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12:19 AM
@Liza wake up!
@Liza why do you keep on pinging me?
9 hours later…
9:24 AM
yawn haha
(It's late here)
3 hours later…
12:12 PM
I hate being on my own @ home...
haha why
it's cool
12:58 PM
@Ahmad I just hate being alone. My brain generates random scary noises. It's like my fear of being in the dark - I know there is nothing but I don't dare move just in case...
You can always play some music. That'll hide those random noises.
Then I just start worrying about something behind me that I can't hear...
It's really dumb but that's me ;)
Not dumb, it's just a feeling that you cannot stop.
Well the power has been out for about 30 mins now, my internet UPS is going down in about 3 minutes and my laptop has 13 minutes (not on a UPS)
see you!
1:07 PM
Might go and turn on the emergency generator. Don't know if it will work.
Haven't used it in ages since I got a UPS...
Oh, wow, I really didn't expect that to work...
oh, cool, it worked!
How long can that generator go?
Huh, I must have accidentally unfavorited this room.
Oh well, I'm back now! :P
Welcome back!
Phew, the generator restarted
I have a generator that runs on coal. I run it when both my computers are overclocking.
1:19 PM
I've got a home-made water one :D
Oh, free power, it's fun to build manual generators like that.
I have a manual spinning wheel generator, kind of abandoned it though.
I set it up with a water pump so it powers itself...
It was a fun project, but I only use ti for emergency power
I went down from 100 rep to about 50 I think as people un-upvoted my answer... ( :'( )
And I only have the upload button on chat rooms other than stack exchange...
Predicate<Person> isAwesome;
isAwesome = anyone -> true;
^ what I learned today, java
@its_justjack was it an unupvote or a user was removed?
@its_justjack Go to your reputation tab and check "show deleted posts" at the bottom of the page. Then you'll see the cause.
@Unihedron Un-upvote. My answer had 3 upvotes, now it has one.
Probably @Sam -_-
1:24 PM
@its_justjack Which tag?
/me thinks you've enraged the javascript police
A: Change PolicyBanner 'accept' button text

its_justjackI have scoured all Apple manuals, support forums and taken a quick search of the system files and I have discovered the 'Accept' button text is hard-coded to some extent, meaning it's not possible to change it right now, unless someone creates a patch or workaround. The reason for this is probabl...

YOU edited it
Corrected 'want'
It was already at +1/-0 when I reached the thread.
Plus, I edited the question, not your answer.
@Unihedron Yeah, 3 upvotes went to 1 upvote yesterday while I was sleeping -_-
@Unihedron Yep, I know, trying to remind you of the question :-P
You can only retract votes either when 1. within 5 minutes (vote not locked) 2. post edited (vote unlocks).
Since your answer was never edited they are retracted within grace period. There's nothing else to add. Bad luck xP
@Unihedron twitches
@Sam As promised I will find you and remove your computer forever. I will then take your phone and throw it out of a window. Let's hope it's got a decent case. I will then pee on all of your possessions and block up your toilet. I will cover your house in toilet paper wait who am I kidding forget all of that it's never going to happen and it was a waste of time writing it
1:29 PM
There you go, an upvote to make your answer eligible for automatic bounty.
If anyone else downvotes, it's your answer's problem.
@Unihedron ♥
As a reminder, automatic bounty only rewards half, only user-awarded bounties awards full.
so: 66 + 25 = 91
Hmm, not bad...
Here's your FM to R: stackoverflow.com/help/bounty
under "How is a bounty awarded?"
> If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2 will be awarded half the bounty amount.
Hmm, yeah
1:34 PM
Well, enjoy your day, I have some code to finish.
In a stupid question like this, you have two options::

1. Make a bot that posts "don't use regexp" to all questions about Regular expressions. Upvotes guaranteed.
2. Make a bot that close-votes regex questions
@Unihedron ^^
Modified version of
A: how to design a bot that gets reputation on stackoverflow?

KimvaisYou have a few options: Make a bot that posts "don't use regexp" to all questions about Regular expressions. Upvotes guaranteed. Search all questions that have some sort of error message, and answers with the first google search result. Make a bot that answers to questions that have at least on...

