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12:17 AM
Q: Private Data-explorer for private StackOverflow

Peter KraussI am using a "Stack Overflow for Teams", but my team needs backups and a good data explorer for it ... Is it possible to download a backup of my questions? Is it possible to explore all the details and statistics of my questions? In other words, is there a private version of https://data.stackexc...

Q: Whether we need to flag duplicated the new question when OP can't get the useful answer from the old one

Nguyễn Văn PhongI have this question Why does array allow string as an index in JavaScript. It was flag as duplicated with Add property to javascript array by @Kenvin B. The problem is that I actually come from C# strong type language, then I really was surprised with the strange things. After did google I didn'...

12:39 AM
Q: Why was this answer to "numpy-like-package-for-node" deleted?

NirvanaAbout a month ago, I answered this question: I created my own library here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/lynx-js Usage: var lynx = require("lynx-js") var arr = new lynx.NdArray([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]) console.log(arr.mul(2).toString()) //array([[2,4,6],[8,10,12]]) The answer immediately got downvot...

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1:57 AM
Q: what is the quickest way to search different numbers from strings (in every line) in a huge dataset in python

nancyruyaThe dataset is 2.2GM txt file and I have 60 codes (eg. the two numbers below) to search for. My current takes long time for all my wanted codes. How to search line by line iterate the 60 numbers and print the line if the line has the numbers I want? Every line is a string. f = open("Medicare_Prov...

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3:27 AM
Q: Enforce compile type safety with TypeSafeMap

user3336194Problem statement: We are building a library which has a TypeSafeMap as response. TypeSafeMap is a map which can hold any type of objects. Now, the client is going to access the typesafemap. We are trying to enforce some level of compile type safety. Below is the code and more explanation. Respon...

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7:39 AM
Q: Let's have an "Answering a good question well" modal when users "earn it"

mickmackusaRelated to No, I don't want to know how review queues work, I am also annoyed at the well-intentioned popup when I visited the review queue today. This got me thinking! This is the perfect annoyance to help with a Meta question that I posted which was heavily downvoted because folks believe it i...

8:15 AM
Q: Try to improve quality of SO by reducing fishing for rep

Danny VarodOver the last few years I've been seeing more and more cases of users fishing for high rep by answering simple questions that are either duplicates or that the OP did not put any effort into researching how to solve the problem. Since a lot of these questions are for very simple problems, they ge...

Q: You have reached your question limit (not sure if it's a ban or quota exceeded)

Javi TorreWhen I try to ask a question, the below comes up: You have reached your question limit. Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. Is this because I did something wrong or just because I need to wait some time because I've exhausted my weekl...

9:12 AM
@KevinB You did well. The question got one pretty great answer and a bunch of answers that are of middling quality to downright confusing and wrong in some parts. Although with that said, all of them repeat the same information we've had for a literal decade - arrays are objects. Mark Reed does a good in-depth view of this but isn't intrinsically new information.
> In JavaScript, an array is an object.
> Virtually everything in javascript is an object
The latter is also wrong (primitives aren't objects) but carries the same sentiment.
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11:46 AM
Q: Audits in Vote Summary page

αλεχολυτJust noticed, that my question timeline has audit related items: Why does this needed? Is there any announce about that changing in timeline?

12:34 PM
Q: What's up with the new moderation policy of closing questions?

tunafish24Lately, I've been driven away from stackoverflow platform because doesn't matter how I word the question, inevitably within 24 hours it gets marked down for close. Seriously, at least give it a couple of days, because the question may not be a typical question or make sense to you, but in specifi...

1:04 PM
Q: Auto-format user link?

U. WindlProviding an answer citing a user's comment providing the user link, I noticed that (as opposed to question links) the links is not "beautified", but is displayed verbatim. Is that intentional?

1:16 PM
Q: Creating subfolders in github pages

Juuzou SuzuyaI think we all know what github pages is, so i dont need to introduce it. So, what i want is that, can we create subfolders in github and make it accessible ? Lets say this is directory: index.html folder1 | |---index.html And lets say my site is example.github.io Normally, when we directly go...

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3:46 PM
Q: What are the exact requirements to have a proposed answer closed as "Not an answer"?

IInspectableI recently came across a question where the author had implemented an algorithm that didn't produce the values they expected. Among the helpful answers there was one that stood out. It essentially read: Write some tests and the solution will magically fall into place. Naturally, I did what we are...

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5:04 PM
Q: Are users with 200 reputation points on a team getting association bonuses again?

TinkeringbellI know this answer says that was patched, but I also have this user that proudly proclaimed in chat that they got the association bonus through Teams, and I can see they got one on both SO and MSE 12 hours ago. I'm aware there could technically be a deleted 200+ reputation account somewhere, but ...

5:52 PM
Q: Does pressing “Cancel subscription” button delete accounts of users who is in the private team?

Rocket NikitaIf you scroll down on https://stackoverflow.com/c//admin/billing/plan page you would see something like this: Cancel your Teams subscriptionIf you cancel your Stack Overflow for Teams subscription, you will lose access to all of your Team’scontent. Additionally, your team members will no longer b...


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