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2:00 PM
btw whats crooked in that ?
that's the one I was talking about - the builtin one
see that issue I opened. You can't make a "connected" UDP socket with it
that's not the solution
even though UDP is strictly "connectionless", at the system call level it's possible to "connect" a UDP socket to a remote address, so that each subsequent send goes only to that address
and you only then receive packets from that address
it means you don't have to send the remote address/port in every sendto call, you can use send instead
@tereško It was just a joke. Everyone seems to take your advise/opinion very seriously in the PHP room, so I just extrapolate it saying people fear your opinion.
Sorry, I didn't mean any offense
lol someone in Lounge<C++> was making fun of someone who tried to use main1() and main2() in a main class to force it to be run on 2 CPU.. funny, lol
remainds me when I started but still I think I never had ideas like that
2:08 PM
I've never done something like that. All code I write is bug-free
Oh don't remind me of foolishness with C++/C
or C ;-)
@Alnitak that is really crooked but i dont think nobody in nodejs team is intrested :-(
@Abhishek Isn't that redundant?
Today i experienced yet another awesomeness
[ i am pretty sure all of you know enough c++ to understand this ]
2:09 PM
I quite like the idea of Node. Unfortunately I fear the API is going the way of PHP...
what is it ?
void swap ( int * a, int * b){ // She says this is call by reference
   int t = *a;
  *b = *a;
  *a = t;

void main(){
  int a = 1,b =2; swap(&a,&b);
@Fred , well .. not everyone is lucky enough to get a mentor when learning the basics
i am pretty sure this is supposed to be called call by address aye ?
"reference" is fine
reference/pointer/address... they're all the same
2:12 PM
@tereško For all else, there's W3Schools
@tereško personally I learned all by myself, got to college and university but I can ensure you that self experiment is better than every mentor or course
@SomeKittens , thats only if you are unfortunate enough to start with making websites ( which , sadly , nowadays is how kids start programming )
@Fred what ? That did not come out in english ..
@Abhishek that code appears to be legal.
Full admission time: W3Schools is where I learned most of the basics of web stuff (The teacher for my Web Design class didn't teach well).
@Fred Mentor/teacher is better than anything.
someone really ought to write a proper W3 schools site... wish I had the time
2:15 PM
@Alnitak legal ?
w3fools ?
"mentor" - a professional on the subject , not an academic
@Abhishek what he meant is that there's nothing wrong
@Abhishek yes. I don't see any errors in it. It looks like it would do what it's supposed to.
oh i see!
2:16 PM
and "by reference" is fine
and Florian is right, this is as close as you get to "pass by reference" in pure C.
4 mins ago, by Florian Margaine
reference/pointer/address... they're all the same
posted on July 23, 2012

After part 1, here is part 2 of the quarterly mobile (and sometimes desktop) browser stats for the twelve countries I’ve been following since Q4 2010. As always, the stats are according to StatCounter. Your donation for keeping this series up and running would be much appreciated. The Netherlands The Dutch mobile browser market is becoming more of a pure Safari/Android race, with Sa

i thought the best idea to do by reference was
void swap(int &a,int &b){
  a = a+b;
  b = a-b;
  a = a -b;
if you used a real reference variable in C++ it would result in exactly the same assembly code as the pointer version
2:17 PM
makes sense.
that only works for numbers - the pointer based version could be extended (with templates) to work with any type
what's a template in C++?
The best way to swap variables is with a temporary one. Any decent compiler will see what you are doing and generate the most appropriate code for it.
I mean, when you experiment by yourself, you fully assimilate every single concept, you may even be able to teach them as well; then if it is someone that gives you a list of what you must know you are more likely to forget something or be inconfortable with some details
something like this
void swap ( void * a , void * b){
  void * c = a;
  a = b;
  b = c;
2:18 PM
@ThiefMaster any compiler will just use XOR? ;o)
you know - void swap<T>(T& a, T& b)
that wil :3
@Abhishek no, that doesn't work
@Alnitak I don't know what C++ templates are, just wondering if there is a "simple explanation"
** that will
2:19 PM
That code you just posted won't work.
if u just change the data-type to void before calling it (x , but in other cases it will fail yours is much better idea.
@FlorianMargaine they're somewhat like generics in Java
@Fred That's some foolish thinking. Only with an experienced mentor will you discover where you are wrong.
I think I'm going to google this :)
@Alnitak .... yeap it wont (xD) oops i just realized.
2:20 PM
in java/c++ I've only been to the basics
not done much in it
i am still thinking in turbo C 3.1 where there is no Template.
I've done more in C# though
@FlorianMargaine woot!
@FlorianMargaine simple answer - they allow the same class/method to be compiled in multiple variants, with different classes as the parameters
I think C# has generics too
thanks :)
@Abhishek perhaps that tutor's not quite so bad after all...
shes okay.
obviously the auto stuff was pure bullshit. But this stuff looks OK.
// i dont wanna speak of the whole day some stuff was again horrible today but. i will skip it
she was talking about javascript , hence i wont qoute that
"js is child playground"
> If you still don't know what recursion is, read this sentence.
2:26 PM
"with jQuery you can do stuff which you cant do with javascript"
screw her
told ya i dont wanna quote.
@Abhishek Could be a quote from one of my professors :D
lol, so jquery was made with a magic wand :D
There are three types of people in the world:
- Those that don't understand recursion
- Those that understand recursion
- Those that know that there are three types of people in the world:
- Those that don't understand recursion
- Those that understand recursion
- Those that know that there are three types of people in the world:
2:27 PM
@Fred most programmers think so
@FlorianMargaine No don't, then she'll reproduce!
they think jQuery is magic wand and John Resig is dumbledore
@SomeKittens hey shes damn cute!
@SomeKittens There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary, and the others.
i shouldn't be coding during nighttime anymore i think
just stumbled over a comment from last week
well, no time for that, at least it works :P
@GNi33 I put that at the top of all of my files.
2:31 PM
@SomeKittens -> Meta Stack Overflow
@Abhishek pictures or it didn't happen
@ThiefMaster They don't like me there
@Alnitak tomorro i will get em ;-)
You'll certainly get an upvote from me.. edit pings are super-annoying if the ping isn't new in the edit.
@Abhishek so does it have to be wrong ? I still wait to know about a successful programmer that never thought by himself
2:32 PM
@Fred sorry no native english parser please use lower level english or javascript
Q: Eliminate repinging in chat upon edit

