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1:11 AM
Democratic Debate on MSNBC and NBC starting at 9pm EST!
1:27 AM
!! echo @BenFortune @towc @KevinB your wishes have been granted! James now supports !! as a prefix. There still maybe some issues cause I didn't test it much. But that only makes finding them more fun.
@BenFortune @towc @KevinB your wishes have been granted! James now supports !! as a prefix. There still maybe some issues cause I didn't test it much. But that only makes finding them more fun.
!! status
!! status
I am currently alive!
2 hours later…
3:20 AM
Hi I am beginner in vue js I am practising through vue mastery tutorials I had got an error in basic program stackoverflow.com/questions/60274793/…
Please anyone here help me ?
2 hours later…
5:39 AM
Hey Guys
A user will type the full name say "test user 1234" in a text field. But in DB we store "firstName":"test", "lastName":"user 1234" like this. Is there any way we can do search with full name in these conditions?
Hi All,
5:59 AM
my application is in nodejs with typescript, and we are using Git extensions
so when it compiles it shows the .js and .map files in the GIT checkOut.
im trying to do GIT ignore for the same to ignore the transpiled files
what is the best way to do it
6:26 AM
Anyone know how webpack is able to "bundle" css?
is it that webpack wraps the css with some javascript to inject it into the dom?
6:46 AM
the issue im facing here is when i set the .js and .map file to
output directory in tsconfig, then im getting issue with the reference of the file i imported like
const requestHandling = require('../myPath/requestHandling')
it does not identify the path of requestHandling.js which is in output directory.
7:18 AM
Hey, I'm a bit curious... aren't both arrow functions and spread operators supposed to be ES6 features? For some reason my typescript file wont compile spread operators, but have no problems with arrow functions... (using babel loader), isn't that weird? or am I missing out something here?
1 hour later…
8:30 AM
Hi guys
please see this link this is what I wrote jsfiddle.net/umsf4ok7
I am trying to get the value 3 in {{ capacity }} place.
but not able to do that
Please help me anyone
@G.Lakshmi rendering vue components?
@KarelG I didnt understand I am actually doing this by seeing tutorial vuemastery.com/courses/vue-3-essentials/…
Once look into that page @KarelG
please help me @KarelG
please don't ping me for each comment :)
I don't have an account there
Ok sorry
but you need to step back. You might have skipped some parts no?
do you have experience with JavaScript?
having some basic knowledge is essential to start with vue.js (or even other frameworks)
8:45 AM
yes I worked on js
ok. you need to create a Vue instance if you start to work with it
I don't see it
const myVue = new Vue({
  el: '#idOfElement',
  data: {
    forRendering: 'value you wnat to see'
Hi All,
my models directory was on path /root/data/models
which i changed to /root/models.

