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1:46 AM
@CodyGray I would recommend against the no-name junk in part for security reasons. I seriously doubt they're keeping those phones remotely up-to-date. You can get a low-end phone from a reputable OEM for ~a third of the cost of the cheapest iPhone.
and that phone will get updates
Like, you can get a $35 phone on Amazon right now, but it has software from 2017.
maybe it's gotten updates, idk
their website is not especially enlightening
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5:39 AM
@NewPosts The voters.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Sorry. I tend to have that effect.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I think, at best, we call that transpiled. :-)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I have an iPhone 6S currently, which I've had nearly since its launch. (I didn't get it the very day that it was launched, naturally, but within a few months or so.)
That's definitely been the longest I've ever used the same Apple phone.
Before that, I had (in reverse chronological order) a 5, 4, 3G(S?), and original.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Was actually a quote from Adam, in the Reddit post linked and discussed a few messages above.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Better than Baidu (maybe?)
@ZoestandswithUkraine I've never heard of this. Bless me, I suppose.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Yeah, there are definitely systemic problems that need to be solved, which will drive away the userbase. Different reasons for different users, of course. Veterans like you and I have different concerns than the newbies. But not altogether different, really, only different manifestations or consequences of the same root problems. This is why site growth is not sustainable.
And it's not even a long-term issue; it's here now, it's been here for many years now, and it's getting worse all the time. You don't have to be super long-term-minded to see this and realize it needs to be worked on.
@ZoestandswithUkraine "Most"?!?!! No. Some. You must be forgetting about all the CMs that you don't even know about because they never interact with mods or do anything for the community.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Sure it does? Why wouldn't the software support argument apply to laptops? New versions of macOS and Windows both drop support for older machines, same way as the mobile OSes do for old phones. Sure, you can pretty much find some Linux distro you can run on it (there's a fairly modern Linux distro out for PowerPC Macs, for example; I forget now what it's called because I haven't had the time to do much vintage computing), but that's an altogether different thing, in my opinion.
@Andreasdetestscensorship This is what I was telling you yesterday: time flies. It does not feel like 4 years. :-)
@NordineLotfi The slowest clock speed for a Pentium 4 was 1.4 GHz, and those were quite rare, in my experience. (There were engineering samples at 1.3 GHz, but obviously those are even more rare...) About the slowest I've ever seen in a real system was 1.6 GHz.
One of the whole deals with the Pentium 4 (NetBurst microarchitecture) was that it was very deeply pipelined so that they could punch up the clock speed to really high levels. They didn't get nearly as high as they expected to (the microarchitecture went up to about 3 GHz or so before it hit a wall, not the expected 5 or 6 GHz), but this was the whole idea, and it did clock much faster than the P6 (Pentium Pro/II/III) architecture was able to.
Yet, the P6 architecture was faster in real-world perf tests for a variety of reasons, which is why they returned to it in the "Core" series of chips, and it is still the predecessor of current Intel CPUs.
@Andreasdetestscensorship TRUTH! Then again, I collect vintage computers (and soon-to-be-vintage...), so I might be a little bit biased...
@ZoestandswithUkraine Even when that 30% was there, implementing the most basic of features took 4-6 months, so not a lot of chance of something complex getting added just for mods...
@VLAZ We have a site where you can ask one, though!
@VLAZ If <insert name of controversial public figure> counts as an example, then we allow, nay encourage, jokes in the United States, too. :-)
@Andreasdetestscensorship Yeah, she's kind of pretty, but turned into a real crazy person.
@Andreasdetestscensorship Because people like that kind of crap. Even people who don't believe in it tend to like or at least accept it because it makes them feel good.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Oh, to be young again...
@RyanM Right, but these are not people who can afford a low-end phone from a reputable OEM. They're not considering buying iPhones. They're only buying the cheapest of cheap things that they can get. So, yes, a $35 phone kind of deal.
6:24 AM
Q: How to remove month text from starting of each month in biweekly view of fullcalendar v6

Manish Gupta This is code to render fullcalendar and have enabled biWeekly view. I need to remove the month name from the cell and only want to display the dates in the cells. this.options = { plugins: [dayGridPlugin], initialDate: defaultDate, // First Day of Pay Period initialView: defaultView, fix...

