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@Magisch yes and the thing everyone on here is not getting is the business will do well without a lot of the people who are active on meta
that was made loud and clear.
I disagree
they might think it will
I have 16 more days before I leave. I might as well spend those days trying to fight for a future rather than lay down and give up. I'm not done yet.
it will not
So all the hostility is only reinforcing their position
8:00 PM
by the time they find out it'll be too late
@Magisch you can disagree, but they have the stats on traffic and where all the revenue comes from and market research and that's the plan
they will make more money getting rid of the stress from meta than not
trust me
market research brought us the 2008 financial crisis
people have blind spots in their confirmation bias
the "welcoming wagon" has been going on for years now
it has had net 0 effect
8:01 PM
@Magisch people are also very good at railroading expectations
they got rid of HMP, resulting in less critical of SE posts going up... no change, still a decline
I keep trying to tell people this and I'm not being mean. Just a realist. The community style site actually is a for profit organisation and they own the site and can dictate it's terms.
I could tell you a story but I can't tell it publicly :-(
@Magisch these are meaningless phrases.
8:02 PM
the reality is, the site will continue whether everyone in this room leaves or stays
It will continue but nowhere near to the capacity that it used to
And then it's vulnerable to the next site supplanting it
just like the hyphen site
If all they want is an increase in traffic, without caring about quality - which is the impression things make - then, yeah, that's where we're headed. By the time anyone realizes this will, in the end, reduce traffic, it will, indeed be too late. The only "hope" would be a competing site that does have high quality (like SO used to be) that takes business away from them sooner, rather than later...
we are not as important as we'd like to think. There's other people who will take our places
8:03 PM
except it'll be easier this time
the one thing that stops stack from going bankrupt in 6 months is that it's hard to reproduce the community
Just remember, the people quitting are the people providing thoughtful, detailed answers
@SébastienRenauld it might actually improve, as there's many people staing off the site, because of the meta behaviour
the software and content is nearly free
There will always be more people to provide answers
@YvetteColomb neither of us have the tools or the data to infer this; however, what I can tell you is that it's not random nobodies with 300 rep leaving
8:04 PM
@YvetteColomb maybe, but what do you think happens if Charcoal, SOBotics, generally all the moderation bots, as well as the majority of the active moderation components to the community leaves? Spam Overflow for one, but it also means no one is around to handle rudeness, or so few people, with good reason, find SO to be toxic. Especially if voting rings get a real hod on the site
@CindyMeister I think they want growth, it's a business. I don't think they want crap, but they've already changed their bottom line for contributions to include beginners, so they're defintely defining and striving to reach the best market
and yet, that hasn't changed the fact that we're still in a steady decline. less questions are being asked, less answers are being posted, less people are interacting via comments, votes, etc.
@KevinB My point exactly
@SébastienRenauld well, the site has told us this repeatedly and they do have the tools. Heck they have enough people employed in this type of analysis with all the facts.
this might accelerate this even further, and when it does, if there is a competitor ready, then there could be some serious downsizing
8:05 PM
@Zoethetransgirl you honestly don't think they would handle it?
