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5:00 PM
fair enough, like I said I understand the "All over the place" comment, will make more of an effort in future
I did make an assumption, but I literally had someone revenge downvote me the other day so was a scpetical
The problem was more with the question than the answer anyway
Yeah based on our convo and email looks like he's just getting into coding, not bad work considering his experience level, seeing as he's working on an app that I've kinda already made, wante dto try and nuture him along a bit
Though apparently it involves his university in some capacity, so will make sure I don't let him cheat on a credit
I dont "nurture" people or help them with JS often because I know I learned it in like the worst way possible, and I dont want them to learn it that way too
I would have waited for the OP to clarify before answering
lol, I'm not the best JS coder, I'm from the era when jQuery was king so kinda just learnt that
5:07 PM
I mean... seriously... I literally learned by opening inspect element 3 years ago, and copying other people's code until one day I stopped, and actually wanted to write my out
> when jQuery was king

That's pretty much how I got started
for example, the cors issue you started with, the op didn't say anything about that. That should have been something they were prodded about in comments so that they can come forward with that info themselves
ah down't worry about it, he literally joined a few days ago, and I did get all defensive and make an asss outta myself
if it weren't for the revenger the other week I probably wouldn't have cared as much :P
back in the day Taylor, the easiest way to do this new fancy thing called AJAX was jQuery
as it had one method that had cross-browser support, otherwise you had to do things like client-agent sniffing etc to format the XMLHttprequest for the right browser
Doesnt jQuery just do all that anyways
Unfortunately jQuery was so damn easy to develop in I never bothered to learn pure JS until recently (to my detriment)
5:12 PM
I never got the point in installing a fat fat fat library that has all these "super long codes" all linked to a super short function.

Its just multiplying the project size exponentially
i started with plain js, then my manager started this big initiative to find a library we would use going forward. Th efirst one we tried was YUI, which worked quite well and looked good, then we tried jQuery/jQueryUI, and that's what we went with
Somebody's age is showinggggg
itd be easier cutting that super long code out of all of them, and just putting it in your code raw
Correct, that's why I used it, and seeing as it did allow quicker JS development (for me t least) i never bothered going back to pure JS
that was 11 years ago
5:12 PM
so I was 3
lol yeh, I mean i started doing web coding back when Geocities was a thing xD
!!g geocities
Invalid command! Did you mean: 3, d, ^? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
oh... forgot caprica is dead
I miss caprica
annoying, but I miss it
5:14 PM
yeah, i was tasked with documenting the library inside/out, in hindsight that was 100% busy work
but i learned a lot from it
my fave Bootstrap Theme template: code.divshot.com/geo-bootstrap
Wow, yeah I don't see why they would get you to reverse engineer it, its already free
Apprently Geocities still technically exists
when I started my first software job they gave me this enormous task to basically refactor the company's entire flagship software
nvm it closed march last year
yeah like MySpace still exists...
5:15 PM
I spent like a month on it and none of it got merged
my other manager literally printed out the entire jQuery web docs into a 3 ring binder
labeled every method
as if the web was going somewhere
love it
isnt myspace basically just facebook but old
5:16 PM
My first big boy job project was creating a database to store laws per state on different sexual assault statutes, and creating a form to update it, and then displaying them on the state by state site.
older yes, but had great things like sharing music, and cross site scripting bugs
it was glorious
sounds like 0.04% of discord
imagine facebook except with custom cursors and autoplaying music
I'd say it's really a lot more like tumblr
apps.rainn.org/policy/… neat, it's still active
I mean, take a look at that bootstrap theme i linked earlier, pretty much everyone's mysace page looked like that
5:17 PM
updated CSS, but I bet that's still my DB running
hey that's pretty neat sterling
mine was a massive ToDo system that supported projects, departments, teams in each department, notifications, scheduled tasks, an approval process, and an entry form unique to each department
that's also the project i used to learn coldfusion
Yeh it's always nice to see your code still being used years later, nice one sterling
I wanna make a cringey bootstrap theme one day in CSS
just for fun
Wow, I guess my first proper one was redeveloping a charity's website
It was awful
5:18 PM
I have the canvas software to remove alpha and reduce resolution
@KevinB same!
Im working on a Blazor app but want to know how it would be approached in JS. I need a way to cycle through pages when I have no interaction for X amount of seconds. How would that look?
What's a Blazor app?
now I just need those 10x10 5 frame emojis, a bunch of <blink> polyfills, a billion <marquee>s and Ive got myself a dead site
@Zack Define interaction
5:19 PM
mine worked great at the time, but it had growing pains due to me putting sql queries inside of loops. so as the number of things in the current view got more numerous, it got slower, and slower, and slower. unfortunately, we no longer have a need for that kind of system
its .Net Core's rip off of React.js I think
teams are small enough that it's just not necessary
but RBAR is the most efficient way of working with databases!
.NET made something by the name of "Blazor"
@KevinB that's the exact reason I had to start using batch queries
5:20 PM
The more rows, the slower postgres got
That's why I switched to Go and Clickhouse
@DAustin Sure, basically if a user clicks or moves the mouse. Wasnt sure if there is a better way than those
You guys and your fancy databases...