This, my friends, is a wall of text.
Nah. A wall of text has to all be about the same topic.
Also, this doesn't even fill my entire monitor, so it's pretty short by my standards. :-)
Fills more than 2 screens on my phone.
This is why phones are sub-optimal.
A computer is very suboptimal at this moment.
6:37 AM
u nd me 2 kp it shrt w/abbrvs?
I am in awe
Of their big house?
Among other things, yes.
Was apparently on U/L, too: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/746978
Err... a bunch of times.
Well, that seems like a very serious post.
6:40 AM
"About 4 results". Hmm. Looks like exactly 4?
Perhaps the hacker edited their posts to make them seem like jokes, so they’d get deleted rather than resolved. Such an evil hacker!
@CodyGray But people don’t tend to like Durek Verret.
@VLAZ I can't find that. Was it detected by SD? It needs to have been. It's part of a wave on Unix/Linux that seems to have spread to SO.
Oh, it was on Meta? That's why I couldn't find it. The screenshot for some reason made me think it was SO main.
Oh, OK. Makyen saw it. All good then.
It wasn't in dark mode. Dead giveaway :P
6:46 AM
Haha, my main site isn't in dark mode, either.
But it is like a huge labyrinth.
It's not even a challenge to find this kind of crap.
@CodyGray Huge challenge for the wizard.
We need more AI.
Or... less?
The only things we have around here that really work are the things that are done by humans or by algorithms. We have nothing around here that is done with AI that works worth a darn.
Look, have you thought about having an AI generated title of that post?
My favorite example remains the difference between SO's "unfriendly bot" (which uses some kind of AI to identify and flag purported "unfriendly" comments), versus Queen (which uses basic pattern-matching). One of them has an accuracy of maybe 30%; the other has an accuracy of >99.5%.
We need a third AI to figure out which is which.
6:58 AM
You don't even need AI to append [closed] to the title.
Maybe the third time'll be the charm, and they'll finally get an answer to their... answer.
Third time they’ll post everything in the comment section.
Then as an article.
They could post it as a Bulletin, but those aren't "knowledge-focused".
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8:29 AM
@CodyGray exactly
@CodyGray I did, yeah
@CodyGray it popped up on MSE a while ago
It's one of the two examples for use of AI
Q: AI/ML Tool examples part 2 - Extracting questions from Slack transcripts and finding similar/duplicate SO for Teams questions

PhilippeThis is the second in a series of posts that we’re using to show (broadly, directionally) some of the potential use cases for generative AI in the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange environment. The first post was on Yaakov’s title selector demo page. Today, I bring you another cool demonstration ...

> Do you really need an AI for this? And is an AI really better than what you could achieve in simpler ways?
But we have this hammer, so we need to find ways of using it.
Q: Should 'I don't know' be discouraged from titles?

RedzGooseI've noticed a few questions today with titles like this: 'I don't know why function x isn't working', 'I don't know what is wrong here', 'I don't know how to fix this.' Should the 'I don't know' phrase be discouraged from being used in titles? I don't think it really adds any useful information ...

