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@TylerH @Cerbrus Thanks for my new userscript idea: StackPrintStyles - print styles for Q&A because printing to PDFs gives you clickable links, timestamps in full (instead of relative datetimes), and a "Load all comments on page" button so you don't have to click on each one. demo pdf
This works with my other main userscripts PostHeadersQuestionToc and ChatImprovements if you want additional readability
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Q: Is SO striving to be a knowledge base, as I read in a recent answer? And if so, should I detail solutions to questions I asked that no one answered?

boBI'm still relatively new to SO and use it more to ask the hard questions I cannot figure out myself or get an answer to from someone else in my office than anything else. Many of the questions I've had to ask couldn't be figured out here either, or simply couldn't be done -- but a way forward ha...

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Q: When i push the data to the firebase Automatically junk file is creating as like i have shown in below

Manju S B This is my code DatabaseReference callLogReference = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReferenceFromUrl(CREHISTORY_URL); String key = callLogReference.push().getKey(); callLogReference.child(key).setValue(callInfo);

6:41 AM
Q: Why can I see vote counts without ever having had 1000 reputation?

EnselicAccording to documentation on privileges, I need to have 1000 reputation to see vote counts. I never had more than 1000 reputation on this account. Right now I am at 900. Despite this, if I click on the vote score, I get to see the vote counts. Cropped screenshot proof: Why can I see vote cou...

7:23 AM
Q: The same question is appearing multiple times in Ecosia search result

SpaceTruckerI was doing this search with ecosia: https://www.ecosia.org/search?tt=vivaldi&q=spring java anonymous bean and the search result contains question Anonymous Spring bean 3 times in the top 5: There are different links presented for each ecosia search result: https://stackoverflow.com/ques...

7:34 AM
Q: Allow users to be notified via Slack when they are included in "Ask team members"

KonamimanWhen a question is asked in So for Teams there's a "Ask team members" textbox that is certainly useful. However, once the question is posted these users are notified exclusively via email, which is not an especially dynamic communication channel. It would be great if users could choose to be not...

@KevinB this gets my vote
and good morning
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Q: What were the absolute numbers of comments 18 months ago compared to now?

k0pernikusIn a recent blog post Sara Chipps wrote: ... we’ve seen a reduction in the odds of a new comment being detected as abusive go from 2.6% of new comments down to 1.3% in the past 18 months. I am wondering what the total numbers of comments were 18 months ago and what they are now and how ...

Hi, one user wants to delete his question (I don't know why) so now he changed my correct answer to not correct and he told me to delete my answer, which already have 1 upvote, so he can delete his question. Should I delete the answer?
@PabloBarrera No, they should not have edited their question.
That you can't delete an answered question from the UI should have been their first clue that this is intentionally not permitted.
Should I do something?
Flag the question and explain the situation there
Okay, thanks!
8:52 AM
@PabloBarrera "so now he changed my correct answer to not correct and he told me to delete my answer" -> that's vandalism, that edit should be rolled back too.
9:17 AM
He went crazy, he edited his question insulting everyone and now the question was edited by a moderator and is locked
so yeah, business as usual :/
10:02 AM
Business as usual? A welcome relief.
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Q: Synonym proposal for [oracledb] -> [node-oracledb]

MT0The tag wiki for [oracledb] states: This tag is for node-oracledb, the Oracle Database driver for Node.js maintained by Oracle Corp. Do not use this tag for questions only about Oracle database. The tag wiki for [node-oracledb] states The node-oracledb add-on for node.js powers high pe...

11:58 AM
Q: trying to pull a certain value back from sql using vb.net

NoLuckCollectorSo I have a sql table that contains ProjectID, UserID, ViewAccess, EditAccess, and ApproveAccess. Based on what project is selected if the user has one of the access rights then certain things on my webpage will display. I'm not sure how to pull back viewaccess or any other access. They are store...

I like the new cookie cutter reply to non-meta questions being asked on meta like the one Rene posted on ^ that last feed. I kind of missed where it came from, is it documented somewhere?
@Gimby RENE. It all comes from RENE
There's AutoReviewComments on StackApps that you can use.
Q: I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Comunity Elected Moderator

George StockerI'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Moderator. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make this Q&A site what it is. I'm resigning for three reasons: Stack Overflow Inc. has forgotten how to lead, how to persuade, and how to talk with the community. This has been a slow decline since 2014...