after doing that any request to any model is not processing, nor im getting any error...
Yes I had already done with previous course like creating vue instances but this tutorial includes this composition API and reactive references in tutorial he did using these so I am getting error @KarelG
hmm I am still trying to find "/node_modules/@vue/composition-api";
that would work in node. but not in jsfiddle. I need an accessible url
so still searching
Ok @KarelG If you find the solution let me also know
8:51 AM
        .skip(req.body.offset ? parseInt(req.body.offset) : 0)
        .limit(req.body.limit ? parseInt(req.body.limit) : 5)
            (usersList: any) => {
                console.log('export.usersList ', usersList);
                  // my logic
            (error: any) => {
               //my logic
               }            }
the control is coming to find() then to .then( and then no process, and my postman is in stuck mode and after a long delay gets could not get any response.
Anyone know about internet domains and name servers here? So can a domain have several name servers? #ItchingToKnow
@G.Lakshmi aah just checked the composition repo. You're actually using it incorrectly
you need to export your data there and use as module in your client side js
I didnt understand @KarelG
if you want to use it without having your own module, you can inject it to your vue instance
This is fiddle in this where you are talking
9:13 AM
@KarelG Sorry for disturbance I am a beginner in tutorial there is not specified any thing thats why asking you these many times can you explain clearly what wrong I did or what I should do?
9:27 AM
Are You there?
@G.Lakshmi If you want his help, I recommend you don't push him. He is doing you a courtesy, please remember that
Ok Thankyou @Neil
9:53 AM
@G.Lakshmi I am kinda busy at work. The thing is that you don't have the required "basic javascript" I have mentioned earlier.
Lemme adjust the fiddle for the right take on client side.
Since I cannot see the videos, I don't know if it is for Node.js or js.
could be the former.
Ok @KarelG Thank You even the basic example in this documentation vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com/#summary is not working for me the error is same
I don't have a lot experience with that api. But that is more for Node.js environment.
almost done with updating your fiddle
Ok Thankyou..
10:14 AM
you need to use the same approach described in the composition reference (see their repo)
don't use export/import. Just functions
got a call to do
Ok ThankYou @KarelG
But here I had used ref(3) reactive reference which is said in the tutorial vuemastery.com/blog/vue-3-start-using-it-today once see this @KarelG
This is what I want even I want to use the setup() function
Is there some way to set min-height: 1.5*font-size?
Read up on em and rem in css which should help in this case.
and from what I've gathered, frontend developers fight about em and rem like backend developers fight about tabs vs spaces
relative units should be avoided
I was kinda heavily towards em back then but won't use it anymore when some issues has arisen
now I only use calc or % when I need to have something dynamic
rest is based on viewport
10:25 AM
meh, I figure it depends on what you're doing
@G.Lakshmi you cnanot use modules in script tags.
it might make sense for a widget that may take different shapes and sizes
unless you add type="module"
you can define it there
are you both from USA?
but that's ugly. Those examples that you have linked are for node,js
@RahulJain EU
hmm Europe is the right word
10:27 AM
jsfiddle.net/m745pajk like this I tried @KarelG is it correct
<script type="text/html" ...
where in the place of "module" you are saying "text/html" right?
jsfiddle.net/jkgf10x2/3 this is the original code which he had specified in the tutorial link
11:04 AM
Good morning
return {
   a: 2,
   b: a * 2
Love how this room has activity all the time, folks from the world over in here :)
I want to access a into b, how can I?
class Data {
    constructor() {
        this.a = 2;
        this.b = this.a*2;
console.dir(new Data());
@AbhishekPandey like this?
I'm not using es6
I used this but as expect it is pointing to window
11:16 AM
@Neil Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. You have 25 seconds to edit and format your message properly before it will be removed. Please separate code blocks from your actual question. Put your question in 1 message and then your code in a 2nd and format it.
1 message moved to Trash can
sec, let me see if I can do this without using class
HAHA, 2,4 was good
but it was an example
(function() {
    var a = 2;
    return {
      a: a,
      b: a*2
This will return you what you need.
a has to be defined outside of the return
I can use obj = {} then return obj for sure but I was just wondering that is it possible to access key from same obj
var obj = {};
obj.a = 2;
obj.b = obj.a * 2;
return obj;
I'm guessing this is the best way
11:21 AM
objects don't really have a concept of "this"
which is why you sort of have to rely on a function
yeah, I see
that may change in the future, not sure
You still risk to break code, but honestly, who needs "this" to be window of all things when you're defining an object?
12:09 PM
@KarelG tried a lot https://jsfiddle.net/m745pajk/4/ See this code link
getting error like this: Failed to load module script: The server responded with a non-JavaScript MIME type of "text/html". Strict MIME type checking is enforced for module scripts per HTML spec.
Can You please say why I am getting this error
@G.Lakshmi Sounds like incorrect file type headers
that can happen when sites dont set their file type headers correctly.

Thats why JS doesnt work when you link it directly from github
No actually if I did'nt kept <script type="module"> I am getting Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module @TaylorS thats the problem

**Why are you importing a relative URL from jsfiddle... thats just going to take the JSFiddle URL and add it to it**
Im getting a 404 from that resource, if you need to link a Library or JS File,
the js fiddle link is the code what I wrote I am not linking @TaylorS
Well, your code just doesnt have any libraries installed, so this code wouldnt work to begin with
import { ref } from "/node_modules/@vue/composition-api";
thats not an import URL
12:21 PM
@G.Lakshmi this isn't really difficult stuff, man. The first online example using vue.js probably shows you how to do this properly
save yourself some time and check that
You need an HTTPS:// URL directly to the composition-api.