8:47 AM
@CodyGray I suppose so? I was just very surprised to see someone use Yandex as their search engine while posting on an English-only site :)
Yeah, fair.
@CodyGray yeah, I know :) Just couldn't resist the pun
@CodyGray huh, seems like 6S is quite a reliable model from what I see?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I guess I don't know the reference.
@CodyGray that's... fair ^^"
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Based on the fact that mine hasn't broken? I have pretty good luck with devices. Almost none of my stuff ever breaks.
8:51 AM
@CodyGray ah, you didn't see the 1994 film? :)
@CodyGray Except they haven't just got a hammer and trying to figure out where to use it; they're inventing problems to use it on
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Ah, no.
@ZoestandswithUkraine It's worse than that. Their hammer is actually a lightbulb.
> Léon: The Professional[a] is a 1994 English-language French
Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w Ctrl-w
Why are you assigning an equal number of lines to each viewport?
Or does that delete a word?
8:55 AM
@CodyGray I barely can keep track of the transcript anyways, so no worries ^^"
@CodyGray have... you never used ctrl-w in a browser?
Oh, is that refresh?
@CodyGray what I meant is that for laptops (and, correspondingly, PCs), support EoL is not that much of problem - there are always options (including using a Linux distro), hence I don't consider information on laptops (and PCs) very useful in terms of the device support EoL discussion.
@CodyGray wheeze
Are you sick?
9:05 AM
@CodyGray doesn't the shortcut close the current tab (at least in Chrome)?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Computers in general don't have the same type of EOL. Except chromebooks, but fuck chromebooks
@OlegValteriswithUkraine No one specified Chrome. I thought Zoe was a Vim user. But then she said browser, so I guessed Lynx.
@ZoestandswithUkraine and that too.
The current OS can probably be upgraded to the next release. If not, yeah, linux
Or just run Windows 7 forever! \o/
9:07 AM
The EOL is on the software itself, and not on the hardware
@CodyGray I use Firefox. Ctrl-w closes a tab
@CodyGray I am just trying to make sense of the message too :)
@ZoestandswithUkraine Don’t insult proper computers by polluting their category with trash.
What makes a Chromebook not a "proper computer", other than the fact that they come preloaded with Chrome OS?
I mean, they're very underpowered and cheap, but there are plenty of "proper computers" like that...
@CodyGray No, these are not proper computers either. They’re called crap. They’re great at not being desktop computers, though. They’re probably fine for other things, like being calculators.
@CodyGray (I genuinely don't know the answer to this. I have not researched whether they have some kind of lock in the BIOS. I have thought about it briefly, and wondered whether I could just buy one, wipe it, and load Linux, but I never cared enough to find out. If I remember correctly, there are people who have done this, like Linus.)
9:09 AM
Being a desktop computer takes a certain level of performance and pride.
They're not desktop computers.
Windows is a desktop OS. Windows is sold included on crap computers.
Do you consider notebooks to be desktops? I'm confused.
9:11 AM
Hah, okay.
Do you consider Zoe's face to be a desktop?
I mean, immediately during a facedesk...
But does it run Windows?!
9:14 AM
That’s why she’s so buggy, unstable, and full of errors, all the time.
9:35 AM
@CodyGray yeah, two sides of the same coin. When I mentioned SE being short-sighted, I meant that instead of trying to solve those root problems, they either try changing things for a short-term effect ("look, the number of clicks on the voting buttons increased!") with little to no consideration of long-term effects or jump on every hype train they can in vain hope that it'll save them from "missing out"
@CodyGray nah, it runs Linux
Ah, that's why it's so buggy, unstable, and full of errors, all the time. :-)
Linux is a terrible operating system for wetware.
@CodyGray they are pretty much ARM locked up hardware. Think of a raspberry pi, but in a Laptop format, and heavily locked down, both hardware and software level. You can bypass the software part, but if you want to have a custom OS and completely wipe ChromeOS without bricking your device, you need to usually open it up and short-circuit/do some hardware modification, either using a raspberry pi (funny considering it's also ARM and not locked down) or something else
They're definitely not all ARM, though. I've seen many of them recently that were advertised as Chromebooks but definitely x86 (e.g., Intel Pentium).
10:16 AM
ah, didn't know
@CodyGray I have 169% uptime :p
@CodyGray I see, didn't know. To be honest, I was much younger and stupid back then, so I don't trust myself to recall knowing the exact speed of the cpu, nor what it really meant
so when I said 1GHZ, it could have been what you said, but I might not have recalled the stuff after the comma
Yeah, that makes sense.
Not everyone is a CPU nerd.
I mean, I guess I could be considered one now? but then again, I don't know as much as you do, so maybe not
I think nerdiness is not measured by the amount you actually know, but your interest in knowing. :-)
10:25 AM
I see :o guess I'm part of the club then
It's a great club.
Indeed, looks like it is
It links to this image.
you know, I feel better about myself right about now
anyway, I think they leaked their password here
Jdjdjmdhhdjjzshbd jdjjdnn?
You'd think 5 hours would have been enough for them to write some actual English words.
10:30 AM
It's like they put their head on their keyboard and moved it back and forth
That's not how you do it?
I mean, I would do it with my hand usually? hmm
Yeah, whichever body part is most convenient.
I do all of it with my normal human hands, of course.
I remember once testing some Xlib automation tool I made for myself, and because I made a special combo keyboard workflow, I kept spamming my keyboard by moving my hand on it back and forth to test the timing per key and other stuff
I think it looked crazy out of context now that I think about it
probably not as crazy as using the head though
Have you tried using your feet?
10:40 AM
that's actually something I thought of before. Especially with those pedal keyboard thingie
I never bought one, and I don't think I will get used to it, but it might be fun maybe
Hmm... Each pedal mapped to a particular close reason... This is an intriguing idea...
you could go further and get a EEG headset
@NordineLotfi Then give an entirely new meaning to "I think this should be closed"
I know right
it doesn't work that well though, since you usually have to think about something specific, or reproduce the exact neural waves (usually they have some GUI where you can visualize it or some values being shown on screen)
some companies have a neural network built in, but I think those cost more. The cheap ones is closer to DIY if you want it to be somewhat useful
Also, not sure if there is any health risk with it though (in prolonged usage)? Maybe there are some studies about this somewhere.
Yeah, that doesn't sound super comfortable or enjoyable.
Or in any way easier.
10:55 AM
yeah, it's basically experimental
@ZoestandswithUkraine I don’t think third wheeling is much convenient here.
@CodyGray May I suggest a narrator extension?
@CodyGray I can think of a few ways…
@Andreasdetestscensorship abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/…
@Andreasdetestscensorship Would that help make sense of the question?
@CodyGray You’re much too innocent. ;)
But why is the website preventing me from zooming?! Grrrr
@CodyGray No, but it would satisfy their request: «plz say my error».
You don't say.
That is indeed all they asked for help with.
11:07 AM
Luckily, on Stack Overflow, we like to go above and beyond to help the askers.
Indeed, we do like to help them realize their bad questions don’t belong here.
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12:15 PM
@CodyGray lol
12:38 PM
Well, now that I think about it, it is a fetish. Some people just like to stand by and look. Others like to be viewed.
12:53 PM
So this is how alternative facts change over time.
oh, you know, fluid facts and all that
> ...who are the information police who can infallibly determine what misinformation is today, and yet have the authority to make such a determination...
I have precisely the same concern.
I wanted to say something, but I decided to avoid participating in the comment thread...
it's related to this:
Q: Is non-mainstream physics appropriate for this site?