Tum tum tuuuuum
Oh dear
@M.A.R. I should have guessed that
12:24 PM
Upvoting not because this is good, or because I have unconditionally supported your stance on matters, but because this post deserves to be seen, for good or ill. — Raedwald 2 mins ago
12:52 PM
Q: closed questions. vs unclear or not useful questions?

Ramesh RajendranCould you please explain what are the differences between closed questions and it is unclear or not useful questions? Is it similarly same? or what?

That guy once inspired me to submit a feature requests for mods to be able to issue question bans that only apply to meta...
21k reputation but does not understand CV and DV reasons.
He doesn't understand a lot of things... Has a habit of submitting meta bug reports about non-issues...
Last week, he kept bugging me on that question, insisting those tabs are an april fools' joke.
I did not see that earlier, thanks
@Cerbrus I'm disappointed you wrote "dog" instead of "wolf"
1:02 PM
@Zoethetransgirl Oh wow
Nice find :D
@Zoethetransgirl The attention to detail is.. scary.
@SamuelLiew "that" being..?
Yea, he's either referring to my rant about that user, or to george's resignation... @SamuelLiew? :P
yeah the question about the rant
I've already featured George's post
1:05 PM
@Cerbrus he sees all anyway
Q: What will happens in research effort if the down voted user is removed from SO

Ramesh RajendranI am receiving a information message while doing down vote Thanks for your vote! Your vote has been recorded and it affects this post’s ranking. Since this post’s score is below -1, your vote will not be displayed. And also getting this below information in down vote Tool tip This que...

welp, that was two dupes in a really short time
@SamuelLiew ^
That guy has been inactive for a long time...
Guess he's back at it
1:18 PM
Whenever I feel down, so much like I'd be mixing up words, I go read the comment in this question
In terms of malice, this is quite pure and innocent, ah, the wonders of the youth :) — brasofilo Jan 9 at 20:57
Sometimes we need to see the half-glass part of the full.
I'll note that this could have been avoided if you hadn't answered your "brother's" question within two minutes of it being posted, then voted for them just enough so that they cleared the 15-rep threshold for upvotes. Then your "brother" wouldn't have had the reputation to vote exclusively for you. — Brad Larson ♦ Jan 9 at 20:43
(I think Brad exceeded the permitted maximum level of snark there)
Nah, it was Brad's brother
@Raedwald eggshelly times, and I immediately regret posting that, but what does flagging achieve?
It's been infinite months since then, counting September
(Confused)Flagging anything is a bit broken at the moment, I guess. Too many pending flags.
1:35 PM
Q: What is the recommended way to format the output of some code?

norok2As per title, consider some code which produces some output to STDOUT, what is the recommended way of formatting it. For example, in Python, you could write: print('Hello World!') which produces the output: Hello World! What I typically do is to either put this in a comment: print('Hello ...

I flagged a post as troll several hours ago, but it is still pending. The post has a +11 comment accusing it of being a troll, so it probably has several pending flags.
link pls
on phone, but can handle
actually nah
not in the right mood to handle
@Raedwald Here on SO?
(I was referring to an MSE post) Understandable. I mentioned it in passing, not to expedite it.
not mod on MSE
1:41 PM
if it's red-flaggable, you can in The Tavern
If the MSE moderators are taking hours to get round to looking at my custom flag, I guess that is because they are busy looking at explicitly rude/abusive flags. Dealing with those is more important, of course.
No, that's because the moderation force is cut in half while the volume of stuff needing mod intervention has skyrocketed thanks to the drama
2:38 PM
@SamuelLiew nice
Q: All my comments with a certain tag are getting deleted

JohnEMy last five comments with a Stata tag have all gotten deleted and I have no idea why because only moderators can delete them (outside of the author) and only moderators can view deleted comments if I understand correctly. I've made hundreds of comments under other tags (mainly python/pandas) an...

3:10 PM
@Raedwald There is one active MSE moderator left. The others are CMs
the CMs are like 4 people for all sites, and they're snowed in 10 feet under right now
Q: Nancy's back and I'm leaving and taking my money with me

JonHWhose Nancy? More on that later... I've decided to quit this community once and for all - this time for reals. I did a while ago because of issues with the "Jobs" section. I wasn't a very high rep user, but I contributed a lot of time to the jobs section. Finding over 150 bugs (mainly on job...

