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12:04 AM
Q: Why this question closed as off-topic?

andre_ss6I saw this question the other day and now noticed it has been closed as off-topic. To me it fits right here: software tools commonly used by programmers; and is a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development Visual Studio obviously fits the first bullet point...

Q: Is there any way to change correct answer of a question?

Misir JafarovI saw a question on StackOverflow which its correct answer were incorrect also had -7 reputation. But it marked as correct answer. Is there any way to change correct answer for the question? Here's mentioned answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/14532846/7616528

12:26 AM
@CodyGray Our beautiful comments!
@NickA If it makes you feel any better, I upvoted yours before deciding the purge the whole lot. :-)
Oh look you got a reply from a salty OP
That's normal.
Well aware xd
12:40 AM
Q: How the new rules come into stackoverflow

user2293224I was reading this interesting thread (What were the original rules for posting on Stack Overflow?) about the rules of StackOverflow on early days. I was just wondering who sets the rules and regulations of StackOverflow. Is it a top-down approach or a bottom-up approach? In either case, how does...

^ Twitter
I'll show myself the door >.>
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5:04 AM
Q: How can I subset by a unique variable using a for loop?

AJEI want to subset a dataset into 4 categories (based on the 4 unique categories) using a for loop. I've tried some subsetting and haven't been successful. ID Region Other 1 North x 2 South y 3 West z 4 East l I want to subset into 4 dataframes subset by "region" I've tried th...

5:58 AM
Q: Storage Transfer Service - Feedback

ManiThe storage transfer service is having following limitations, The user cannot move/ copy a specific file/ folder from source bucket to specific folder on destination bucket. This service doesn't have option to select particular file/ folder from source and vice versa. If the GCP team gives s...

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7:11 AM
@NewPosts GitHub gists used to onebox in chat, but that broke quite a while ago... be interesting to see if they re-implement that.
2 hours later…
9:16 AM
Q: Failed to connect to gitlab server: 404 Not Found

Sakar MehraWhen I use gitlab_project ansible module then I showed up with this error. I am confused between the api_url parameter vs server_url parameter. - hosts: localhost gather_facts: no become_method: sudo become: true tasks: - name: Add a project to git gitlab_pro...

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1:43 PM
What do we do now that the moderators have resigned?
@SamuelLiew Isn't it getting late for you?
9:50pm here
ahh not too late then
1:51 PM
figured ;p im sat here on UTC+0 ;p
Currently, there are 828 Banned Reviewers on SO:

78 have a duration of >100 days
158 have a duration of 17-99 days

319 have at least 3 prior review bans
276 are first-timers

15 has "no longer welcome" in the review ban description
122 are automated bans from failing review audits
583 are banned for suggesting "Requires Edits" for unsalvageable questions in Triage
Are you still on flag strike sam?
got an editor who spams bold text if you're bored ;p
2:22 PM
Just custom flag, I'm off for the day
Going to turn in for the night soon
o/ gn
Q: Is there a problem with the Badge system right now?

FrinavaleYesterday I seem to have been awarded the Yearling badge 10 times! We all love birthdays, but I'd rather keep it to one year at a time! Is there a bug with the badge system? Or is there a bug with the messaging system that sent me 10 messages to my inbox about the yearling badge?

2:53 PM
What's the longest ban?
Q: Answer that is a duplicate of the accepted answer should be deleted

George StockerIn this question, the original accepted answer was wrong, as in tragically wrong. Since that answer was (At the time) the accepted answer, the OP decided to copy and paste the right answer, according to their own words: Edit: To those who insist on downvoting... Unable to delete this answer ...

I remember seeing someone on meta finally asking WTH after getting a 512day ban; and am morbidly curious if anyone failed more persistantly
@DanisFiddlingbyFirelight Dunno about review ban, but the longest suspension i could find right now is until 2027 (although I seem to remember there being one until essentially the end of time ;p)
The longest chat ban was apparently 3200 years
@NickA Well... that's only possible if you hack it it a little bit. The longest chat suspension possible without that is 9999 hours.
Q: Unable to ask question & edit comments/questions

VikaS GuttEI am trying to post question but getting bellow error from last few month, I thoughts this will change after some weeks but facing still. Same issue with editing. I reviewed both Edit History and Help Center but I am not getting what is wrong in my questions and edit history. Can someone hel...

3:20 PM
Why 3200 years? That's about 28 million hours, so it's not a clean number that way while being way larger than any reasonable need
The 9999-hour limit is enforced via a client-side four-digit limit on the textbox (for a chat suspension, you enter the number of hours that you want to suspend the user for). If you remove that via "inspect" or whatever, the largest number of hours that the server will accept without giving an error is a number that equals somewhere around 3300 years.
It's technically a bug.
1.7bn minutes, 104 trillion seconds don't look like obvious factors either
And MS Sql Server apparently supports dates up to 9999-12-31, so that's not it either
4:00 PM
Q: The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

Teresa DietrichMy name is Teresa Dietrich. About a month ago, I joined Stack Overflow as Head of Product and Community. During my years as an engineer and technology leader I saw the impact this community and site has on people across the world and I am very excited to be here. While I have personally gotten a ...

4:20 PM
@CindyMeister I told you there was more to come ^
4:55 PM
Q: Why is a "deleted" answer not really deleted?

RobertS supports Monica CellioI have for example an answer like this one. The user had regret of posting the answer, because at the point of posting he was not really confirm about the topic and deleted it on its own, which is fine and a good task to help StackOverflow keep a source of good and reliable answers. But now a...

Q: express-validation not working if used it in in middleware

Priyanka SankhalaI am new in nodejs, currently make restapis and for validation using express-validation package and its working well when we used check function inline in route.js file but when the same code use in diffrent middleware file its not working. module.exports = function driverValidation (req,res,ne...

2 hours later…
7:27 PM
@NickA Finally, someone who reads and communicates. Already a huge improvement.
7:53 PM
Q: Posting Bible Size Answers

Marcelo FilhoI might be a lazy reader but I don't think bible size answers could properly help once you have to go through a thousands paragraphs to might understand the point and take what you need from it. Example: https://stackoverflow.com/a/60307957/575643 Such a big massive answer is really needed? Wo...

8:23 PM
Q: Why don't have Stackoverflow a webauth login?

Florian HilfenhausWebauth is one big thing to point web authentification to the right direction. It would be a good point for the stackoverflow security and and great to see that one of the biggest (dev) forum would support this.

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9:59 PM
Q: Is adding a notice directed to the question poster acceptable when the notice doesn't improve the question?

Daedalus - Reinstate MonicaI just came upon a notice, for lack of a better word, added to the bottom of a question by a high-rep user. The notice in question is directed to the question author, and is telling them that the high-rep user made the question into a runnable stack-snippet, and to uncomment specific lines that ...

10:41 PM
Q: Questions in queue showed as "Modified" when in the "Newest" tab instead of "Active"

Funk Forty NinerThis is the 2nd time I've noticed this happen (to me) in the past few days, where questions I follow in the "php" section of Stack Overflow that shows "Modified X mins ago" with the photo of the person who modified the question. The odd thing is that, it showed it to me when I was in the "Newest...


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