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7:01 PM
@MattMcDonald that froze my browser...
@Matt so the table methods are actually slower?
in webkit, by a lot
@Neal Guess what, the chrome extension didn't work on Windows XP. So it isn't a Linux issue at all -.-
hangs chrome
@Harmen ahhh haaa
7:06 PM
soorrrrrryyyyy xd
yeah it ran really poorly in Chrome 12
table methods win in IE8
it really is about priorities, it seems
choose to optimize what you want
Q: I made an HTML5/Javascript game. Do I have to license it?

So I created an HTML5/Javascript online game. I host it on my website for anyone to play for free. I am still currently working on it (updates come weekly usually). Do I need to license my game? And if so, what license do you recommend? I was looking at some open source licenses like GPLv3, but i...

The worst Chrome 14 is still three times faster than the best IE8
7:13 PM
hey guys
i know this isnt the CSS section but I would like to ask if there is a property to attribute that lets you overrite one picture over another
what do you mean @LiquidNitrogen?
like overwriting the src from the css file?
I have a title, but the problem is the dark picture of background comes after the title so it covers the title....I cant mess up the order in which I put them in my code
position: relative + z-index
7:16 PM
so if i can give priority to the title over the background then the title will appear on top of background
@LiquidNitrogen @MattMcDonald Probably has the right of it
uhh...never heard of it how do i use that?
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;

    position: relative;
    z-index: 2;
background is an iamge
this assumes that you don't have any stupid scripts/styles that have a z-index >= 9999 that could interfere
7:19 PM
@LiquidNitrogen if its an image thats fine z-index will still work
ok let me give this a try
hahah problem....
title is a menu list..
if you link to the live site it would make it easier
Q: Javascript and Jquery learning

user29333I have managed to master XHTML/CSS and now i'm thinking to move on and try to learn jquery.There is only one problem everyone says that in order to beter understant Jquery I must learn Javascript. I already started to read the w3school.com tutorial on javascript but I am wondering to what extent ...

@LiquidNitrogen are u also @ErrorErrorError ?
7:23 PM
It is!
many lols
@Neal lol
yeh i am, i cant ask questions on Error lol
@LiquidNitrogen you are not supposed to do that...
why cant you?
it points me to some url
low quality questions :P
if your account is locked out, respect that - you're not supposed to create new ones lol
7:25 PM
@LiquidNitrogen so u cant make another account
too bad so sad..
i did
i did make another acc
i cant ask questions on meta for the same reason
why dont they ever remove that lol
i mean if u got 200+ rep u shud be allowed to ask questions
@LiquidNitrogen they do if you get a few upvotes on ur answers
okay error, your problem isn't what you think it is, you have the wrong url on the background image.
it should just be url(nav-bg.jpg); not url(images/nav-bg.jpg);
7:27 PM
Q: When is it right to report multiple accounts?

Brisbe42There's a user, anirudha, who has a rather checkered history of creating alternate accounts, whether for sock-puppeting or skirting suspensions. He's now created a new account, anirudha gupta. As always, the account looks to be very clearly his, down to the same avatar, same website, etc. In t...

@david right ye are.
url on my background image is alert2.jpg
not that background image
the one I posted
Q: Suspended user creating new accounts

Brisbe42I've noticed one user on Stack Overflow, anirudha, who has caused some problems. He's on his second or third penalty box, and has created sock puppet accounts before. Unfortunately, I've now seen him creating a new account, anirudha, while suspended. My question is, is it against the rules to ...

