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12:06 AM
Q: One month review suspension after being suspended before for a single wrong decision

andrbrueI am suspended from reviewing for one month for being wrong about a single decision. I have to admit that I have been suspended before after being new to reviewing, taking too short time for each case and being to "friendly" (biased to vote too positive). After being allowed to review again and r...

12:42 AM
Q: Looking to find the right site for my qestion

CForce99I want to ask a question about what would be the best Linux distro that meet my needs. What site is the right one for this type of questions?

5 hours later…
5:47 AM
Q: Review privilages suspended in Triage for one question which is already closed

Roshin RaphelI see my review is suspended for the triage verification of this question. I gave Needs community edit as I believed the question can be made answerable after a few tweaks. But I am Banned from reviewing, even though the question is closed. Can you please review the task ?

4 hours later…
9:35 AM
Q: User has been using Stack Overflow since they are under-age. How to deal with this?

Aryan BeezadhurAccording to this answer on MSE, the minimum age for using the Stack Exchange network of sites is 13 (or 16 if you're in the EU). This user states in their profile title that they are only 13, but they have been a member for 4 years (since they were 9 years old if we believe the age in their titl...

4 hours later…
1:35 PM
Q: Can a moderator reverse an accepted bounty or answer that is given by the post author?

AmerllicAAt the first of this post, it is very important anybody knows, this is NOT an objection. StackOverflow and its gamification that is for motivating developers have no worth for me. I have abandoned this dirty game a long time ago. My main question is in the post title. Really a moderator can rever...

Q: The options showing after choosing needs improvement in the triage queue

Tomer ShetahRecently there was a change in the triage queue options. So I read the detailed guide for triaging questions. If one hit flag, and chooses needs improvement, those are the options he gets: Duplicate A community specific reason Needs details or clarity Needs more focus Opinion-Based I was wonder...

Q: Link to duplicate question not present

stevecI'm not sure why, but it appears this question has no linked duplicate: How to create hoverover popups in Rails 3.1 Perhaps it's normal and I just haven't come across it before.

2 hours later…
3:47 PM
Q: When exactly are downvotes related to quality?

Answering It AllI once had this question in the Meta, and it received negative feedback (due to the request, I can bring it back if you want it). Likewise, I don't like how the question received a downvote, especially since it wrecked the schedule of question posting. Therefore, I was defending the question in o...

4:08 PM
i am confuse
The question is misleading
it's not about downvotes/quality
well, not directly anyway
it's more about 1: they didn't understand hwy they were getting downvoted, and 2: didn't like that it affected their ability to post on main (which... it shouldn't have?)
i'm thinking 2 was their bigger concern
it would have been mine, if i were in a similar situation
I call that one just a poor correlation.
There is no such limit.
4:53 PM
Q: Can you make your tag for your own language?

Answering It All Yes, this question may seem like some sort of advertising, but its just so I can post questions regarding it. I work with a few others to make a programming language called BPML. If you don't know about it, here are the links for it: BPML Account (suspended) GitHub repository Since the main c...

Q: Flag declined blatantly incorrectly

Jean-Claude ArbautI flagged one of the answers to this question, as not an answer: HTML Help Workshop on Windows 10? It was decined, with the message "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it". It seems the reviewer didn't actually read/understand the question, which is about ...

Q: Do we really need more focus?

TomerikooAs you may or may not understand already, my question is about the Needs More Focus close reason. I'm sure everyone with the close privilege are quite well familiar with it. Recently I was having some issues and second thoughts about it I would like to express. Basically since I had the close pr...

5:12 PM
@NewPosts 1) meta effect 2) disagreement = downvote on meta
5:41 PM
Q: Is changing my profile picture to a Muhammad caricature allowed?

zabopI know about this quesiton: Are political avatars and profiles OK? The accepted answer says: There is a fine line between what is and is not appropriate, and each case would need to be examined on its own merits, but my general take is that politically motivated avatars in support of a cause are...

6:05 PM
Q: Is it bad to promote your answer on an old question just to get reputation?

Answering It AllI came to the oldest question of SO and literally just answered it because of this account's goal. I made my question very different from others and it only gained 1 vote. I liked what I was doing but I also wanted a little bit of reputation so that I can help the community by comments. I decided...

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7:17 PM
Q: How to report bulk upvotes?

scopchanovLately I frequently see questions from a particular user, which are obviously connected to each other and a part of one project, which is pretty normal. I do take my time to answer, as I always do, when I can, and this apparently helps the user get going with the project. That's all OK. The probl...

4 hours later…
11:05 PM
Q: Post closed without resolution, I need someone to look at it

PatI have asked a good question and someone with half knowledge closed it? I challenge them to talk to me and show me they have skills even to understand the question. This is the Link: Do Go binaries still have GC when called from a language without GC?

11:47 PM
Q: Is it reasonable that I'm asked to triage/review posts on subjects I know nothing about?

einpoklumI don't do a whole lot of reviewing work on SO (I mostly answer, edit and comment). I was just checking out the triage queue, and noticed I keep getting questions about PHP and Python and Wordpress. Now, I barely know any Python or Wordpress and know 0 PHP. More concretely - I haven't answered qu...

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