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2:00 PM
This is it. If you're doing anything else, it's wrong
keep it simple
remove everything in the loop?
for loop?
@Neil Nevermind, found a solution where you can set the input type="text" and use CSS text-security:disc to mimic type="password". Allthough moz-text-security is Deprecated/Removed you can fix this creating a CSS font-face made only of dots and use font-family: 'dotsfont'.

Hey, what's the best MindMapping software?
@OTLT-LCar A girlfriend or your local psychiatrist ;)
2:02 PM
Hahaha, please someone help, laughing too hard.
dying... short breath
mindJet? At least they pay google quite a lot for being first place in their search-results..
@Neil you there?
Used it yourself? (Opens?)
2:04 PM
@HassanAlthaf yes, remove everything in the for loop
Fair point, but most of the time, ads = not open sourced
reimplement using only what I've said as a reference
here's a couple: MindGenius – https://www.mindgenius.com/
SmartDraw – https://www.smartdraw.com
Microsoft Visio – https://products.office.com/en-ca/visio/flowchart-software
Milanote – https://www.milanote.com/
Lucidchart – https://www.lucidchart.com/
Coggle – https://coggle.it/
XMind – https://www.xmind.net/
MindManager – https://www.mindjet.com/
Mindomo – https://www.mindomo.com/
MindView – https://www.matchware.com/
can you do a rough step by step explanation
@OTLT-LCar Nope - haven't used one of the frameworks - I'm a stubborn programmer coming from a functional background so if needed I would probably write my own ;)
2:07 PM
@iLuvLogix That sounds like unreasonably long work.

Here's what I heard:

"Hey man, do you have a photoshop license?"
ffs I hate github pages so much
its taking like 20 minutes to update the preview
but I cant buy a raspberry pi and make my own server :3
lol ^
a raspberry pi is like 5 bucks, but i doubt my father would let me port forward anyways.
Your dad knows about port forwarding?
And would object?
2:09 PM
That's interesting, why?
That worked,
But it only gave me one path
@OTLT-LCar In chats sarcasm doesn't always come through as such -> hence 'stubborn'.. ;) On a serious note: sure - why reinvent the wheel when you can get one already (open-source, tested & maintained)..
@HassanAlthaf you should not find any "return" in your loop..
you want to get all paths, not just the first you find
you want to check all adjacent nodes, not just the first you come across
yes, all adjacent
no returns.
@iLuvLogix I concur.
2:12 PM
my internet is slow, im getting u a pastebin
let me beautify the results for u
@TaylorS host it in the cloud then
a VPS with jekyll shouldn't cost you that much either
ooor you can build locally and just push the built contents to GH pages or any other static web server such as firebase
Im poor
@TaylorS You know GCP offers $400 free credit, right?
2:16 PM
Im just a freelance 14 year old, I dont really earn anything and cant get a job where Im at, not old enough
Basically free hosting of any OS/VM
Plus, I doubt Id have time for a job with my highschool work rn
@HassanAlthaf path.push(nextPoint);
You forgot to slice
@TaylorS Go on GCP, it's free.
Ive seen all those CDN sites
2:16 PM
you need to copy or you need to remove it after the call
otherwise you're changing path
they all say "free" but always require a plan or something, or they dont tell you how to host
@iLuvLogix Hey man, do you have experience with push notifications?
@TaylorS Listen, I'm giving u a hand, I wont argue if you stick your head in the sand like an austrich
it's free.
2:17 PM
@HassanAlthaf results.push(this.recursiveIterationOfPoints(path, end));
free 400
Also you're pushing an array of an array, so you have array of an array of an array..
,-, but how do I host on it?
@iLuvLogix What's the SIMPLEST solution to send push notifications to a smartphone app/standalone server from an external node.js server script
@OTLT-LCar What do you want to push where (to an array, to a moxxa-server..)
2:18 PM
with javascript functions
I have a crawler that fetches all values of "X" element on a webpage
async, via node.js
here's what i use:
and triggers a js function when a new value is detected
I used pushbullet, which worked like a charm
2:19 PM
but I need something more generic
if (found)

                var newPath = path.slice();