background-image: url("alert2.JPG");
7:29 PM
you also have another messed up url somewhere, the console reported 2 404s. I don't know where it is though
you're an idiot ><
@LiquidNitrogen wth is this site anyway?
its my webhost
im trying to make a site lol
but the god damn menu isnt cooperating
Fix the background image on your menu!
not the whole page, just the menu
it should just be url(nav-bg.jpg); not url(images/nav-bg.jpg);
7:33 PM
wth is that iframe
this website still looks like its from 1996
this is the code for my menu
<div class="nav-container-outer">
<img src="nav-bg-l.jpg" alt="" class="float-left" />
<img src="nav-bg-r.jpg" alt="" class="float-right" />
<ul id="nav-container" class="nav-container">
<li><a class="item-primary" href="http://dev.icalapp.rogersdigitalmedia.com.rogers-test.com/website.php" target="_self">Home</a>
<li><span class="divider divider-vert" ></span></li>
<li><a class="item-primary" href="http://dev.icalapp.rogersdigitalmedia.com.rogers-test.com/How-to.htm" target="_self">How-to</a>
i dont see anything pointing at the images directory
You righteous flaming tree llama
line 9 of menu_style.css
change that
oh lol! i was just opening that....
7:36 PM
My bad lol...my brain is really dead been programming 17 hours straight no breaks
only 17 hours?
r u kidding me
heck man we go 4-5 days before we take a break.
yeah right......
7:38 PM
no serious.
@rpastorelle Heh. Whoops.
@LiquidNitrogen programming is my job....
thats what i do all week
yeah u only have to work 7-8 hours a day no?
i once was here from 9am to 1130 pm
im usually here 8 am to 6 pm everyday
but ofcourse
ur time counts much more than mine
since im stuck on shitty problems for a long time
7:40 PM
(fyi i was kidding about 4-5 days. i'm 16, remember?)
thomas r u seriously 16?
no i was kidding. :-\. yes, i am.
Could someone take a look at pastebin.com/b1Lfhbne please ? I have a unterminated string literal error and still can't find it..
@LiquidNitrogen wait. someone is paying u to make that site?
@JonathanLaf wow weird
7:42 PM
really tired of searching loll bad day -.-
@neal its not the site that im really making but rather a program ive already made that I need a site for so im making one
@JonathanLaf i'm thinking it's not working when you're trying to escape the single quote that one spot?
I think is this too
but why ! :|
try using double quotes and escaping those.
nah, i think you have a newline in the middle of it
7:45 PM
I can't do that thomas
@JonathanLaf I think @david is right
after haute<br /> is there a newline @JonathanLaf?
i'm inserting this with PHP already using double quote for interpret for a newline ;) :P
echo "var m_infowindow = '".$html_string."'; \n";
not supose to have a newline after the BR
i use nl2br in php ^o)
@ThomasShields codes like a boss.
100hours of code, 5 hours of sleep.
@LiquidNitrogen God damn that website is fugly.
@Raynos nah we broke the joke already. :D
good try though.
@Raynos one guess who @LiquidNitrogen is.
7:48 PM
i read a friggin long ass article on good websites....its under construction :P n i like dark colors i dont like lighter colors so i think it looks fine
@JonathanLaf @david Is definitely right. You need to terminate the string on one line, use the concatenation operator (.), and then continue your string on the next line.
@RyanKinal don't see the newline I use nl2br to remove them... just don't see anything else..
@ThomasShields Is it @Neal ?
@JonathanLaf Lines 9 and 10 of your pasted source
7:50 PM
@Raynos no much worse
@LiquidNitrogen My eyes they bleed
@LiquidNitrogen ... seriously ? :S
@ThomasShields is it @nyuszika ?
what the hell change ur eyes!
@Raynos think of another horrible website
7:50 PM
@LiquidNitrogen seriously :\ you can't design.
@LiquidNitrogen netmagazine.com
whats wrong with it T_T
I think that there's a troll right here :|
Buy a subscription
@Raynos is what?
7:51 PM
Read the last 10 articles.
@Neal I was suggesting @LiquidNitrogen is your sock puppet :D
@JonathanLaf I thought so too, but it's far too indepth for a troll :o
unless he is really really good
@Raynos haha no its @ErrorErrorError
lol @david
7:52 PM
@Raynos @Error couldnt ask any more SO Q's (banned) so made another acct...
@LiquidNitrogen why did u get banned
I thought he was just blocked from asking Q's on meta?
Or was that neal?
pastebin.com/eQNGY2dL (PHP source that generate de JS previously posted)
at the beginning i didnt quite know the proper SO way of asking questions so mostof my questions got - rep so it doesnt let me ask questions
after i figured out you are suppose to provide detailed pictures and descriptions of your code in order for people to not -rep u....
you don't have to "figure it out" there's a detailed FAQ you're supposed to read...
7:58 PM
dammit... like I already said... it's a troll just ignore him :|
@david that was me
lol jonathan ur a troll
I suspect jonathan might be trolling too... but I will give him the benefit of the doubt
@thomas i read that entire guide you gave me on html and CSS
i dont get why this website is not good....i spent so long on it lol
@david not really loll, I don't have time to loose trolling...
8:00 PM
nl2br is meant for directly writing html, not for creating javascript. It doesn't /replace/ newlines with <br />s, it puts <br />s infront of newlines, so the newline is still there.
which is why your code is dying.
@LiquidNitrogen as i have said before and ill say again. you cant do web design, get someone else to do it.
@david okay !!! I wasn't know that ! thx !
i bet ull like it if i make it whtie and light colored as everyone else
but i dont want that....
so i guess ull always dislike mine
@LiquidNitrogen bing.com/…
@Jonathan I wasn't to know that either :S I'm not a php programmer. You should google more!
8:02 PM
@LiquidNitrogen thats not it. ur site is just crappy lol
what is with this bing nonsense @ThomasShields?
developers developers developers developers!
"crappy" isnt details enough too vague tell me something so i know what to work on
@david googling the same thing whatever
@LiquidNitrogen just do a redesign. dont use iframes (unless u rly need to) and redesign it so it is congruent and does not look at misplaced
8:03 PM
I think jAndy has contracted something :S
holy cow since when did google get this awesome redesign it looks awesome
8:04 PM
thomas those design principals's video has messed up sound
i cant hear it
pretty blackish
@ThomasShields ??
Who is flagging liquid -.-
what redesign?
That's really annoying
8:05 PM
its jonathan i bet
@Neal like darker black/red
@ThomasShields heh?
i dont see it
it's just google.de I guess
Can the children stop the DAMNED flagging.
german version looks much more 1337 now
8:06 PM
@Raynos ha i agree
I'd prefer hot pink.. but looks also fine
@Raynos dont flag @Raynos...
@ThomasShields whoa. funky
i like the new voice and image search tho
they are awesome
@Neal yeah ditto
lol i like how google voice doesnt understand me lol
8:08 PM
reminds me on that microsoft live presentation couple of years ago.. where the software understood everything but the speaker
pretty funny
wasn't that the vista voice demo?
lemme see
Ha! pwned
8:11 PM
they sure worked on it in Windows 7 though. it works fine for me.
@ThomasShields when/why do u use voice commands?
@Neal for fun lol
also hot
that's the Phil Haack of the 90's...
8:14 PM
I'm reminded of Bill Gates in the south park movie
(regarding windows 98)
"lapislazuli is from minecraft
00uigi 3 minutes ago

