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2:35 AM
Q: Helpful flags were raised in my name

Tamás SengelI'm 100% sure I haven't raised these helpful flags that were attributed to me. I don't have an autoreporting script running. What happened here?

3:03 AM
2 hours later…
4:35 AM
Q: Why is the [established user] privilege there

user167141991st of all there is no problem with showing 1 rep users the vote count of a question or answer 2nd If someone wants to see the vote count it is possible by seeing the reputation change of the post's owner, It is difficult but you can even write some code to automate it

4:53 AM
Q: Do Overflow Blog posts have to be programming-related?

Someone_who_likes_SEI'm asking about this blog post: https://stackoverflow.blog/2021/11/24/exploding-turkeys-and-how-not-to-thaw-your-frozen-bird-top-turkey-questions-from-our-cooking-stack-exchange/?cb=1 This post is not about programming. It isn't about Stack Overflow. It's about cooking turkey. However, the top o...

5 hours later…
10:11 AM
Q: Flag or use "Share feedback" in review for bad question that become abandonned?

Elikill58When reviewing, I'm using a lot of time "Share feedback" choice. I see a lot of question that are: not updated not answered bad (need code/focus/...) few views And with comment that ask for edit to make the question on-topic. The question stay here, not removed, with 0 vote, no action, no atten...

3 hours later…
1:17 PM
Q: Is this site of any good for new users to actually ask questions?

ガビ ユカチノ I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: HTML Submit sends only the last entry of a table, not the selected one Is this site of any good for new users to actually ask questions? My post lasted for less than 20 minutes before being closed. I tried to keep it up with new information as p...

3 hours later…
3:53 PM
Q: A plea to lift my review suspension

user17242583Yesterday, I got back by review privileges after two weeks' suspension. I was very glad, and immediately set to work reviewing in all the queues, as by that time I had over 4k rep, nearly 5k. I tried to review all the review items carefully. This morning (for me), I went into the review queues to...

4 hours later…
7:53 PM
Q: Improve Tag Info button does not indicate you have too many pending edits

MFergusonI tried to edit a tag wiki to get my Tag Editor badge, but upon clicking the Improve Tag Info button I was taken to the tag wiki info page which is identical to simply clicking the Learn more... button. I tried to figure out what was going on figuring I had insufficient permissions and eventually...

Q: re-open or re-activate question limit?

Jensquick, and simple - how or who can re-open / re-activate my account ? At the moment, I get message of question limit reached. So, what is the limit - per Day, Week, Month ?

Q: How to transform size/dimensions of a numpy array?

Rasai StewartThe question is to develop a solution for the travelling salesman problem using networkx. I have been given a list of cities, which are stored as a numpy array. Currently the array has the dimensions: 20x2, and I am trying to covert it to a square matrix. I have used np.reshape and np.resize, but...

8:17 PM
Q: Can we create a new tag for Python-FAQ?

Daniel HaoFrom time to time, we have seen many Python FAQ related questions each and every week. Something like "why change one item in matrix, all other item in different row changes too..." However, there is no single tag for this type of FAQ, not one like r-faq or c++-faq. Can we create one for Python ...


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