this would be a lot less frustrating if it was a random corporation doing this. If that was the case I'd bet a couple thousand against the stock and sit back and enjoy the fireworks
but I care about this place
@YvetteColomb Yeah, just like they told us so-and-so broke CoC and so-and-so were told this and so-and-so were told that and oh by the way they're listening to us too
There will be other people, happy with the CoC or at least indifferent to it who will happily take over these projects or create their own
@SébastienRenauld well so and so did break the CoC
And there is still to this day no proof of it
8:06 PM
but that's the thing that people are not listening to
well there is. It's in TL
@YvetteColomb No, I don't. I might be pessimistic, but I don't see where they'd get the moderation force from
also, broke the pending tentative future version of the CoC
@YvetteColomb I'll buy that when they present chat logs
8:07 PM
@Magisch Some chat logs were leaked already
Until then it's their word, same as the word that said no animated ads BTW
@Zoethetransgirl there's a tonne of people who will become active on the site when the aggression dies down and people realise it's safe to post
@Magisch they don't have to
moderation tasks on stack are thankless, getting more thankless and unappealing and full of arcane idiosyncracies. The only way anyone puts up with that is if they love the site
This is the thing. People keep demanding - it's a corporation - they in actual fact owe us nothing
8:07 PM
they're welcome to try to scare off everyone who does
I disagree. They owe us their very existance
us collectively
no they don't
@YvetteColomb There's also tons of trolls waiting to become active when the moderation force is heavily reduced
without the thousands of hours of free work they would have nothing and be nothing
we - all of us - have been contributing to a company that is for profit and helping their content
just because what they're doing is not illegal doesn't mean they'll get away with it
8:08 PM
@Zoethetransgirl there will be other moderators to take everyone's places
Yes, and just like we started contributing, the moment we stop their bottom line gets hit
I am trying to tell you the reality
your reality
I ran a business for some years
Your interpretation of the reality
8:09 PM
@YvetteColomb Enough?
not my reality
The reality they have told us.
corporations are frequently wrong
thousands go bankrupt every year
So don't make it personal, Like I'm wrong. I'm telling you what they have put out there in black and white
@YvetteColomb Sadly, I believe you're right.
8:09 PM
most of them never saw it coming until it happened
Oh man, how I wish I could tell the story of Blizzard right now
@Magisch ofc, but whatever happens it won't be including the current active meta userbase the way it is
maybe the shareholders will see it in time and make a change
or someone in staff with enough influence
If nothing changes, I would personally not run for mod even if I could, mainly because I don't want to go through what Aza did. I'm guessing a lot more people have seen some of these posts and have been affected by them, but chosen not to get involved. What happens when no one who might be interested in running at some other point in time is motivated any more?
who knows I'm not going to just give up and leave them to it
if we're going down nobody will accuse us of not having tried
8:11 PM
@Magisch it's beside the point what actually happens. Currently they believe the best way to go is following this course of action. They believe it's the best for the site and the business. What ends up happening I don't actually know. But if that is their belief, no amount of striking and publicity will change the. In fact them taking a stand against "x y z" the things stopping a LARGER userbase from participating will only help them
watching it all is exhausting
These past two weeks have brought out toxicity from people I didn't expect to go that far. If there's a massive shift in the community, the site will not continue as usual. It'll be broken up with a new set of people who have to pick up the slack.
@Zoethetransgirl its and maybe
currently it's a huge website
and there's plenty of people standing in the wings
8:12 PM
@Zoethetransgirl yep
@Zoethetransgirl They'll find people interested in "having the honor". Might have to start giving out swag again, but they will find people. How good they are, will be another question...
yep, but who you have on the wings doesn't matter when the engines disappear
@YvetteColomb Then don't? You're here doomsaying, literally telling everybody that "it'll happen that way" - why continue?
@SébastienRenauld that's my whole point
Q: The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

Yvette ColombTL DR: The input from meta carries far less sway than it used to. The Stack Overflow Company (I'll refer to as the network) is making the decisions on site changes. We need to adapt to our new limited influence. OR should I stay or should I go? So this is less of a discussion, more of a head...

I know a case of a company that did exactly this, got bitten hard and recovered
I know a case of another company that course-corrected and went bankrupt anyway
I don't think that is going to happen. I could be wrong of cours
I'm not giving up on trying to make this place better
if that means arguing against every wrong decision for the next 2 years so be it
You don't know the future; all you know is the current state and maybe some partial insider info
@Magisch but that is what the employees are trying to do
8:14 PM
so? I'm not
How do you know what the employees are trying to do? What employees anyway?
