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12:11 AM
:O, ban someone @JBis!!
|| ban @OvieTrix
@JBis @OvieTrix has been banned
@OvieTrix You have been ban.
12:21 AM
stop this
|| unban OvieTrix
@JBis OvieTrix has been unban
Im trying to remove all subsvriptions from youtube,
12:29 AM
found this code on stackoverflow: stackoverflow.com/questions/48874382/…
but once I refresh the page, they are all back in. wtf is going on??? does it work the same for you?
any help??
@JBis, check got-kush.ca
12:56 AM
How tf is that question allowed?
2 hours later…
2:59 AM
@OvieTrix I mean, I'm not too fond of the product but decent design. I would just change the cart animation. I don't love how it gets squished.
3:16 AM
anyone here good with machine learning and python
4:01 AM
why isn't javascript used for machine learning
because java
what does that have to do with it
(i have no idea)
4:36 AM
Hows this canvas API/Syntax
Lol of course you reply, and you know what
youve been quite arrogant and rude... Stackoverflow is for people with the aspect to be professional and respectful
So, from now on Im going to ignore your posts ;) no offense
anyways, back to the topic, I wrote a little Syntax for a friend of mine who has some issues seeing whats what
Is there a way to render arrays more... "beautifully".. other than tables
typeof doesnt return anything for arrays other than "object"
i mean, there's certainly ways to tell the difference between an array and an object
but you don't want my help
JBis, are you actually online? or are you asleep
guessing... asleep
> Last seen 2h ago
Oh.. I forgot about isArray
5:13 AM
@ChristianMatthew There are ML JS libs but python is the main one. Probably cause python is more mathy.
(Thats a fake reason, I don't really know. But python is usually used for more analytical, mathematical things so....)
I have a concept question
about a prediction model that I want to build
say I want to sell cars.
there are only 1000 cars in the lot so that is not a lot of data
but I go through the process of asking the person about what kind of car they want
in this case with enough questions I can generally recommend a car to that person.
how could I use deep learning over a period of time to help this process in any way from any perspective
@TaylorS Everyone says "ew" here. Don't take it so offensively. And I gotta agree with them.
the only data set that grows is the question asked and car buying outcome
lastly is this good to do in combination with a graph db
@ChristianMatthew Not every problem needs ML thrown at it.
true but could it be useful in this case
5:18 AM
More often than not, the time and effort to make one that works well is more than just writing a non ML algo.
But yes, your specific example might benefit from ML.
i want to achieve more accuracy of the recommendation and more usefulness and precision in the questions be asked to get there
I mean the algo isn't too complicated
Depending on how you want to do it
but i think, to the point the ML could be used in the later part of my concern right. Fine tuning what type of questions to ask for a better overall outcome
If I have a DB of cars and you give me certain restrictions like "needs to be a sedan", "needs to have a sun roof" "needs to have all wheel drive"
i agree, the algo to the recommendation might not have a directly pointed use case to be machine learned.
5:21 AM
You can just do a simple db search instead of ML.
but perhaps the parts surrounding it
yes but could it be useful to sharpen the question set.
What might be better for ML would be something non db searchable
yes like question sequence sets
i could ask you these 10 questions but in very different ways
or different questions based on certain answers
Like for example you ask them lifestyle questions and based off of previous car purchases of people with similar answers the algo will suggest cars (AKA car netflix)
"Whats your favorite hobby?", "Are you married?"
that would use machine learning right
to sharpen that question set
5:23 AM
But notice the difference between those two types of questions. One is about direct car data requirements while the other is about a possible pattern (that may or may not exist) based on seemingly irrelevent details
@ChristianMatthew Probably more the answers. Generating questions is probably much more difficult. Could be wrong tho.
i think it could relate to both
you could go to the proposed answer and circle back to the questioning to assure the answer or branch off to a different question set pointing to a new different answer
Full disclosure, I have never worked with ML.
more like a question path
If you are going to implement, watch out for racial and gender issues. You don't want your ML to deem certain cars "black people cars" and others "white people cars" even if statistically that is the case.
i think the initial reaction is perhaps accurate. but the pieces surrounding the process could very well utilize machine learning aspects
could be very useful
especially for my question branching aspect
5:27 AM
Unfortunately, people get offended by fact.
question to answer circling branch concept
i am going to call it QtACB
lol if that is the case
anyone know how to create a google marker url link once we have the coordinates known? #GoogleMaps
Ok another question...
In the above url ... what is the text between place/ and /@? I know they are coordinates, but in what form
QtACB^ this is genius
question to answer circling branch based on a pointer beacon
5:45 AM
@Mr.President You are not authorized to administer this command
|| help
Command documentation and syntax can be found here.
5 hours later…
10:52 AM
Hey, can anyone help me with taking full-page screenshots of a webpage, but only by visible view by view.
I am using the following code to take a screenshot of the full page, but I want in chunks.
Please check following link
@AbhiAbzs Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