me in the corner with my 5 line PHP emulated HTML page that stores votes on a .txt
for me it was just a logic issue
@DAustin And yep pretty much lol.
5:21 PM
there's no reason for those queries to be in the loop, i coulda just queried all the data up front and did a group loop
I used text files for databases... and still do
So basically as the DB grew the SQL grew, linearly?
Idk how to use any DB types tbh
these days you can get started with databases pretty easily with e.g. Node + mongoose
Isn't mongoose a modeling lib?
or does it include mongo
5:22 PM
the problem in our case wasn't the query speeds, it was that we were making queries
well ive been playing with MySQL, .plist (for ios apps), and Google Firebase Cloud Storage
each query was a trip to the DB, which took time
it's a pretty complete abstraction over mongo
yeah i got banned from an API for a week once by have a 3-deep nested foreach xD
@KevinB ah yeah, been there many times
5:23 PM
so if we were looping over 30 days, and for each day querying n projects, then querying n tasks, etc
it was an ugly mess
I'm ashamed of you
oh god... I use like 1 to 2 nested for each statements to take map data out of Variables..

but 3
thats going too far >;3
a year later, after adopting jquery, i redid it as a SPA
@Zack my favourite way of detecting interaction with a wait timeout is to use a cleartimeout() -> setTimeout() method
hold on i recently used it in an answer
a SPA powered by jquery, no less
5:24 PM
I was never really attracted to SPAs. Query params are powerful and make state management easier
SPAs lose state too easily
oh god is blazor controlled by jQuery xD
it was just a fun task to learn with
didnt actually look into it that much seeing as I use react
wait so is jquery still relative? I mean, just make a custom version of JQ with only the couple things you need for a project.. rather than hooking that hunka junk to your webpage
5:25 PM
@Zack take a look at this: stackoverflow.com/questions/60305546/…
No taylor this was all back when jquery was still the right way to do things, when IE8 still had a good market share
the slim version isn't too big, and if you call it from a cdn it won't slow down the client loding it if they've already got it
Yeah Kevin's right Taylor, jQuery became as popular as it is because it saved us some much time developing web apps in the 2000s
IE having a portion of the GDP Statement in terms of browsers? I call bullshit
You rock! Thanks! @DAustin
some = so*
No worries Zack, but be warned, you might wanna look into adding a throttler/debouncer onto that if you find the page getting unresponsive
5:27 PM
But I do remember only using IE for everything when I was a kid
I didnt understand that there were better browsers
so I watched youtube and did my 4th grade homework on IE
My boss STILL uses IE 11 :(
man I wish I could read that description of JS vs PHP
DAustin this was like 6 years ago or something
5:28 PM
jQuery really isn't that big, and compressed/minified it's only like 27kb. That's not a performance killer these days
Cant do math still
Man they've really shrunk it that much?
and if you link to it from the google cdn, it doesn't even need to be downloaded in the majority of cases
compressed and minified
The slim version ditched some stuff, like the Ajax method we were discussing earlier
i don't think the slim version has a purpose
5:29 PM
Most major browser apps have MBs in dependencies these days
seeing as there now fetch() etc
other than confusing new devs
yeh when the code they copied doesnt work, thats how i learnt the slim version doesn't have ajax support haha
most people still using jquery need the whole thing
I love the fetch API. Have never touched axios
5:30 PM
part of it will be legacy support too
those who only need the slim version... are good enough to know they don't need it at all
lately I've started using JavaScript to write my projects. It's totally rad
The only time I ever used JQuery was back when I used JQuery UI to play around with switching classes and custom transitions
But then I learned that everything in jquery is just more normal JS
i really liked the jQuery UI widget system
and I learned how to just write normal JS :L
5:30 PM
we built a lot of our functionality with it back then
