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3:00 PM
and it might be good to spend some time away from pc
but i'm going to wait a bit
'cause I have other games that i've still haven't finished >.<
ou nice
will you play it??
yeah I'm busy tonight, girl is coming over and I'm going to make her dinner (!!) and then tomorrow a halloween party, but sunday I imagine I'll play it all day
Download it tonight though :)
@ballBreaker ooooouff this is new
3:03 PM
thanks, will be the third date tonight
She's pretty awesome so far, time will tell though haha
What are you going to cook?
One thing that freaks me out with her is that she's a picky eater, so I'm not actually sure
Going to drag her to the grocery store with me and we'll pick out something together
3:05 PM
Oh, got it
You'll figure it out, you can order something and lie her
@ballBreaker greece?
posted on October 25, 2019 by lfy

Emulator 29.2.6 is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. HAXM 7.5.4 is now available in all channels. Changes:Fixed crash when starting fresh API 26/27 system images.Added a command line option to start a screen recording for the current session:Format: -record-session <filename>,<delay-until-start>,<duration>Example: -record-session tmp.webm,5,1032-bit ARM headless bu

@grrigore hahaha well we played at a board game cafe on Monday and the loser had to cook dinner
and we all know I'm a loser
@ballBreaker cool finally some success?
@MehdiB. naw that chick got weird so I ditched her
3:13 PM
ball heartBreaker
@codeMagic no
@ballBreaker tell us the story :D
I could tell she has an avoidant attachment style and that is bad bad news for someone like me who veers towards the anxious attachment style. It's like kryptonite to my happiness
so basically a Pain in your neck, thorn in your side?
3:22 PM
did you also dream of her, all of your life, but she won't come true, she's just your nightmare you woke up to?
this sounds like a rap song Mehdi
@ballBreaker what is a avoidant attachment style?
it's a liberal way of being attached, nothing to know CF
@grrigore indeed youtube.com/watch?v=TU-3uh2vW5A , was hoping he'd figure it out :D
It's one of the 4 styles of attachment in attachment theory, there are:
1) Secure
2) Anxious
3) Avoidant
4) Avoidant-Anxious
3:25 PM
Here is an article on Avoidant: depressionalliance.org/avoidant-attachment
What is today's topic?
@MehdiB. I like rap :P
Relationship !
@MehdiB. hahaha I figured it was a song but did not know which
@bluetoothfx it's ballBreaker
3:26 PM
wow there is a theory for attachment
there is a theory for everything
@ColdFire of course, these are psychological and social science topics
There is a pile of twelve coins, all of equal size.  Eleven are of
equal weight.  One is of a different weight.  In three weighings find
the unequal coin and determine if it is heavier or lighter.
How would you solve this?
Through wat medium? ^
@ColdFire Yeah, why wouldn't there be?
3:33 PM
@OakDev what do you mean?
It's pretty interesting stuff imo
@IvanMilisavljevic < Also, this.
@grrigore Well, how?
3:34 PM
Which language?
Not sure I follow...
3:34 PM
Words, sentences, only that particular case
divide in 3 packs of 4, weight
Well... you kindda did that already?
pic the one different
I did
@W0MP3R but then you only which block has the coin, not the coin itself
3:35 PM
I would just do halves
divide in 2 packs of 2
@ballBreaker I did the same
one, one weight
and you have the coin
@W0MP3R I think you can only do 3 weighings in total
3:36 PM
Weight coins individually then single the odd one out?
so you just used all your weighs in the first step
yes yes
my brain is not working
@OakDev In three weighings
3:36 PM
Oh not 3 or less
i was thinking group of weighings not weighings
Rinse and repeat the only necessary step 2 more times to be sure?
i'm gonna go to my cave and bash my head
If it's fixed 3 weighting (why?)
no dont
3:37 PM
@OakDev That's the puzzle :D
@W0MP3R I'll give you a virtual hug instead
Like, your puzzle to us?
Oh man we cannot get it together
yes Oak.... yes
3:38 PM
Of what metal kind are the coins made of?
it's a riddle that grrigore posted for us to solve
^ is for womp only
I read that in a book, solved it and wonder if people would choose the same way or a different one
3:39 PM
I mean theoretically you could get lucky off one weighing and weigh 11 on the first try
or sorry, 10
@ballBreaker >:O
I'd split them into half each time
yeah same here
K well @grrigore my official answer is, weight once, repeat step to confirm.
The lucky solution only works if you're lucky
3:41 PM
29 mins ago, by ballBreaker
and we all know I'm a loser
T_T yes exactly
damn grrigore, that was brutal XD
I understand 0 train of thought, why split them into half each time?
You split them and weigh each side
-> You got 6 which are heavier
Now you split them in 2 pairs
-> Weigh 2 pairs with another 2 pairs if they are the same then
-> Weigh the other 2 pairs with each other
and you got your heaviest
Wait... is weighting all coins individually permitted
3:42 PM
or would that be more than the 3 allowed
(not considered 1 weight operation)
Oak, read it carefully
Im trying, just answer my binary question
same here Murat
Is it wrong?
3:43 PM
@OakDev three weighings bruh
I don't think it's wrong, for this case it should work
Then there's no magic, half half
and random pick at the end
@MuratKaragöz you're doing the divide and conquer approach, but you're remaining with 3 coins on the second split, no?
if you have 12 coins and 3 weights, it's not a puzzle, it's pure luck
3:44 PM
seem like view refresh in J compose is heavy process in my AS
I illustrate that for you, bro
k I also have a puzzle now
12 coins:
2x 6 coins -> divide both weighs by 6 and pick the one that doesn't divide by 6 evenly
3:45 PM
You have $100, you need to get a mortgage for 310k. But you can only go see three banks.