11:34 AM
Hearthstone is fun, they have so many optimizations its quite cute
12:20 PM
Well Fuck...
I opened this stupid ass laptop and my editor autosaved my old changes I made to my project, and I had made like over 100 changes and rewrites yesterday without backing it up (Yet it saved)...
Cant ctrl-z it this time...
there goes over 100kb worth of Javascript
UGHHHHHH I hate everything right now...
Im contacting the server admins, maybe they can reroll it ;-;
Dude, you seriously need to induce version control into your habit.
I used a basic editor ISNTEAD OF GITHUB
I know.. I fucked up real bad this time
those two aren't related
12:26 PM
no, I mean, I usually edit things with VSCode at home, and commit every 5-10 changes (Or every major change) to my repo
Ya know... its like karma... Just yesterday I was talking about how nice the WYSIWYG editors are...
it doesn't matter what editor you use, git is a separate entity
and now one deleted 80% of my code
You've got to be pretty stupid to delete code in this day and age
oh shush, I didnt fully shutdown the editor on my laptop before the end of the day yesterday
I wasnt even using vscode
and when opening my laptop, it detected the changes to the code that I made at home, and asked to save, and Oblivious me being all like Oh just talking to my friends doing nothing! Oh look I forgot I made changes! SAVE!
Oh I just opened that link you gave
what the fuck?
12:30 PM
Lol thats funny as hell
He actually clicked delete
3k files and no repository commits?
Yeahhhh I dont believe that
even the most beginner VSCode work-with-ers Ive met atleast know to save changes to your workflow
now what I did... I think ill just stick with blaming an autosaver.
If they cant reroll my old build, oh well, but Ill see whatll happen
that does not make any sense.
Yeah I know
Im not good at explaining things to people
no. I meant. what's the problem with that auto-saving?
Its always like Just cant really find the TERM for something to help explain things
basically, I was using an online WYSIWYG editor, had it open on two PCs, shut one down (idiotically forgetting to actually close chrome, and chromes annoying ass "reload your last session" feature takes over) anyways, I went home, made probably around 60-100 changes, and wrote an entire conditional logging agent....
anyways again, opened other PC at school, all changes detected, autosaving enabled, saves current build rather than the old one that I just made...
deleted 80% of my code
back to the drawing board..
and because WYSIWYG editors rarely ever contain a workflow like github or git, I have no way of retrieving the 2nd to last save (Im just hoping the server devs have a temporary backup of the lastest saves)
I hate "internet explorer" it is disgusting! We can't use everything of javascript only for this rascal browser [we don't care about our security] we all knew it where will be danger came.
12:37 PM
@Md.Tahazzot Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
@Md.Tahazzot that was sudden and random, but I also hate IE, welcome to JS
You'll come to know IE as the biggest pain in the world's ass...
but people still want support for it, so us developers gotta make big changes and support conditions just for IE
using Deprecated, Broken, Hacky, or just annoying changes (ones that can easily interfere with your other code, like support for another browser)
@TaylorS so the problem is essentially you?
I have some big dreams in my life and you know what one of them is when I will become the best student in programming I will **** IE!
12:41 PM
you only made choices that are questionable and yeah you got this.
I guess?
use an usb stick with a strong editor such as ST and work on it.
you can even add source control in the usb
I should seriously start sifting libraries and work to make my own git based workflow/wysiwyg editor
stop using wysiwyg if it is for long term
I know somewhat how to retrieve and commit data with github api
12:43 PM
that stuff is only useful for non-techies making changes to something
Karel, all my enormous projects are done manually on github desktop, visual studio, and VS code
Im just a little pissed off I lost over 80kb worth of code
if you already are using git, correct the changes made then
Code worth of staying up till 12:10 am last night
Cant, wasnt using git
github = git
I know
Im not an idiot, git is the network, github is just a cover, a client, a design
12:44 PM
git isn't a network either
Guys are there any way to show data from a text/JSON file using js but it should be in offline
yes it is? It commits changes to a workflow
do some research on what git is.
Eh I get the basic eidea
please allow me to respond with "no, you don't"
12:46 PM
@TaylorS + @KarelG (Stop fighting dude) and coooool! I might help you both.
@Md.Tahazzot I am reading that "reading from local" file? no?
Dont Worry @Md.Tahazzot Fighting happens alot, dont think of it as fighting though, its more like an aggravated consulting and debate
of course local file
It's more you getting schooled
12:49 PM
@TaylorS Hmm!
Im typically pretty hard headed though ;)
Im already dealing with Highschool IRL at the same time as we speak, so getting schooled in a chatroom is unacceptable!
1:03 PM
Anyways, Im in math period and need to finish some work, cya guys.
Yo dawg, I put a school in your school, so you can get schooled why you get schooled
1:22 PM
@Md.Tahazzot there are security mechanisms that prevents you to do that. But the question is why. If a text file has to be modified, why using a browser for that? Is notepad not sufficient?
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
Hi ! :)
how can I post some code for help pls ?
Just ask your question if someone wants to answer they will
1 message moved to Trash can
@oskll Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
So I have this code :
$('#panel2').find('tbody').find('tr').each((index, el) => {

