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4:02 PM
Is there any way to send my email address to another user?
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Sorry, I'm a bit of a StackOverflow noob
@DAustin no, you can invite them to a "private" chat and give it to them there, but it's not private and SO doesn't have private messaging so if you did it here it would be publicly accessible
I can use a disposable guerillamail as a temporary way of initial communication so not a bother, thanks, i assume I just find the user and click Invite?
eh, i guess? assuming they have a chat account, but... it's not nice to just randomly invite people to chat.
4:12 PM
Also, I like your Ocelot Sterling ;)
particularly if you're asking them for something
Nah I was helping answer an issue they had, and it turns out they'r eworking with an api I've done some work with a few years ago, wanted to share code
I got it
what is consulting
@DAustin Use keys. Have the person generate keys and l send on chat the public one. Encrypt you're email, send it over chat. And they can decrypt with the private key. Boom, cryptography strikes again!
4:14 PM
am at work so didn't really want to spend much effort, I've dumped the temp email in a comment for them to email. I know probably against the rules but there we are
We go to Slack when we need to share private info
Note that all posts here are public, even when an RO/bot "deletes" it
Delete as in move to Trash Bin room
Do cheap logo makers usually give you svgs or just pngs
Hmm. Mostly pngs, I think
Im curious, do any of you guys actually protect your code at all? like try to encrypt it or bash the JS a little with like those mangling programs that make JS look like spam?
That's not encryption
4:22 PM
1. You can't encrypt it cause then the browser can't read it
But no, there's absolutely no point
Not a minifier, like JS Obfuscator
2. what you are talking about is obfuscation. There are some really good ones out there but they will slow your website down.
Nope. No point. You can "uglify" but it can be read by a smart dev
that thing can totally mangle a hello world into a 2 megabyte file
4:24 PM
hence why it's slow
If your code is written in JS, the client can see everything
Smart Dev? Gotta have the patience to do that
Anyways, I was just curious.
And many/most designers use Illustrator, which doesn't seem to have good SVG support
I can be wrong (have been a million times so far)
Besides the point, why do people do it then?
I see people online trying to obfuscate their HTML5 games
@TaylorS It can, but it's completely reversible, don't trust the client
4:24 PM
Decent obfuscation will "protect it" enough for most uses.
Makes it more difficult for noobs to steal your code and pass it off as their own
splitting the code between pages and then obfuscating it
If you don't want people to see the source, don't write JS
If you can get past the obfuscation, then chances are you don't need to steal code lol
Or do it server side
4:25 PM
Hah. Had the webmaster at one job steal my code and use it verbatim
Honestly, if I dont want a noob to use my code, I just minify it, and then only obfuscate a very small portion that detects for the url
@JBis But it's still being distributed to the client
Not to worry, though. One of his pages got hacked. Sweet karma
Ofc, but it's more of a deterrent than a preventative Measure
Thats why I dont want to do contract work.
They use your product, and dont give any credit you even existed
4:26 PM
again, nothing to do with it
lol, its security through obscurity, which isn't security, but just makes it into a treasure hunt that most lazy people will give up on immediately
they just say: "Oh we wrote this all on our own from scratch"
You wrote that software under the contract of the company
It's not yours...
@Ben is right
4:26 PM
Welcome to the real world
Even perm jobs, it's not yours
I pay you to write me that code, it's mine
Yeah, but its just a little pissy when you hear another person say they wrote it with their own hands
it's like a contractor
Ah, had that happen many times. You gotta be the bigger person and let it go
4:27 PM
That'll be in your contract, but tbf you can always drop in a comment somewhere detailing you as the developer
they build the house by hiring others but they still take credit for the house
Yeah, you can still license it
Ive heard of employees stealing a newbie's code thats extremely worth while, and the stealer gets a promotion, the newbie is just left in the dust
Well yeh, open up any Panasonic device and you'll find it's built with parts from other electronics manufacturers, but it's Still a Panasonic product
Thatd be annoying asf
4:28 PM
@TaylorS That's on the newbie for not attributing their code
Or version controlling it
Basic version control solves that
@TaylorS and when they realize that they lied cause they can't do anything, the stealer is fired
git blame - yeah I fucking wrote it
@Ben well there is an assumption that people will be ethical, but its wrong to assume
Remember reading RCA went around w/ their VCR/tapes to other manufacturers in late 70's and in a few years all those guys had their own
4:29 PM
There was one where the newbie recoded robots to work 10x the efficiency earning the compony 80 thousand more in a week.

then the manager claimed ownership, the newbie rewrote them on a timer to malfunction and start cutting into themselves.

he made a self destruct code.

