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1:53 AM
Q: Why stackoverflow allows bully-like behaviours?

RiemannI'm a beginner in programming. I've made a question in python about one hour ago and maybe it's not a correct question for the community and I accept this, I accept the downvotes obviously. But, the problem here is that I've found that all my previous questions were downvoted. I really can't unde...

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5:00 AM
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7:38 AM
did SE remove the option to choose between static/fixed topbar?
8:18 AM
Q: We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar

Aaron ShekeyWe’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar. We didn’t change the default. We’ve only removed the ability to change the default. According to SEDE, we’ve got ~13k users with the fixed top bar disabled. To put this into context, 730k people have opted into either system or dark theme. Th...

8:35 AM
oh. haha
9:03 AM
That's a cool idea I should introduce to my team. Rather than trying to make the feature work on our code base, we should just remove it. Our clients will just suck it up and not have the entitlement of having their job done well. :)
9:35 AM
Q: Is it correct to protect questions with a lot of answers when a new user is posting a duplicate answer?

kluttWhen I'm in the first answer queue, it's quite common that a new user is posting an answer to a question with lots of answers that adds nothing to the existing answers. The short description for protecting is like this: Protect this question if it is highly active and likely to receive spam acti...

10:23 AM
Q: stackoverflow deleted my account without even telling me

أبو عدّيeverything was normal, I opened StackOverflow from google search, I saw my account logged out, I re-logged in by google quick login and returned "you're about to create a new account with this email (****************@gmail.com)" I didn't close delete or do anything, I continued and saw a clear ne...

10:39 AM
Do we not have a generic duplicate for account deletion?
@AndrewT. Ugh, that bloody post
> Fixed headers are an established pattern across the web and apps. You’ll find fixed headers on Reddit, Quora, Nextdoor, CNN, Vice, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Gmail, Jira, Facebook, Pinterest, Walmart, PayPal, TikTok, and YouTube—to name a few.
Yeah, so are hero images, that doesn't stop them being shit
11:47 AM
Q: Is there a way to see the reason why I was downvoted on StackOverflow and is the reason a required field?

George PandurovI've recently received a downvote on an answer that I think answers the question pretty well. I wanted to see the reason why someone downvoted me but I couldn't find it anywhere on my account page. I also searched through the questions here in StackOverflow and also in the FAQ section of the Help...

Q: Long term token for Outlook API

MTakumiI'm building a web app integration with Outlook using Microsoft Graph https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/tutorials/php?context=outlook%2Fcontext By default, after user authorization, Microsoft Graph give a token for 60 - 90 minutes and after this time you need get a new token use refresh toke...

12:38 PM
@NewPosts aside of the bingo usual topic, now I think the term "meta (site)" might not be easy for someone new to understand/reach...
1:18 PM
Q: My question is Closed. This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos

M. MuftiI have recently shared this question/Solution which to me was related to the syntax error. Aim was to share this as a contribution to this wonderful community. But surprisingly I found it closed with a comment that it is a typo related. On my raising the flag, that earlier comment was removed, ma...

1:36 PM
@E_net4isnotinaforum Works great if you have less than 15k users. Then you can remove all features.
@E_net4isnotinaforum They constantly break other features, so I guess they need to cut something for everything to work out
Remember how I complained about the comment tool's bulk delete button being broken?
They fixed that after nearly a month, but shortly after, the activity tool broke instead
2:42 PM
@Zoe The balance must be maintained
2 hours later…
4:12 PM
> Feel free to close this question
it was closed 4 hours ago
instantly deletes
Shots were fired
Q: I do not want to be part of the Meta community, because I dislike it

cevingHow can I delete just the Meta account without deleting the SO account?

click the X at the top
Remind me the problem with this user's past interactions on Meta.
4:26 PM
it actually has an answer
i don't recall (or see any history of) issues with that user
Stack is slowing to a grind again
4:31 PM
There we go, back in business
i find complaining to mroe often than not be the solution to every problem
o boy, that one
the most recent case was during my holiday period
cries in <10k
4:33 PM
just answer a few jquery questions
10k in no time
@Nick I'll slide some screenshots into your DMs
5:07 PM
What a carpshow.
Hardly so. I'll show myself out.
5:59 PM
enough is enough
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7:01 PM
fun ruiner
2 hours later…
8:36 PM
Q: How can (or why can't) I revert my close flag?

Ted Klein BergmanI instinctively downvoted, flagged and gave feedback on a question for containing images of code and errors. However, this time the user actually edited their question to contain code as text in code blocks. I removed my downvote but the flag was still pending. Shortly thereafter, it was closed w...


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