@SébastienRenauld it's the only info I have on their direction
@Magisch did I say that?
direction can change on a dime when the right people get wind
or when someone has a change of heart
If "the employees" is low-level employees, they could try to do anything and it wouldn't matter
8:15 PM
or finds out their approach is uneffective
it's happened plenty in the past
c'mon. What everyone is overlooking is - the employees are trying to make it a good site as well
if there is a change it'll go from top management or the board
@CindyMeister Now I'm going for the completely worst-case scenario here: What if all those are against the CoC?
@SébastienRenauld assumptions
I thought you knew how a company works
8:15 PM
don't forget - none of us really know what any of them thing TL and mod rooms aside
The people normally most likely to run for moderator are the people most likely to be paying attention to the ongoing meltdown. I'll be really interested in seeing what the quality of candidates for the next elections looks like vs prior ones.
low-level employees in US companies who disobey management directives summarily get fired for professional fault
If I assume the best case scenario here that everyone is trying to make a better site then they'll find out it doesn't work soon enough and make a turnaround
@Zoethetransgirl ofc they're not. I'd wager most are for it
@Magisch now? that'd be two weeks too late :-P
8:16 PM
so if the management is going on a path and the employees aren't following, then heads typically roll
@SébastienRenauld same in most places where there's $$$$$
@YvetteColomb "worst-case scenario"
@SébastienRenauld exactly
@TylerH I would have put on that short sometime in march I think :p
Have heads rolled yet?
8:16 PM
@Zoethetransgirl it's a hypothetical I cannot answer. As clearly there is quite a bit of employee support. I doubt all are for it
@Zoethetransgirl Your thought processes are going sideways to mine again :-) Not sure I'm following? You mean all the people who would become moderators would be against the CoC? I rather doubt that would be the case, just the opposite, actually. But that's just a gut feeling on my part.
The CoC is a red herring
@CindyMeister I thought she meant employees
not many people are against it, it's just the presentation and surrounding circumstances that make it badly recieved
@Magisch it's not. It's really far more straight forward than people realise
8:18 PM
the issue is - there was a sacking . And only the mods are aware of the circumstances and then only some mods, as there were a few lengthy discussions etc
the people who are against it aren't even strongly against it and under normal circumstances wouldn't make any noise
and for those with long memories and access to information - I can see why they sacked her. Monica needed to apologise to the parties concerned and agree to the conditions. It was that simple. The outrage has not helped her case or anything actually. People have completely overlooked the fact she may have actually done something wrong.
@Magisch yes, it's a mixed bag because of this for sure
@YvetteColomb here's the thing, I don't actually care
just as I didn't care that fram on wikipedia was a jerk
if you violate due process, your action needs to be void
you have to remember the network has every comment, chat record, deleted or edited, post. Every transcript. So people can tell Monica to sue them, but it might not be such a good idea
8:21 PM
the "sacking" as you put it has nothing to do with why i'm against it. Again, it's this constant pandering to the left and this hoopla about "being nice" while slinging vile attacks and/or outright deleting anything to the contrary.
it's a basic principle of justice that every civilized society operates by. I know SE is a corporation and not obligated to any of this. But people expect it anyways and for good reason
@Magisch that's another thing. There really wasn't a "due" process
It's been going on for years, this is just another iteration of it.
If the site is left in a bad enough state that they have to have elections with a very shallow pool of candidates, there's a chance some of them happen to be against the CoC, hide it 'til after the election, then do damage if they get in (which isn't too hard if the pool of candidates is shallow enough and the need for mods is high enough). You risk ending up with a mod force that ends up going kamikaze on the site just because of desperate times. Again, worst-case scenario - not very likely,
but if the state to recover from is bad enough, it becomes a real risk.
People were either warned or just demodded if they broke the agreement
8:21 PM
now that's a red herring @Magisch
doesn't make it any less reprehensible
just more deeply rooted
@YvetteColomb Fast enough?
@Zoethetransgirl yeh, they will just be demodded and the network aint stoopid, they can see what people are really like
even with the mod tools I got a pretty good insight into people
8:23 PM
@YvetteColomb I like you a lot but I completly disagree on this point
@Magisch nope. It's simple - abide by the mod rules. There's some things if a mod breaks there's no coming back from. We all know that as mods.