It really is collapsing in
I wonder how long it takes 'til even groups like Charcoal start losing contributors
@Zoethetransgirl already happened, to sobotics too
3:16 PM
charcoal is 95% automated, one person can keep the spam poofing merrily, but the review backlog is up to 9k by now
The open letter signed by over a hundred mods got summarily ignored (or they're taking their sweet time with a response) too.
Maybe vocal loss in teams business will spook the board into doing something
who knows
They indicated they would reply to the open letter, right? Just in the usual 6 to 8?
Ehm, no? They indicated they'd consider it
I don't really see how any further response will stop the exodus though, it's begun and it has to run it's course unfortunately. Whatever they do is for the benefit of those that have already decided not to participate.
a response would do nothing right now
3:27 PM
@Gimby They can still re-gain users
what they need is some action, and follow through
If something actually happened, they could at the very least reduce it
its clear the cms have orders or not the power to do what is needed, they know it too
lets hope someone with the ability to stop it wakes up
Problem is, given any sufficiently large community there are always some who object to whatever you do. Typically they do nothing. In the current environment, they are emboldened to complain loudly, and then things go downhill from there.
I mean, I do not think there are any good actions left.
As in "SE: in light in the ensuing drama, we've decided to revert to the old CoC and never talk about the new one again / Someone: seriously? How dare you?"
3:33 PM
@Raedwald None that will please everyone, no. But there's still ways to make almost everyone happy
This post actually illustrates the problem very nicely: pt.meta.stackoverflow.com/a/7985/110251
To be honest, I've been wanting to get back into proper moderation since last week, but circumstances aren't helping... Losing George, of all the people, has been a bit hard
I was one of the first peeps to talk about resigning. I had mentioned it in the SO mod room some 1~2 mins after the initial announcement ...
But I was on mod vacation then and didn't want to take any hasty decisions ...
Things have been a bit sad of late ... I could go through the welcoming initiative without having any impact on my mod duties ... but this is hitting elsewhere
The only reason why I'm staying is coz I believe in the QnA PM and the 2 devs ... and ofc, the community ... who've suffered more, because they aren't aware of half the stuff that's happening in private
Wait, hold on - two devs?
The entire code base is maintained by two devs?
Nah, just guessing
I have no idea about the internal stuff
Anyway, I'll probably be staying away from the queues, and be on reduced activity ...
(Not that you'll be missing me much, because I was on mod vacation from Sep 15th - 30th)
@BhargavRao Flag handling times on NAAs went noticeably up after you took a break. For what it's worth, you make a huge impact. (And so that's said, I'm not trying to pressure you into working - that's not why I said it. I'm actually on a break too atm.)
3:51 PM
NAA flags are not handled by the Low Quality Post queue?
Q: Can the sidebar be removed?

BenThe left-hand sidebar is a terrible waste of screen real estate. As are arguably the top navbar and the right-hand sidebar. I'd guess that most devs are on laptops with limited screen real estate, although I have no evidence for this. Can the left-hand sidebar be removed? Arguably all we need...

@Raedwald it goes to Mod queue as well. Not sure under what conditions. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/277002/…
4:11 PM
@BhargavRao You might want to correct this edit, if it misrepresents you: meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/333965/178
eww, it should be Stack Overflow and not Stackoverflow.
And thanks for the heads up, had no idea that peeps here were so fast
4:29 PM
@Zoethetransgirl There are double digits who work on the front end
some of those probably also work on the back end
@BhargavRao stackoverfiow.com is clearly one word.
oof, rip SSL
Like expertsexchange.com?
4:41 PM
what in the hell did I just see
@weegee This should answer any questions you may have: meta.stackoverfiow.com/q/268/6296561
I need to take a break from life and find my purpose in life again after watching that video
5:05 PM
Q: SO used to delete comments asking for upvotes or marking as answers--did it stop?

Dave NewtonIIRC these comments used to be automagically cleaned up, or required only a single flag (I could be recalling incorrectly). What's the current process for those? Ignore? Flag as chatty? Other?

5:35 PM
Q: Add, a link to Team Owner in warning please

James JenkinsAs a moderator, I occasionally get announcement messages, when I click on the link I get the message Stack Moderators is invite only. Contact the Team owner to gain access. There is no indication who the team owner is, or how to contact them. Please add function so I am able to contact th...

5:53 PM
Q: Someone answered a question 9 years ago, but the profile shows "member for 4 months"

gmauchLooking at this answer one can see that it was written in Sep 2010, but clicking on it's answerer link it shows as "Member for 4 months". How could one create an account in 2019 and answer a question in 2010, assuming there is no time-machine (if we had, there would already be a stackoverflow ta...

