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1:52 AM
Q: Answer is Correct but Unpopular

pirateofebayI answered a question a few years back that is technically correct but not well received. While the answer is correct, it's not the answer that people want to hear. I am also confused why the linked answer nearly identical to mine (although with much less traffic) does not receive the disparagin...

2:40 AM
Q: Let's re-evaluate the duplicate answer policy, and find a better solution

Evan CarrollThis policy was originally written in 2013 Currently duplicate answers are purged by moderators. This is a bad practice because it makes many fault assumptions that are demonstrably false, Either-or: Many times a user flags a question as a duplicate and also provides a duplicate answer. It's wr...

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5:34 AM
Q: Two candidates in the moderator election have given identical answers to question 5

DaveyDaveDaveI'm confused. In the answers to the 2021 Moderator Election questionnaire, Zoe's answer to question 5 is: Realistically, I wouldn't be alone in handling this. I'll show support for the user in question if no one else gets to it before me, and I'll gladly dismantle a few arguments, but I'm just n...

I can't really remember the previous elections, but it seems the current election bringing up more controversial meta posts than the usual?
2 hours later…
7:15 AM
Well, methinks it was more controversial 2 years ago
Q: Re-closure and revenge (?) downvote

jay.sfIt may be disputable that I reopened a question I answered that was marked as a duplicate, but I stated my reasons in comment. I think everyone is free to vote to close the question again, which is what ultimately happened. However, mine and the other answer were downvoted then, presumably for re...

1 hour later…
8:34 AM
Q: Was there some change in the First Questions queue?

MureinikThe First Questions queue in Stack Overflow usually has several thousand items in it, and had a pretty consistent size since its inception (give or take a thousand or so). This morning I saw it drop to about thirty items. While it's entirely possible a lot of users put in a concentrated effort to...

@NewPosts meta election effect
Q: Can we ask questions for Moderator Candidates here on Meta?

yiviOn the 2021 Community Moderator Election Announcement question it says: If you have ... questions for moderator candidates, feel free to ask them here on meta -- just make sure your questions are tagged election. Does this means that during the election we can ask questions directed at the cand...

9:04 AM
Q: Why are comments disabled in elections once the election phase starts?

Sam DeanIn the current election a candidate nominated themselves shortly before the end of the nomination phase. This has meant that no discussion of the candidate happened as the nomination phase ended and then comments were locked. The other 5 nominees all had significant discussion, both good and bad,...

9:16 AM
> You cannot see who likes or bookmarks your question
I really hope you cannot see who likes the question. Because I hope the like feature doesn't come back.
but bookmarks are semi-public
Yeah, that's also wrong.
In the answer, I mean.
9:40 AM
Figured :P
@NewPosts yikes
10:04 AM
Hi everybody. Im having a question. I just answered a question which was only caused by a typo (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69628732/how-to-get-year-from-datestring-with-javascript-jquery/69628792). It was now closed as "This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos."

Just before i wrote my answer i was going trough the flags but didnt find anything pointing to that it close reason. What wouldve been a proper flag to use there?
To reach that, it's Flag -> needs improvement -> A community-specific reason -> Not reproducible or was caused by a typo
I agree it's not a very intuitive way to find it as it's nested three levels deep. And "needs improvement" isn't exactly what the flag reason means.
Oh there it is. Thank you! Didnt recognize that theres another level opening once you select "A community-specific reason".
I'm not a big fan of how the flag/close reasons are nested. Some open further menus, others don't.
And "needs improvement" suggests there is something to be done. When that's not necessarily the case. Flagging as a duplicate or a typo usually means there isn't anything to be done.
Its not the fact they open further menus for me but the missing indication
I think some indicator icon would make that much more clear
^ that's what I mean, yes.
Some open, some don't. No indicator. No real way to know except you already know. And that usually means going over the entire UI. Multiple times, so you learn it by heart.
So, overall not a good design.
10:11 AM
And yes i agree, having that specific flag under "needs improvement" isnt that intuitive.
Yep, should have some sort of indication definitely to guide the users.
Specifically if youre not that familiar with the menus
Wonder if thats worth a post in the meta exchange stack?
There might already be one, to be honest.
Ill grab something for lunch and check if there's one.
10:36 AM
There are some questions around the flag menu but they mainly ask about the depth itself or how it is split up into parts. There is none regarding the fact theres no indication of where we get another level.
11:28 AM
Q: Are [chunked-encoding] [chunked] [http-chunked] duplicates?