I reccomend NOT STARTING JS WITH VUE before you know how to link files..
its actually code the html code in my vue project @TaylorS
Yeah, I know
But thats javascript
Its a script tag
which links javascript
and again, your code will not work without a library, and that URL isnt real
like I said, if your a beginner in JS, dont just dive right into vue or three or something
start small
he gives good advice
vuemastery.com/courses/vue-3-essentials/… I am actually following this tutorial and in this it is like that only what wrong I am doing I am not understanding@TaylorS
12:24 PM
I did basic JS for 2 years before I "attempted" to try out big-bad libraries like THREE.js
@G.Lakshmi tutorials in our field are notoriously bad about working properly
sometimes it has nothing to do with you, but the library evolves and makes tutorials obsolete
@G.Lakshmi The thing about tutorials, you dont copy the exact code, you have to adapt based on what he ads.

So if the tutorial host says "Write this important statement to the composition API" and you copy the url he writes, well, **its not going to work**
it's a good indicator that you should find another tutorial
why is the chat markdown always screwy... FFs
Just want to bold my text
testing super bold
12:26 PM
Ok Fine Thankyou
I guess it doesnt work with Returns...

Like this **test**
Ima post it in meta.
But what I need to do to get my requirement
just now
I will learn as you said
you're in a difficult spot. You don't know how to fix a tutorial because otherwise you wouldn't be following a tutorial, and the tutorial doesn't work.
Take my advice and find a better tutorial
vue mastery is the best for vue as all said can you suggest other one

Go to somewhere like https://codepen.io and see some other small JS projects, and then go to https://w3school.com and if you really want to learn real javascript, go to Mozilla Web API (MDN)
12:28 PM
the official vue framework should provide a tutorial which is up-to-date
Best to start with real documentation
because they typically have a basic beginner tutorial on like.. the first page of the wiki docs.
vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com even in this real documenattion he gave like that even that example not working
for me
And frankly, to help you fix your problem with vue, what do you think we do? We check the official vue documentation..
hopefully thisll get fixed, its been pissing me off lately
Don't count on it
but i'll upvote you to see that it goes the right direction
12:35 PM
Oh wow, 2 upvotes..
thats a new record
you're smokin' now ;)
One time in meta about a year ago, I caused some drama and did like.... -250 votes
-250.. sigh
@Neil I second that
thank god they turned off that "rep" thing in meta
or else I'd have negative rep
most people tend to formulate an opinion based purely on existing upvotes/downvotes
12:37 PM
4 upvotes notw
A: Broken markdown in multiline text in chat

Adam LearThis is currently intentional. We only support quotes in multi-line markdown in chat.

