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7:18 AM
Peter Mortensen getting his very own spotlight on MSE: What is 'Active Reading' meant to imply in the edit reason field?
3 hours later…
10:17 AM
Q: img tag showing unformatted, i just want to add image with custom size

artist.pradeepi want to insert image in stack overflow markdown using img tag because it's allow us to resize as per need but stack overflow markdown not allowing this, why? how to make this work?

2 hours later…
12:29 PM
Q: I have a question ban, even though I haven't done anything wrong

JakubDrozd777I have a problem. I have a 3-day question ban even though I haven't asked any bad questions, and my votes are 0, 0, and 0. I don't understand the push to block innocent users, because I faced similar problems on Brainly, when they deleted answers and banned me for 24 hours even though I haven't p...

1:23 PM
> Why is this question getting downvoted? I mean the issue is serious and I guess that the downvoters didn't even bother to read the comments.
2:10 PM
Yeah, the issue is serious enough for those who tend to get question-banned...
2:49 PM
very sirius
3:16 PM
> You have one deleted question, which you, yourself, deleted.
> asked Nov 22
The most serious case of localized amnesia I've seen around here.
Interesting. An edited comment.
3:35 PM
posted on November 26, 2021 by Daniel A. White

I just flagged 3 spam posts in the last 24 hours. Just wanting to get visibility of that on the team. Perhaps some defense mechanism isn't working as well as it used to.

2 hours later…
5:17 PM
Q: Most appropriate way to write long questions with tests?

Paul I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Functions for a search tree where each node has three children (similar to BST) - Python I want to know if my above question has been written properly. I have written all kinds of testing and example inputs/outputs and I have separated them, howe...

2 hours later…
6:54 PM
Q: Is there a way to see my highest reputation on stackoverflow.com?

The Amateur CoderI know the reputation changes can be seen in the reputation tab, but only the value of the reputation that has changed is seen. Is there a way to see the reputation of that time (not the change in reputation)? Is there a way to see the highest reputation I've had on stackoverflow.com? If there is...


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