SomeKittensIt's quite irritating to have a chat message re-ping several times when it's edited. Can we change the ping code so that it only re-pings if the @ was added/changed?

wth, there was two upvotes, and one edit by Thief... and now, nothing.
A: Eliminate repinging in chat upon edit

Florian MargaineI'm against this feature request. When I'm pinged, and the author changed the content of the sentence, I like to have the correction pinged. Even if it's just a typo, it's often something worth a ping. How cheap is a ping btw?!

Hi all ^_^
only 6 more :-)
Q: .prop() vs .attr()

NealOk. So jQuery 1.6 has the new function prop(). $(selector).click(function(){ //instead of: this.getAttribute('style'); //do i use: $(this).prop('style'); //or: $(this).attr('style'); }) or in this case do they do the same thing? And if I do have to switch to using pro...

5 more
2:36 PM
Array(11).join(+'a') + ' somekittens! :p'
@Alnitak eh?
I assumed you were counting towards 250 upvotes?
@Alnitak no. 100 favorites lol
nope, he wants "favorited questions"
5 more
2:37 PM
I don't mind giving upvotes to people
@Alnitak haha it just so happened that 250 upvotes and 100 favs were the same # away lol
favorite questions are favorite though :(
@FlorianMargaine why do you care about being notified of typos being fixed?
a good example for prop vs attr is href
the attr is what's in the source, the prop will be normalised to an absolute URL
2:39 PM
@Alnitak Interesting.
@Esailija you're abusing :p
and I don't really care
making a point in style :P
Well, that went over well.
but fixed typos often make better sense
when the author has typos that don't make sense, the author is probably those who don't edit their posts
2:40 PM
But I care when you fix typos. — BoltClock's a Unicorn Dec 13 '11 at 17:42
@FlorianMargaine what?
and guys
I don't mind you pinging me, really
I don't have sound or stuff
Ahh there we go ^_^
@Neal TJCrowder's answer mentions that href difference
ok so design pattern time: I have a separate controller for each 'section' of the site ( news, products, etc ) and one master 'admin' controller... however as i'm building all the management functions this admin controller is getting huge. should I just add the admin functions to their specific controllers and check permissions in the functions? does this make sense? I was always under the mindset you would have a new controller for admin functions (although as I think about it idk why)
2:41 PM
Hi folks.
really flag?
I hate it when people try to "fix" my British English spelling...
@Moshe Hi hi
ping spam remains spam :/
2:41 PM
Neal, that you? (As in, the Neal I met in NY months ago?)
@Alnitak link or it didn't happen
@FlorianMargaine you don't have sounds on? That explains it :P
@Alnitak all of those answers (for the most part) are awesome
@Moshe I think I am me ^_^
why would I have sound at work?
@FlorianMargaine the spelling? I don't have any links handy
2:42 PM
nah, the "fixing"
Ok, cool.
@Moshe Ani lo yodeya mi ani.
Ah, that's you. huge smile
(I suck at hebrew....)
@FlorianMargaine it happens sometimes, it would take a while to find an example in my activity history
2:42 PM
@Moshe wassup? ^_^
So for everyone in this room who doesn't know me, I'm an iOS dev with some background in web development some 5 or more years ago.
I'm toying with HTML5 canvas now.
@Moshe talk to @rlemon abt that stuff. he is a master
@Fred My bet would be Raynos.
rlemon isn't a master
@FlorianMargaine LOL
2:44 PM
@Loktar is
Well, anyone here...
@Neal seriously, rlemon is way behind loktar :)
he can write tetris in 2hours :|
@FlorianMargaine haha I don't know things....
Just trying to get off the ground again. Where does good HTML and Javascript documentation/reference live online nowadays?
@FlorianMargaine i can do in 1
2:44 PM
@Moshe MDN for JS
@Moshe Here.
but i will use CSS 3 (XD)
