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8:00 PM
and ignored
@rlemon You should have said "Use the shift, Luke"
IOW, I can't parse it, but I know what you're getting at :-)
@xtal Uncle Bob wouldn't have approved
No Christmas Huggles for me this year ;_;
@Zirak Yeah ... where are your unit tests?
8:01 PM
@rlemon haha I came out of nowhere. I assumed it was trolling code, but I had no context, but i continued anyway...
Actually, Kent Beck nailed it when he wrote sUnit. Great design.
1:30 left to not be late... I assume it would take me 3 hours to do what is left and I have my cigaret pause to take...
Cloning sUnit is the first thing to be done when learning a new programming language.
Meh. 'SUnit'. Frickin' case conventions. Pain in t'arse.
I rest my case.
hi all, i have a question about $.fn.yiiListView.update (part of Yii). When giving it no data it will send the last get request instead. is there a way to stop that functionality?
@dievardump The spectacular 3d effect ones are yawn. But there's some clever stuff there. I like some of the more low-key ones.
Ah, in that case, nice!
This is a more productive game: vim-adventures.com
That, or NetHack.
Frickin' camel-case again.
it's funny but paying for it? wth
8:22 PM
Yeah, that surprised me.
The first section is free.
If the fee went here, then I'd pay it.
Just curious, if anyone knows, what does the copyright law say about pseudonyms? If I say (c) Zirak, does that hold the same "protection" as if I said (c) My Actual Name?
Otherwise you can just fire up vimtutor.
@Zirak I don't know off the top of my head. But I believe that an author's copyright is automatic, and that 'Copyright 2012 Zirak' isn't necessary.
Berne Convention or something.
Proof helps though.
I used to read a lot of music magazines. They used to recommend recording your music, mailing it to yourself via recorded delivery, and then storing the package, unopened in a safety deposit box.
yeah (and that kinda sucks), but it's the "what if" I find interesting. What sort of legal position do pseudonyms take? Are they interchangeable with names? Can you, as a citizen, sue the entity "Zirak"? What does it mean?
Personally I find copyright odd, and label everything I do under WTFPL, but the legal world is fascinating in the amount of bullshit it managed to acquire
The entity Zirak likely has a singular person behind it who can be sued. The link just needs to be established.
@Zirak I think that Github will be an important in future history. The sheer amount of completely free intellectual property is staggering.
Can someone tell me why the trigger in this fiddle doesn't toggle the panel. You have to resize the result to less than 300px to get the trigger to appear and I'm trying to make it toggle the .contents. jsfiddle.net/zUqyN/2
8:33 PM
But I find other "Ziraks" sometimes. Cheat Engine forums has about 3 Ziraks, with varying names, who aren't me; twitter has some, zirak.com and zirak.net are taken (I thought I had an original name...oh well.) And there's no real ID. So say my name was Zirak Montana, there could be 17 bagillion other Zirak Montanas, but I'd have a personal ID. The closest thing we have to an ID is an IP, but that can be spoofed.
That "link" is very shaky
Real names aren't unique either.
Yeah, but as said, we all have an ID
Only a genetic one.
I want to get a loktar tatoo
Of Valinor! penisland!
8:37 PM
@PolluxKhafra use .on(...) jsfiddle.net/maniator/zUqyN/4
@Zirak huh?
Check the link if you dare
@Zirak ...
lol I do not dare.
@Neal ahhh cool thankx!!
8:39 PM
unless its a picture of a pen that is land
@Loktar it is a pen website...
Welcome to PenIsland!
You dirty, dirty minds...
8:40 PM
Okay, that's +1 for camelCase.
We shall make a new convention, and call it penis-case
@Loktar than what?
@Neal It's a curried predicate.
8:42 PM
ahhh the power of the space
@xtal ?
You're on to something.
8:44 PM
I bet you penisland.net gets a crap shit of hits just because of the domain
Never mind IEEE 754, I demand Roman numerals.
@Neal Sounded good at the time.
@rlemon read it (penis LAND) lol sorry for making fun
... ooook
var foo = XI;
while(foo) {
   /// heheheh
@BasicBridge that would be the joke.... lol
@BasicBridge Welcome to 10 minutes ago
8:47 PM
@BasicBridge There's fashionably late, and then there's what you did.
Google might gonna ban it. soon
Actually I think you are on to something.
A new kind of naming convention.
Italians need to learn that domain names when viewed in english mean TOTALLY different things.
oops - looks like the domain was purchased
Q: Direct Question Edit Links

H.B. This script adds an edit link to the question summary, saving frequent editors the trouble of "entering" the question first. Adjust includes as needed: // ==UserScript== // @require https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js // @name Direct Question ...

I think they are fully aware.
"Menlove Dental Practice". Epic.
@Zirak Epic? :-)
Okay, fine. camelCase FTW.
hi i've a container div. container div has many divs consisting of checkboxes. i want to get checkedboxes inside all divs but excluding div#1,2,3. Is there something like $($('.sections ).not(eq(0,1,2)) input[type='checkbox']:checked) , .section is class on divs.
8:52 PM
@jjpd: starting something with $($(is usually bad.
@jjpd I just use HTML for that.
@xtal: :checked is a fake selector, it won't work in CSS.
I actually worked at Kuntz kuntz.com
8:53 PM
and I don't think [checked] resembles the property but the attribute (which usually never changes)
@ThiefMaster Misread, unclear English.
Well the fact is was English is irrelevant. Unclear thought.
how to write 'not' or excluding syntax if i get all divs and want to skip first 3
or :gt(2); not sure if 0 or 1-based
8:58 PM
@Loktar wut?
Array.prototype.slice too fancy?
or you can just slice your array...
gt:(3) is single. i said another 3, which is first,second,third. i've to exclude first,second and third divs if i get collection of divs.
1. Find the divs. 2. Find the checkboxes.
not(div:get(0)).not(div:get(1)).not(div:get(2)) is correct syntax?
9:00 PM
sorry. misunderstood. mixed gt and get
Have some mercy; your code's suffering!


