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5:18 AM
Looking sharp MwBakker
5:42 AM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!! :D
6:06 AM
hello there
6:47 AM
General Kenobi
7:11 AM
Hiya Tim!!! :D
8:09 AM
updating to java 11 is pain, errors with android studio and gradle
8:46 AM
@W0MP3R can you please ping the "epic" group for these free games on steam?
9:01 AM
sure thing
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10:02 AM
@DaveS, @Mauker, @Pochmurnik, @Graeme, @ballBreaker, @Jordy, @WarrenFaith, @grrigore, @Reno, @Code-Apprentice Free Games on Steam!!! ->
@bluetoothfx, @FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier, @asim, @qki Free Games on Steam!!! ->
hell yeah! thanks Womps!
10:28 AM
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Have you tried a couples therapist?
10:57 AM
good mornign wompr
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12:02 PM
Hiya Reno!!! :D
12:23 PM
Time to go~~
Cya in a bit!!! :D
brap brap brap!
12:48 PM
1:36 PM
That was an interesting duckduckgo, didn't expect d3 lore this morning :)
1:49 PM
brrrrrap is his signature speech
2:08 PM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!! :D
what up girl
i'm officially on vacation from work
and today is the last day of the web dev course
oh wow
pathfinder completed tomorrow?
i wish hahah
today I have a dinner with the people from the course
so... tomorrow pathfinder
i hope x'D
dinner good, people bad
2:20 PM
2:39 PM
There are guys in Paris that say hakuna matata and tie a wool like thread around your arm and ask for money
I saw the same guys in italy
Full bullshit
Really annoying people
Also hello
Rage is over
I'll see you on Sunday!
3:20 PM
sup womp?
heyooo o/
still employed?
3:24 PM
did I mention that I finally beat the first boss in pathfinder on core difficulty \o/ lolol
I'm through the intro now, I'm basically a god
@JAAD haha yep
I haven't told the guy if he should tell my CIO or not yet, I still need to think about it
3:26 PM
wow nice
still pooping on company's time i see
it's almost stupid to poop on your own time
hahah yeah exactly
I save up my poops for work
was supposed to be a nice way to say crabs is still employed
4:09 PM
Hello, Android!
How I miss thee
wtf is wrong with companies these days
I've had 2 phone interviews, and a coding assessment for one company, and now they're trying to book me for:
1 one-hour Interview focused on Architecture
1 one-hour Interview focused on Data Modeling/Systems Design
2 one-hour Interviews focused on General Coding
1 45-minute Interview focused on Deliverr’s Values and Culture
At what point do I demand that they pay for me for my time
Fire them
rob them
at the end of the day I'll have spent 7-8 hours interviewing with this company
4:17 PM
you will gain some experience for sure. Stay positive :) let's see what happens
lol I dont want experience, I want money
they can give me experience when I get hired
I'm gonna do it though anyways, but jesus
companies need to chillllllllllll
expecting people to use vacation time just to apply for jobs is honestly gross
makes me want to decline lol
commit time fraud
they must be a shit company to work for
lol I will be
stick it to the man
4:34 PM
@ballBreaker Maybe you should just tell them that you think it's excessive. At the very least, their response to that will tell you a lot.
@ballBreaker wtf?
people are crazy
unless you desperately want the job, in which case it's reasonable for them to do whatever crazy shenanigans they want.
Also, just want to point out that "Deliverr" is such a hipster startup name it doesn't even sound real. lol
heya @W0MP3R
hello @twiz
sup, bluetoothfx
4:37 PM
@twiz Yeah that's what I'm thinking because this is a bit ridiculous
I told one of my buddies and he's like that's not even that much, I had 3 days at google
fuckin sweatshop companies
@ballBreaker That's what I was saying about shenanigans though. Google can get away with it, because they know how much people want jobs there. Plus it's not a secret. If you're applying at Google, you probably know what you're getting into.
People just want to have Google on their resume.
I think this company is trying to be the next google or amazon
Whatever Deliverr is though... lol
lol yeah who fuckin knows
time to book 5 hours of interviews into my work calendar <_<
how do I even do this without it being obvious
maybe I should tell that recruiter to tell my boss I'm looking
4:50 PM
@ballBreaker Well, I guess that's one way to ask for a promotion. lol
@twiz what do you think about this situation? chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/53043214#53043214
Im torn on what to do there
@ballBreaker What is the benefit to you? Hypothetically, if the CIO didn't mind at all and gave the recruiter a solid answer, what would that gain you?
I guess having the timeline would assist me in putting more hustle into the search
otherwise right now I'm kinda just doing it semi-casually but still putting in some effort
I also have like 10 hours of "private" meetings put into my work calendar to book off all these interviews and shit.. and I'm assuming they will know what's up
my assumption is that right now they know I'm looking but they're kind of keeping me on until I find something
Well, would it be a complete disaster for you if you had to live off savings for a month? Because that's likely the worst case scenario, unless you're having a lot of trouble finding a job.
5:05 PM
not a complete disaster, I actually don't have any "savings" necessarily, but my ~30k pension gets released when I'm terminated so I'll actually be able to live for like 6 months unemployed or so
And you dirty maple leaf communist don't even have to beg your slavemasters for health insurance.
so the worst case isn't that bad at all, but I'd preferrably just keep working and booking these interviews into my work schedule lmao but I feel like they must know
I mean the alternative is that they find out and are totally surprised and try to get me to stay, but I'm finding that unlikely atm
I have a feeling they might ask me "what are all these private "busy" meetings" andthen I'll have to tell them anyways
What is the whole situation anyway? I guess you have reason to believe you're going to be laid off soonish?
posted on September 17, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Peter Visontay, Software Engineer; Bessie Jiang, Software Engineer Most users spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Whether working, playing games, or connecting with friends, people often use apps as the primary gateway for their digital lives. In order to work, apps often need to request certain permissions, but with dozens of apps on any given device, it can

