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7:09 AM
I can't share details but my work life will be in turmoil again...
gonna drop the bomb today and tell my collegues that I'll go looking for another job during break time
I was hoping I could settle this time again for longer...
ah too bad Warren
will you be looking for something else then?
7:11 AM
I would not announce "looking", I would do that when you know you have another job
no it's definitive for me
ah ok
I have sidejobs that I can earn money from while looking for a new job
I can't share details but there are multiple options, some are in the making, some are already there
but it's positive right?
7:12 AM
that is always nice
well, it is not the best option, the best option would have been to stay, but it is not bad either
at least the few things I know for now
new challanges
@WarrenFaith but the criteria I am looking on might be impossible
I just took a fucking huge loan, I am not interested in challenges currently :D
@WarrenFaith such is life sometimes, hold dear to the solid grounds you have like your wife, friends, house, pets etc
@WarrenFaith but you are a developper, shouldnt be too hard to get back on track
7:14 AM
I have no friends :D
I am an angry German, remember? :D
@MwBakker I tried to get "off-hand"
@WarrenFaith I have a hard time to believe that, you are a nice person
@WarrenFaith what does that mean?
@MwBakker why?
I am currently working as an Engineering Manager, I do more the structure/org topics like helping teams to perform better by removing obstacles, make meaningful roadmaps, helping product owner getting some rough doability estimations etc
I though do some android coding but I try to get away from it
not because I dont like it anymore but I like it more to make devs better and push them to new heights
@grrigore because of PHP and JS, because there are too many responsibilities that I can't match (being too chaotic for that) and because I get depressed going to the same location to work each and every day
@MwBakker well of course I have friends, but I am not a person who constantly likes to meet with other people. I do it from time to time but otherwise: don't bother me :) (still I would be the one you always can call in the middle of the night to get picked up if you are in a bad situation)
7:23 AM
@grrigore I just got into the field of IT and a small team running the IT sector of a large business does not really match my desirement but I had to figure that out
why tell them?
just give them the 2 weeks notice
In Germany you often have 3 month notice :D
or even more, depends on your contract and time on the job
yes or something
@grrigore because I want to know if the hectic period definitly ends on 1st of July so I won't ruin anybody's vacation
7:38 AM
good guy mwb
7:54 AM
hi all
hey @grrigore
man do you remember my last exa about hilt in android?
car and engine
8:14 AM
shit was cash
morning everyone
@Cool can you help me with writing simple example of hilt ?
most of example in www belongs to binding dependencies to applications activities fragments or so
i just wanna inject a class to another class , they both are none of above
tp be honest its no even working in my acitivy
8:30 AM
does one of the 2 classes is an Android component (ViewModel, Activity..)?
one of them is in Composable
im using jetpack compose
i can also rewrite my app , its okay for me to inject a viewModel to WebsocketListener class
class Engine @Inject constructor() {
companion object {
val EngineName = "F14"

fun getEngine(): String {
return EngineName

object EngineModule {
fun getEngine(): String {
return Engine().getEngine()
and in my Listener
class EchoWebSocketListener :
WebSocketListener() {