@BhargavRao does your reduced activity mean that the current burn will remain stalled at the mod review of closed questions stage?
6:12 PM
Woah. George is gone? Wow.
I hope things improve @BhargavRao!
Why George vs Bhargav ?
where's the vs?
6:30 PM
Fight, fight, fight!
Place your bets here!
OY! I started my betting circle first!
Q: What is the difference between tags oracle-apps and oracleapplications?

saritoninI don't have the rep to suggest synonyms but think the oracle-apps and oracleapplications tags are basically the same. Can we synonymize them?

6:50 PM
Can I put 20 on Bhargav?
hey george
@GeorgeStocker yes! Just transfer the 20 bitcoins to this account.
I hope they get sufficiently rocked by this that they fix it and you can come back :(
Q: Down Votes Are no Longer Visible

WJSI recently noticed that negative down votes are no longer visible and that if one does a down vote it is recorded with the following message. I can see the votes separated out if I click on the score. But what I would like to know is if there is any online documentation that explains new feat...

Hi Nate, we are working on the draft now. We want to be thoughtful in how we approach just as you were all clearly very thoughtful in putting it together. Some of that involves changing how we do some things, so we're getting our ducks in a row to make sure we can back up any commitments we make. — Sara Chipps ♦ 5 mins ago
That's kinda promising
6:57 PM
I'll believe that when they release the statement and it has some real comittments in it that are followed up on
You know, burn me 951 times shame on me
The "now" actually bothers me more than it should
@Magisch On the other hand, they've already had over 50 mods stop moderating or resign - realistically, I doubt this makes a significant difference on its own. I see the staff replies and all, but management works in mysterious ways - I doubt they take it seriously 'til sites start shutting down moderation wise. The point where spam is everywhere
@Zoethetransgirl charcoal isn't going anywhere I think
For now
But what happens if more members pull their autoflagging access, or some of the people who pay with processing power stop? We've had mods resign who were unlikely to resign. It doens't seem as far-fetched any more
AFAIK Other than the pair of articles on The Register they've managed to avoid any bad publicity in the general press. Assuming their recent CEO hire is an indication that the current plan is to find someone to buy the site so that early venture capital can cash out; they've managed to contain the unrest to a level low enough not to torpedo that plan which is probably all they needed to do.
Somebody silently deletes the quota exception for Smokey without knowing who Smokey is, and things break, because why should we give any exceptions to a random chatroom?
7:07 PM
@JohnDvorak TBH, I can actually see that happening. "why does this random key have double quota? that can't be right" *borked*
That's what I mean
@user58 Either that or someone invalidates the API key for being suspicious
@DanNeely We're not making enough noise
Or they decide that autoflagging isn't allowed anymore, since the person who granted permission for it doesn't work there anymore.
@Zoethetransgirl That would be such an incredible own goal
the service charcoal provides for free is worth tens of thousands each month if you buy anything like it commercially
There's basically a million things that can go wrong. Charcoal could shut down on its own, or be shut down by users or the company
7:09 PM
Hopefully they don't start just banning everyone who signed up for autoflagging
7:25 PM
Call me a pessimist, but would they really care? Spam would get deleted in 5 minutes, if not 5 seconds, on SO.
But everywhere else . . .
@M.A.R. Not necessarily
Low-volume tags are at risk
most spam went to the first post/etc queues and was caught reasonably fast that way before charcoal
I'd be more concerned about low volume sites
The damage that spam causes is relative to the audience available to consume it, right?
or even not so low. eg workplace is one of the bigger ones outside the trinity. Pre-charcoal I'd still find live spam (an hour or two old) on workday morning pre-shower loads occasionally.
if it lives long enough it becomes a mark of shame in google rankings I think
Although tbf, the spam we can't get rid of is the spam SE didn't filter before pushing it to a network with millions of users :]
7:35 PM
@Zoethetransgirl At least it's a sane, reasonable response - in a comment, no less.
@Zoethetransgirl just like meta represents the most active users, the mods who have suspended their activity and resigned represent the most visible in the moderator community, either by reputation or their contributions to the teacher’s lounge.
This is one of those days when everything seems to happen when I'm off-line <sigh>
People that just handle flags don’t even know this is going on unless they see it by impact of their moderator team
7:46 PM
Honest question; seeing as SE is talking to the press... is there anything preventing us from doing so?
not to shittalk or anything, just to provide a pointer or two to journalists
@SébastienRenauld Potentially aside credibility, no.
does anyone on team furious with management have solid press contacts, or would whoever it was just be a rando bugging a journalist as seen from the other side?
I was thinking sending the open letter would help
That might work
I don't have technical journalism press contacts though
7:49 PM
Just find a newspaper and send 'em a tip or something
Reminiscing... Quite some time back, Microsoft overnight disbanded its MVP program - no warning. A hew-and-cry went up from the public, whom the MVPs had been helping for years to master MS software. Within days, the program was re-instated. So, publicity can help...
Which is why I recommended Twitter very early :]
That's what I'm thinking @CindyMeister
To be quite transparent: until the executive team believes they’re losing people they want to keep, nothing will change.
OTOH the MVPs didn't have the negative stuff going on in other places (just to balance expectations, a bit)
7:50 PM
I don't recommend twitter, it is depressing
It’s easy to dismiss people who don’t like the CoC change
@GeorgeStocker will they ever, though?
They’re not the target market
@GeorgeStocker If like 50 mods aren't going to do that, then probably nothing will :/
if the view they have of the community is what I think it is, we're not the target demographic, never were
7:50 PM
We all got a glimpse of how upper management feels with the "remove your problematic selves" tweet
@GeorgeStocker Are they overlooking that there's multiple problems aside the CoC?
Has anyone watched the podcast?
The Monica mess has likely amplified resistance against the CoC. They really should've handled that before the CoC was released...
But this will happen again if SO inc doesn’t change how they interact with those that are left, and next time they won’t be able to psychologically rely on “it’s the bigots that are against us” to sell their changes.
they'll find another excuse
7:52 PM
@Zoethetransgirl consider the fact that they could've also just done the Monica stuff in public rather than by a mystery dismissal; that'd have also buttered things up a lot more than this
if this doens't wake them up, nothing will
I imagine if we had HMP still, we'd be getting a lot more responses
The Monica mess and CoC were too entangled to try handling separately once they crossed the rubicon by firing her
@GeorgeStocker they will, actually. There's always a token bigot available
@Zoethetransgirl of course there are — but the optics don’t match the reality. That’s why that last paragraph in my resignation exists, to make it abundantly clear it’s not about the CoC change itself for me.
7:52 PM
and if there isn't one it's pretty easy to manufacture it - ask anybody versed in PR
this is all pretty depressing not gonna lie
it's pretty easy to sweep this kind of thing under the rug for the majority of the userbase who's just here for an answer.
@Magisch this is how I feel right now.
@JohnDvorak Generally, I don't watch podcasts... Which podcast? Have a link?
7:53 PM
I thought ... you of all people would have the ability to affect some really change from within george
@GeorgeStocker yeah... I'm sorry you have to defend that though. The tweet might've labeled a lot of leavers in a negative way
that you see no other way to go just makes this a few orders of magnitude more depressing
I also want to make it clear this is how I am interpreting events and I could be wrong.
If SO were publicly traded this would be a lot easier to handle
because we could buy shares and then have a direct line to the board of directors to voice grievances
right now we can't even talk directly to any of the employees on their own site
7:56 PM
If SO were publicly traded I would be short right now
@GeorgeStocker they know what they're doing
it's not a haphazard as people might think
I tried to tell people
Q: The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