lol this is my calendar for next week currently
all the locked ones are private
@twiz yeah exactly, they're basically killing my role in the next weeks/months and it was basically told to me indirectly
I have no idea when, but it's definitely coming
5:09 PM
LOL yea, I imagine a lot of people would know something was going on.
you can have my job
i get paid like 9.60/hr
@ballBreaker Is it really a big deal for you to just ask then?
good money
@twiz Not really, but this guy is offering to do it for me because he knows the CIO really well, and for me to ask is a little.... inappropriate in a way
@Smarticles101 lmao
multiply that by five and I'll consider it
i wish
5:11 PM
Seems like you probably don't have a whole lot to lose regardless of what you decide.
Unless they're just sitting there waiting for any excuse to fire people.
nooo I think they really like me and feel bad for the position they put me in
I feel like if I dont tell them, they'll just let me apply for jobs while working because they don't wanna screw me
If they're intentionally telling you your job is going away (even if it's unofficial), then it seems like they probably did that specifically so you could do what you're doing.
there's no way they don't know
They could have just told you nothing. Telling you sounds like they were doing you a favor.
so I guess the situation probably stays the same regardless of what I do, but I'm semi worried that if I tell them that it'll speed up that process but its hard to say
I mean, I had to ask about it, I did the right thing there.. they didn't tell me with no prompt
they also know I don't have any work right now other than the occasional meeting
5:16 PM
say that they're meetings with your unpaid intern
Didn't you say they are hardly even giving you any work now? If your work isn't severely disrupted by what you're doing, I probably just wouldn't worry about it.
yeah true
It sounds kind of like they've already agreed to pay you to do nothing for a little while. haha
hahaha yeah, everything points to them already knowing
at which point I don't know that it would hurt for them to know for sure? Not sure
I guess what trips me out is that I told this guy not to bother, and then he called me back and explained how well he knew the CIO and all this shit, so it seemed kind of like he was pushing me to tell them through him
if you know you're job is going away and you'll eventually be laid off anyways, and you feel like you have a good relationship with them, and they know you're probably interviewing elsewhere. i don't think it would hurt. but i am also not qualified at any of this
5:22 PM
lmao I wonder if I should try to like...
tell him to tell them on the condition that they reaise my lay off package lmfao
actually that's dumb
Yeah, there's really no definite right answer, because it's really dependent on the person.
yeah I feel that
I kind of feel like knowing a timeline might add more stress to the whole thing, but not knowing also adds it's own stress in a way since I have no idea when it's going to happen
but on the other hand, if they know, they might be cool with letting me stay on until I find something
instead of being forced to lay me off due to whatever
and if they are actually aware at the time, they might be able to give me references whil eI'm still working here
which might be useful
On second though, isn't it kind of important that you know, since it sounds like you want to stay until they lay you off, rather than just quitting?
well if I find an opportunity, I wouldn't mind quitting, I don't necessarily need to stay for the layoff
but that's also true
in a way
Then I'd just assume it's happening tomorrow.
5:26 PM
hahaha yeah I feel that
My gut tells me it'll end of october
maybe I should do a pros/cons list
Pros of telling them:
- might get a timeline on when the layoff happens (which should assist my search)
- they might give me a pay bump to get me to stay if they want me in a different role
- they may keep me on until I find a job (since they like me)
- I may be able to use current managers as references
- might be a net positive on the relationship with this company (dont burn the bridge)
- Less sketchiness on my private meetings in calendar