take my situation for example, I have to maintain an ancient intranet system that uses jQuery already, no point in refactoring a decades for of code from various devs to drop 27Kb
OH dont let me forget JQueryUI's Draggable Function that I abused WAYY too much...
Thats the only thing I appreciate
Oh yeah we actually have that on our eCommerce site
I didnt put it there, but now the users expect it I can't drop it
remaking a draggable function in every project I have ever used it for a pain in the arse
so yeah, I appreciate JQUI for that
but everything else? no thanks
jQuery still prevails in many government software, because the government is slow to update browsers and need to support a wide variety. jQuery is still the king of cross browser compatibility
5:32 PM
@ndugger can that be full remote?
I wouldn't trust an ES6 developed app to transpile and work properly on < ie11
@SterlingArcher I thought it was webpack :P
Sterling considering 90% of government computers with data on them are still on Windows 2000, it wouldnt surprise me if they didnt update shit
the other major reason I still use jQuery is for jQuery DataTables, There's alternatives out there but considering I've already learnt the DataTables library, its much easier to keep using it whenever I'm asked to create another report
I hope you're exaggerating
Because they keep OS very current
5:33 PM
Not at all, Look it up, the older data servers they use
are still on W2k
because the ancient OS is basically secure to a point
cant just wirelessly connect to everything like windows 10
There's banks out there still using DOS
sometimes going old is safer
I've been told
The government also has a dataserver made entirely of PlayStation3s
so :L
They have some REALLY wierd tech choices
i mean, you're talking to someone who actually worked in gov :shrug:
5:35 PM
Trouble is, when you have to answer to non-It savvy managers, they don't see the point of fixing something that isn't broken to their eyes
yeah i'm sure there's some computer out there in a gov building that is old
both my parents are CURRENTLY government employees
father is Master Gunnary Sgt
I'm currently battling to replace our Win7 workstations
Kevin, all my dad's tech is new, as Ive been told. Im talking about data servers with old plans
Director doesn't want to "waste" money....
5:36 PM
There are definitely some old machines in gov, but those are most likely hardwired intranet machines. Anything that can talk to the internet has to pass security protocols and those machines don't
the sort of thing youd find in fort knox
90% is hilariously not true
those kinds of dataservers with extensive military data are all ancient pcs
okay 90% is totally overrated
I don't think you know what overrated means
5:37 PM
oh shit wow, nm, i finish work in 25 mins, whoops
@DAustin No matter what anyone says, I still appreciate windows 7 more than windows 10
Not on my corporate network you don't
I'll make you suffer :p
Whats the problem
Support ended in January?
5:37 PM
No more updates
They actually released an update after they canceled it
this month around the 10th
I got an update for windows 7
Yeah well, trouble with that is that things like business insurance requires you to be compliant
Anyways, I just finished building my new pc, and decided to use win10
and I regret it somewhat tbh
yeh because their final update caused black screen errors for some users
I hate having all the settings moved around
5:38 PM
so they released a patch for that, which didnt work so they did another
xbox gamebar and xbox live shit coming up everywhere
managing moved cheese, an essay
> Windows 7 Support Ends January 14, 2020
I even get roblox ads every day because I get updates from the win10 store, and its the most popular app right now
5:39 PM
oh no
Still love windows7 more
Control panel is stil lthere, just you have to normally go in manually as the search bar looooves sending you to the new "settings" area
you can tailor the notifications to not show you garbage
@DAustin I donT gEt iT.... EvEryThing is MOVED in wind10
you can disable cortana
5:41 PM
> [Co-Worker] But I think I found a way to do it without changing the tab component
Since that UI looks waay prettier
but I'm not sure you're going to like it