Yvette ColombTL DR: The input from meta carries far less sway than it used to. The Stack Overflow Company (I'll refer to as the network) is making the decisions on site changes. We need to adapt to our new limited influence. OR should I stay or should I go? So this is less of a discussion, more of a head...

They know they're burning everything that made this place special
7:57 PM
Everything in that post still stands
@Magisch it's a corporation, special is not a word that usually factors into corporations
I'll say it again: Twitter. Seems to be the only way to push
People are making too many assumptions
i mean, i can't help but read that question as essentially saying "give up"
Q: Put a self-delete timer on some comments?

JohnEI was told in a recent question that comments are "transient" and "second-class citizens", and that is often true, but not always. For example, there are many comments along the lines of "thanks" or "please accept my answer" and clearly those are useful for a day or two at most. Conversely, som...

7:58 PM
@Zoethetransgirl it will make no difference. Twitter has only worked in favour of bringing about these changes
so we need to somehow convince the investors what kind of mistake they're making
surely they don't have an interest seeing it going down the drain
@KevinB well it means accepting the things we cannot change and knowing the difference
@YvetteColomb That's because we haven't used it right
so it is just giving up
so if continually rallying against a business that is not going to yield, is imo a waste of time and energy
7:59 PM
yea, no thanks
@KevinB it's accepting the site has changed. I am calm, because I came to terms with it
did you notice my meta posts changed?
@YvetteColomb a business is subject to market forces
I used to rally, then I realised I had little to no voice
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