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12:48 AM
Q: How do I invoke a resethighlight function on several layers through a loop in leaflet javascript?

TomI'm trying to create a loop or perhaps an eachlayer command using the leaflet library on several geojson layers. Right now it is just a list of layers invoking the resethighlight function. I'm wondering how I would write this as a single loop. function resetHighlight(e) { a6 .resetStyle(e.ta...

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2:30 AM
Q: How do I add a legend title to leaflet legend?

TomI want the title to just say " Air Index" Any help is appreciated. function setColorFunc(d){ return d > 16 ? '#800026' : d > 10 ? '#BD0026' : d > 8 ? '#E31A1C' : d > 5 ? '#FC4E2A' : d > 3 ? '#FD8D3C' : d > 1 ? '#FEB24C' : d >

Q: Can human resource managers find out about my Stack overflow profile through my Developer Story?

AdrianIf a human resource manager looking for a developer finds my Developer Story, Can this person find out about my StackOverflow profile and see my questions and answers and reputation? I am concerned because I think there might be cases in which some companies would choose one developer instead of ...

2:54 AM
Q: Is it fine to ask for coding changes to add functionality to existing code?

gptI have a question closed here. It was closed for not being focused enough, which says, "Needs more focus - if your question has many valid answers (but no way to determine which - if any - are correct), then it probably needs to be more focused to be successful in our format. This question curren...

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8:23 AM
Q: DVWA Database error - "Could not connect to the database service" - How to resolve this?

bundleOfSticksI installed Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA). I expected to get the login page when I clicked the "Create/Reset Database" button but instead I got the error Could not connect to the database service. Please check the config file. Database Error #1045: Access denied for user 'dvwa'@'localho...

9:17 AM
Q: The edit tag feature fails to handle concurrent requests at UI

NamanReproducing steps to this problem doesn't seem to be easy as per my understanding, but the screens shall help confirming the behavior. But this is what happened when I had faced the issue - I had tried editing a question, and a possible unresponsive network didn't make it to the server or as what...

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11:40 AM
12:17 PM
Q: I don't view [mvvm] as a model of a good tag

Ryan Mtl;dr the mvvm tag is either a meta-tag that's irrelevant to the questions it's attached to, or a subject that's off-topic on Stack Overflow. Either way, it should be burninated. Burnination criteria Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? ...

12:35 PM
Q: What is the difference between the tags [tag:npm-liveserver] and [tag:nodejs-liveserver]?

HenkeThe tag npm-liveserver has a wiki at https://stackoverflow.com/tags/npm-liveserver/info while the tag nodejs-liveserver has no wiki (yet). My hunch is that these two tags are in fact synonyms of one another. Not sure if it is important which would be made synonym of which? - But making nodejs-liv...

12:47 PM
Q: I would like my answer on Stack Overflow to no longer be deleted

desbestI made an answer then it got deleted. I would like it undeleted. It's not spam, it answers the question. https://stackoverflow.com/a/61179498/337306

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2:05 PM
Q: Merge [google-admin-sdk] and [admin-sdk]

Oleg ValterProblem We have two nearly identical (down to wiki wording) tags that represent the Google Admin SDK product: google-admin-sdk (533 questions, tag wiki contains example APIs, created 7 years ago) admin-sdk (37 questions, no API examples, tag wiki nearly duplicates first, created 5 years ago) So...

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5:53 PM
Q: Undo review triage

armagedescuI accidentally pressed RequireEditing button on this https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/26588839 Can I undo this action?

6:35 PM
Q: Why do people downvote perfectly good questions with literally no reason?

James HaydenI find Stack Overflow has become a ridiculous grounds for elitist programmers (who clearly think they are better than others), to discriminate anyone who isn't as good as them and downvote any question they think is not as smart as theirs. This platform is supposed to be about letting developers ...

7:32 PM
@NewPosts Assume good intentions is ded :(
R.I.P., 2014-2019
Actually, 2018 apparently
Guess it's time to quierly disappear a bit again

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