@Magisch you're allowed to hun
@YvetteColomb Sure. Even then you should have a right to know exactly what happened
and your constituency has a right too
@Magisch Monica knows
I know! and I'm not a mod
8:24 PM
I want to know
any more
else I'm gonna vote monica again next election
yeh, I canno tell you
@YvetteColomb That's still not technically possible if no information has been revealed.
8:24 PM
I'll vote for monica's chair before anything else if I have to
@Zoethetransgirl If you go full rampage, that's easy to revert anyway.
I didn't buy the BS people were accusing you of when you ran
@Zoethetransgirl it's part of the mod agreement, we all know that when we accept the agreement - is that what you mean or are you referring to Monica's actions?
@YvetteColomb I haven't decided whether I support Monica or not, but I still don't think the way SE went about it is right, regardless of what she may or may not have done.
I'm not buying anything damning on faith alone
8:25 PM
I suppose they'd have to play it slow or sth.
@BaummitAugen Aren't there things that can't be reverted?
Also that ^
@Magisch actually it was a party in Boca Raton in 1994 and two decades of Alan Greenspan at the helm of the Fed that brought us to the 2008 financial crisis. Some two dozen other people also contributed heavily. See nytimes.com/2009/06/14/books/chapter-fools-gold.html and then also theguardian.com/business/2012/aug/06/… - Ultimately I suppose you could blame Ayn Rand, but that's typically a given.
@Zoethetransgirl Possibly... I think the greater liklihood of a problem will be that these people won't have the history/experience for knowing what's quality (leave it on the site) and what's not. They may have no idea what a voting ring is, nor how to detect spam, and so on.
@Magisch fair enogh
@Magisch I've been difficult at times, but I'm a decent person. I stand for certain things and do not waiver in fighting for the underdog - to a fault really. I stand for people who cannot defend themselves
8:25 PM
@YvetteColomb No, I mean that you can't get insight into people without any data
@TylerH Yeah but the point is all these highly paid analysts with their fancy degrees and all that data bought into the hype 100%
@Zoethetransgirl There are things that cause work, but I doubt someone with DB access couldn't undo everything someone did within the last day or so.
If you had a month and a math degree anyone could have known the CDO mortgage crisis was incoming
@Zoethetransgirl but you don't need to hun. None of us need to take a side. Be kind - it is hard for her, but also be reserved. None of us have all the facts, but some of us have a lot more info. It's just that when trying to post that publicly it wasn't well received
in fact, a random guy from NY knew and made 200 some million in buying the first default swaps when wall st was pricing them at 400:1
8:27 PM
@Zoethetransgirl of yeh
@BaummitAugen Right, action logging and stuff
@BaummitAugen hello eyes :)
@YvetteColomb Hi Yvette, how's it going? :)
@CindyMeister they get taught and there's some detailed documentation left by people like @BhargavRao (who I miss x)
@BaummitAugen not bad. Learning how to navigate this current climate that is SE. How are you? Dare I ask how many flags are in the queue?
8:29 PM
Could be worse, tbh.
@YvetteColomb The question will be: taught by whom? If those with great experience have left...
@YvetteColomb There's still a lot of people supporting her and voting for reinstatement. I won't go there 'til I know the details. I digress -- my problem is with the way SE reacted. There was also an answer (since deleted) on the meta post on judaism.SE which contained something that looked like a partial transcript. Honestly, neither of the sides are looking pretty good, and both appear to try to look like the right side.
Most are still handled decently fast.
MSE is probably worse off than SO atm
I had a couple that took about two weeks to get handled... Not that they were critical...
8:30 PM
@CindyMeister not everyone is leaving
@Zoethetransgirl it won't make a difference if the site doesn't want to. That
seems to be what they're saying
@BaummitAugen oh good to hear
@Zoethetransgirl oh it is. After all the hard work on MSO - that is why I stood up to that question and edit.
