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12:11 AM
Q: Rename [KotlinTest] tag to [Kotest]

KerookerHello beautiful people! I'm one of the contributors for the Kotlin library Kotest, formerly named KotlinTest. KotlinTest became somewhat confusing with Kotlin's Test from STDLibrary, and we decided to rename it. As you can see, https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest points directly to https:...

12:41 AM
Q: Why has this question been re-opened?

eyllanescHere question was closed because it too broad since precise information is needed to solve the problem. Some users who dedicate ourselves to the pyqt and pyqt5, point out that we need that additional information and explain it clearly in the comments but the OP only rewrote its publication witho...

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7:52 AM
Q: Flutter Notification sound

pati51Notification sound not working in greater than 6.1 android version, I have already pass sound default in notification array. "App developed in Fuller" "notification": { "title":"WinsCart", "body":"adarsh", "sound":"default" }

Q: Using react-otp-input

Arun KumarI have tried to use the react package react-otp-input for a project. The first issue is faced, the value is not printed inside the input box, then I found that it was due to the inputStyle size. But there is a props called shouldAutoFocus which takes a boolean value as input. But I Still can't ab...

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9:22 AM
Q: Disagree with closing the question with bounty by moderator, reason "needs more "

Aleksandr BeluginThe question Moderator said the post was too broad for Stack Overflow The evidence why question is focused enough: The question is many times upvoted. The question has many answers. The answers are many times upvoted. There is answer, which solution defenetely does not what OP wanted, it...

9:52 AM
Q: We shouldn't [microfocus] our tags so much

AdelinThere's a company, MicroFocus, that has it's own tag on StackOverflow: microfocus, with 93 questions at this point. The tag doesn't add anything useful to the question; Questions related to MicroFocus are off topic; Usually the questions tagged with this company name are also tagged with the ac...

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11:57 AM
Q: Confusing tag Google-api-client

DaImToI just ran across this tag Google-api-client Which appears to have 1,434 questions tagged under it. Currnt stats of google apis Google-api or Google APIs is a list of APIs available though Google We have a number of tags related to these apis Google-Drive-api, Google-Analytics-API Google...

12:15 PM
Q: What main features would a social network like Stack Overflow have and how would they make the platform a social network?

Trilarion Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, boasts an ambitious vision: to make “the sum of all human knowledge” freely available on the internet. Its strategy for doing so? Turn everyday web users into unpaid, online “editors”. Guardian article Nov 2019 Does that sound familiar? Wik...

12:45 PM
Q: What is the frequency that the developer history tag's percentage score is updated?

VencovskyI know that some scores takes time to be updated and I would like to know when the percentage of the tag is updated? I'm not sure if I'm clear on what is updated, so here is an image In what frequency, this percentage is updated?

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3:08 PM
Looks like the RO room was frozen
ro-ro-ro-ro-room, frozen still in time... verily, verily, verily, verily, how do I make this rime?
@Cerbrus Appears so, yes. I didn't have a tab for it open on my tablet the last few days so didn't think about checking in... @SamuelLiew?
3:40 PM
Done, room is melted now
@SamuelLiew Oh no!
4:26 PM
Q: ReactJS - replacing dynamic string refs with useRef in hooks for little complicated scenarios

user12893845I have a react class based component with usage of dynamic refs. I need to refactor that code to hooks using useRef dynamically. export default class App extends Component { navigate(item) { if (item === 'home') { Object.keys(this.refs).map(function(ref) { if (ref.endsWith(...

4:50 PM
Q: Recovering a deleted question or creating a new one?

Roberto CaboniIntroduction Usually, whenever I need some technical advice, I don't need to ask a new question: most interesting questions on popular topics already have wonderful answers. Furthermore, I usually don't ask questions for debugging help, because I like to debug my code myself both in case of a l...

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6:44 PM
Q: Burninate office-store tag?

Pascal CuoqPrevious discussion In that discussion, commenters weren't sure whether Microsoft was actually inviting people to post explicitly off-topic question on this tag. Microsoft does invite people to ask off-topic questions on SO here: If you have general questions about policies, processes, or va...

6:56 PM
Q: Bigger the reputation, higher the expectation?

12379095It is seen that the OP will go for the posts / answers from members with higher reputation score straight way in anticipation for a quality answer. And as a corollary, they feel let down when their questions do not get responded to by such members. Why do people tend to take SO members with high...

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8:02 PM
Q: Two questions and several days lost to finally get such a simple answer: but why?

FalkenA few days ago I posted a question describing a problem I had in building a GUI with Python. As expected, a moderator immediately commented with a request for the infamous "minimum reproducible example" that I hadn't provided. I replied that I would prefer to use my time to keep looking for an an...

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10:50 PM
Q: How to lift answer ban with only one answer?

lbovet I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Use placeholders in yaml I just answered this question since I am working on a related tool. My post has been downvoted (may be legit, though) and now I have an answer ban. How can I make the answer ban lifted since I have only one editable ...


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