- they might terminate me sooner than planned
anyone think of any more?
one of the pros and cons kinda cancel eachother out
that's pretty much how i see it
but yeah a lot of them hinge on the CIO's personality
if you talk to them anyways
5:43 PM
I think the obvious answer here is that you need to light a bag of poop on your boss's desk.
yeah that's what I'm gonna do
good plan
I'm gonna tell the guy I need the weekend to decide lol
Don't give in to analysis paralysis. Poop-bag is the way.
5:52 PM
that's a great idea
sleep on it for sure
let it process a bit in the background
But seriously, all I know is you shouldn't stress over it. The stakes are really low. One decision might end up being better than the other, but neither is going to be negative. 🤷‍♂️
yeah that's kind of what I'm thinking too, the decision doesn't really change the reality much
it might at worst just shift the timeline, or it might not at all
adhd brain go brr with stuff like this
yeah deffy
gotta analyse that shit from all angles
yeah lmao
6:02 PM
I think im gonna start a cryptography club at my school
That may be the nerdiest sentence ever written.
But seriously, sure, why not.
Assuming you can find anyone else at all to join it. haha
@twiz that's my concern
What would you actually do though?
@JBis I bet you'll be able to find people interested in it, but most of them will probably be focused more on the money making side than the technical side
6:07 PM
I know a good handful of people who are interested in putting money in crypto, but don't actually have a grasp for how or why they work
inb4 a bunch of cryptocurrency people join
wait you said cryptography
nvm i'm a moron
Hahaha First meeting a bunch of frat boys show up and turn it into the Dogecoin club.
That's not even a joke. I could absolutely see that happening.
honestly it could happen
hahaha same
6:13 PM
Ok, I'm out. o/
My idea is two have 3 types of events.

1. Speakers - important crypto/tech speakers come to discuss various things, audience can pose questions
2. Discussion/Education - discuss recent crypto news and things, e.g Apple CSAM detection or cloudflare Attestation of Personhood. Also maybe general education presentations on general topics like RSA
3. Research - this is the big one. We pick a topic in crypto and we would research with help of faculty. once a year (ideally) we would publish something of value to contribute to crypto world
@twiz ^
#3 is the real goal, #1 and #2 is really to promote #3
i plan to get some good faculty and ideally work with other people from other schools as well (namely Stanford)
that's the dream, but idk if it will happen
sounds like a lot of work ,good luck
the biggest problem is definitely interest and talent
i'm not sure if a bunch of undergrads are knowledgeable to do #3, I'm sure not. At least not alone.
Wonder if we could get grad students as well. Or people pursing PhDs.
you should definitely open it to grad students because that's where 90% of cryptography people are going to be
I imagine it's an industry that requires a masters/PHD to get a job in 80% of the cases
T-T-T-T-Time to go~~
Cya on monday... maybe x'D
Have a nice weekend everyone!!!! :D
6:25 PM
@W0MP3R Have a wonderful weekend wompys!!
4 hours later…
10:16 PM
posted on September 17, 2021 by Amy Gu

Android Studio - Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Canary 12 is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Canary or Dev channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (or Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new features and changes in all preview builds of Andro

10:49 PM
@Tim How did you manage to escape?
Miss you guys

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