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8:55 AM
Q: Merge [menu-items] into [menuitem]

Adámmenuitem and menu-items have identical tag wikis, but the former has (as of writing) been used 2,382 times and the latter 94 times. Let's merge menu-items into menuitem.

4 hours later…
12:38 PM
... I went full Meta
I didn't go to Meta...
@AndrewT. Yep, that's a safe choice.
1:00 PM
Q: stack overflow how to change the black theme

Nuclear_MissileI am a new user of this site. When I want to change my theme, like this: enter image description here but it turns to my profile page. Can you help me for my poor experience? thank you very much

4 hours later…
4:48 PM
Q: Am I supposed to delete this meta question or just continue to watch it get downvotes?

Richard ChambersThis meta question is marked as duplicate and it also contains some interesting comments as well as a voted up answer. I'd like to keep it around as a couple of people went to some degree of trouble to give me some insight into the number of tags limit. why is maximum number of tags on a question...

2 hours later…
6:42 PM
Q: Inability to remove upvote considered harmful

Kyle BakerI sometimes do a flurry of research, and find what looks like a very helpful question and answer somewhere in the stack metaverse. I upvote them. Later, hours or days later, I may discover that while that answer appeared right, and maybe even was right in the past, it is out of date and/or incorr...

7:18 PM
I don't like people tapping into Dijkstra with "considered harmful" only to lend credence to their argument. Especially when it's not really THAT harmful.
1 hour later…
8:43 PM
@VLAZ Is Dijkstra's algorithm considered harmful?
Probably by those who do all the graph traversal by hand and charge by the hour.
I like hours.
I'd like more hours. Maybe if there were 30 in a day. Or 45.

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