> [Me] 12:40 PM
I don't like anything this app does
You can't scare me
Don't get me wrong Windows 7, after XP (which we all thought was glorious because of PnP etc) was like reaching the end of a desert after dragging yourself there on your stomach, only to find someone at the other end holding a pair of legs and saying "Why don't you try these?"
I meant to say after Vista lol whoops
got sidetracked by remembering we still have 1 XP machine on the network here
Windows 7 original is trashy looking, but Aero makes it look nice
I would never use the un-themed windows 7 (XP style)
if you go into safe mode, it literally just looks like XP, its sad
i very much liked windows 7 compared to the others that came after XP
i welcomed being able to finally update my OS without it feeling like a downgrade
lets just ignore that windows 9 was a thing
windows 10 felt the same, 8 and 8.1 were awful
5:46 PM
Thought 7 had aero from day one?
9 was just 8/8.1 and 10 having a baby
I feel like 8/8.1 was intentionally bad to make us love 10 by comparison
@DAustin Run win7 in safe mode. Its basically just XP
No theme, pixelated crap
its ugggggly
Well yeah it's not designed to be pretty in safe mode, its designed to work
Im pretty sure when windows 7 first came out, it was an XP and Vista upgrade, and then Aero came in soon after
5:47 PM
How can I make an interface for an Array?

I have this `[Array<any>, Array<Custom_Type1>, CustomType2]`

I tried several things, but then typescript complains when I try to use my fail interface.
No idea, though aero first appeared in Vista, but never used it as I stuck with XP until Win7
thought aero*
@jemiloii what does it complain about?
Wait Aero existed efore W7?
im too young
yeah fairly certain it appeared in Vista originally
we don't talk about vista
5:49 PM
Now that you mention it, I think I did see a video online of Vista that had Aero
bad times...
Vista sucks
XP I never had
it did at first, but by the end they'd sorted most of it out
then Win7 came along building on it and no one looked back
Win7 Nice, Win8/8.1 TRASHY PIECE OF SHIT, Win9 beta terrible unreal and just fake, Win10 Eh I dont like how everything is moved.
but things like UAC only appeared with Vista
5:50 PM
Back in the 90s we had this computer that had something like a "second" desktop that looked like a tab menu
I can't remember what it was but I think it was acer
so it did have some great features, just a bit poorly implemented
No idea what OS it was running, probably windows
wow, yeah i was too young in the 90s
I've been looking for it for almost 20 years
I never was young i the 90s
5:51 PM
I was using an Amiga 600 back then
in the 90s I was a microbe... a single mineral floating around in some old dude .-.
I miss my Amiga :(
doesn't matter how I try to set it up, it will tell me forEach does not exist on type 'any[] | Custom_Type2 | Custom_Type1' always reversing my types how I've declared them. Lemme rewrite the other way I have done it to show you that error as well. I'm pretty sure it was the same.
Note to self: Don't let yourself get bogged down finishing a new class library that you don't do Exception Handling and code-cleanup until after its been deplyed xD
Would be interesting to see it sterling
Maybe it will help to show how i'm using the type
5:54 PM
Is there a TypeScript room that might be better for you Jem?
because I know the sqroot of sweet f.a. when it comes to TypeScript
doesn't seem to be a dedicated typescript room, I searched in chats and most just show like 2 people total
no worries, hopefully someone here can help
How I'm trying to use it.

works: `const [jobs, job_categories, pageProperties]: [Array<any>, Array<Job_Category>, PageProperties] = await Promise()`
fails: `const [jobs, job_categories, pageProperties]: FetchResponses = await Promise()`
nah, this is the best room for typescript questions
unfortunately most of the people who previously were quick to answer them no longer frequent chat
shame, TypeScript is something I'd like to pick up for employability reasons
5:58 PM
It's been sometimes since I've typescripted, but I would be surprised if FetchResponses is defined exactly like what comes after the : in the working snippet did not work
but tbf I think my next laguage is going to be either Go, Python or Java, not sure which to go for
These vary wildly in scope and usability :)
Well I only have 2 requirements. 1: Most desirable for employers, 2: Quick for basic operations, which I hear Go is pretty good at?
why are your variables names inconsistent
jobs_categories vs pageProperties
I have 0 actual CS or programming related qualifications, so need to get my no. of langs up for the old CV (Resume)
Right time to go, was great talking to you guys, and apologies for ealier Kevin, I was a bit of a nob
have fun all xoxox
6:05 PM
oh i'm going to rename the job_categories one, just been trying to get the interface thing so it doesn't look messy but about to just go for the messy but works solution @KevinB
Best way to learn TS is to learn JS first, IMHO
I already know js
Then start a proj and keep failing. Another great way to learn
Hit bugs and research the heck out of them
6:09 PM
that's literally what they're doing
but sometimes you need to actually finish the job
Well, that
What happens when you come in on tail of a convo :)
Didn't read above
at this point, I don't think typescript array interface work with multi-types for destructuring.
index can only be string or a number. I don't see any way to set each index to be its own type. When I try to do 0: type, 1: type, etc. Typescript doesn't recognize it as an array anymore.
6:14 PM
it does seem to be documented typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/…
How is FetchResponses defined?
if const [jobs, job_categories, pageProperties]: [Array<any>, Array<Job_Category>, PageProperties] = await Promise() works, then I find hard to believe that type FetchResponses = [Array<any>, Array<Job_Category>, PageProperties] would not work. (or however the syntax is to specify the type)
its not documented actually.

