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3:49 AM
Q: Change in 'python' tag score after a retag in a question that initially didn't have the 'python' tag

anuj varmaIf someone answeres a question on an issue in python which initially didn't have the 'python' tag,and then realize it some time later that the question only has a particular python library tag. Hence, she retags it including the 'python' tag. My query is that does the retag produce a change in h...

Q: Please ban User Research International for posting research study "jobs"

Daniel A. WhiteUser Research International has been frequently posting and reposting in Jobs "Research Study" listings. These are not contract or career positions. I've been flagging them but they keep coming. Please reach out to them to adjust their behavior or do some more drastic action.

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5:33 AM
Q: Time taken for the python badge score to change in case of a retag

anuj varmaThe given question doesn't mention the time it takes for the change in the score to take place. Please answer.

4 hours later…
9:45 AM
Why is meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/392914/… locked for such a long time? It's also featured and featuring a locked post somehow doesn't look too good to me.
@Trilarion I expect because most discussion is taking place in discord instead and a lot of the comments being generated on the post were unhelpful/unneeded, it is after all just a comment lock, not a full lock. As for "It's also featured and featuring a locked post somehow doesn't look too good to me."... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Only Sam will be able to definitively answer you though
10:01 AM
Q: Why is an updated comment, not marked as "updated"?

RobertS supports Monica CellioSometimes I do encounter the case, when I see a comment that I don´t quite understand or don´t agree with one the first place and maybe ask for more information about the made comment by replying with another regarding comment, I can´t see whether a user has been updated his/her comment and occas...

10:31 AM
Q: Should we add C# tag to this question as answer are c# code?

ArunPratapStoring production secrets in ASP.NET Core as you can see this question is tagged as asp.net-core only but all answers code are of C# and c# is not Tag synonyms for asp.net-core. so my main question is that should we update question with including C# tag?

@Trilarion Too many off-topic comments, all since deleted. Since we already have a comprehensive answer, we don't need further clarification on the question.
If you want to comment, use this chat or discord.
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11:46 AM
@SamuelLiew Okay. Anyway, just thought that featuring and locking are not looking too good next to each other. But it's not like I care a lot about it.
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2:31 PM
Q: Formatting code indentation in question/answer body

atiyarWhen I try to write some code with a question/answer, I need to add 4 empty spaces in front of each line to properly format the code indentation. For example - public class Test { public string Name { get; set; } public bool Run(int value) { return value % 2 ...

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4:19 PM
Q: Answering dupe questions--how to reduce the noise?

Dave NewtonSimilar to Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions? Prompted by JS 2 decimals after coma As an often-asked question (regarding both FP and JS formatting) which still received an answer (likely started during de-duping), when the new answer doesn't add anything to t...

Q: Window password

foby busI can't crack window 10 password after trying twice using old method renaming utilman to cmd , when I crack for the first time the password was cracked successfully but when I try again I can't rename the file because I can't access storage or cmd in recovery mode actually it begin asking me the...

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5:55 PM
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8:31 PM
Q: Improvement to comment mechanics

djvI had recently commented on a post, and then wanted to add something to the comment, but it was too late. So I just copied the comment, deleted it, made a new comment and appended my new info and posted. So I can get around the rule, but it's clunky. I understand users are notified when commente...

8:49 PM
Q: Please reopen my lambda question

SpencerMy question at Why is this lambda ambiguous? was quickly closed as a duplicate, but the supposed duplicate does not apply, since it discusses a separate (quite elementary) concept and does not show how it applies to lambdas and the way they work with std::function and overload resolution.

Q: Closing Question that has Open Bounty

Edeki OkohThis question on stackoverflow is off topic for stackoverflow. It does not have anything to do with programming and would be better suited for Maths Stack Exchange. I was wondering 1.) Am I correct in my assumption that this question should be closed on the premise of not being a programming q...

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10:25 PM
Q: Can I ask what's the most efficient way to do something?

M.O.In other communities I know it's not allowed to ask for suggestions instead of fixes for a problem. Can I ask that sort of questions in here? In particular, it's about the most efficient way to store very large data sets in python. Don't want to go to the specifics in case it's not allowed. I...


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