sitepoint for html/css
Links folks, please?
MDN = Mozilla Developer Network
2:45 PM
@Neal FWIW, I think TJC's notes about data- attributes are wrong
what is loktar ?
oh hah Im no master :P
@Moshe all your links google.com
I just like canvas
@FlorianMargaine Knew that.
@Loktar yes you arent a master you are just a god :D
2:45 PM
all you need about JS is on MDN :)
lol whatever guys here put me to shame all the time :P
@Neal In my experience, they set the default value of the .data('foo') value, but if you call .data('foo', 'bar') it does not set the attribute, but does set a property on that element
not about canvas
I think I went too crazy with CSS animations on a site I'm working on haha
2:46 PM
@raynos and @Zirak friggin pwn me like crazy
i think the CSS tutorials are nice aswell over there
just outdated though
@Loktar not about canvas :|
@Alnitak So add your own answer. improving is what SO is made for :-)
btw o/ everyone!
2:46 PM
@Loktar o/ Superme Kai of Canvas
I actually havent done much lately I need to get on the ball with canvas again
@Loktar i see , moved to three.js are we ?
no I should though
Hi guys
although I bet in a year or 2 three.js will be like jquery
2:48 PM
@Ell Shalom!
"eww you used three.js for that?"
@rlemon feature request
Canvas: Ask Loktar.
Trolling: Ask rlemon
@Esailija shoot
in your html to markdown
can you please convert table to indented code or something
something like
2:49 PM
ohh god that needs fixing. I stole the lib from someone else.
 1     2      3     4
 a     b      c     d
i've noticed a number of 'ill conversions'
Canvas : Ask Loktar
JS : ask anyone
Bit Wise Mess : Ask Esailija
Concepts : Ask Florian
CSS : Ask Teresko / Ryan Kinal
All Purpose Ninja : Zirak
Network : Alnitak
Bad Advice : Ask Some kittens
but I will add that too the list.
super hard crazy stuff : ask Zirak
2:50 PM
Porn: ask Abhishek
Bad Advice: Ask me
FWIW, I'm good on Canvas and BitOps too ;-)
zirak always has an elegant way of doing things
@rlemon ;-) oh hell yeah!
network: ask @Alnitak
2:50 PM
okay my guide is a wiki now lol
hey dont forget simonsarris
SimonSarris is not that bad on Canvas too.
hes a canvas master!
only rlemon's message was starred though :x
I am a master of the "Google" - so pretty much I can be asked anything - however depending on the stupidity of the question: trolling may incur
2:51 PM
I'm good on jQuery... but nobody cares about that :'(
I can recite the full source in my sleep
@Loktar ahaha, we just can agree.
Trying to port this to Javascript. github.com/MosheBerman/Polygon
lol yeah
@Esailija lol xD
@rlemon compete with my girlfriend :-)
2:52 PM
Did you take a look at his diagram fmk ?
she will beat u XD.
@Abhishek maybe i'll let her ;)
I enjoy a good beating
@Moshe looks trivial enough
Everyone's talking of the new jsbin version
@Alnitak I know, just trying to get started with canvas.
2:53 PM
-.- 2 stars for that >_> lol
i hope this doesnt gets 5-6 stars or i will feel like an escort
@Abhishek Why are you afraid of a little porn star (or two)?
heh, reminds you of your tab porn pic?
escort service is only if people are paying you - watching too much porn online just leads to a large forearm. and hand cramps.... those suck
@FlorianMargaine :-o
2:55 PM
@Moshe this should give you a head start on some sample canvas calls - jsfiddle.net/alnitak/YY57F
thankfully i have lost that picture of the porn tab :D
@rlemon talking from experience?
@FlorianMargaine looks around shifty eyed no
@Alnitak Thanks
and this (for pixel manipulation) - jsfiddle.net/alnitak/j8YTe
@FlorianMargaine "If you still don't know what recursion is, read this sentence."
Oh we forgot.
32 mins ago, by Florian Margaine
> If you still don't know what recursion is, read this sentence.
2:59 PM
For Rant : Ask Raynos , dipression garunteed

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