Manishearth Is non-mainstream physics allowed here? What defines non-mainstream physics? What sort of questions and answers are disallowed by this policy? What should I do if I see a question or answer containing non-mainstream physics? Return to FAQ index

I'll be the first to say it, non-mainstream programming is allowed on this site. Downvoting posts that you think are incorrect is also allowed. And encouraged.
but there's no misinformation from non-mainstream programming though!?
1:06 PM
You sure?
I bet there is...
1:35 PM
That makes me wonder how many questions SO has about Minecraft redstone logic.
What about Mercury Redstone logic?
2:16 PM
@Enet4 Peculiar. The meaning of my last comment changed quite a lot after my two previous comments were deleted.
@AndrewT. You did right.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Not all of those are about redstone logic. :)
@AndrewT. Well, by popularizing crypto-currency related programming on SO, such as smart contracts, or so, an impression is given that this is accepted by the broader programming community, is unharmful to the world, and has an extensive set of valid use. But this is all wrong.
Redstone is very realistic. I believe we can use it to educate electronics engineers. Redstone is all they need to know.
But do they get to use command blocks? Because if not, that computer I built in Minecraft long ago should be considered cheating.
Q: Need help formulating a question

Konrad VilterstenI have a problem and wonder how to solve it. However, due to unclear solution, I'm pretty sure that the formulation will be considered as making slacking off, making others do my job. So is not the case. I'm not lazy. Just ignorant of the correct approach. I have a working API in C#. I also have ...

@Enet4 probably :) I only gave the query a cursory look
1 hour later…
3:42 PM
Q: Why my question is closed, but the close reason is not true?

GeorgeI've got a good-quality question: My question. But it is closed as needs debugging details, and my question provides all needed debugging details. Why this close vote is accepted???

@NewPosts perhaps the closure reason was not correct/arguable (it looks like a how-to question, not a debugging question). But I think the question should still be closed as too broad because there are at least 2 big things: 1) what is the format of the raw GLB file, and 2) how to transform it to the format that the OP wants.
3:59 PM
It’s a really terribly written question in the eyes of any future readers, though I do see where they come from. The ask help does kind of give the impression that this is how to write a question. Perhaps it should specify «don’t write responses to these questions in your post, but make sure that your question addresses all of them.»
@Andreasdetestscensorship, please go to my room.
@NewPosts I'll be honest I don't know anything at all about the tech, but when I took a quick glance over the raw GLB format, I don't see anything about the "color value", or is it serialized in binary value below? as such, I don't think it's even answerable
@AndrewT., it is serialized in binary value
alright, I'll just shut up because I don't want to get involved further
4:25 PM
> as configured by ass.UseFileServer()
You configured what?!
@NewPosts I like trains, but this is a trainwreck
4:37 PM
@VLAZ I would love to be able to transmit it wirelessly, and dispose of it at the server, right now.
4:47 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine Surely, you must be a fan of a trainwreck? Or are you only a fan of the train accidents where the train doesn’t get hurt?
1 hour later…
6:06 PM
Q: Useful answer deleted by anti-experts, please restore

Kelly BundySomeone tried to speed up their code using a certain function. Instead it got slower, from 1.7 seconds to 4.9 seconds. They asked why. I wrote an answer that: Informed them why, namely that that function doesn't stop early like they think it does. Told them which function does do exactly what th...

