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1:17 AM
Q: How Do I Improve My In Depth Q/A?

okovkoI was interested in a topic I did not know much about, and had a specific question in mind. I researched and answered my own question to the best of my ability in one night of research, and I invited others to provide better answers. My question was first closed as being based on "opinion" (all...

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4:58 AM
Q: How to show source code's underline properly in firefox?

it_is_a_literatureSame webpage same source code ,different appearance in firefox and chrome. How to show source code's underline properly in firefox?

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9:46 AM
posted on February 20, 2020 by Aman Jaiswal

I am observing g++ preprocessor removes empty lines and covet Tabs into spaces on the Linux platform whereas on the Windows platform it not be able to do the same. Can anyone please help me how to this can be achieved on WIndows platform or how can I stop g++ to stop removing the lines

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10:52 AM
Q: Full Calendar Not A Function CDN

George HarrisonCurrently in my project i am trying to implement full calendar onto my page. However there is not much writing about it online using CDN however i refer to libman in the project a lot so id prefer to use CDN. The current issue is it's flagging in DOM that fullCalendar is not defined when it is. ...

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11:58 AM
Q: Is it just me or is Stack Overflow an incredibly toxic place?

dakshitvermaWhenever I have programming questions I use Google, and if that doesn't work I use Reddit. My coworkers tell me to use Stack Overflow because apparently it's better than Reddit. Well I've posted a few questions there, I've never gotten an answer only people who scold me for the way I'm asking my...

12:40 PM
Q: Stackoverflow Chat Markdown does not work with returns

TaylorSIn the stackoverflow chat rooms, specifically the one Im using, and others I've seen this problem. When you return text (Shift+Enter) to type more, and then you try using markdown in that returned line, nothing happens. So Basically... First Line: Bold Works here Second Line: **Bold Do...

12:58 PM
Q: Make [tag:Google-console-developer] synonym for [tag:Google-cloud-console]

DaImToI just ran across another strange tag google-console-developer I believe this is meant to be google-cloud-console Google cloud console Which should not be confused with google-developer-console Google developer console I tried to create a synonym but its returning an error: Creating...

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2:16 PM
Q: Splice value from dropdown in angular

Jayant KaushikI have two dropdown with dynamic values which gets populated from DB. First dropdown is Country: which has values as : India, Srilanka second dropdown has values : application developer, application developer-ww, application developer-Geo. when i select India all values should come, when i select...

@Rob As most recently active mod in here, what's your thoughts on someone going through the H&I queue looking for blatantly unsalvagable posts and using the post timeline to get the associated triage review and flagging for incorrect requires editing use?
Q: Did I take the survey?

GabrielI think I've already taken the 2020 survey but I'm just not sure (been distracted lately). Is there a way of knowing if I in fact already did take it? As far as I can tell the site lets me take it, but I don't know if any check is in place to ensure that it is not taken twice.

2:40 PM
Q: Noticeable mouse delay, especially over hyperlinks

Robert HarveyI haven't inspected the JavaScript, but it seems like there's a noticeable drag/stuttering of the mouse when moving over certain elements of the page, especially question and answer links. It may seem like a small thing, but if you're promoting Stack Overflow as a corporate asset, users may ex...

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3:40 PM
Q: review-needed indicator should not show up when banned?

Viktor MellgrenI got banned from the review queue for tagging wrong. (Erroneously imho and first I didn't realise, but that's not the point of this suggestion). Now I get the red dot prompting to action(?) and when clicking it says "There are no review queues available to you". So maybe remove red dot if I'm b...

4:10 PM
Q: Do technology filters not work in jobs?

Robert SimpsonI've seen other posts about this, but they're old. That is why I am bringing this topic up in meta. I have a saved job search that should exclude some technologies (e.g. PHP and Ruby). However, I still get job results that include these technologies. Here is the URL to my search: https://sta...

4:46 PM
Q: Questioning the practicality of an idea

Synn KoI've had this idea of creating a web application for a while now. It's supposed to be sort of like Google Keep, where you can take notes and add images, except all your data is saved in your browser using IndexedDb. However, I don't really have a lot of experience with IndexedDb and I don't real...

5:39 PM
Q: What to do if someone tried to mark your question duplicate while it's not the case!

TarikIt's the first time for me to see that kinf of scenarion in S.O. specially with someone having high reputation! I asked that question Convert Double / Float to nice String in Java I was sure there is no duplicate because I read all of them and I do really need an answer. In less than one min...

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6:39 PM
Q: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

xptoSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish... I'm deleting my SO profile and any else related with SO in general. Certainly you have nothing to do with this and I'm sure your lifes will not change a dime after I do it but is my way to show off how boring, annoying and full of haters SO became after ma...

7:09 PM
Q: Getting lots of [enter image description here] links in review queues

MikeBeatonI was just doing a bit of work in the review queues, and I noticed that lots of questions and answers had [enter image description here] links, with a link to a relevant image - rather then the image actually appearing inline in the post as I'd have expected. I'm not sure if this is people not n...

8:09 PM
Q: Closed Question Seems to Have Nuance That Differs from Offered Duplicates

wlhThe following question was closed and marked as a duplicate: Position containers with cut of corners next to each other I was working on a solution with a code-snippet to find the question closed before I could answer. The proposed duplicates all deal with skewed layouts at it pertains to eith...

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11:47 PM
Hi, I feel that I am being systematically down voted because I flagged another users comments and called out another user's comments, all on the same post. Would this be the right place to raise the issue? I have had 3 down votes in 3 days, which is basically more than I have ever had.
3 downvotes might not seem like a big deal, but I think they are trying to avoid the systematic downvote detection script.
you can raise a flag with a moderator,
make sure you explain the situation and provide links, but keep in mind all they're goign to do is hand it off to an employee to investigate
i'd suggest flagging one of the affected posts with the custom reason.
OK, thanks.

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