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3:40 AM
Q: Rename [parcel] to [android-parcel]

SuperStormerparcel has 500 questions and this tag wiki: In Android, a Parcel is a container for a message (data and object references). It's a high-performance alternative to Java's standard serialization. However, there are around 238 questions that should instead be tagged with parceljs, which is for a w...

Q: Are Question that are resolved by reinstalling some software unreproducable and should be closed?

HopefullyHelpfulI've asked a question about an eclipse bug which occured after I installed "python 3" 2 days ago, after that I had to reinstall eclipse 3 times. All of those 3 bugs were solved by reinstalling eclipse. I asked about the latest bug I had here: Compiler not accepting import java.awt.event.MouseList...

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5:01 AM
@KevinB Collectives articles don't have good visibility.
You have to go seek them out. And the feature isn't even well liked, so no wonder people don't go out of their way to interact with it.
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7:21 AM
Good Morning.
Looking at this questions (https://stackoverflow.com/q/69641687/4218046) first comment by "Amam Sharma" im wondering if that comment would be considered "unfriendly or unkind" and should be reported as such, or if its just a "rougher tone".

Im asking because i feel like he does have a point, the question he posted does actually relate quite a bit to the question, still that fact could have been stated much more kind and helpful instead of just throwing it into somebodys face as i feel that comment does.
7:35 AM
@FabianS. That is a fair assessment. Personally I would not risk a UU flag in this case. But at this point it is practically no longer needed, so it can just be flagged as such. Maybe escalate if that user shows a pattern of posting like that often.
When flagging that comment as such, i should remove my comment answering his comment too, right?
Actually looking at that users activity (stackoverflow.com/users/16914936/aman-sharma?tab=activity) i would say he commonly uses a more "straightforward" language, nothing that would be considered anywhere harmful i guess. Seems like hes just more 'direct' and less 'diplomatic'.
8:10 AM
Q: Why is there a problem with redundancy between questions, as this may lead to more diversity in answers based on how the question is asked?

Curious Programmer I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I save Quill.js editor content to PHP/MySQL database? Why is there a problem with redundancy between questions, as this may lead to more diversity in answers based on how the question is asked? Why do I get banned, after my first question?

8:32 AM
@FabianS. Yes, that is what I usually do. If there is a comment from somebody and I reply, then I delete my comment and flag NLN.
Assuming it's NLN.
Otherwise my comment would suddenly turn into NLN.
8:46 AM
Q: How to deal with a user who repeatedly creates new accounts to ask poor questions?

blackgreenI have an enormous issue with something that is going on in the tag I watch. It's been a few months now that a certain user creates new accounts continually to ask poor questions. As someone who watches the tag almost daily and who has a good eye for patterns, it seems this person is basically de...

