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3:00 PM
@its_justjack what did you want to know about fairfax!
@its_justjack Well I used a hex to text converter at first, but it returned "Malformed hex", which didn't change even after I added digits, so I wrote code to convert the byte stream with hexToStr method, and it gave that dialect.
feels dumb for not knowing what HO means
@its_justjack HackOverflow
3:00 PM
remember to confirm your email before using one of our referral links, else it won't work :P
@ProgramFOX Ok, do you have a ftp client? I need a username and password. Post the username in chat and I'll a work out a way to send you the password
@its_justjack send him an email
@its_justjack Yes, FileZilla. Username: ProgramFOX
@ProgramFOX Email addy to send password?
3:03 PM
@its_justjack programfox[at]hotmail[dot]be
Sending now...
It will be from jack at mawersoft dot co dot uk (obfuscated because archiving)
@its_justjack Yeah like anyone would impersonate your hosting... :P
wonders what FOX will do
@Unihedron waiting for that email :P
@ProgramFOX you have so many network badges :o
@Unihedron 74 Informed badges, 74 Autobiographer badges and MSE badges (and rep) are duplicated due to an A51 but that's already reported.
Email sent, FTP account will be alive in about 20 secs
Have you set up that blog I told you to make yet @its_justjack?
Cool, received it.
@Unihedron 'blog'? I have a blog...
3:09 PM
@Unihedron It's not a blog post, it's intended to be a chat message
@ProgramFOX I just have to put my rep over 200 for some of the sites. :P
@its_justjack What's the FTP host and port? I cannot connect.
Oh, right:
Server: ftp.mawersoft.co.uk (default port)
Username: programfox@mawersoft.co.uk
Password: [See email]
Aha, I forgot the ftp.
And it worked.
3:12 PM
Pretty enclosed but probably PHP exploits possible...
@its_justjack Hacking is about getting root access with minimal access anyway, I'm sure FOX has already mined enough data to study, so you're screwed.
@its_justjack They certainly are. An error message can tell me that.
> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_VARIABLE or T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES or T_CURLY_OPEN in /home/mawersof/public_html/clients/ProgramFOX/helloworld.php on line 3
@its_justjack i don't like fairfax...
3:15 PM
Geez, I'm out of biscuits already. Those ten boxes only lasted three weeks!
this is just awesome: vooza.com/videos/the-5-whys
@ProgramFOX PHP is intended to be blocked :D
@its_justjack In the clients folder? haha :D
ErrorDocument 404 mawersoft.co.uk/fourohfour.html

Order Allow, Deny
Allow from all

<FilesMatch ".*\.(php|phps)$">
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
Gives internal server error
.*\.(php|phps)$? You suck..
go post a question on Stack Overflow about it :P
3:17 PM
@its_justjack no idea
@Unihedron How about I ask you, RegExpert?
I think I fixed it...
@its_justjack use this /+/-*(php/phps):=&^^;/+/
3:19 PM
^ Better remove that before @Unihedron complains
#my regex skills ^^
<FilesMatch "\.php$">
    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all
<FilesMatch "\.phps$">
    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all
@ImagineStudios change (php|phps) to phps?
@its_justjack omg that's the worse code I've ever seen
/backseat coding
@Unihedron Internal server error
@its_justjack Now I always get a 500 even if I try to access an uploaded .txt file...
3:20 PM
@its_justjack Of course, I highly doubt it will work
Please stop telling me it's terrible and help!
no, I'm backseat coding
@its_justjack Try one of these answers:
Q: FilesMatch results in Internal Server Error

MichaelI added the code below to my .htaccess file to enable caching files for 3 days. After that my website wasn't available anymore and I got a message displayed that told me it's an Internal Server Error The code: # 3 DAYS <FilesMatch "\.(html|css|js|gif|jpg|jpeg|png|ico|swf)$"> Header set...

Fixed it!
<Files *.php>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from
so, today I went farming
3:25 PM
A: Deny direct access to all .php files except index.php

JerskaActually, I came here with the same question as the creator of the topic, but none of the solutions given were a complete answer to my problem. Why adding a code to ALL the files on your server when you could simply configure it once ? The closest one was Residuum's one, but still, he was excludi...