const [a, b, c]: FetchResponses = await Promise...
ok, you mentioned an error message at the start? what is it, exactly?
unless FetchResponses is a built-in type I don't know about, you need to declare the types you want to use
and if it is a built-in type, you can't simply wish it to correspond to what you return
I get several based on how I setup the FetchResponses interface.

I just want to turn this into an interface

[Array<any>, Array<JobCategory>, PageProperties]

JobCategory and PagePropertiees are already defined types
yes, can you show how you "setup the FetchResponses" interface?
you define the type somewhere, how is it defined?
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For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
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For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
6:23 PM
ctrl k isn't doing anything
1 message moved to Trash can
it's ok, I can see it in the trash can. It does do something, however
It doesn't work because PageProperties is an object without forEach property.

interface FetchResponses {
        [index: number]: [Array<any>, Array<JobCategory>, PageProperties];

It doesn't work because it's not recognized as an array.

interface FetchResponses {
       0: Array<any>;
       1: Array<JobCategory>;
       2: PageProperties];
6:26 PM
ok, so I tried it summarily online, and if the other types are indeed defined, using type FetchResponses = [Array<any>, Array<Job_Category>, PageProperties] should compile properly
Oh that's cool. I've never seen that before.

type Name = yourTypeHere
thanks a lot. my head was going @.@
lol now I gotta google type vs interface. been using typescript for years and missed this type I wonder if i could just use that all the time
well, in this particular case, it's not exactly an interface.
oh so types are simple and cannot be merged, interfaces are extendable and will merge.
makes sense
6:35 PM
as in, the type FetchResponses, does not represent something that will be instantiated per se, but a collection (tuple, even) that contains other instances
One could think about an interface Responder { action(): Promise<FetchResponses, any> }, but that might not be useful at all. Simple types are often enough
I'm going to use this type for my array destructuring from now on. I have many const [...] = await Promise.all([...]);
most of the time I can infer their type later when I destructure one of the destructured elements. But this time around, since I was using the forEach, it would not allow me to.
@KevinB Do you think marking an answer as accepted should automatically upvote it?
6:43 PM
pretty sure I've read one or two meta posts about that
I agreed with the nayers at the time
What if the person finds that the solution works, but didn't like it, however still used it. XD I think maybe that's why?
yeah, I'm ok with those being separated
so its a solution but not a good one?
I've had a question I've asked like that before and I ended up changing the solution to a better one.
6:45 PM
I agree it's a bit gray. Like, if it solved your problem, it was probably useful
well on my clone you can have multiple solutions
because questions can have multiple equally good solutions
They both solved the problem, one edited a bunch of code, the other was install a simple plugin that fixed the issue. I think the question was about disabling hot corners in gnome years back. I oddly keep going back to that question when I do fresh fedora installs for my family.
7:02 PM
I would be for that, if and only if accepting didn’t give such a large amount of rep (or any at all)
7:18 PM
all reputation is private. Users can only view their own rep.
answering will def be more than upvoting
however down voting is the more than answering and upvoting
supposed to encoruage people to think before they answer
but linking an answer and getting upvotes on a link gives even more rep
Evening chaps and chapesses
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
@JBis so small for the rep changes
the positive ones
interesting rep system
I like to see how it works out.
9:17 PM
Someone needs to invent a woman's fighting cap, so they can be distributed during fights... too much hair grabbing.
9:39 PM
they could just use a do-rag or an elastic do-rag
1 hour later…
10:41 PM

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