lateinit var engine: Engine

init {
please use pastebin :p
okay let me try
when i change ServiceComponent to ActivityComponent and use Inject it in activity everything works well but dont know really how to inject it in a class like my Okhttp websocket listener
8:49 AM
to be able to inject a class you just need to annotate it with @Inject
`class ClassName @Inject constructor()`
I don't see that you did this for EchoWebSocketListener
still same error
what do you see in the logcats?
kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property engine has not been initialized
sorry man I'm too busy
@SecretKeeper Hilt isn't configured to inject Engine instance into the EchoWebSocketListener
8:58 AM
yeah right i found something but really got confused how to adapt it with my case
if I'm not wrong the EchoWebSocketListener must be part of a component and after that you could add it into InstallIn
sorry cant help either
according to that i must define an interface! but dont know for Engine or for WebSocketListener
try for both lol
guys look at this
thats really painful to inject a non supported class by hilt , you also need context!!!
9:10 AM
they can't support every Android component for sure, this why I asked you if one of your classes is an Android component.
@MwBakker don't tell them until after you find a new job
Why not earlier
I agree with Tim
and they are probably reading this rn haha lol
@Cool thats right, im trying to inject Engine into viewmodel via @InstallIn(ViewModelComponent::class)
thats would be also cool for me
@MwBakker just don't
9:16 AM
it might take weeks before I found something new and Im not planning to stay during that period
as I said, I'll pick up my sidejobs and work on my app
oh ok then I thought you might need the income
generally you don't share this kind of stuff with coworkers until the moment you are resigning
@Tim no I saved enough and can get to work quite immediatly
you're invincible
My monthly costs are about 1000 euro total, I just live low but don't come short either
without fuel costs it's 700 euro
oh fuel costs you 300 euros?
9:23 AM
that's a lot
buy a bike
a month, appr now with driving 150km every day
are you working with Uber xD
and invest the other
I am not cycling 150km a day grrig
MB find a remote job an go to morocco haha
9:25 AM
there is an application in Fez
all I need is a coat
it's summer you don't need it
but you will need an apartment with a sp
why are you driving 150km per day?
next Friday I will flight to Morocco for 40 days vacation!
and the next week is my last week with my current client FINITO
9:29 AM
what is going on
@grrigore cause that is where my job is and my gf was
2 years in the same project is a lot for me as consultant
wow man
150km per day is something
are you rich or smth cool? xD
true love<
@grrigore nope, I have my family (as I'm from Morocco) there so I will not be in hotels all this days
but the vacation will cost me ~3K :(, I don't why I followed my wife hahaha
@grrigore not rich, just cool
9:37 AM
but 40 days off?
@Cool did you read my Fez experience?
@grrigore I'm based in France, they are known for the very good annual leave in the world.
@MwBakker I forgot :]
how it was in short? haha
the transcript is the short version
I dk how to link to the story though, I require a Tim for that
get permalink
9:56 AM
I think about joining the army with programming
a sergant told me you get weapon handling training etc included
the exact kind of dynamic I need
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jun 18 '20 at 15:32, by Tim
I don't judge
10:24 AM
I have this strange behaviour, I'm using glide, rv and databinging sigh and it loads a white image
guess it's because of app:tint color/white...
1 hour later…
11:39 AM
I didnt tell them during break time
I'll do while having a drink later this afternoon
12:08 PM
Q: how to create semi scale for image crop in kotlin

NiteshHow to create custom view for scale cropping with functionality

12:24 PM
what is this bro
you post poop, I post poop
give me answer
@Mehdi help I'm being bullied
don't worry np
12:41 PM
You will have to customize as per your requirements
@Tim you are RO
@Tim aahaha
@Nitesh here
it's ok np @grrigore
@grrigore again the same music why?
because i'm never gonna give it up
12:49 PM
reminder that it is appropriate to downvote questions that show no effort and just ask for a solution or implementation
let's all upvote it lol
timmy g do you use mvvm?
and how do you handle single event stuff
like I make a request it pops up an error I go to another screen, press back and the error it's still there
for error messages I set them to null after displaying
why do the downvote in my question ? because i am not able upload image in this group @Tim
Nitesh, you do realize that your comment in the Q is pretty dumb right?
12:56 PM
because your question is shit. I thought the poop emoji was clear on that
@grrigore there are some livedata hacks to facilitate this, but all those approaches suck ass
e.g. EventObserver, SingleLiveDataEvent
we use the first one
yes they all suck :(
@grrigore there is no MVVM possible without databinding, soooo
aren't you guys a little too hard on Nitesh here
if this room was still a gallery I would have kicked him out
@Nitesh your question is too broad (no code is shown, no try's are shown, no exact description) and there is no custom made piece of code for anybody (rarely) you need to adjust the given source to your own desired output
imagine like buying a table on the 2nd hand market but you want a white one so you add white paint to the matter instead of expecting to find the exact one in white, same goes with code snippets/functions
@MwBakker not even with databinding
1:06 PM
MVVM requires faith, I have spoken to God for the solutions
But he was too busy writing a book and moving to Singapore
1:24 PM
@MwBakker I don't agree with this statement
lol warren edited it
@Cool so we shall fight
@MwBakker sorry, I don't have Xbox
@Tim I wonder when they'll come up with something
like "keepPopping : Boolean = false"
android sucks
1:32 PM
A: Android Architecture SingleLiveEvent and EventObserver Practicle Example in Java