We don't need to degenerate to the lows of MSE
8:31 PM
@YvetteColomb hey!
There's a way to express an opinion, even grief without personal attacks
we're trying, just nobody with time and authority there atm
@Magisch you don't even need a math degree to know it. Anything fueled by greed is likely to end up badly, the variable is just "how long until x collapses"
all the mods are gone
@YvetteColomb We've lost users with > 20k rep. And, and right now I'm going to be extremely cold and analytic - what do you think would happen if a certain user with over one million rep made a stand against SE? Talk about publicity, that would get a lot of attention. Generally, any of the users in the toplists could make a lot of noise.
8:32 PM
@Magisch how on earth can you take that personally. I have a high rep on there too you know. And have given away 1000s in bounties
mostly facetious
I know its a dumpster fire and we can't do anything right now
@YvetteColomb That has nothing to do with content, but few mods and lots of things that need attention.
@Zoethetransgirl I could be wrong, but I suspect he'd support the changes, from everything I know about him.
Forget the CoC for a second and look at the rest of it
I cannot speak for him though. It's an observation
8:33 PM
@Zoethetransgirl oh it's the content being posted. It's a disgrace
and less mods ofc makes it twice as hard
There's licensing, there's moderation tool issues, there's dead communication, there's nasty ads... take your pick - we've got issues to give anyone a reason to leave
but for every person who posts something disgusting on there, it will be good if they leave. Honestly they are not helping anyone - and I'm not meaning everyone - I'm talking about some of the abuse.
@Zoethetransgirl no one is stopping people from leaving
that's the thing
8:35 PM
It sure would be ironic if all the veteran users sided with the anonymous masses for different reasons to arrive at the same conclusion of "Stack Overflow sucks!"
@YvetteColomb no, but they're not doing a good job at retaining any users.
@Zoethetransgirl The CoC doesn't worry me so much as the... (lack of) culture of some of "staff". That's what's putting me off - the question of "trust". Can I trust the site owners to do what they say, and mean what they say.
I think that's the thing people are getting to. Yeh they "care" but not at a cost to the direction they are taking. They are willing to lose people on the way. And people realising that they have no real voice, in that these changes are really happening - is what people will eventually get to
@TylerH the anonymous masses will arrive at that if the org doesn't do something. Which is why they're doing something. I'm saying this based on public things the CMs have said including Sara
anyway I gotta do stuff
8:37 PM
The paywall scares off potential users, the massive meta issues are scaring of veteran users, most people who get an account stay at under 100 rep (99% IIRC), the CoC scares off conservatives, the ads scare of privacy-centered people, Google scares off people from China who don't want to/can't use a VPN, the toxic remnants are scaring off the new users, and all the rules are scaring off new users. To top things off, there's the staff issues Cindy mentions. No one wins
just wanted to say something. as I'm literally trying to help anyone who needs help.
people can take it or leave it
talk soon. Oh I have a video
Now that is real life day to day Australiana
8:39 PM
for realz :D
This will make anyone happy
It's only 11 seconds long
Poisonous snake?
@Zoethetransgirl And the non-Meta veterans keep drowning in low quality content because improving moderation tools seems to progress at about .2 fixes a year.
8:42 PM
@CindyMeister yep
@BaummitAugen exactly
Are there any Australian snakes (or insects) that aren't?
it's not the worst. They kill brown snakes, brown snakes are aggressive and venomous
@CindyMeister yep. but a lot that are. As many that are that aren't it seems :) You honestly get used to it. I could've got closer to this snake, but it was petrified. Certain other snakes, no way. Too dangerous
The campfire scene in Crocodile Dundee comes to mind...