I'm building a dupe library for [regex] dupehammers to use, so I'm not going to waste my CVs on those.
@its_justjack Good grief, is that thread still not dead?
@Unihedron Nope, lots of necromancers around :D
Only one 2014 comment though :D
1:39 PM
I like the post because it shows how the author is aware of the current situation on Stack Overflow, but hate it at the same time because it reflects accurately how the Question InputStream for is so polluted.
in RegEx - Regular Expressions, 4 hours ago, by Unihedron
We should create a tag for questions that are NOT "gimme teh regex" questions!
here seal of approval
@Unihedron here seal of approval yes grammar good yes?
oh. right. should have seen that coming...
1:42 PM
Yay, two bronze badges on MSE
broken image?
Hotlink protected, god dammit :D
great feature request:
Q: One-box repositories, issue tickets and such on GitHub in the chat

UnihedronGitHub links are posted in chat quite frequently, but the support of the appearance is somewhat poor: <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.stackoverflow.com.css"></head><body><div id="transcript"><div class="monologue user-2246344"><div class="si...

Heh, I still get in the way of your caption arrows :D
1:44 PM
@Unihedron +1
Yayyy points!!
I hope you liked the stack snippets too :P
"Shame github doesn't onebox." My famous last words... – Sam 21 hours ago
@Unihedron Yeah, they are nice :)
Have an imaginary upvote because nobody likes me on meta se ;'(
Oh, you'll live. Imaginary thanks!
does that load?
1:46 PM

You don't have permission to access /testing/ on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
I get the same as Jack.
So you configured the error page wrong AND you gave me no permissions to it.
thanks for helping me test, I reverted, try now
1:47 PM
Looks good.
Gives a stackoverflow-style chat transcript thingy
I imported the SO stylesheets, so.
Oh, and clicking the reply link leads to
Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@uni.solarxd.me to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Also uni.solarxd.me gives a 403, although that might be intended
And testing is forbidden again now