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11:39 AM
Not sure why someone thought my comment in this Meta Q had to go. The "C# troll" expression is not even my own.
11:49 AM
If I were a mythological creature, I'd be deeply insulted to be associated with C#.
Meh, it doesn't seem as bad as being associated with Java, but it could be just the "grass is greener on the other site" phenomenom.
*me who is actually associated with both* ;(
Might as well ask then: should you be forced to pick either one, what would be your poison? :)
Hard choice. As I'm not sure I like either. I don't hate them but I'm mostly indifferent. They are what I do at work. If I had to pick one, I'd probably go with Java only because I'm not that much of a fan of the Microsoft ecosystem. But Oracle is also making some moves I dislike lately.
I might revise my stance based on what else do Oracle do.
Between these two, I'd have to pick Java for the familiarity and experience. But I can't "unsmell" the smell of it.
12:01 PM
I know what you mean.
I started off with Java and I thought everything was fine. Then I expanded my horizons and now I cannot unsee some of its flaws.
It's by no means a bad language. Just has some features that constantly bump into your shins and you probably don't notice until you try something else.
I found out today that GraalVM will stop delivering versions on OpenJDK 8. The latest version (21.3) no longer has it.
Maybe you should try that "Rust" language which is getting popular. Might go well with your avatar :P
Ah, great idea! Might also get me more badges other than this silver badge I have.
12:20 PM
Soon to be gold badge, I see.
Few more answers and a couple of upvotes.
The problem is that I am generally reluctant to answer questions unless I am confident that it's worth it. And most of the time I'm busy too.
So I've had this silver tag for quite a while now.
Same with me. I only got my gold badge in JS because old answers were upvoted enough. That was probably the last 10-15 points I needed for the badge.
I have a self-Q&A I've been working on for a while and still haven't posted. It's a minor thing overall but nobody seems to have asked it so far. However, now it got too long, so I'm editing to cut it down because otherwise it's just a wall of text (even with formatting).
Since there isn't a huge demand for it so far, I've been taking my time. For a few months now.
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1:43 PM
Anyone know the turn around time on support tickets?
2:19 PM
I've already waited 6 [days]
> There's a lot of ways to write comments in code, but I happened to choose the wrong one. Should be fixed now - thanks for reporting this!
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3:42 PM
@Nick Depends on what kind of ticket it is. I've reported sites that re-host SO content without attribution and the response was fast-ish. Couple of days, I think. Maybe other types of requests take longer. IIRC, the SLA is 30 days.
30 day SLA?!
Well, not "SLA" but you know. Max time to respond.
wtf is the point in allowing CoC violation reports if they don't get handled for up to 30 days
So much for the ticket crunch
that was for escalations
not tickets
3:45 PM
whoops :x
How to drop the number of escalations: stop handling tickets in reasonable time.
I mean mod escalations, not ticket escalations :p
> These are issues that Moderators send to the Community Managers when an issue needs to be escalated to someone on staff.
Yeah, sorry. Tried to joke about them dropping the ball on tickets in order to focus on escalations.
I imagine they get substantially more "Contact Us" tickets than mod escalations
quite possible
Why would the contact form be used for a CoC violation?
that's what flags are for
3:48 PM
Because a mod flag is not always appropriate
given the ticket system they're using now, there's a good chance tickets go into different buckets based on type, and different buckets get handled quicker than others
i'd imagine the one reporting mod/staff behavior would be quite full of garbage
Yes, which is quite unfortunate when... you're not reporting garbage :facedesk:
@KevinB s/buckets/garbage cans/
i was mistaken
there's a separate "topic" for that in the contact us,
so coc violations is likely one that isn't used often
Oh, there's a "Mod abuse" option?
4:04 PM
suspension appeals
which would cover the majority of garbage
Oh yeah
I bet that's full of shit
s/garbage cans/toilets/
Wouldn't surprise me if some people shit in a trash can
there was a pretty great comedy TV episode about that
i forget who the person was that admitted to doing that
when you gotta go...
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5:28 PM
Q: How to ask someone to review possible systematic downvoting

Mauricio Gracia GutierrezAfter posting an unpopular topic in meta, I have been getting downvoted many times in a row The question was this How could we make people interact more with the Stack Overflow questions for other languages than English? and a moderator had removed all the very unfriendly comments there I belive...

5:52 PM
Q: Lenovo z570 WiFi not connecting to Dual band router (2.4GHz)

Nitin JadhavProblem: With Dual band router the Laptop Wi-Fi shows only 2.4GHz signal (that's fine) but when I am trying to connect it every time says "Not able to Connect" Laptop Specification OS : Windows 7 Ultimate, Model: Lenovo z570, Wi-Fi Driver : Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Adapter. History: Initi...

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7:10 PM
Q: License of Stack Overflow articles

CyanIn an opened issue against a BSD open-source Library, an OP states that the mere presence of a single URL to a stack overflow article in a code comment sections makes the entire source code copyleft, and therefore completely violates the BSD license. The OP uses the Magic Word "Lawyer" to backup ...

7:42 PM
^ That got me thinking - I don't think I've really copy/pasted code from SO into my code base. Not without modifications that make it not a copy/paste at least. I have, however, occasionally left a comment referencing a post that explains some problem better.
To my knowledge, that's not really something that CC-BY-SA covers. But I didn't really think about it until now.
Yeah, AFAIK, only Questions, Answers, Comments and also other substantive content like Articles are licensed. I don't think a mere URL has a license.
Yes, a URL having a license would be quite silly. If I leave a comment with a Facebook link or whatever, my source code doesn't belong to Facebook or whatever, for example. License is on content. Similarly, if I reference a book by its title, I don't really owe any royalties to its author.
8:16 PM
Q: how to count the quantity of every word in file using linux

Den I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: how to count the quantity of every word in file using linux

8:40 PM
Q: Why are comment flag icons appearing with reduced opacity?

isherwoodWhen I flag a comment in the last few days it initially appears faded. The class name o40 is being applied, which sets opacity to 0.4. What does that signify? If I refresh the page they appear with full opacity.


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