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2:06 AM
2:34 AM
Q: Why do closed questions appear in top questions?

DexygenWhy do closed questions appear in top questions? This just pushes other more worthy questions further down.

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5:46 AM
Q: Should Stack Overflow implement automated link attribution on copy/paste?

Daniel WiddisA recent blog post celebrated the fact that 40.6 million copies of 7.3 million posts were performed by users over a two week period. The author is on the marketing team and from a marketing perspective this seems a positive indication. However, from a legal perspective, it is problematic. Every...

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9:39 AM
Q: Embed image syntax is made too complicated

D_00When you embed an image, SO automatically types this: [![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]: https://..... Why isn't the [ at the beginning removed, as well as the ][1] at the end of the line? It works perfectly and is, for me, more understandable, less messy: ![enter image description ...

10:03 AM
Q: Times have changed; votes on the answers to this question are now all wrong

DPWorkThis question covers a common issue (that Oracle's JDBC driver used not to be publicly available). The accepted, heavily up-voted answer is good, but no longer accurate. There are also several fairly highly-upvoted answers which offer various workarounds of varying quality (lots of upvotes for th...

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11:38 AM
Q: Appropriate response to questionable question closure

David WasserI recently answered a question and then that question was closed as duplicate of the usual canonical "null pointer exception" questions and my answer was downvoted. As far as I am concerned, this is not useful to anyone. This was a specific case where the canonical NPE question would not have hel...

Q: Why did question 2487921 get reopened?

DharmanWe have two almost exactly the same questions in PHP that deal with converting date format from one to another: Convert one date format into another in PHP Convert a date format in PHP <- reopened For a long time, they were marked as duplicates, but someone decided to reopen it. I would like to a...

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1:02 PM
Q: KendoGrid: Only single checkbox should be selected

Nick My question is about the KendoGrid checkbox toggle. My grid has the bool field "current" displayed as a checkbox. I want to toggle it in a way that only one checkbox should be checked. So, checking one checkbox will uncheck the others. How to do it? Please provide a code if possible. Thank you

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Q: How did security discussion of GitHub or Stack Overflow help you in a software development task?

Balive13Based on my initial analysis, I think that security knowledge in GitHub/Stack can help practitioners in performing specific security-related tasks (e.g., make a security decision, avoid a security mistake) in software development. Can you please share an industry-based story/scenario about how se...

3:14 PM
That FR was...wild.
@VLAZ Yeah
big oof
Which FR?
How to quit MSO
3:18 PM
big oof
Why am I not surprised to see the poster.
You didn't even end that sentence with a question mark. You sound extremely unsurprised.
Ngl, I was expecting an american
Everyone's an american on the internet
either as a source of pride or as a source of trolling people who live elsewhere
3:20 PM
I thought everyone was a horse on the Internet
I think
@VLAZ You mean you're not a magickal speech bubble?
"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" is an adage and internet meme about Internet anonymity which began as a caption to a cartoon drawn by Peter Steiner and published by The New Yorker on July 5, 1993. The words are those of a large dog sitting on a chair at a desk, with his paw on the keyboard of the computer before him, speaking to a smaller dog sitting on the floor beside him. Steiner had earned between $200,000 and $250,000 by 2013 from its reprinting, by which time it had become the cartoon most reproduced from The New Yorker. == History == Peter Steiner, a cartoonist and contributor...
@Nick I am. Do you know how hard it is to type with the pointy bit?
3:21 PM
I lost the opportunity to call out on something. Better that way.
@Zoe So, a big woof, then.
3:49 PM
Q: Is there any way I can turn Stack Overflow Meta off

reneThis question is inspired (some might argue it is a blatant copy) by this deleted question by user Rounin I like Stack Overflow. Actually I love it. I find Stack Overflow a wonderfully collaborative, educational site where people can learn from and teach each other and share knowledge with each ...

Our favourite flower indeed.
Not sure how this is going to develop, better grab a popcorn bucket.
All the meta fame is awesome.
Next post: Is there a way I can turn Stack Overflow off.
4:04 PM
There is!
All you need is a terabit botnet :p
Followed by: Is there a way to turn downvotes/comments/answers off
Next post: Is there a way I can turn off.
"I was turned on and can't be turned back off, please help"? :ablobsweats:
How do I turn Q&A off?
I'm just here for the memes.
@E_net4thecopycat Simple - you give unsolicited answers. The answer is blue 42 btw. You're welcome!
4:22 PM
I just revisited this comment after knowing that the latest SO research shows that a substantial amount of people copy from SO. Everything checks out.
4:56 PM
Blah, comments are being cleaned up.
We need the MSO comment archive back. :'(
5:31 PM
no fun allowed
@E_net4thecopycat any idea what the hosting requirements are?
5:54 PM
@E_net4thecopycat Aww, thanks. Meta comment rep is the sweetest rep.
More seriously, reading the copy analysis thing, it was a bit funny when the tags with the most copies also happen to coincide with the most popular tags.
Speaking of copied wrong code: I made an account for a utilities company. I entered myemail+utility@gmail.com to have the auto-classification Gmail offers and the registration form accepted it. Great! Not all do because they use the wrong regex for emails.
Then I went to log in. I entered myemail+utility@gmail.com in the field and got a validation message saying that address was invalid. Uh-oh. I already had the registration confirmation email, so clearly the email was accepted by the system but the frontend just didn't like it. Not my first instance of that, I prepared to go disable some validation.
Only I didn't need to, because whoever made the frontend just added a validation message but didn't disable the login form. So, I was still able to log in. I blame copy/paste for the regex and also copy/paste for the non-working form disabling. Two negatives apparently cancel each other.
Q: What's killing cross-document messaging for SE's network-wide login?

Ti Strga[If there's a more appropriate "tech support" sub-site for questions specific to the SE network, please feel free to move this question elsewhere.] I've had no trouble with SE's network wide auto-login ever since it was implemented, until yesterday when my work browser got updated and uBlock alon...

1 hour later…
7:08 PM
@VLAZ thanks for sharing! Personally, I always forget to use that +stuff suffix.
Meh, I very rarely use it because it's just such a pain. Many, many places use stupid regexes that say + is not valid. Many of those very likely copied from SO.
> Many, many places use stupid regexes.
Oh, sorry, didn't mean to imply that only the email regexes were stupid.
@Zoe Bhargav Rao should know more.
I was just talking about the signup forms that do that.
7:13 PM
any email form that does more than check for an @ symbol is doing it wrong
But yes - pretty much anything with regex can be assumed to be stupid.
@KevinB agreed. We had an email form where our managers had reason and said that there should be no validation. They expected users to type in "email Alice from accounting" or "email xyz@domain.com and quote ABC123 in the subject"
So, it was expected to be used as a field for notes. But it had the label "email"
nothing annoys me more than hitting an edit page and having my browser ask if i want my password there (while automatically doing so)

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