This room is often empty cept rlemon. he's always here.
i will use gt
9:02 PM
thanks. let me read slice
Hehe. I just meant to link to it, but I'm in the jQuery room.
waves to @rlemon
@SomeKittens It as to be a joke
@jjpd did you understand the slice thing ?
yes. it is slicing of array elements. it is perfect in my case. i didn't use it much so it wasn't in my mind when needed. thanks for ur cooperation.
9:20 PM
What's jQuery's use case again?
9:36 PM
@Zirak Seen this? hop.perl.plover.com/book
wow, that's a crappy output :/
meh, cbf to make it better. Spent the 20 minutes...
@xtal Nope, just dived into perl; thanks
np; he's a good writer
@xtal wow, that's an elegant way to do binary conversions
9:57 PM
@rlemon been banging my head at this for 2 hours, it's surpisingly hard :D jsfiddle.net/Ukvx8/6
the wordwrap needs some tweaking
40,50 seems to work well on this
anyone 'round?
for some value of "around"
10:12 PM
I'm actually sat in my garden taking pictures of the Lagoon and Triffid Nebulae
If anyone would, please, take a look at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11621099/chrome-extension-append-push-json-data-into-localstorage
Hopefully it's not bad form to post questions via this channel this way.
@rlemon do check it out jsfiddle.net/Ukvx8/7
added 2 tables now jsfiddle.net/Ukvx8/8
damn, I hate it when satellites fly through my pictures :(
@Esailija you're in Finland aren't you?
did you see any aurora this year?
10:23 PM
in winter I guess
can't remember
I live in southern part, don't get them that much here
hardly ever see them here. Saw them once, in about 1988
hoping I might see some in Vancouver next week
it's further south than here, but much closer to the magnetic north pole
doesn't the season also matter quite a bit
like it has to be winter?
no, it just has to be dark :)
you just get more darkness than we do ;-)
it does slightly depend on the season
since it depends on how easily the particles can follow the earth's magnetic field lines
10:29 PM
yeah indeed, since in north finland the sun doesn't even fully set in mid summer :P
which depends on whether the pole is facing towards the sun, or not
back in 5min
I am going to bed now though ( 1 am ) :P
@rlemon please review latest updates jsfiddle.net/Ukvx8/10
I have a draggable hidden div on top of an table , when I click a button the div appears inside the table , but the table moves down as if the div was occupying is original space. How do I remove that?
@Alnitak in vancouver it is very rare to see them. But under the right conditions people have .
@Esailija im on my phone. When i get to my pc yes i will
S/people have/they can be seen
@Giovanniditoro use position:absolute; on the div and position:relative on its parent container
gonna try that now
10:41 PM
That assumes the container is the td you wabt it to appear over.. some top and left properties to augment the position
And z-index on the div to a higher value than thr table cell
worked , thanks
Np and all from my smart phone heheheh
Its hard to write code on these things
Jsfiddle looks and functions like shit on dolphin hd browser
no a smartphone here myself
meant fan not here
my brain is on meltdown
this is what I've been working on tonight - still a work in progress
a painting, the world it self or just staring at it?
10:52 PM
my picture?
your work for tonight
it's a photograph, that I just took
@Zirak Bot why aren't you in your room? :(
you get points for pure pwnage reference
@Alnitak , how far from city are you ?
11:00 PM
@tereško about 10 miles from Oxford
that glow on the left is the Milky Way,not street lights
hmm .. i assumed it was city lights
there's maybe a little light pollution in that part of the frame, but the bulk of that is just the milky way
zooms the picture to 100% ... yeah , we are definitely alone in this galaxy
In the 2% you can see
not a believer but hopefull
we're all just just settling in
*just dust
11:07 PM
@rlemon are you referring to dark matter ?
I'm quite please with that for an evening's work :)
should get more done tomorrow - left the mount outside so I don't have to re-align the damned thing again tomorrow night!
No amount of the milky way visible at any observer on earth. Although ive been drinking so my memory onbthe subject might be skewed, but i know it is small
To teresko
@rlemon oh .. yeah .. that's an issue too
11:11 PM
The astrometry bot on flickr is great - it automatically tags your images with stuff - flickr.com/photos/raybellis/7633233384
Yea... we are so impressed by what we know about ohr universe, or rather speculate to know. But in rwality we know so little about what is out there, and how it came to be.
Damn phone..... no browser auto correct... full touch needs that shit
@Alnitak that's awesome
thanks :)
how much it cost you to buy such telescope
actually I didn't use a telescope for that
EQ6 Pro (tracking) mount - EOS 550D, 200mm f/2.8 L lens
about £2000 worth
11:18 PM
ow that's cool.
£600 of which is that lens
have you ever check Universe Sandbox
then check it's cool software. based on exact data and info.
i observed something cool near mars that would happen in 2013
time for bed now, or I'll be too tired to take more photos tomorrow night
11:25 PM
ok bye
11:45 PM
some one know how to trigger
window.webkitNotifications.createNotification(url, title, body)
automatically as gmail or stackoverflow do when content updated.?

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