Jeel VankhedeCheck out below example about how you can create single LiveEvent to observe only one time as LiveData : Create a class called Event as below that will provide our data once and acts as child of LiveData wrapper : public class Event<T> { private boolean hasBeenHandled = false; private T...

something similar to this?
hmm I have a class result that I use as a wrapper for my request data I think I could update it
and create a god class
oh no
this is what it would look like
looks nasty
fixed it
1:58 PM
don't leak result to UI
use a viewstate object or something
I think that is my Result class
you mean loading, success, error? or states like those?
Why the heck is there so much code in there... it's like... 10 lines tops to do a single event observer
well idk man ask the android devs
do you know a better solution?
Feed in the observed to an observer, call an abstract method on changed and unregister the observer after...
@grrigore hhhhnnnggggg
2:04 PM
what do you mean??
I'm confused by what you guys are talking about XD
how do you pop up a dialog using databinding?
1 hour ago, by grrigore
like I make a request it pops up an error I go to another screen, press back and the error it's still there
using mvvm
@grrigore no I mean ViewState(pageTitle: String, items: List<String>) or something
then I have no idea what that is tim
@grrigore you can save lines if the XML points to the event change it is bound to per defined ViewModel at the top
2:06 PM
I know about db I use it
but I don't use it for everything
no worries, sunday is near so you can confess these sins
ok no worries
but it's hot and I'm too lazy to explain more
sure no problem I'll google
guess this is it
I guess it helps making the VM the main orchestrator or smth
thank you timmy-g i'll look into it
2:10 PM
2:26 PM
see you later alligator
2:42 PM
Asked her out yesterday BB on the normal tone as how I should have
@grrigore a girl used to say that
@ballBreaker she said "I like that, but I can't this sunday" <- because the subject was still sunday
in response to what?
we were friends for 2 years then one day she suddenly said i am getting married, handed her groups and accounts to me and disappeared
2:47 PM
oh sorry i missed your first message
so you told her it was a date and she said shed like that, good good
did you tell her to pick a day
since shes always busy
because you should
I did
but then I realised I should propose a day, and offered to cook for her at wednesday after work
and now im left on read
lol >_<
@MwBakker mann you cook for them, i would marry you if I was a girl
2:49 PM
"hey whenevr youre free just let me know when we should take that date :)"
"also... I'm super desperate so lets do wednesday and I'll cook you dinner??"
so I'm thinking maybe she just politely refused the date "sounds good but I can't this sunday (and won't offer another day)"
@ballBreaker I didn't tell her to pick a date, I realized offering the day from my side before sending her something
aaaaahhhh okay bahahaha
your setting yourself up poorly I think
but yeah.. iunno
@ballBreaker why
you have her on a pedestal and when she says no and you keep offering new days it comes across like you're way more eager to see her than she is to see you
have you ever been pursued by a girl aggressively before?
wait no I summarize the chats here, there are intervals and things are more nuanced
2:52 PM
like if a girl asked you out and you said you were busy, and then she tossed another day at you.. and then you say you're busy.. if she just keeps doing that you'll lose interest
but true
you need to just let her come to you a bit though lol in my opinion
I have two sides on that matter
One is yes, linger to find out as you said
The other is, trial is part of the hunt
I guess lol
shit is too tiresome for me these days
same, my nederbro
but.. but..
maybe you haven't internalized it yet
I just let girls do the hunting now lol
I cant be fucked anymore for that level of effort
Girls hunting for me does not happen a lot to me, the effort is simply required
2:57 PM
right but even in this case you could make it more 50/50
and if they do, im oblivious and miss their hints most of the time lol
I've almost never had luck where I was putting in 100% of the effort trying to make plans
