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4:06 AM
Heyaa Good Morning!
1 hour later…
5:12 AM
@ImagineStudios :D
5:50 AM
Support my feature-request on Meta about one-boxing github related links!
Q: One-box repositories, issue tickets and such on GitHub in the chat

UnihedronGitHub links are posted in chat quite frequently, but the support of the appearance is somewhat poor: <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.stackoverflow.com.css"></head><body><div id="transcript"><div class="monologue user-2246344"><div class="si...

7 hours later…
12:24 PM
Wake up people....................
Oh, I'm just coding.
@Unihedron Not you.. others are sleeping..:D
4 hours later…
4:07 PM
You destroyed me webserver yet then, lad?
5:04 PM
yo yo
oy oy
Hey @Ahmad
97 rep again
@Unihedron Thanks for the upvote, I won by default
5:05 PM
Oh, I forgot to mess with your server. I went to code the new project instead.
@its_justjack Good for you! Is that your first bounty?
@Unihedron First one I've won :)
I've done two so far
Aww, it's an automatically awarded one.
So only half value.
I never won a bounty.
@ProgramFOX Write something incredible and I'll throw you a free 50 point bounty for it.
Since you're such a great soul. :)
3 Earned bounties for 200 reputation
oct 1 at 17:17
aug 16 at 8:02
jul 10 at 15:58
^ mine, maybe I'll attempt one tomorrow :)
@Unihedron Most of my things which are incredible (or are supposed to be) would be self-answered and then I write that as an article on CodeProject.
5:08 PM
Oh. :(
Can I award SO bounties on your CodeProject blog posts?
But I don't have to complain, because I have MVP status on CodeProject, which is way better than bounties :D
Ooh, something happend and I have 107 now!
@Ahmad Yay!
I refreshed and got the upload button too
@Ahmad I can create and own rooms now :D
Oh, right, someone upvoted me. Yay!
inb4 unupvote like the last time you claimed to have 97 rep
@Unihedron What? Are you trying to tell me something?
5:18 PM
@its_justjack yes, in internet text format
@Unihedron ITF? That's a thing now? Can you translate it to english please
@its_justjack inbefore (you get another) unupvote like the last time you claimed to have 97 rep(utation points)
@Unihedron do you wanna be a room owner as well?
@Ahmad What about me? :-P
I said "as well"
didn't forget you lol
5:20 PM
@Ahmad Eh, I own enough rooms. I can help you moderate it if you really want, but it's not going to kill me - I'd still be sitting here enjoying my time. ;)
@Ahmad I'm touched :-P
it's decided then!
Speaking of which, OOP Design Course led by me in the Java room!
5:21 PM
Yay, thanku :D

Design training session

41 mins ago, 37 minutes total – 81 messages, 3 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 3 mins ago by Unihedron

