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4:51 AM
Q: Is there a site that encourages questions about consumer websites?

javadbaI have a question about a consumer site (usage of SiriusXm). In the past I have had questions about other consumer sites in different verticals. Another breed of question has been end-user types of questions about various tools/apps including Chrome itself. Are these questions off topic for a...

5:03 AM
Q: UI change: retain a link in the top bar review queue menu for users in review suspension

Z4-tierExpected behavior: Normally when a user clicks the review queue icon on the top bar, the drop down menu includes a link to https://stackoverflow.com/review (link text: all queues). Actual behavior: When a user is in review suspension, that link disappears along with the list of queues. Why I b...

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6:26 AM
Q: What to do with Downvote for two question at the same time?

Prashant PimpaleYesterday, my two new questions got downvote at the same time (Just diff. of 4 seconds). Was that question really worth it? Or intentional? If intentional then what to do with? Or Ignore?

5 hours later…
11:29 AM
Q: Developer Survey is missing countries

EdmundNot sure if this is the right place but the "Where do you live?" question on the developer survey is missing at least my country; Bermuda. I checked the Qualtrics website (product used for the survey) and they do have Bermuda and a few other countries in their country list. Any chance the list ...

11:39 AM
Apparently, it's been a topic of conversation in the SE Tavern, but I only just read the newest blog post stackoverflow.blog/2020/02/17/…...
Yes it's been discussed in discord as well
It seems to me that the conversation Aaron Hall had might have moved more things than we thought on first reading it.
A little birdy tells me there's more to come
Despite the somewhat pessimistic comments I saw on the Tavern, I get the impression there may be movement in the "right" direction.
@NickA I don't doubt it :-)
Sooner rather than later ;p
11:43 AM
Just in time for moderator elections :-)?
Maybe in time for the weekend
Beware "shipping on Friday"!
@NickA What's the gravatar BTW? Is that some kind of animal wearing a napkin? Eating popcorn? Or saluting the ships on the floods in England?
It's eevee
11:45 AM
You're not about to say that you don't know anything about pokemon are you?
I do not follow (or have interest) in Pokémon I fear. No kids and I turned 65 yesterday...
So, yeah, that's what I'm saying :-)
Ah, well in that case... It's a pokemon ^^
and happy birthday? ^^
<duh> and Thanks, yes :-) You're the seventh person to wish me that.
(Y), I've got the last interesting birthday coming up next month
11:49 AM
90? 30? 16?
OK, I'll bite: Why is that the (last) interesting BD?
Because its the last one that actually allows you to anything new, in this case rent cars in the states which have a 25 minimum at some(all?) rentals
And apparently drink in Delhi as well
12:17 PM
Q: Twillo Received Fax php

Syed AliCan Anyone Help me to what thing is important to received fax with twillo number? what is thing I have to to to make my number incoming faxs?

@CindyMeister happy birthday
2 hours later…
2:51 PM
@NickA Well, at 65 I: no longer must vote; profit from reduced rates in the cinema, on trains, in museums; receive money from the government instead of only paying into the various "funds"... So there are birthdays to look forward to!
@Mithical Thank you :-)
@CindyMeister "must" vote?!
Maybe, but there's a long period between your 20's and when those perks look like a reasonable trade-off for actually being old.
@NickA In our canton, yes. Or pay a fine. Is it surprising that we have the highest voting rate of the entire country :-)? Some decades back, most cantons had that, but voted it out. I understand one or two are planning to bring it back...
It's easier to raise fines/fees than taxes 💩
I'd never even heard of cantons before, had to look it up
2:55 PM
@DanisFiddlingbyFirelight If you had told me forty years ago that I'd actually be writing the year 2020 I'd have laughed out loud. Now, 'I'm wondering if I'll see 2030. Lots has happened during those years...
quit depressing me 😒😒
@DanisFiddlingbyFirelight the nice thing about being in Swtzerland is that you always have the option of voting it down. So the politicians and bureaucrats really need to do their homework.
There's little point in me voting, the party I vote for hasn't won since 1896 in my constituency
(and nowadays only get about 4% of the vote)
Q: NSFW image and handle time?

ShreeNSFW image on profile pic, if i understand , mod flag and subject to destroy by mod , My flagged still open? Doesn't NSFW flag handle fast. I wait but .................... 4 hours still alive ? Please don't give torture my favorite tag.