@its_justjack Block .php3
@ProgramFOX Just saw
@Unihedron gratz...
.phps also worjs
@TGMCians thanks :)
with the rep I get I can downvote more :D
3:26 PM
@ProgramFOX I would upload an index.html file
you will be at #1 in the list who downvoted most on so :p
Blocking php3 stops the directory listing working
@its_justjack Good idea, added an empty one.
@TGMCians Aww, I fell out of #2 on participation leagues stackoverflow.com/users?tab=participation gotta go back to active moderation :)
ah i see
@its_justjack You probably edited that :P
@its_justjack I expected something funny.
@Unihedron /me ? I didn't find me there :/
@TGMCians be more active :P
3:36 PM
hello everybody
@Aamir Hey there
Ohh, data dump refreshed
guys why we have to use wait() inside a loop in multithreading in java
@ProgramFOX testtxt.shtml pointing to helloworld.php? Wow...
3:38 PM
@its_justjack Yes, trying out whether PHP can be used through SSI.
@ProgramFOX Have fun :D
Oh, by the way, you no longer have any control over .htaccess, as it's now stored in the directory above you :-P
@its_justjack "Oops! Something bad happened!" when I try to visit that.
@ProgramFOX Exactly
It's the RSS feed button on the right chat panel
3:43 PM
@its_justjack Who said I cannot recreate it? :P
> It's not you, it's us. This is our fault.
Oh. @ProgramFOX that was a prety big oversight on my part
haha :P
@its_justjack Ah, my own .htaccess is blocked now.
@ProgramFOX ^^
@its_justjack Perhaps you should also block SSI.
3:51 PM
@ProgramFOX Why?
I'm currently trying to use it to run CGI but I fail, but it could work once.
And using CGI, you can do some stuff like you can with PHP.
@its_justjack ^
It's mostly blocked anyway :D
Would you like a custom 403/404 page?
@its_justjack I don't think that's really necessary.
@ProgramFOX ^^
And SSI is blocked :D
3:55 PM
@ProgramFOX :D
Well, my 404 page looks somewhat better, i made it in 2 and a half min :imaginestudios.cu.cc/logout.php
@ImagineStudios Feh
Now I think most ways to exploit Mawersoft are blocked.
Doesn't even have navigation. Mine wins.
@Unihedron Did you still want hosting?
Thats because i just made it.
3:57 PM
@its_justjack What's it good for?
@Unihedron For helping him with finding exploits.
Oh, sure. :P
@Unihedron I don't know, lol, just play around with it
hacks the place
hack the world
3:58 PM
Q: Hacking the universe

celtschkImagine the whole universe is a simulation. This should include also the people living in the universe (so more Simulacron than Matrix). And now imagine there's a group of hackers who knows (or suspects) that they live in/are part of a simulation, and want to hack it from the inside. So they try ...

^ good read
@Ahmad have you joined HO yet?
in Java, Nov 4 at 9:04, by Unihedron
HackOverflow is now in commitment!
how is it different than security.SE?
@its_justjack Block ALL the extensions!
A: security.stackexchange.com

Coolway99From the "front page" questions for the tags, it seems Security is more about security systems, like the SIM cards from phones or password protected ZIP files. While indeed both HackOverflow and Security would have this shared area, that is all. Hacking isn't just security systems, it can include...

