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12:11 AM
Q: understanding the code

open pose I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Calculating angles of body skeleton in video using OpenPose can you please share the full running code ? i find some problems understanding this after transforming json file into arrays np.array(pose['people'][0]['pose_keypoints_2d']).reshape(-1,...

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3:05 AM
Q: Constructive way for users to improve benchmarking questions that get marked as typo

TheGeneralIn regards this question Mysterious StringReader performance. Is it really such that this question should be closed as "This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos". Disclaimer : I answered this question, and I am more than happy to delete my answer and not debating whether the quest...

4 hours later…
7:05 AM
Q: Suggested edits need to age away or be retractable

MFergusonRecently made edits on both questions and tag wikis and have had them stagnate in the review queue without any decision for four days now. Currently unable to make any additional edits, obviously because you may only have 5 (6 if you submit tag wiki/description edits) at a given time. The only re...

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11:17 AM
Q: Is it fair to downvote answers so the question gets cleaned up?

GoldenretriverYTI have recently seen someone downvoting a correct answer, with his reasoning being that the question wont be cleaned up otherwise. I don't think its fair to downvote a correct answer for this reason. This is the comment I am talking about: Cannot declare the "else" statement in Java script Visual...

Q: Cannot start a bounty

Three Year OldWhy can't I start a bounty on my question even though the conditions described here are met? There is no "start a bounty" link at the bottom of my question!?

I'm doing something stupid.
Q: Can I activate the rubber duck even if it is not April 1st?

Honza ZidekI'd like to show the rubber duck to a friend, but it's gone. All the rubber-duck-related answers just tell how to get it back once you already clicked on "I hate this duck", but is there a way to reactivate it on let's say December 6th?

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1:53 PM
Q: Is the system sabotaging self-answered questions?

Shambhav GautamI posted this self answered question How to inform GCC about hotspots(often executed) and coldspots(sheldom executed) in the code? and it got 18 views in 9 days. I don't think I need a YouTube level clickbait to get attention. This lack of views is a problem. Firstly, it's my work, people aren't ...

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4:11 PM
O boy, so much has happened in one hour.
Welp, I choose to keep calm and move on to that one...
the system has nothing to do with it
Yeah, onto more interesting matters.
Q: the problem about question bans

logicI've asked a handful of stupid questions on stackoverflow when i just started programming, such as wondering why my python code didnt work despite the fact that i didnt even call the function and that i was typing the things directly at the powershell, and one about the fact that i didnt know any...

4:41 PM
I wrote a transcript of Gabe's YouTube video about "moderators" on Stack Overflow. Could be good for point-by-point counterarguing.
@E_net4thecurator Skimmed it. I think it's toxic and unwelcoming video.
My short summary would be: 1) very problematic conflation between "moderators" and "users with curation privileges"; 2) severe misunderstandings of how closing and reopening questions works; 3) heavily biased in favor of opinion-based questions without caring to understand why they are closed; 4) at least it wasn't directly insulting people like the other one did, the worst from Gabe was mild shaming of curators while keeping a smug face over the course of the entire video.
5:08 PM
The only point that held up, at times, was the criticism about a few of the comments
Aye, some of the comments were pretty old too, from before the welcoming movement.
And the bad ones have been removed now, which is evidence that moderation actually works if people flag the content instead of airing the dirty laundry.
It was also nice that there wasn't much of the usual "downvotes are toxic" discourse, although there was a misconception regarding how Google uses the answer's score.
5:38 PM
> also thanks to those who upvoted my old useless questions, your efforts have lifted me out of the question ban, atleast for now, many thanks
> @Zoe i have changed the tags of this question so i think it would be absolutely great if this post was re-opened
5:56 PM
By "not phrased as a feature request", I definitely didn't mean that changing the tags was enough. It sounds like common sense to me, right?
6:19 PM
Technically you didn't say it should be phrased as a feature request... like not literally in those words but I thought it's the only logical conclusion of what you did write.
I am confuse
6:33 PM
Why is that post -50
it's a perfectly fine how to question, that happens to be a duplicate
crazy how it's just accumilated votes over time that way
6:48 PM
interesting how the "How to ask" guidance on the question page almost completely goes away when below a certain width
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11:17 PM
Q: Editing StackOverflow questions with minimal impact... why?

LucDoes this give the editor reputation points? Perhaps it should be looked what the edits actually are... check out this 'edit' one of my posts from @Leonardo... Can someone tell me the additional benefit of these edits?


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