You don't have permission to access /testing/ on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
1:49 PM
actually, the entire thing is supposed to be forbidden except the directories I specify, so it's working as intended.
@its_justjack it's a framework I've yet to complete, it will be used in my game for final year project of my programming course.
@Unihedron I see. I wondered why the jar failed to execute.
!!cupcake :D
@Unihedron Also what's your .sphere mod?
@its_justjack It's not done. :P
@its_justjack it's an old minecraft mod. I built it when I tried to learn minecraft-forge modding. I kind of gave up.
Ah, good
 _   _ _   _ _____ _   _  _________________ _____ _   _
| | | | \ | |_   _| | | ||  ___|  _  \ ___ \  _  | \ | |
| | | |  \| | | | | |_| || |__ | | | | |_/ / | | |  \| |
| | | | . ` | | | |  _  ||  __|| | | |    /| | | | . ` |
| |_| | |\  |_| |_| | | || |___| |/ /| |\ \\ \_/ / |\  |
 \___/\_| \_/\___/\_| |_/\____/|___/ \_| \_|\___/\_| \_/
55 4E 49 48 45 44 52 4F 4E
2:21 PM
the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is a regex the end is never the end is never
Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (cow noises)
46 6c 69 63 6b 69 6e 67 20 66 72 69 6c 6c 79 20 6b 6e 69 63 6b 65 72 73
@Pro can you wake up sam?
4F 68 2C 53 74 61 6E 6C 65 79 2C 64 69 64 79 6F 75 72 65 61 6C 6C 79 6A 75 73 74 70 72 65 73 73 74 68 65 4F 4E
62 75 74 74 6F 6E 3F
2:24 PM
@Unihedron Umm...
@ImagineStudios Malformed binary
@Sam Unihedron needs you.
@its_justjack not really
@Unihedron Unless he is encoding an image, the binary would have to be divisible by 8
@its_justjack implying that ciphers are non-existent, well done
2:26 PM
@its_justjack it called i make my fingers tap dance on 1 and 0
@ImagineStudios I actually encoded text to hex
The end is never the end is never the end is loading the end is never the end is regexp the end is never the end is coding the end is never the end is never the end is love the end is never
@Unihedron really good wurk!
2:28 PM
@ImagineStudios And what's that encoded in?
@TGMCians Eek! You're stalking me! :P
but thanks
@Unihedron No never :D
I see it is really cool thing
I want to write a userscript which does the same. :P
@ImagineStudios I am happy today, so happy, that i am encoding text as hex!
2:30 PM
ah ok
but... I still have code to finish :)
4d 61 6c 66 6f 72 6d 65 64 20 68 65 78
First person to decode that wins free hosting for a year!
say @TGM, do you happen to know what Mechanize is up to? (gistlabs java lib)
I want bot as like you guys have
Junior is kind of broken at the moment
2:32 PM
@Unihedron No
what it do ?
it's a connection library we used for Junior, it's kind of broken
so we're switching over to htmlunit, and now it works
connection library ? what connection ?
in Java, yesterday, by Unihedron
!!eval: "hello world"
in Java, yesterday, by JavaBot
hello world
ah ok
@TGMCians for the bot to keep watching the chat and sending messages :P
2:34 PM
so you all guys, @ProgramFOX keep yourself busy in making bots
but I also want. I don't have :(
@TGMCians Sure!
Which language do you have experience in most?
@TGMCians If you know Python, you can write one using ChatExchange, a Python wrapper for chat.
2:35 PM
We might build JChatExchange with what we have. Then you can add it as a submodule and use it to build your bot!
@its_justjack "لقµéخ؛é‏ِéق¹ëچ´ëخ¹ï"?
@its_justjack Malformed hex
sounds good @Uni
@ProgramFOX but I don't know anything about python :/
@TGMCians oh, in that case ChatExchange won't be useful for you
2:36 PM
@its_justjack Sirang hex
@its_justjack 十六进制格式不正确?
If you do Python: ChatExchange
If you do C#: Help Sam finish ChatExchange.Net
If you do Java: Wait for Vog and I to finish JChatExchange
@ImagineStudios Translated in english: hexadecimal notation is invalid
Which translator are you using and why is it in chinese?
you understand chinese ?
2:38 PM
Yeah. I live in Hong Kong. I don't use chinese irl though, but I grew up learning it.
oh ok
@ImagineStudios Google is evil. Stay away from it!
@Unihedron *Google Translator
@TGMCians No, Google is evil, not just the translator. ;)
2:39 PM
@Unihedron i know google is evil!
@ImagineStudios DEN Y U USE?
^ best search engine
@Unihedron why do you think google is evil? what are your reasons?
Predicate<Object> isItEvilChecker;
isItEvilChecker = thing -> true;
isItEvilChecker.test(Google); // returns true!
But why does that make it evil?
2:45 PM
'cuz JAVA says so
The only thing I find evil about Google is that they track everything you do.
yes they do
Which still doesn't stop me from using it because it's a good search engine.
@its_justjack where is this from?
(and what's the solution?)
2:52 PM
hey Ahmad!
what's up ?
nothing much
and you?
@Ahmad It's hex
@Ahmad "لقµéخ؛é‏ِéق¹ëچ´ëخ¹ï" - I already answered
2:52 PM
@Ahmad ot telling
you guys ping too much lol
@Unihedron 'NNNT'
/me learning how to make bot from @Uni!
yes Ahmad we ping too much
Loophole: @its_justjack didn't say we have to decode it correctly, as long as we decode it, correctness doesn't matter
So I win the free hosting! :D
@Unihedron -_-
2:54 PM
@Ahmad it's called replying, there's a button for that.
I know
puts its_justjack in the chair of shame
I've finished the code! Now to go debugging!
@Unihedron Ok, change of rules, decode it CORRECTLY
@its_justjack Malformed hex
@its_justjack too late, I already decoded it 16 minutes ago
@ProgramFOX What transformer are you using?
2:55 PM
@Unihedron Some online transformer.
Oh, well I just wrote code for that, heh.
haha :D
Give up?
Give up what?
I already decoded it, period. :P
And it is?
2:56 PM
20 mins ago, by Unihedron
@its_justjack "لقµéخ؛é‏ِéق¹ëچ´ëخ¹ï"?
@its_justjack As I already said: Malformed hex (that's the decoded, not an error message)
@ProgramFOX 'DING!'
Do I get the free hosting now?
Or better: a password for your uploader :P
@ProgramFOX DO you actually want it?
@its_justjack yes I want
2:57 PM
@its_justjack yes
@ProgramFOX Let me open my panel...
... Hey. :P
Really? xD
@Unihedron If you ask nicely...
@its_justjack Was that the right solution or are you trolling? :P
@Unihedron This is my change to let @its_justjack eat his clothes if I can find the uploader using his hosting :P
2:59 PM
@Unihedron The correct solution was 'Malformed hex'. You could have literally pulled up a hex to text converter
Welcome to HO @Pro! :D
@Unihedron :)
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