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12:00 AM
Q: Small UI bug: The "Learn More" button on pop-up window is off

FalconUAThe "Learn More" button is a bit off, as shown in the screenshot below (I'm using the dark SO theme). Same issue for light theme. Don't know much about UI, but pretty sure that this should be flushed to the right of the box. Some system info: Browser: Google Chrome 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build)...

1:00 AM
Q: Do I need to open each question in the review queue?

Lexib0yToday I gained access to the review queue and I went to do some reviewing. I misjudged an answer of a new user because it was a rewrite of another answer and I did not notice. I agree copying of answers should not be allowed, but I did not notice that it was a copy. So I have two questions: When ...

1:30 AM
Q: How do I combine the two cells using from dual and union all?

janjuneI'm trying to combine the data from the two tables. What should I do? in this my query SELECT hospital_cnt, sum_cash_amount_received, obligatory_issue, sum_obligatory_issue, cash_receipt_cnt, cash_receipt_sum, noti_cnt, noti_amount, result FROM( SELECT ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM hospital_paym...

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3:12 AM
Q: Question 62252699 is not a duplicate

AwesomeElephant8232This question here was marked as a duplicate of my question. There's a subtle difference, because even though the questions seem to be about the same issue, my question is about how do I fix Metal rendering issues when showing the titlebar. What causes it? What needs to happen to make it stop. Th...

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4:18 AM
Q: what is visa sponsor in stack overflow?

VnoitKumarIs that means they are paying for our Visa and they are giving the Visa to work in a particular country? Or it is just to work in a particular country but they are not paying for the Visa processing.

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9:06 AM
posted on July 03, 2020 by r4v1

Like, in this solution, https://stackoverflow.com/a/3127440/6385815 Some inline code blocks are only visible on hovering. Shown below.

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11:06 AM
Q: Charset in html

PinkyI have seen following line in one of html page code for calling api . <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-874"> What is meaning of charset=windows-874? Is it ascii /UTF8?

11:18 AM
Q: Can the system suggest incompatible tags when posting a question?

bitmaskWe regularly see questions over questions, mostly by language-beginners and/or new SO users, that are tagged both with the c tag and the c++ tag. This regularly causes confusion, especially since there are important differences between these languages and answers heavily depend on which language ...

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2:18 PM
Q: I got a "removed" (not "user removed") message in my reputation tab, what does it mean?

Ann ZenI got a removed message in my reputation tab. Does that mean a user removed their question, and so my answer have been removed with it? Or does it mean that the community removed the question? Or is it only my answer that was removed? I'm really comfused, and whenever I try to search things like "...

2:42 PM
Q: Graph in blog not suited for dark mode

LuuklagIn this new blog entry the graph is hard to read.

3:42 PM
Q: Edit requests should not be held to normal question standards

bbnumber2Currently, questions are required to include a specific ratio of code:non-code, based upon the use of "code block" formatting like this. This is done with the intention of limiting "code dump" posts (those with an error in the title, the entirety of someone's code, and little to no detail). Howev...

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5:42 PM
Q: How to Fetch Table Rows From Mysql Database to React Js Through API?

Mohamed AshifDataandForm.jsx import React from 'react' class DataandForm extends React.Component{ constructor() { super() this.state={ row:[] } } componentDidMount() { const axios = require('axios'); // Make a request for a user with a...

6:06 PM
Q: Rename [appscript] → [sourceforge-appscript]

RubénFrom http://appscript.sourceforge.net/ What is appscript? Please note that appscript is no longer developed or supported, and its use is not recommended for new projects. Appscript is a high-level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications fro...

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11:39 PM

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