8:44 PM
refresh me? I've forgotten it
Ah. Evening, dark, campfire. He and she are talking about something. He sort of casually comes up along side, reaches behind her back and pulls out this huge snake, twists it in both hands and tosses it aside. Without breaking the rhythm of what he's talking about. She, in total shock, finally asks if the snake was dangerous. (Of course it was.)
hehehe yeh it's a bit like that sometimes
I've dug through hay piles plenty of times wondering if I'll find a snake. I'm always careful to put my fork in before my hands
But plenty of people have put their hands on snakes before they've realised
Same with spiders. funnel webs and red backs are common place
8:48 PM
funnel webs are dangerous
Yeah. And then we people who don't live in that kind of environment are always surprised when horses are distrustful of hoses on the ground. Even more so of ropes that are moving...
australia is not a friendly place
the most dangerous creature capable of being anywhere here is a snake whose venom is like a bee sting
@CindyMeister exactly! she was so smart. She jumped away from her feed bowl while I was standing with her. I thought she was shocked on the hot wire.
You don't have hornets? We do. That's a lot worse than a be sting @Magisch
I put some feed into the tyre she wouldn't come near it
8:49 PM
@Magisch Dunno, cows can be kinda scary.
@Magisch do you have bears?
@CindyMeister we have them, but they're incredibly rare and I don't know of anyone who'se ever been stung
in fact, I can't recall the last time I saw one
@BaummitAugen cows are <3
you can pet them
@BaummitAugen cows with horns and new born calves can be scary - I had one try to charge me
and talk to them
yeh this little red belly black snake was sweet. He was so scared
8:50 PM
@YvetteColomb They sometimes kill hikers.
snakes can be cute you know
@BaummitAugen I'd believe it
@Magisch I shook out a pair of trainer pants I'd dried on the line during the summer, the other day. Out fell a hornet - HUGE beast - but dried dead, luckily. And there are a couple of dried dead ones on the dashboard of my car.
@Magisch If in doubt, I'll keep my distance to not startle them. :)
@CindyMeister mhm.
I have more respect from chicken then from a cow
because I've actually been attacked by a chicken before
8:51 PM
I believe you!
Roosters can be serious!
Q: Why is every other question with the REGEX tag marked as DUPLICATE?

x15Came here to help some regex souls and find that on average 6 out of every 15 questions are marked as Duplicates by some one named Wiktor Stribiżew The questions are in fact not duplicates of anything. How is he allowed to do this ? What makes him the judge of what is a duplicate ?

where's Telkitty?
I like them a lot and sometimes go to pet them or watch them and caught one on the wrong foot one day
it wasn't even a rooster
was a hen
the rooster of the group is ultra chill
8:53 PM
We had a cow (no horns), once, who would attack strangers. The farmers in town were terrified to go into out stall or pastures. The herd got out once and I actually saw her run a man down, was turning to stomp him... And I came running down the hill, yelling, as fast as I could, which stopped her. But it was close.
the herd of cows on the farm near me is incredibly friendly
@YvetteColomb Haven't seen her in quite a few days, actually...
you can go up to a cow and pet them, they'll moo at you and be generally nice
@CindyMeister I believe it
@CindyMeister I'll call her
8:54 PM
@Magisch Just don't push one on its forehead - it will push back, and it's stronger than a human!
I have to go. Lots to do..
good to catch up
Bye! Good moving (or whatever is on the program)
@CindyMeister Scariest animal around, as I said. =D
@YvetteColomb Cya! o/
@CindyMeister I remember hearing some idiot got kicked while trying to tip one
a 1 ton cow will not let itself be tipped voluntarily
and might frown on your shenanigans of trying to do so
8:55 PM
Oh, yeah, they kick sideways <g>
this is like people bullying swans and being surprised when they fight back
@Magisch when I hear people say they want to go cow tipping I tell them to let me know when so I can come visit them in the hospital afterward
I think the guy died
which was why it made news
more info on Aussie snakes
9:50 PM
Can anyone explain the current resignations of mods to me? Didnt really get the underlying problems
it's not for any one specific reason,
Probably better off referring to the meta posts they've made explaining why they're resigning
10:14 PM
Ok, Ill have a look, have a good one guys :)
1 hour later…
11:22 PM
people start drama over the littlest things. e.e give it a break already
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