He wasn't online for more than a year
I think he abandoned his account
adds everyone as an owner when no one realizes
5:23 PM
@its_justjack I edited your answer to make it more correct. Please take a look at it (especially the last sentence) whether you agree with it.
last message 439d ago
last seen 439d ago
@ProgramFOX I saw the edit
Yeah, last line looks better
More truthful
in Java, just now, by Unihedron
I haven't finished my < Raising Your Own Help Vampire Vol. 1 > book. I need to finish it so I can throw it at people. :(
^ @Pro
@Unihedron Agreed.
Ooh, I might make a temporary room just to try the room owner stuff without messing up this room...
Probably not meant to :D
@its_justjack You can use the Sandbox. I own there also, if you want ownership. As long as you don't break everything.
Though I recommend starting your own room, since there are also stuff like feeds you can mess with.
5:25 PM
Warning: don't join that room. Especially if @its_justjack finds out that he can kick users.
That's what I wanted to try
looks at chat owner stuff
jk :P
@its_justjack Yes: click on the user card and you'll see the options such as inviting, and at the bottom, you'll find "kick-mute this user".
@Ahmad me too..:D
@Liza -_-
5:28 PM
@Liza You need to be a trained stalemate i mean chat room associate to press that button! I forbid you to press it!
sigh not again.
5:29 PM
One sec
Won't break it :D
Woah, feeds bot!
1 message moved to Trash can
4 messages moved to Trash can
This is fun!
I won't break anything though. Probably.
@Feeds 10/10 will read again
5:34 PM
@Unihedron :D
Today in the Teenage Programmers Chatroom: @its_justjack enjoying the room owner privileges.
Is this racist?
lol :D
5:38 PM
@ProgramFOX Start teenage programmers chatroom users movement :|
Ok, I'm done with memes now
redistribute power
Should probably cancel that event before we get spammed...
5:39 PM
its_justjack has removed an event from this room's schedule.
@Unihedron I would've said "GO AWAY! THIS TAG WILL CAUSE DEATH!".
Wierd! If you star feeds, it shows the user in the star column as 'Stack Exchange'
Feeds on chat == Stack Exchange on chat
Jeff Atwood ♦, El Cerrito, CA
32.4k 37 122 135
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This room has been automatically frozen for inactivity
What is this?
A video?
@ProgramFOX slow clap
5:51 PM
Well, it's an ad that might actually work:
> I'm an iOS user and I find this funny.
6:21 PM
its_justjack has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Hope it doesn't spam every twitter post I ever made...
@its_justjack No, just 5 posts.
Feeds only get pulled after 10-20 minutes, so they won't appear immediately.
No I meant on the twitter homepage, it says '1 new tweet' for example, then you have to click it...
2 hours later…
8:04 PM
Randomly listening to 'Skyfall' by @OfficialAdele and realizing I've never seen the film... Wow...
8:33 PM
Listening to Highway to Hell by AC/DC #nowplaying #musicmonday http://grooveshark.com/s/Highway+To+Hell/2HMKGM?src=5 via @grooveshark
A: How to add a Sliding Drawer in my mobile messaging Androis app?

Liza Creating a Sliding Drawer MainActivity.java: import android.app.Activity; import android.app.FragmentManager; import android.app.FragmentTransaction; import android.os.Bundle; import android.support.v4.app.ActionBarDrawerToggle; import android.support.v4.widget.DrawerLayout; import android....

Hows the answer?? :)
@Liza It's a bit of a WoT!
Hey guys
8:44 PM
Where can I learn CSS stuff? I recently found out about features like transitions, keyframes etc, seems cool.
@its_justjack the user is very new. thats why i post the whole code. so that he can easily implement.
@Mateon1 Hey
Ehrm, could we try NOT spamming this chatroom?
8:45 PM
Ahmad has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
@its_justjack tl;dr
twitter is really not meant for this
@Ahmad :-P
8:46 PM
how did you add your twitter feed?
there's no way to get a twitter feed iirc
@Ahmad I took the time to create a google script that made RSS out of my twitter feed, and you just deleted it.
I need a feed of some twitter accounts
Since nobody is answering me, I'll look for a CSS room if there is one on chat.SO
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8:49 PM
answering what?
@Ahmad I need a new porsche.
and btw, would be cool if you could give me this rss thingy
@Mateon1 -
@Ahmad It would be cool if you gave me a porsche.
@Ahmad You delete the link then expect me to go through my code editing it for your purposes? Not to be rude, but, really?
you gotta earn it
8:51 PM
I need sleep, so I will leave and muse over life.
lol, sorry
9:20 PM
room topic changed to Teenage Programmers Chatroom: A chatroom for everybody! No age restriction but be mature. General programming and life discussion. [null]
Always wanted to fix that
what'd 'ya change?
I hate that it does not show what was actually changed
I went 2 months without noticing that the room description of room 15 was changed because of this
9:44 PM
Cant you see? It shows over here
it doesn't show the old version
but I just searched chat for "room topic changed to" and sorted after date
I changed 'No age required' to 'No age restriction but be mature'
Im on my phone so ill change it perpetually tomorrow
ah k:)
2 hours later…
11:36 PM
@Mateon1 You can learn CSS from me!
Actually, it's very simple, once you get hold of the concept of programming, CSS is just a large array of classes -> appearance values. Just knowing that is already 45% of mastering CSS, because now the rest you have to do is look up simple examples of it at work, then write some yourself.

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