4:01 PM
> .php, .phtml, .php4, .php3, .php5, .phps
Ah yes, just read that
Ohh, just got another blanket downvote on my old answers
does any of you do MUNs?
aaand retracted
@Ahmad I know a friend who does, I don't
but it looks cool :P
it is
have been to one
and going to another one in 2 weeks
but I'm getting intimidated by the peeps there
4:03 PM
I'm not really a fancy person like you :P
I hate having to deal with people
I join as few functions as possible
it's kind of a international MUN, with people from all around the world
haha, I used to think I'm bad with people
I think I've gotten better
.phtml is still valid?
@its_justjack rose at nightfall
Anyway it's blocked
@Pro sanity check please? Should I edit out the last bit on: stackoverflow.com/a/12709998/3622940
^ spam
Cool, welcome aboard!
@its_justjack You're an expert?
@Unihedron Well, I'm not bad :D
... I don't think you even put together a proper .htaccess file on your own without copy-pasting?
@Unihedron I didn't know how FilesMatch worked so I used the thing I knew worked
@its_justjack Eagerly looking forward to your expertise posts
4:14 PM
@Unihedron -_-
I'm not really willing to write more books on there, so I just went with "Beginner or Learner" and am going to pretend I'm learning xP
@Unihedron checking...
Added some quotes.
@its_justjack Great!
@ProgramFOX Is it even relevant? oh well..
@its_justjack You might also need to block .shtm and .stm, as they are also used for SSI.
@ProgramFOX -_-
This is just depressing:
4:26 PM
@its_justjack You're an expert, you should know better. :P
Unihedron, Earth, Alpha Centauri
5.3k 8 18 40
@its_justjack Helpful flags is no public information.
@its_justjack I have three tag badges, you have none.
Just saying, expert. :)
4:30 PM
@ProgramFOX 4
I'm going to sleep soon, so if you still want to put up hosting for me you'll have to do it tomorrow.
@Unihedron Oh, I didn't know you wanted it
@Unihedron I have two tag badges in MSE, you have none.
34 mins ago, by Unihedron
Oh, sure. :P
@ProgramFOX yet
4:33 PM
I don't think SE wants to hire me, so I'm not going to win nicael's bounty. :(
Ok, email to send login to?
You can send it to vyfcalt@gmail.com or programfoxrules@gmail.com.
I'll go with the 1st
@Unihedron "programfoxrules"?
@ProgramFOX Yeah, it's the other proxy mail I set up.
4:34 PM
I'll send it to both :D
After meeting you in the tavern, I went to set up a proxy mail, but couldn't get a good idea for name. So... :D
@Unihedron ಠ_ಠ
@ProgramFOX xP
> No account found with that email address.
^ For the programfoxrules email address.
4:36 PM
@ProgramFOX Yes?
@Unihedron @Sam is here now.
No, it's Pham wearing a Sam mask.
Hi Pham!
@Unihedron Weird, now it says that the email address exists.
4:39 PM
Speaking of which, I should probably start him up...
Maybe you mistyped it.
Hi @Sam!
@Unihedron Email sent, ftp account will work in 20 secs
@its_justjack \o/
4:40 PM
You know i am board when i start making logo's
Picture from the users box in The Nineteenth Byte:
@Unihedron DONE!
@Uni So whatchya need me for?
4:40 PM
@Sam Oh, I forgot. I think I had a questyn.
Well ping me when you remember ;)
If you need more than 256mb space, emal me and I'll expand it if you need it.
Well I'm going to sleep since I used up my "aggressive moderation tools", night!
@its_justjack I think I'll only ever need 30 Kb :)
4:42 PM
@Unihedron To do?
@its_justjack stuff involved to breaking your server :|
just kidding
Anyone want a logo made?
rolls eyes
@ImagineStudios sure, free?
4:43 PM
@its_justjack I'm sure you can take it, expert ;)
I'm just a learner xP
@its_justjack Be happy, we are helping you to protect your server.
^ :|
Oops, its not centered
4:52 PM
Do you think 'Mawersoft' is a good name? I was getting sick of it and ready to change it
Mawer development
[root@jackPc1 ~]#echo You have root access to my computer. Post commands to execute.
You have root access to my computer. Post commands to execute.
[root@jackPc1 ~]#cat i.stack.imgur.com/zLvCR.png
cat: i.stack.imgur.com/zLvCR.png: No such file or directory
@Unihedron You did literally nothing with the website so far...
@its_justjack You're kidding.
All my post requests are ignored though.
5:01 PM
@Unihedron 'post requests'?
In computing, POST is one of many request methods supported by the HTTP protocol used by the World Wide Web. The POST request method is designed to request that a web server accept the data enclosed in the request message's body for storage. It is often used when uploading a file or submitting a completed web form. In contrast, the HTTP GET request method is designed to retrieve information from the server. As part of a GET request, some data can be passed within the URI's query string, specifying for example search terms, date ranges, or other information that defines the query. As part of a POST...
Yes but what are you POSTing?
@ImagineStudios Pretty!
5:02 PM
you're an artist! this is great!
@ImagineStudios 'Jack Mawer', 'mawersoft.co.uk' in little text :)
19 mins ago, by Unihedron
^ Can I have one for the bot? :P
I'll attribute you
@Unihedron Yes but what are you POSTing?
4 mins ago, by its_justjack
Yes but what are you POSTing?
@its_justjack stuff
Not sure if you really want to know :P
Night again!
5:08 PM
@Unihedron Oh but I DO!
like that^^ :P
@Unihedron ^
Uni is sleeping :-p
I know, but I pinged him so he sees it tomorrow.
5:23 PM
Actually, your ping woke me up, so thanks @Imagine! :D
5:35 PM
2 hours later…
7:40 PM
If you dont like that one, try this:
why does it have a capital case "T"?
You could try another font
I like Rex, Geared or weston
I think they would go nicely with that
7:55 PM
For half an hour, before I go to sleep#
@ImagineStudios Can I have another one?
What do you want it to look like?
@ImagineStudios Top line 'Jack Mawer' bottom line my website url, do what you think looks good with the design
Do you have a logo to put in between the lines?
8:00 PM
@ImagineStudios I'll pace an order for 100 unique logos for Pham. Oh, and I want them all done within an hour.
@sam, i am on it..
@ImagineStudios Nope, I don't anymore, but I've been using the simple 'JM' logo for while.
lol :D
@Sam Yep, you certainly must pace them to get them all done!
8:15 PM
the github url at the bottom isn't centred, yo
Good answer?
A: Hide a whole div with CSS with part of it is empty

its_justjackYou could update your css to be .test{ display: none; color: transparent; } This would make the text transparent too, but display:none should hide it anyway.

Upvote or downvote?
8:54 PM
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