manuel_bI've just wrote a question regarding chunked transfer encoding and I've found at least 3 tags that seems to be very similar (or duplicates). [chunked-encoding] Chunked encoding involves transferring the body of a message as a series of chunks, each with its own chunk size header. [chunked] Chunke...

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3:16 PM
Q: Shouldn't SO "be nice" to reviewers as well?

PM 77-1I understand that SO is very busy being nice to new users. What about not so new? Ones that achieved access to Review Queue privileges? While I do think that 2 failed audits in 30 days is to harsh for suspension, my question is about the verbiage that comes with it. It bluntly accuses the involv...

3:28 PM
Q: What is it with downvoting trolls?

NemanjaThere are people here who need help and they come here in hope they can find some answers. And there are people who cruise new questions only to cast a downvote. No explanation about it, no comment, nothing. Just a downvote. Is this what this site have become? Playgroung for a bunch of pompes #/&...

3:41 PM
Maybe one day I'd change my avatar to that of a troll and complain that people are prejudiced about me.
ima do that during winter bash
Q: Spurious bounty

Alex GutenievI have answered a question about assembly optimization, soon after my answer was superseded by far better answers. Still, recently I got a score bump, as that answer received a bounty. It looks like a mistake. Is there a way to revert it?

4:40 PM
Q: How is StackOverflow Talent different form a job board?

Evan CarrollThe text on the marketing page is confusing, Our Company Awareness solution helps you build a strong candidate pipeline, tell an ongoing employer branding story, and stay top of mind and engaged with candidates. Yet, they say, Job Postings/Slots and Profile Search were open to everyone, not re...

5:22 PM
Q: Stackoverflow posts difficulty dataset

orbitIs there any standard datasets or research papers having difficulty of posts on Stack Overflow? I want to apply machine learning algorithms to predict a post's difficulty considering features related to the post.

5:46 PM
Q: Codepen missing full screen mode etc

Maxwell200073When I start a new pen on codepen, my options on change layout are missing. My old pens still have the full screen, etc. Does anyone know whats going on. I even copied the code from my old pens into a new one just to see what would happen. While they appear the same, I'm still missing the change ...

2 hours later…
8:04 PM
Q: What does "Prevent this page from creating additional dialog" mean?

falseWhen deleting the second obsolete comment, I got a dialog box with this extra question (wording from memory). What does it mean? Can I block comments?

1 hour later…
9:21 PM
kindof... odd, that a new collective article can exist for an hour and get only 2 views
yeah, it's almost like collective articles are a shit way of spreading information in a visible way
nah, not caching
it's 4 now
incoming meta post?
don't think this is a... knowledge article. though i wouldn't be completely against there being "event" articles as long as they get deleted when the event is over.
The only appropriate meta post here is "remove collectives pls kthx in advantagcing"
i do think we could salvage some of the tech, particularly the entire collective functionality without the sponsored branding or articles. Turn it into leaderboards around a particular technology
Javascript, for example, rather than Google this Google that
or dev-ops, C, the major tags
1 hour later…
10:34 PM
Q: Patience is a virtue

Caius JardSo, I finally got a response to a comment asking "what version of sql server do you use?".. ..nearly two years ago! It set me thinking; I recall reading that SO has some sort of query language; could it be used to find out "who waited the longest/how long, to get a reply to a comment-on-question ...


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