                results.push(this.recursiveIterationOfPoints(newPath, end));
Did this, but that ruined the entire output. Now the output is not valid at all.
that would need a third party (if possible)
Like, I got a server with a script that runs
@OTLT-LCar the problem, is that it does stuff like this ^
    request.post(hostCOMserverForPHGpush, ressqlSelectAllReadersPHG.rows, (error, res, body) => {
      if (error) {
      else {
      console.log(`STATUS-CODE: ${res.statusCode}`);
      res.json({ success: true, message: 'PHG-readers have been pushed to COM-Server..', data: [] });
2:21 PM
and it got a notification function trigger, I want to basically use Javascript snippet to send push notif
Wowowowo, didnt expect you to sh*t golden eggs
I dont have no credit cards or other crap... I just wanna host a site, thats why I already ignored GCP
lemme save,
@TaylorS That's why you ignore it now**
2:22 PM
Get ccv (i didnt say that)
Yeah, Ignore an automatic payment on a site like that, accidentally forget about it for 3 months... find 200 dollars stolen from your card :l
... Add reminder
nvm lo, I think ill just stick to github pages /-/
@OTLT-LCar Here I'm pushing to a moxxa-server (phg-readers) - but you can push what you like to whereever - just adapt my example -> don't forget to import request-lib and check the connection to the server..
2:23 PM
@TaylorS building locally and hosting on firebase (or prebuilt on GH pages) is free
@TaylorS see above
Gotta love firebase
is it another site thats just going to ask for my bank info and addresses?
are you calling me stupid?
2:24 PM
lol'd a bit
I dont see 'stupid' anywhere in that sentence
@TaylorS nope, but I gladly take a blank check ;)
@TaylorS I should charge you for the recommendations TBH
well, iluv if you want 68 cents, then thats all i have LOL
2:25 PM
@iLuvLogix yeah wait till I implement tho. Might actually tip.
especially given you can't be even bothered to google Firebase and/or "how to build jekyll locally"
@HassanAlthaf It's more correct though
what output are you getting?
@Bartek dokładnie..
eh, i do enjoy githubs workflow... just wish there was a place that did a github desktop-like workflow and fast hosting
2:26 PM
@HassanAlthaf also, please tell me you're returning results and not [path] at the bottom..
@iLuvLogix Ok so, if I understand correctly, you're pushing the notification via a local moxxa server on same LAN as IoT (PHG)?

So like, if someone uses the fingerprint reader > notif?
@TaylorS You can also build a dockerized build sever, run that on your GH as regular CI build, and push the page anywhere you want
dockerhub is free and no cc, so is Circle and Travis, so is heroku IIRC
@OTLT-LCar yup - IOT (not just fingerprints - we do triple auth via token, pin and fingerprint)
@iLuvLogix cause my stuff needs to be accessible from online, doesn't need to be Area 51 secure, information passed shouldn't be too important.
but really if you have no money to pay for convenience, you'll have to spend time instead
2:28 PM
@Neil Returning results worked slightly
So... your saying use githubs hosting to build a hoster that hosts faster than the first hoster??
wow ._.
@TaylorS of course not, but you're faster at writing sarcastic replies than reading proper suggestions
I recently landed a job in a place that does digitalization, archiving and secure deletion of paper documents. I might keep your contact if you don't mind? I pay for help.
@OTLT-LCar Lets move this to a private chat-room - you should have an invite..
2:29 PM
eh, why do I bother
you want an array of paths, not an array of array of paths
Im always very sarcastic
but in a good way
use concat
@TaylorS I'd let you know my regular consulting fee / hour would buy you a year of a VPS for the time I wasted in this conversation already
@Neil results.concat(this.recursiveIterationOfPoints(newPath, end));
And my results are gone
2:30 PM
@HassanAlthaf it creates a new array..
results = results.concat(...)
anyway I've read through most of the posts @Neil, looks like Meta is still hot and steaming
like literally every few minutes or so something new pops up
@BartekBanachewicz it doesn't seem that they've done really anything to resolve the issue honestly
@Neil Agreed. Shame, really.
only took us several hours :)
2:31 PM
[5,2,6] Final ID is 6,
@HassanAlthaf please take a book and read up about scoping and variable binding ;)
This is the only path i got.
well is that correct?
Well Bartek, apart from the unsarcastic laundering (lul) thanks I guess?
you should create a second path to do this next part. You need to calculate the distance for each path
2:32 PM
oh great... I have to install firebase tools with NPM
bruh I cant run node at school
yes, the path is correct.
@TaylorS you have to realize that such cloud-based static hostings aren't really that great if you update the content often
having two paths to 6 would also be a good test that it does genuinely get all paths
@Neil I need to make a nother way to get there, right?
they're meant to scale well and run in bulk off massive CDNs, at the cost of taking some time to propagate
2:33 PM
if you want to do a lot of small changes often, you might be better off with a CMS
@HassanAlthaf preferably a way that takes longer
Well, now that I see how its used I understand
what if i made 2 entrances. Find the one with the nearest entrance?
I'm not gonna say Wordpress now but I just did, didn't I
2:34 PM
@HassanAlthaf one thing at a time, sir!
firebase is the same thing as simpleHTTPServer but it hosts from googles servers sending data straight from your computer :I
@TaylorS it's much more than that
Hmm, well i dont have a raspberry pi yet, and I cant install firebase right now at school, so Ill have to hold off until later
in fact, you could conceivably build a fully-functioning CMS on top of firebase' storage
@Neil sir, yes, sir!
2:35 PM
Can it support PHP or server sided languages?
@TaylorS that's why you should always, anyways have a VPS
@Neil How can I return your favor sir?
@TaylorS JS as a sort-of Amazon Lambda but simplified
or is it Static
it has some limited ability to run server-side code
and it has a decent storage
2:36 PM
@HassanAlthaf don't worry about it, I had time to kill
but the idea is that you handle that storage directly from the frontend
it actually simplifies things a lot
Well Im usually never concerned about storage.

