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12:46 AM
Q: Finally, a genuine response to the crisis

Paul GriffithsLooks like "I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Community Elected Moderator" has been given its rightful place at the top of the "Frequently Asked" questions list...

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4:33 AM
For those who are using my userscript ChatTranscriptHelper, it now has a "Load entire day" button to load the entire day's transcript into a single page. (previously also converts UTC timestamps to local time)
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5:51 AM
posted on October 16, 2019 by SAVALIYA REENA

I use FFMPEG library to get watermark stamp on video...it working fine in all versions excepts Android 10, when I try to work with Android 10 It give me bellow exception. E/FFmpeg: Exception while trying to run: [Ljava.lang.java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/data/user/0/com.videowatermark.addtextandtimestampongalleryvideos/files/ffmpeg": error=13, Permissi

6:09 AM
Good morning!
@Zoethetransgirl I have put my glasses on but I still read 'paywall'
6:26 AM
Q: Vote counte is not show correctly

JensSince some time the vote count summery is always shown as zero: The details of votes Looks correct: Is this a bug?

@Feeds Haha, marked as duplicate.
(not the last one, I was further up the chat)
Vote count is shown correctly on Mobile site variant.
7:16 AM
@Selaron yup
@Zoethetransgirl So anonymous users will only see 30% of the accepted answer or such? -.-
@Selaron no, look at the front page in an incognito tab
It's awful for the new user experience
@Zoethetransgirl First time I scrolled down that page - I kept to hit 'Login' quickly
I some times end up on SO without an active session and wonder what happened to SO (as in "who broke the front page"). It's so out of place
So you mean that Private QA stuff?
"...makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more" I felt so too when I saw it first time. It looks like all of this quickly build pages from new startups offering that one disruptive product.
Q: Why was I not awarded 'Lifeboat' when the conditions seem fulfilled

francoisrI answered this question a while back and thought I might get the Lifeboat badge for it once the answer reached a score of 20, but actually didn't. To check that the score at the time of answer was below -3, I used this query. It seems like the score was at -5 when I originally answered, so I am...

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9:01 AM
Q: We are no longer accepting answers from this account. See the Help Center to learn more

Rahul Kumar I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Seg fault after for loop completes

9:51 AM
Just when I thought things couldn't get any more on fire, we get into a heated Nancy/Bob situation. Bring on the memes?
This situation is starting to become a meme. Does that count?
I have been dreaming SE drama at least past two nights. Don't want to know how it is for you active meta people or mods. :/
10:17 AM
the current logged out home page reminds me of trying to find answers on the hyphen site
10:31 AM
Q: Should an Account Suspension Incur a Reputation Penalty?

AdrianMy understanding is that, after an account suspension (during which time their reputation is 'locked' at 1) has been served, the user's reputation is "recalculated" - meaning, I take it, that they will have their reputation restored to its full value, according to the usual calculation algorithm....

11:13 AM
@Selaron Well, it's a question of whether one has a life outside of SO and how much is going on there. My dreams were about other things this past night :-)
11:51 AM
@CindyMeister thats for sure. I've discovered and been reading happenings from past ~4 weeks within some days, maybe that was too concentrated ;)
@CindyMeister did it involve unusually mean cows or a chicken?
I feel like sharing a comment I once found on SO:
"instead of the downvote, leave a comment you negative nancy"
12:07 PM
Q: Are people on stack overflow alien?

user12153611Whenever I ask any question I get reported and question gets deleted or goes on hold, they comment my questions as inferior or dump.

@Magisch Nope. Taekwondo and lace
@Selaron Yes, that would be a lot to digest in a short space of time...
@E_Bob4 "Nancy" is a bit of a sore point, currently, I think :-) Can you come up with an alliterative for "Bob"?
@Feeds jeez, just because I'm from outside the solar system doesn't make me alien!!
@Zoethetransgirl You're absolutely sure about that <g>?
Yeah. Everyone knows "alien" refers to people from other galaxies.
If it had been phrased "alienating" it would have fit the current discussions much better...
Missed a trick, there
12:29 PM
@CindyMeister "leave a comment you sideshow Bob"
Q: Negative score is displayed as 0

SinatrI just had another WTF moment (yesterday was this one), when looking at this answer and trying to figure out why it looks differently than another 0 scored answer. And then I realized it's downvoted answer (I have privilege to see +/-). Why downvoted answer is shown as if it had 0 score? Since ...