@ballBreaker it got a bit out of balance, got cancelled once and now too busy on the sunday. I made two offers so I guess I already crossed that line a bit
but not too much
yeah you're not too bad
if she is busy again then simply tell her to suggest a date
@ballBreaker it's not a 100%, but a story from my side summarized does make it seem so ofc
2:59 PM
and if she never responds then that's that
yes yes I know the playbook, fact that this is a crush did ruin a bit of the smoothness I have to agree
fair fair
why I am like this I dk
it's like getting in a nice car and suddenly forget how to drive
3:00 PM
you have anxious attachment style 100%
@ballBreaker I refer to this as: "the giggles"
have you ever looked up attachment styles before
I was unaware of them and found once I learned about mine, that it really helped me out
a girl nearby started icecream business, went to order for whole family, she said it will take 10min i said i'll be back then, bell rang and her son was there for the delivery, how did she knew me I doubt she ever seen me before :-0
In psychology, the theory of attachment can be applied to adult relationships including friendships, emotional affairs, adult romantic relationships or platonic relationships and in some cases relationships with inanimate objects ("transitional objects"). Attachment theory, initially studied in the 1960s and 1970s primarily in the context of children and parents, was extended to adult relationships in the late 1980s. Four main styles of attachment have been identified in adults: secure anxious-preoccupied dismissive-avoidant fearful-avoidantInvestigators have explored the organization and the...
thats a bold statement
3:03 PM
see 'anxious-preoccupied'
that's you
you never had this while trying to date a crush you mean?
no I have had it many times, I have the same attachment style as you, that's why I know :D
well damn it sounds very submissive
hahah yeah this wiki article summary on them isnt the best
its also definitely a spectrum as well, there are levels of severity for it
but i'm not anxious while dating, I feel completely different if this wasn't my crush but a regular girl
3:07 PM
but you felt this way last girlfriend
and the one before that
everytime there's a girl you're into you're in here talking about what to do and how to act
not that there is a problem with that
some girls are worse than others for triggering those responses
I guess things go different when I fall in love
yeah thats the kicker
random hookup is whatever but when love comes into play
im the same way
anyway it's something probably worth looking into a bit, I found it really helped me when I found some ways to deal/cope with the anxious attachment
I am afraid to fall into some horoscopic effect
hahah no this is well researched psychology
don't worry
I think what is worth a shot is to present all dilemmas here in chat, and we vote on what you should do, and then you must do what we voted
3:10 PM
no I mean that I will feel like "ooh I do that" just because it feels a bit similar
ahhh gotcha
like with diagnosing ADD, the horoscopic effect kicked in on that too
well there are 4 of them, look up them and see which you are
"in which box do YOU belong, come and find out!"
hahah I get that though
if you went to a therapist they'd tell you you were anxious-preoccupied
I almost guarantee it
@Tim lmao i'm on board with this
3:13 PM
we have already established that "here is advice, do with is as you please" does not work
and in that case your problems are not really your problems, they are our problems
imagine that life free of worry
your problems are now our problems
@Tim I followed a lot of the advice here or else it builds perspective
3:30 PM
@Tim in that case there should be a vote if we should meet or not
Hey Folks, I am new here so don't really know the house rules:| would it be ok to ask technical questions here?
hello Alex Mo, welcome in R15 please fill in our questionaire
did you just make this
no lol
3:43 PM
have you ever committied a crime?
commit crime -f
@MwBakker can edit the doc for some reason! is it a prerequisite?
you can download it and upload it
3:53 PM
@AlexMo just let us know when you finish no need to do anything else
any updates on your crush?
3 hours ago, by Nitesh
give me answer
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