in / out boxes on a desk.
@TinyGiant that's how the stack is represented in programming
> My stack of work to do is overflowing, go to stack overflow.
FILO (First In Last Out)
How it this too broad?
@Kyll One could argue that it doesn't solve any problem, and so is generating noise in the StackOverflow database or Google results... but I'd say this is an ok question.
But here's the meta post about it
5:44 PM
@Siguza I can't see how "too broad" is fit for it
Voting to reopen now.
There can't be too many answers to an historical question (unless it's a historical opinion, which it is not) and a good answer would just be like the one already posted: "Language - date - example"
Actually the given answer lacks a date
Thanks for reminding me. I was waiting for that question to get closed so I could vote to reopen, then I forgot about it.
Its completely objective. There can be only one first language to implement enumerations.
If it was "How has the implementation of enumeration changed over the course of time?" then it would be off-topic
5:59 PM
@Kyll are you guys voting to reopen it so you can close it with a more appropriate close reason?
@Closey starting
@JAL Good luck!
@cimmanon I'm not sure it has to be closed
@Kyll its not asking to solve a programming related problem?
@cimmanon Subject to interpretation... Just move the damn thing to Programmers, no?
6:01 PM
is that even an option? i thought you had to do a mod flag to migrate there
either way, the question is not on topic for SO
@cimmanon Grey zone for me
Which I guess is why Programmers exist, too
I disagree. My points made above. I voted according to my opinion, if you feel differently then I don't have any intention of stopping you from voting accordingly.
Holy crap, I've been being conservative and I've already spent 20 close votes so far today.
@TinyGiant Too soon.
How can this get 3 upvotes when it doesn't include any code?
6:13 PM
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@JAL Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Kyll It does have a link at least
Rejoice, we can finally flag this question stackoverflow.com/q/32849612/2415822
Wait, if the grace period has ended, why can't we flag that question?
6:19 PM
@TinyGiant There are those that like wallowing in the mud.
> more bad
@Mogsdad: it doesn't matter whether you personally did it. You've encouraged it. — J.F. Sebastian 1 min ago
Yes @Mogsdad. You did. Repent now.
@Mogsdad Boom
Is Smokey's last find the type that should be handled with "ignore"?
@Kyll Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I thought about a high-rep user in an impure manner. Fire. Burn. Heavy on the burn, Father...
@Siguza I think so.
6:26 PM
It is funny that the questions was closed almost completely by this room.
I would love to see your mind reading device @J.F.Sebastian. — Tiny Giant 1 min ago
@Mogsdad Son, for your sins you will abide to obeying our brother Closey's word. You have my benediction: Go forth and burn them all.
Go *forth and burn them all
I LOVE doing this! Commenting on very high-rep users to ask them not to answer off-topic questions is the best
@Kyll ...runs out the door with bucket of tar, bag of feathers, and burning torch...
6:29 PM
@Mogsdad Yells out to @TinyGiant, "We need magic down there!"
Runs out the door with wild eyes, some oil and a torch LET'S GIT 'ER DONE!
Where's my boomstick?
hands over boomstick
Why thank you.
Don't ask what it was used for. And it's red paint by the way.
6:31 PM
@Kyll I know the line "Thank you for answering and contributing to Stack Overflow" would annoy me a whole lot. :P
@Siguza I'm certain that was the point.
I'm out of comment votes again dammit.
Ok, who's into assembler? This looks like fun!
@Siguza That ans the passive threat "nullify your contribution" is a direct attack to newbs, I'm sure it must bug the hell off high-reps
I don't know a lot about assembly code but that's far from minimal
@Kyll it's not a debugging question. It's a how does this code work question.
6:34 PM
@TinyGiant Also yes. Too broad then?
Both seem to fit
> which of those codes determine the % of the crafting result.
@TinyGiant - That question breaks the auto-editor!
@Mogsdad The colour-coloring kills it
@Kyll No, no... ALL the code gets stripped out.
Which improves the question, but that's another story...
@Mogsdad Editing that question with the editor the way I have it currently set up broke my browser.
6:37 PM
@Mogsdad Really? The only issue I'm having is long load times before the colours appear
@Kyll You're not losing the code? What version are you running?
@Mogsdad Version of what?
The auto editor script.
That ^^
@Mogsdad lol that guy is basically asking users how to hack an Android game
6:39 PM
@TinyGiant @Mogsdad Oh! I thought auto-editor was the qualification of the native, on-question edit thingy. Never mind me.
@JAL Ha... I left it so long on the review page that all I can do now is say "no action needed", like a boss!
I recently read a news article about a guy being sent to jail for doing something that I didn't even know was considered hacking, that I've done many times. Basically just using a site's subpages to infer the names of other pages in order to view restricted content.
Cause like, how can you break into something that isn't locked?
Similar case in France: A man has been condemned to a hefty fine because he downloaded restricted documents from a news agency, which were publicly available and indexed. He found them on Google.
6:44 PM
I remember probably one of the worst examples that I've done personally was write a script that would send an email to every single user on the site to prove that the site had a security whole. They banned me.
But you send them a messsage saying that they have a gaping security flaw and nobody does anything.
@TinyGiant Isn't there something like "Responsible denunciation"..?
I still don't understand how that can be called hacking though. The information is right out in the open all I did was use it.
@Kyll I can't find a consistent definition for that.
6:49 PM
Another user who just doesn't get that this isn't a forum... stackoverflow.com/questions/19867402/…
@TinyGiant IIRC it's calling out to the guys, "Hey I found that huge glitch. You got 4 weeks to fix it before it goes public" and 4 weeks after you release it to the press/the users/etc
Yeah I just decided to skip the 4 week part.
> If you need help on how to use this, let me know, I figured it out
And the warning part.
guys he figured it out!!!
6:50 PM
@JAL Lawful good, people.
@Faiz I think you are lacking basic understanding of the way Stack Overflow is supposed to work. We are not a social network or a forum. Please check the help center. — Kyll 18 secs ago
Hahahahaha I love it!
And God he cast a reopen vote xD
Stack Overflow is not a place for discussion. It is a place for Questions and Answers, nothing more and nothing less. If you have an answer to a question, or a question that needs answering, there are specific forms for those things. The only place on this site for discussion is chat. — Tiny Giant 14 secs ago
I have my close votes ready in case it gets reopened
@Kyll: the question is obviously is not too broad. It has concise answer. — J.F. Sebastian 4 mins ago
Kiiiind of wanting to spread some oil on that with the "Too many ways to solve the problem" auto-comment but let's not
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