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5:23 AM
Q: Merge\Migrate stack overflow account to github account

4c74356b41probably not good enough with googling, but cant find a way to migrate my stack overflow account to github account, so its 1 less password to manage. any pointers?

2 hours later…
7:53 AM
Q: Stackoverflow Won't let me ask, even after I have no existing "bad-received" question?

XephonineStackoverflow Won't let me ask, even after I have no existing "bad-received" question? I have no questions that are even downvoted. I asked 4 questions about months ago. And i deleted downvoted/bad recieved ones. Now i have some questions asked recently after many days, but stackoverflow says i h...

9 hours later…
4:23 PM
Q: API gateway plus hosting service

Alen.TomaI am looking for some sites that I could publish my Node API Service and earn money at the same time. When I searched google I coma up with https://rapidapi.com and its pretty good except I cant publish my Node API there because they do not own a hosting service. If I publish my API on another si...

Q: Why did I fail this review audit that doesn't seem to have any research?

Lakshya RajI very recently failed this review audit. In the timeline, it appears to be that some others also failed the edit, mostly asking for author edits or sharing feedback. The question is a short one that just includes the problem and the code. What I see wrong about it is that there isn't any researc...

3 hours later…
7:37 PM
First time I see Meta described as an "EPA brownfield" and I have no idea of what this means.
Sounds like the name of a beer
Well, more like ale, perhaps.
...or the Environmental Protection Agency of the US? Just googled "EPA"
Seems related to the latter but not sure how: epa.gov/brownfields
8:06 PM
Shrug. It wasn't from the best source anyway.

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