It's been closed with the wrong duplicates...
Gold badge <3
12:35 PM
shakes ... oh
@Cerbrus where are they giving those out?
You'll need to sneak into meta's subsystems
And survive
@Cerbrus No! Don't hack the poor servers! You need to be nice to them 'til you're friends with them and they'll help you out
@rene Good to see you here. I've been wanting to apologize for getting all excited about a Dutch gold medal for the women's 200m at the World Championships in Doha, the other week. Must have been a replay from last year's event. Sorry! That's what comes from looking and not listening...
@CindyMeister yeah, I was looking at that and got confused as well. No harm done.
I somehow assumed I was on a live feed that was a couple of hours behind ....
12:48 PM
Well, it was a really good race, that replay. Even better, not realizing it was a replay. Sooooo close at the finish line! @rene
@Feeds I have to smile when I see one of these, thinking about Shog's comment that they didn't think people would notice... Hah!
@CindyMeister yes, it was amazing, specially because we don't have had many athletes in that discipline that can compete at that level.
1:03 PM
@Feeds Lol
Only aliens do that
Made me laugh too.
I have my laser gun here, I will shoot small shots of light at you.
@Druckles That sounds serious
ur an alien
1:07 PM
Please don't assume that I'm from this universe. Or corporeal.
Or real.
Now we're getting Cartesian.
If only all of this was only in my head :|
I would be disturbed.
At some point I'm more willing to be disturbed than baffled and sad.
2:07 PM
Q: Attempting to downvote a -3 post on Teams makes the score display as -1

StormblessedI am in the -1 group in the current Stack Overflow experiment. On the Charcoal Team, there is this post. It has -3 score and vote count +2/-5. I have six reputation there, and thus can't downvote it. However, when I try to downvote it, I get just the normal "you can't downvote" warning and the d...

Q: How Can I get the categorized repuation of a user into different tags

Md Johirul IslamI am trying to get the score of different users into different tags. I am using the platform https://data.stackexchange.com/ to get that information. For example, writing the query Select Id, Reputation from Users where Id in (4333347,213615) Gives me the following result: Id Reputation ...

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3:24 PM
Q: Help on Web developing

anurag I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I Need someone to develop, host and Maintain a Website It have been put on hold. Please Help

3:41 PM
Should that meta question really count as unclear? What the user wants seems clear to me. It's just not happening because the original question is completely off topic.
a lost user posted a misinformed question, it got closed, they asked why, they were given the appropriate link. i don't think it really matters how it was closed
Calling it spam is... weird
4:42 PM
Q: Who owns Stack Overflow?

fectinPretty straightforward question, really: Who has an ownership stake in Stack Overflow?

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6:57 PM
Q: Good answer as negative audit

CtxHere a perfectly valid answer explaining the difference between polling and long-polling quite well, got deleted and flagged as spam/offensive: https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/24329124 Furthermore, it became a review audit, which I promptly failed ;) What happened here?

7:55 PM
guten morgen
Gluten Tag
I don't talk to wolves they bite
I don't.
Unless you provoke me
Or try to steal my popcorn
@Zoethetransgirl "You're trying to kidnap what I've rightfully stolen!"
8:12 PM
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9:21 PM
Q: What could Stack Exchange Inc do to make you stay?

kjhughesTo the moderators who've recently decided (or been forced) to resign their positions... What could Stack Exchange Inc do to change your mind? Clearly you don't expect the company is capable or willing to change, else you'd not be resigning. Most of you have done a fine job of articulating your ...

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10:52 PM

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