                    let articleKey = '';
                    let articleValue = '';

                    $(el).find('td').each((index, el) => {

                        if ($(el).text().length > 0 && articleKey === '')
                            articleKey = $(el).text();

                        if ($(el).text().length > 0 && articleValue === '')
                            articleValue = $(el).text();
the variables articleKey and articleValue are empty but the if statement for checking if they are empty is not working, even with .length
I dont realy understand why, if someone can help me out pls
best to rename your stuffs for better readability
@KarelG I found my mistake
3:10 PM
eg .find('tr').each((index, el) => into .find('tr').each((rowindex, tr) =>
@oskll good
$(el).text() contains sometimes only white spaces, I putted a trim $(el).text().trim() and it's better
@ndugger I think part of the confusion is in the early days of redux that's exactly what it was. Now redux is a full-fledged pattern with distinct differences from the flux pattern. This image is probably the most concise on modern day differences.
@ndugger i.stack.imgur.com/Oj0fu.png if you like venn diagrams
3:56 PM
Anyone know a good js library to go from speech to text?
I don't imagine there are any full-JS libraries for speech to text
hmm... I have an interesting issue
I have a <input type="date" /> field
and it works great /s
however, when i provide it a default value, typing the day as "01", "02" or "03" doesnt make the cursor move to the month parts
when I open it in jsfiddle.net, and use <input type="date" value="2019-12-11" />, it works fine
I am not sure how it gets modified to have this weird behavior
4:11 PM
@JBis even the web speech API uses a backend server to recognize the speech on Chrome. You're better off finding a cloud service or using a server-side utility for speech to text recognition and sending the captured audio from MediaStream Recording API
@Wietlol don't get what you mean by this
when you open jsfiddle, then use the input with value as html, then try to change the value by typing "0" and then "1", the cursor must move to the month field
(assuming you use dd-mm-yyyy notation)
in my website, the cursor only moves when you typed a date > 4
(because it moves immediately when you type 4 or higher, and it moves when you have 2 digits where the first digit is > 0)
I already tried removing all events from it
4:31 PM
do you have a valid doctype?
is it in a form?
inside a label?
recreate the scenario, closer and closer to what you have, until it starts happening again.
I fail to reproduce it in a js fiddle tho :(
how much of the source did you recreate in jsfiddle?
and the js part of this website is so horrible that I cant just pull some js out until it works
then do the oppoite
remove shtuff till it works
that is what I just meant
4:33 PM
sure you can
cant just pull some js out until it works
cant just remove some js until it works
step one would be just removing all of it
it doesn't matter how bad it is if it's just all gone
if I remove all of it, I cant even reach the input fields...
hardcode it
if I duplicate the input field after the page has loaded, the duplicated field works
so, I think there is something on page load that breaks it
4:35 PM
did you duplicate it into the same location?
right. so in devtools, inspect the element.
while that element is still selected, there should be a pane on the right with an "event listeners" tab
even with same id
You're looking for event listeners that would be triggered on keypress, keydown, keyup, an input