2 hours later…
7:42 PM
Q: Seeking Explanation: Why Was My Detailed Flutter Question Closed for Lack of Focus?

Davit JanashiaI recently posted a question about implementing reusable background services in Flutter for Android and iOS. However, it was closed with the reason "This question needs to be more focused." I'm struggling to understand why it was deemed unfocused, as I believe my question is specific, detailed, a...

8:23 PM
@NewPosts why, why do users have to be so obnoxious about their complaints?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Probably because they’re oblivious to the curation work that’s going on. I think they just need to be told that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, that this is fine, and that they can be undone.
@Andreasdetestscensorship is this meant sarcastically? :)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine No, not really.
hmm, if so, I believe that is a lost cause for some.
8:42 PM
Of course, but not for all.
2 hours later…
10:56 PM
yeah, anti-experts is... at least borderline insulting
11:12 PM
Q: Should Bard be banned as well as ChatGPT?

RedzGooseGoogle Bard is essentially very similar to ChatGPT, thus poses a risk on AI-generated answers/questions. Should SO be banning all forms of AI-generated answers, not just ChatGPT?

@CodyGray While I realize that a $35 phone is sometimes better than nothing, they're certainly taking a risk with their data and would need to be extremely careful with what data they put onto it.
Such a person should almost certainly be looking at discounts offered by their phone carrier. For example, a user on Google Fi's (disclosure: owned by my employer) $20/month (plus taxes/fees) plan can get a Pixel 6a (disclosure: made by my employer) for $50.
Which is $15 more, but also 1) will get security updates for several years, and 2) definitely doesn't come with malware preloaded.
11:28 PM
I'm sorry, but why do people upvote an answer 4 times from a 190k+ reputation user that decides to answer a question instead of closing it, when it's caused by a typo?!
@CodyGray having a single target also contributes to future-proofing for other platforms. All the JVM-bytecode (well...DVM bytecode, technically) Android apps written with only ARM devices in mind run just fine on all the x86 Chromebooks that have appeared recently, and they ran on the MIPS devices that used to be a thing, and they'll run just fine on RISC-V devices in the future.
Also there's some amount of AoT compilation, and apps are able to take advantage of profile-guided optimization for free.
@CodyGray sadly, 4MB is pretty unattainable these days, but for mostly good reasons. Some of it is the aforementioned AoT/profile-guided optimization, which trades extra space on the disk for compiled code in return for speed. Another portion is the increasing unbundling of development libraries into static libraries included in the apps, due to the desire to provide developers with a consistent platform across a variety of OS versions, and the ability to provide bugfixes without risking stability (for example, I recently shipped a bugfix that broke some code that basically asserted that the bug existed, then applied a workaround; that's not really doable if you're shipping code in the platform, as then you need every app that used the code to update in order to not break things, rather than the current situation where apps can update at their own pace).
also storage is getting a lot cheaper and so is bandwidth, and there are technologies like peer-to-peer local sharing of apps for locations where bandwidth is still tight.
also that particular app, IIRC, we probably could've gotten to 20-something MB by distributing architecture-specific builds. These days, you get those benefits mostly free by using app bundles.
we hadn't done it at the time due to a desire to have the builds we were testing internally be as close as possible to what we released, and it not being that large relative to a lot of other apps.
We did care about size in other ways: I regularly did size-optimization passes and knocked a few MB off here and there.
via recompressing images, removing unused resources, etc.
also like, being more aggressive about not including multiple sizes of certain non-pixel-perfect image assets.
oh and there was the time design wanted a video background for some stuff...I got that pretty small through some ffmpeg manipulation.
The smallest filesize that their tools would export at was waaaaaaaay too large
a few MB, IIRC, which is not really worth it for a background :-p
got it down to under 1MB

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