Just for your information
the first few votes are the most important ones
12:38 PM
There was one that had higher votes but I couldn't find it this quick
meta.stackexchange.com/a/70142/344843 This answer is probably going to be referenced again @TaylorS
I went ahead and mentioned the 5 year old question in an answer in my question
@Xeo The rest isn't going to happen. Doing full markdown parsing on long multiline messages can be costly and it opens up the path for trolls to be extra annoying. Chat isn't intended for posting long fully-formatted messages. — Adam Lear ♦ Aug 15 '13 at 15:49
As well as this comment that might come up as well
after 5 years and 7 months they havent fixed this issue?
It's not an issue for them. It's intended
Awww... a unicorn on that answer: meta.stackexchange.com/a/136356/154138
12:40 PM
I think thats called bullshet, theyre too lazy to implement a fix for people abusing it, and theyre too lazy to actually even add it
@Alex first time I've seen an upvoted answer with an ascii unicorn on it
There is a fix for people abusing it in place. Long text is truncated and room owners in place. There is no reason but if you checked lately, chat doesn't get any attention anyway.
Chat is kinda been, how do I say it... ignored
Oki, gotta get back to fixing my security thing; I made a big leap already, byeee
@TaylorS that answer is going to derail the entire point of your question
12:50 PM
Guess so, its being downvoted
@TaylorS if people suspect that you're not expecting an answer but just making a political statement, you'll get downvoted
A fun task: add a progress bar that updates based on server events
that's a surprisingly difficult thing to do
Never used progress bars... Not once
too much intake performance to create
There was a brilliant js library which "feigned" progress and wouldn't ever fully reach the end until you told it the job was done
so you basically just make the user think something is getting accomplished
I find that's just as good really
so long as you don't have to give details about the events
12:56 PM
Well that wouldnt be super hard, just make it go up by tiny or random intervals, and if its imcomplete, restart the bar with different text
"feign" progresses
well I think it would generate random numbers, and it would increment based on the remaining percentage and that random number
so each increment was smaller each time and would never reach the end
ideally you'd use it for like things that take 2 seconds or less
it just looks authentic
This progress bar receives % + step message
why would you take time and performance for a progress bar for something that only takes 2 seconds/.
just make "loading..." text for that
This is a relatively longer process... up to 10 seconds to complete
Might be longer
Fun to tie server to client and "push" data down to the page
On completion, it sends event down to close TWBS modal
I once saw a progress bar on a page with barely anything
it just lagged so badly from ADS
it took 30 seconds to fully load the page
1:03 PM
Uses SignalR
What was killing me was I'd accidentally started its hub twice
A buddy found the bug
Im proud to say Ill never put ads in my pages
@TaylorS a general rule of thumb is, less than 100ms, and the user won't notice. Less than a second, the user will notice, but won't mind. Less than 10 seconds, the user will mind, but won't start doing something else to pass the time
2 seconds, the user will notice, and you have to show them you're actively doing something
Nice to know
Well all my pages use thin code and Google firebasse
loads unnoticeably
atleast for me, Im blind
well it isn't like most of my pages take 2+ seconds to load, but occasionally it happens that there's a particularly difficult request being made
1:14 PM
Well I will admit, my projects page is bad
I always make like 1k by 1k images with PDN at home, so they take a very long time to load when I use the page on ios.
My little project previews are all super HD
takes forever
1:50 PM
just had a meeting
left with bleh feeling
@geisterfurz007 obligatory:
Had one boss. Asked people to stay after meetings. Just to chew them out
Made meetings even more fun
Sorry, interrupted your post, @KarelG
     []  ,----.___
   __||_/___      '.
  / O||    /|       )
 /   ""   / /   =._/
/________/ /
|________|/   dew
@KarelG wow
I failed
so dug up some random art
2:16 PM
@KarelG how is this any different than any meeting ever?
it's rare that I have that :P
most meetings are acceptable or good
2:39 PM
Morning guys o/

what is the best way to to make profile pic using javascript and maybe bootstrap 4 ?
i'm trying to create a function that deals with any image size and just crop it into the maybe 80x80 rounded picture
@diamond show it on a canvas that's 80x80 and save the canvas contents to a new image
@Neil i found many solutions online using css only like this one , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26681059/create-a-circle-avatar-from-a-rectangle-image-keeping-proportions-and-just-using/26681222

would u say which one is more officiant way to do it ?
@diamond that depends
the css solution isn't reducing its size, it's just not showing all of it
my solution will reduce its size as well
ideally though the server should have the reduced size image
but if you don't want to do image hosting, then it's not really that important in the end
@Neil i think that is manageable by setting the max-width and max-height
but why its ideally for the server to have reduced size ?
yeah just wanna show the profile pic in a very small region
i found this work the best though
"object-fit: cover;border-radius:50%;width: 80px;height: 80px'"
@diamond because suppose I pick the NASA detailed picture of the moon so that my avatar can be a crater on the moon
if you don't crop it, what every user which has to see that avatar has to necessarily download that entire image
those images can easily get to 25 MB or more
2:54 PM
Scaling images is always a hassle, they never look right
@Neil oh yeah that would be a mess !, i thought by scaling them i'm reducing the load on the server , i thought wrong , thank you !
@SterlingArcher yeah i can see that now , I must create thumbnails of all of them
remember that css isn't reducing the size of download, just changing how you see it
now when i think about it , i think it has to be a backend issue , because user'd upload the full image , its up to the back-end ( server) to create the thumbnails
Ok bye
3:03 PM
but yeah its off
and program!
but mostly to make minecraft youtube videos!
Linus Tech Tips made his own MC server
petabyte server dude has an MC server, awesome ping
I mean, if he ran his own MCMP Server on his Petabyte server, wed never have ping problems
If anybody is looking for a job in the consulting industry, please feel free to reach out to me. We have open positions for JS, C#, Java, and CI/CD related contracts.
What are the black outlined starred messages
are they like RO pins?
they seem to be like pins, they stick at the top of the starred list
pinned stars
3:10 PM
ok makes sense
these don't get removed if more messages gets starred
RO privilege :P
Also, Im curious, I once tried making a room
didnt work, I mean

I have enough rep
It should be possible at like 100 rep
3:47 PM
@TaylorS try making your own

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