I host like 200 gb of Anime and Movies Ive ripped from DVDs and sites over the years, but I would probably never host it on anywhere BUT github
holy fuck
I only host them for myself lul
@Neil Thank you so much man. I'd love you to be my mentor who could help me to get better at coding
2:37 PM
so you're setting this all up to host 200GB of illegal video content
I need the server for my website XD
Im just mentioning it (the 200gb of movies)
@HassanAlthaf honestly glad you learned something out of this
you really could've done without mentioning it
multiple doors/entrances is going to be a bit tricky as well
@Neil And I appreciate you didn't make it easy by just throwing the code at me.
2:38 PM
see if you can get that working on your own (save the original, you may need it) :)
hey, as long as Im not giving it away and selling it, I doubt many people care
@TaylorS aaaanyway it'd be really trivial to store the page content in the firebase storage
considering there are networks of like 10 TB of movies out there
e.g. like posts
also make sure it works with multiple paths
that's kind of important
2:39 PM
I am pretty damn sure there's a CMS example straight in the firebase docs
Well posts arent a piece of my site atm, I created a simple smooth transition site to host my projects and tools
to make an effective test, you'd need another room and a door where you wouldn't go to get to your destination
Yes, of course. It's almost 11pm, been working since 9am haven't had anything other than a burger the whole day. Let me grab some food and some rest, I'll see you tomorrow again at the same time like earlier today. (y)
verify that you get all the paths that take you to your destination, and none of the ones which don't
see you tomorrow then man :)
@TaylorS a post can be a rich html, noone cares
2:40 PM
@Neil a room without any path?
The coding gods are pleased this day
it's data
what I love about smooth transition viewport (iframes fading in and out with different URL sources) is that it never reloads the page, etc
@HassanAlthaf no, I mean a room that isn't your destination
I would love to setup an ajax method without iframes
but I need those serversided languages
2:40 PM
somethnig in the middle?
@TaylorS are those ajax calls bringing in just static content?
like, add something in between the food thing and the meeting room, to make the thing more complicated?
because if so, just replace AJAX with firebase api to read that stuff
bam, you're done.
1 question.... can firebase atleast run .htpasswrd
no, I mean if you have a way of getting from A, to B, and from A to C, verify that using this algorithm, you get only paths taking you from A to B
2:41 PM
to allow me to make an admin panel / login
@TaylorS you're really misunderstanding the model of operation we're talking here
or is that too much for it
@TaylorS you can do that, but in a different way
not in the way, just a second destination
2:42 PM
in fact, you get a premade login/auth API
I'll do a more comprehensive layout, and do the paths.
do a barrage of testing to make sure it works, basically
you just put a textbox and call the API to log in
And I'll try some stuff on my own tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
again, it's actually much simpler than setting an entire backend; that's precisely the idea behind it
2:42 PM
Yeah but theres always a way to get past that
how? each login creates an authorized session token just like you would do with your backend
@Neil Yes, its taking me to from only A to B.
I can imagine. There is only A and B :P
No there isn't.
There's one more door
ah, nice
2:43 PM
There's three rooms :P
and it works from B to C?
the third room?
gonna test now
gotta run
if I catch you tomorrow, see you then \o
alright man
whoops, doesn't.
2:47 PM
nvm typo
All work great. Thanks a lot man. @Neil
Well what I was saying is, if you use a javascript based "login" wouldnt there be ways to get past it?
as far as Ive heard, javascript use for "hiding" something isnt a good idea, but rather serversided languages, as the data is harder to "exploit" or "hack"
or am I getting the wrong idea?
Anyone has experience with KUSANAGI OS?
3:26 PM
@TaylorS if it is sent to the client, the client can see it.
3:46 PM
I'll take that as a no?
Can anyone help me understand why this line of code doesn't run?
using the "this" keyword and .next() function doesn't seem to want to work together
2 hours later…
6:03 PM
Does anyone know why Vue is emitting every event twice?
user error
I mean, I know I have no code or anything, but it's the most basic emitting. It's practically emitting it once but shows twice on Vue's Inpector Tools
@forresthopkinsa what do you mean?
I mean that if it's truly emitting every event twice then you configured something wrong
If it's only showing the second emissions in the devtools though, then that might just be a devtools glitch
It's emitting it once, but it shows twice in a row on devtools
Do you not observe that behavior in your code execution?
Maybe devtools is reflecting the event propagation
6:05 PM
I've had an alert set to go off when the event is emitted, and it went off once
Well there you go
Sounds like a non-issue
When it shows on dev tools, it's just showing it twice at the same tim
well ok I guess, hope it's jsut a devtools glitch
When I was doing a lot of Vue stuff, I found that I didn't need the devtools pane very frequently
Same with React/Angular
Yeah I guess it's just cool to see lol
Wietlol why does your bot keep reconnecting
@Paz for sure
6:50 PM
@forresthopkinsa! How am I going to run my app without having to enter nodemon app.js all the time on my linux machine?
@OvieTrix add it to your package.json scripts section
so instead you just have to do "npm start" and it'll run it
Cool thanks @forresthopkinsa!
no problem my man
7:34 PM
@JBis seems you didn't catch me, apologies
lol np
good afternoon
anyone else here read the blog post about full-stack engineers?
7:59 PM
on what part exactly

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