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5:29 AM
Q: filtering a pandas column which contains a list in other column?

LeewayI have a pandas dataframe pd like this I want to filter the df_participants column which contains df_pair[0], and the expected result should be a new pd1 containing only rows that df_pair[0] is a subset of df_paticipants like this I have no idea how to do that. I have tried with .isin() or pd1 ...

3 hours later…
8:11 AM
Pandas questions are so low quality, they spill into Meta SO.
8:43 AM
I go to bed and comment flags are cleared out
I wake up, 122 auto U/U
And an abnormal amount of valid auto U/U
People will be people I guess
This is probably gonna be one of those days
9:29 AM
Q: How to make SO use 100% of my browser's width?

user1580348Stack Overflow uses only a narrow horizontal area of my browser. How can I make Stack Overflow use 100% of the browser's width?

9:54 AM
@E_net4isnotinaforum Aside regex, pandas is flat down a rep junkie hideout :')
Anything that can be done about its dwellers who so proudly claim to upvote to counter downvotes?
Honestly, I try to not get too deep in pandas or regex
I generally handle the shallow conflicts, and leave the rest for other mods or the glorious day where regex and pandas get their own sites
2 hours later…
11:37 AM
> Does this really deserve a downvote? Stackoverflow states that learning developers should ask questions.
They state what now?
USA! USA! US-... wait, no, that's not it
1 hour later…
12:42 PM
> Volkswagen Car Problems and Other Interesting Questions.
Said no one ever
Is that... the famous Traveling Volkswagen Problem?
Traveling? I heard it was the Farting Volkswagen Problem
1:35 PM
Q: Stack Overflow ignore answers?

Omayer Hasan MarifI have posted several answers today. Some of them are old questions (not too old just about a week old questions). I have waited several hours to get a response from my answers, but none of my answers to old questions have gotten a response. Is this because users who asked the question did not se...

was half-way into a comment
Probably taking DVs too personally.
... wait, I'm a mod xd
deletions don't prevent me from commenting anymore :')
FWIW one of the answer is borderline link-only.
1:39 PM
The django-sass one?
Well no. The Django Autocomplete one, now deleted.
now mod deleted
That means there wasn't one, you lied!!!!!!111one
It was not mod deleted.
Did you do that just to stop the OP from undeleting it?
Would've let it slide if it was review deleted (because undeleting a post deleted from review causes an automatic flag), but when it was self-deleted and arguably clear NAA... nej
2:07 PM
> just about a week old questions
well, now you know there are some users who won't reply anymore just after a question was posted...
2 hours later…
4:29 PM
interesting how there havn't been any new articles, even though there were apparently articles waiting in the wind ready to be posted once the guidelines were out
5:01 PM
I'm not complaining
5 hours later…
9:53 PM
Q: Delete [project-calico]

guettliThe tag project-calico is a duplicate. There is already calico

10:47 PM
Q: OP starts a bounty but is not around even to review comments. why bother bounties if such things gonna happen?

Yılmaz DurmazI saw a bounty suitable for my skill set. Went ahead and commented about a few missing pieces of information but also tried to replicate the problems OP mentioned. Found the problems mostly relating to version changes in the frameworks he uses and wrote an answer on how to solve them. there were ...


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