it was blamed on the manager ;P
But the classic thing to do is put something in there that'll break it after a certain date, only do this for interviews and samples though, nothing you get paid for
@DAustin Well yeah, but at least there's a trail for you to fight against it
Can't have your code stolen if you're the only developer
Can't have your code stolen if you never write any code
4:30 PM
Yep, but unfortunately you can't blame anyone else when it goes t*ts up
Gotta love unity though, it just packages all your nice hand-made physics equations and throws them neaty formatted into a DLL for ANYONE to access and edit with DNSPY
Right back to work for me, has been fun, will definitely be back
My first job out of uni, worked as contractor for a year then went perm elsewhere. The guy called me to come in 'cause the new guy had mangled the CSS and nothing looked right. It wasn't rocket surgery, but still was funny
Webasm is on the right path to try and protect the source, since it's just a binary
4:31 PM
Whats the point of unity's big fat program to run your game if 90% of the game's code and assets are neatly stored in a dll
@TaylorS because people are generally misinformed.
@Alex that sounds spooky.

I always worry someone'll get in my pc and fuck all my coding up
Always lock my school pc
has logins to my github and everything
Nah, this was the new dev at the contract job. Just was a n00b
@Taylor 2FA?
I remember my cat actually deleted a visual studio program I once made
By walking on the keyboard
4:32 PM
@BenFortune Yeah I don't like this....
Your cat ate it
Coughed up a fur ball of code
@TaylorS That's why version control exists
^ saved us many times
Revert to the rescue
4:34 PM
Version control is great, but when you work on your own I find Copy -> paste to an external drive or cloud storage to be waaaay easier
Or clone again
Looking at js source is sometimes helpful to learn
if everything goes wasm that can't happen
@DAustin When github and gitlab are free, you're just creating excuses to not use them
All my personal projects are VC'd
There's no excuse. Drives die
Blazor for the .NET WASM is now RTM
DLL in the browser
You can still reverse engineer it, though
We had one person's project w/ 128 copies on a network drive. We didn't know which one was the latest. Plus copies w/in copies
4:36 PM
The excuse is: I'm usually too busy to fanny around setting these things up, not when I've got an IT infratructure here that has it's own backup mechanisms
So by Copy Pasting I get 4x backups immediately
Use Azure Devops :]
and version control is done by naming the folder V1.2, V1.3 etc
git init
need to sign up for it first though right?
you're not backing up architecture, you're backing up the codebase
4:38 PM
You mean Azure?
I use git don't get me wrong, to download nix libraries etc
I think Azure has free stuff
But our nework storage works fine as a local backup, which has an offsite backup taken every night, 5 dailies and 2 weeklies, plus my own backup i keep
If i worked in a team I'd agree with you for git version controlling though
But considering we still have accessibility to a codebase that goes back to 2006, which is still backed up, I think we're fine
Guess I don't meet the requirements for your consultancy then :P
Version control is great for getting a perspective of how much time/effort something actually took to accomplish
if it's just sitting in a folder... who knows where what code came from, how much time was spent on it, how many times it was replaced/redone, etc
Wow, someone just downvoted my latest answer over this xD bit pathetic really
4:46 PM
Again, solo worker here, how long something takes doesn't bother me as long as it gets done by the deadline
pretty sure it was dwonvoted long before you said anything about git
14 mins ago, pretty much bang on time xD
idc over 2 rep, its just amusing how entrenched devs can be
i didn't downvote over teh git issue
the answer is all over the place
Don't assume people downvoted you from here
4:49 PM
first, it was an answer about cors... that just linked to another answer and said you didn't have time to deal with it
It's very rude and you look like a jerk if it wasn't from here
Wasn't accusing you, or anyone for that matter, just funny how the downvote is to the answer to the person who literally just sent me his email address to continue discussing his application
Then... you kinda point out things they should change, but don't really say why.
So it doesn't exactly make sense to be from him
it was literally me, i think it's a rather all over the place unclear answer. I'm sure it probably helps the op, since they were there through the whole process of it changing
but it's not going to be useful to anyone else.
4:52 PM
et tu, brute?
Well considering the nature of the error kept moving there wasn't really a decent way beyond deleting the original answer and adding a new one, seemed a bit dumb but noted I'll improve my answers in future
Still I like how the "I don't use git" for version control lead to an investigation of my profile and answers, sorry to be controversial
that was just coincidence
And if you take the time to scroll up you'l lsee I was trying to move it to chat
i was already there
Sorry im confused now, did you follow me into chat from my answer or go to my answer from chat?
or are you actually saying you happened to be looking at the answer whilst in the chat as well?
4:58 PM
I went to your answer from here when you started asking how to share your email address
i left the tab open, then a bit after that i happened to tab back to it, evaluated/voted, and closed it

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