Apropos the year 2020: The WiFi repeater on the top floor stopped working properly in January. I finally had the electirician who'd cabled and installed it come to take a look. He was puzzled, couldn't understand that it worked with his equipment, but not with mine or the person's who lives up there. We both have older iPads, iPhones and laptops... But it did work with my newer MacBook. So he updated the firmware and, low and behold, it worked.
3:00 PM
o/ Tyler
Then he noticed that the time was incorrect (an hour off) and there was apparently a problem with the year. Apparently, the firmware corrected a problem with the year change to 2020! Reminded me of the "millenium bug"...
@NickA Run as a candidate?
@CindyMeister Lmao, that'd be a laugh
Nick the popcorn king for Prime Minister!
Pokémon in Downing Street!
Again, even in parliament, not my party since 1918
(well technically there was a coalition since then, but no majority)
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4:17 PM
Q: Change email address in stackexchange jobs?

Ulrich-Lorenz SchlüterI'm not able to find where to change the email address shown in stackoverflow jobs that would show up in the red marked area of the screenshot. Can someone please help?

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5:53 PM
Q: What is the Code of Conduct scandal about?

YorSubsI've seen that a lot of people have been fired, then apologies from Stack Overflow staff, then un-firings, legal-sounding agreements, and then lots of moderators resigning in disgust etc, but the one thing that has been completely shrouded in mystery (or at least I have so far seen no explanation...

6:53 PM
Q: Why are comments allowed to be modified/deleted?

Áron VárhelyiI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. Although this is more of an opinion/request than a question. In my experience comments are widely used to clarify/debate the question, and certainly are useful, for that matter they shouldn't be treated as second class citizens. I understand ...

7:17 PM
Q: MSDN blog broken links

Callum WatkinsLinks to MSDN blog pages (e.g. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericlippert/archive/2009/11/16/closing-over-the-loop-variable-part-two.aspx) direct you to a page that states: MSDN and TechNet blog sites have been retired, and blog content has been migrated and archived here. effectively rendering th...

7:34 PM
Q: Recent fix broke AND-OR queries

Rick JamesI have long search queries like [mysql] [regex] or [mysql] [database-design] or [mysql] [latitude-longitude] or [mysql] [pivot-table] or [mysql] [sqldatatypes] or [mysql] [decimal] Until a couple of days ago, that query worked fine. But now it sees that it turned into entirely OR. Or manybe t...

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8:46 PM
Q: It's time to reward the duplicate finders

wim Stack Overflow sees many questions asked repeatedly, despite the large quantity of existing content, because it's not always easy to know the best keywords to use in the search. Long-time users tend to know when and where there are already adequate answers on site, and will just go and find th...

8:58 PM
Q: Suggestion Regarding Review Queues Dropdown

NisargI have suggestion regarding better readability by adding more spacing around element. When you click Review queues (which is placed 3rd in row) in navigation menu and when there are no reviews available, it says "There are no review queues available to you". I feel if we have more spacing around ...

9:12 PM
Feb 11 at 22:31, by Cody Gray
I had not heard that he did. I've heard rumors that he did, including from Mari-Lou (I believe that's her name?), but I haven't been able to confirm it, and never saw any confirmation from Robert himself.
@CodyGray: I can confirm that I did, in fact, apply for reinstatement as a moderator on Stack Overflow and was summarily denied. The response cited my original one-week suspension on Meta, and stated that I was ineligible for a year after the suspension ended.
This was before they suspended me for a year on Meta.SE. Which, if they follow their own rules, would make me ineligible for two years.
@RobertHarvey Thanks for the confirmation. I was wondering about that. For what it’s worth, I’ve told staff that I am resoundingly in favor of your reinstatement. I don’t know what kind of schenanigans have gone on on MSE, and not having all the facts, I’ve reserved judgment. But...I’m skeptical.
9:28 PM
Q: Are there questions that experts would like to ask, that woul be currently offtopic but might be valuable?

TrilarionWhen looking at the steadily declining fraction of positively scoring questions and answers on Stack Overflow there was a discussion in the comments if there may be valuable questions that programming experts would like to ask, that would be in principle answerable in Q&A and most probably positi...

2 hours later…
11:46 PM
Q: Testing GitHub Oneboxes

Geoff DalgasUser Acceptance Testing Opportunity Stack Overflow for Teams feature We are excited to be this close to shipping public GitHub oneboxes on Stack Overflow for Teams. This was a highly requested feature from our Teams users and will be included in our upcoming release for our Enterprise tier cust...


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