@00uigi Actually, it's a real type of stone.
chuggaaconroy 2 minutes ago 13
So much for people's knowledge about the real world >_>
to whoever I was talking about semantics and all and whoever else: oo.apphb.com/Blog/Post/5
8:33 PM
@ThomasShields prob was @LiquidNitrogen
@Neal no @Raynos and a bunch of others and I were having a big discussion
@ThomasShields have you read Designing with Web Standards, by Jeffrey Zeldman?
@ThomasShields ahhh
@codelahoma no. is it good?
lol no im not
8:35 PM
It's beyond good. It's indispensable. You should grab the second edition and consider getting the companion book Developing with Web Standards, by John Allsop.
@codelahoma awesome, thanks for the tip. marks down
my web host is soo annoying.....it sometimes doesnt make changes to the stuff i add till after 10 minutes....til then im thinking something wrong with my code still...
@ThomasShields Also, darken your content font a bit if you want us older guys to read it on your site. (saved by Readability)
@codelahoma okay thanks. It was even lighter so I thought i had fixed it but i'll notch it up on your advice. half a sec.
Preferably to #000000 :-)
8:39 PM
Hi @PepperedLemons :-)
Whats up. Im just looking to see how these chat rooms work and all that fun stuff
@codelahoma do you have dev tools? is #444 good?
Much better.
@PepperedLemons :-) it is fun stuff ^_^
@codelahoma okay i'll change it to that.
come on GIT.
GIT commit message: "fixed the font color for older peeps"
and voila.
hurray my site doesn't break when zoomed in. forgot to check that.
8:47 PM
but it does get a horizontal scrollbar because you're using pixel width instead of percentages. :-(
@codelahoma well yeah... but if i used percentages it would die when i zoomed
it wouldn't zoom right
I could use min-width...
but IE6-7 would fart.
and i like the fixed width.
@IvoWetzel I'll hit silver in node tomorrow :)
For that, you get another recommendation. :-)

[*Responsive Web Design*](http://www.abookapart.com/products/responsive-web-design), by Ethan Marcotte (co-author of DwWS, 2nd ed).
@codelahoma haha okay.
Ugh...so it's not true markdown?
8:53 PM
@codelahoma can you give me a convincing reason to use percentages though?
Ethan can better than I can.
hang on a sec...
in your web inspector set <div id="page"> 's width to 70% then start zooming way in and out...
the content breaks
you can't achieve a true zoom effect.
@ThomasShields The article from whence the book evolved: alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design
@codelahoma cool, thanks
percentages are great, except when you have to do things like 3.3434123541515%
8:59 PM
What's wrong with that? You do have a calculator, don't you?
@codelahoma some browsers choke on decimals like that.
also if you're creating a new page it's annoying to have to convert to percentage for every small change
@Radu Then don't until you've settled on the design.
Q: IE (bug) percentages with background-position

DanI'm having an issue in IE only with a background image for an element in a flexible/fluid layout. Basically, I need the background image (which is 1px by 1px) to tile vertically. When the layout is at full width, the background image sits at 676px from the left which when converted to percentage...

hey gotta run guys. @codelahoma i'll get back to you on percentages; that article looks cool.
minor quip, but the way resig abuses commas makes me vomit
now that you mention it, that is, some serious, comma cruelty
they don't need to look the same but at least they've got to have layouts that don't overflow
it'd be nice if you could specify default behaviour for rounding
width:25% bankers-rounding;
or maybe something like overflow:squeeze where contents are squeezed into the container so even if you've got 101% it looks okay
1 hour later…
10:23 PM
my brain hurts...
stop poking it with that stick
11:00 PM
Q: I need a webpage to host my javascript!

Does anyone know a website that hosts javascripts on their page? I have a research project that needs to collect some RTT from all over the world and compare them together. I have written the javascript code for that but I do not have a high hit rate website to put it on to collect data. I know ...

11:37 PM
2 messages moved to Sandbox
11:48 PM
oi oi guys, my website wasnt shitty :P i just found out you guys couldnt see it properly....
the embedded links inside, especially iframe neal you asked about, is an embedded site i put that is hosted on our company's apache server so you couldnt see it
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