I attempted to remove all event listeners, but there are two I cant remove... I think
4:37 PM
that pane will tell you where to find teh event listener
there should be a button "remove", but I cant find it
click on "VM573:-1"
I found the keypress source, disabled that one, it had some stuff like "return false;", "event.stopPropagating()" and such
its not the event listeners tho
if I duplicate the input, it also receives the event listeners
but the duplicate does work properly
but I guess ill continue to bash my head against my desk at friday
4:55 PM
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He's talking to someone names @user400654. Can't you see him?
he's pretending he has me ignored
oh, we got into an argument and I blocked him yesterday**
4:57 PM
I need to finish my dubai research paper, ill be back in a couple minutes
Dubai: Shithole playground for the ultra-rich where you can be arrested for kissing your spouse in public.
Pretty much, but I did something more like this:
As stated by Tucker Carlson, ā€œPeople often refer to Dubai as the Hong Kong of the Gulf, but it's really more like Vegas.ā€ - Tucker Carlson. It shows the Danger of Utopia, but the Beauty of Peace and Wealth.
"Peace" and "Order" are two very different things.
I dont know if you heard, but at one point, a woman was actually arrested in dubai after she was assaulted sensually in her hotel room
Not remotely surprised
4:59 PM
luckily for international affairs
she got out after 4 weeks :L
instead of 4 years
or something like that :L
That more appropriate?
It shows the Danger of Utopia, but the Beauty of Peace and Order, of course Order has its Hidden Intentions.
If I did anything more negative, I might lose points for Bias
5:21 PM
@TaylorS why block him tho, he's an RO
@TaylorS I wouldn't quote Tucker Carlson
I would, if it's for comedic reasons
5:47 PM
In react how do i resolve following scenario
    clickOnComment() {

        const { fetchCommentsAction, id } = this.props

        const { comments } = this.props

            comments: comments
1) fetchCommentsAction is a saga action
2) comments are from a redux
this function works in 2nd click
cause comments are not filled by API call
that's a timing issue
so how do i use async with redux saga ?
this.props.comments won't contain the result of fetchCommentsAction until fetchCommentsAction is complete.
function* fetchCommentsSaga(action) {
   try {

      const comments = yield call(fetchComments);
      yield put({ type: "COMMENTS_FETCH_SUCCEEDED", comments: comments, id: action.id });
   } catch (e) {
      yield put({ type: "COMMENTS_FETCH_FAILED", message: e.message });
this is my saga
@user400654 yes
first time it's getting default array
2nd click it fill with data
how do i fix this issue ?
not familiar with redux saga
5:54 PM
export const fetchComments = () => new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
    return instance.get('/comments')
        .then(function (response) {
        .catch(function (error) {
that appears to be implementing some form of event handling, i'd assume you need to wait on said event to complete.
this is axios API request
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
that is so big, can we move to trash
7:44 PM
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8:15 PM
thanks :)
for some reason... it won't let me do the same in the meta room
just... does nothing
What meta room?

The Meta Room

General Chat & Hangout for Meta Stack Overflow. See: meta.stac...

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