How would you approach
I think this is the "official" solution, not 50-50
and then with the 6 coins you get, throw them out the window
@ballBreaker you're still left with 6 to choose from
whichever one falls first wins
3:46 PM
beat me to it
Can you inspect all 12 coins with an electron microscope first?
because I might be able to do this in 0 weighings
@MuratKaragöz 1st weighing [12 / 2 => 6] => 2nd weighing [2 pairs from the 3 pairs => you get your heaviest pair (case 1) or both equals (case 2)] => 3rd weighing [case1: 1 vs 1, solved --- case 2: 1 vs 1 solved], nice, you're right
Drop 12 coins off of the empire state building and whichever one kills an innocent bystander walking underneath wins
3:48 PM
k but wtf u can use a balance?
beautiful murat
call me picasso
Can you also use the manifest with weights printed out?
@MuratKaragöz The puzzle, Murat Karagoz, 2019, Stackoverflow Room 15
3:49 PM
that was clever
I'm going to print it and hang it in the wall
Hahaha wtf, it was so unclear
I didn't know you could use a balance
Who said we could use a balnce
3:49 PM
Exactly wtf
and I still had the right answer
I'm basically genius
kind of an important detail
@ballBreaker how do you weight stuff otherwise?
3:51 PM
on a scale
like everyone
since the invention of scales
why? it's legal in my country
tell ur work to stfu
but also I Don't wanna get muted twice in one day so I removed
Think the mutes get exponentially worse IIRC
3:52 PM
You can do it bB
@ballBreaker did you get muted today?
for anyone wondering, it was weed on a scale
@MehdiB. d-do you weight stuff with a balance?
@MehdiB. haha yeah Ivan accidentally flagged my comment about "obiwan choke me daddy" or whatevs it was
@OakDev when I need to compare 2 objects, yes I do, that's what a balance is for
@ballBreaker XD
3:55 PM
@ballBreaker flags
good stuff for a friday youtube.com/watch?v=rsBZtKNUMX0 :)
@MehdiB. >:|
me: says bannable thing
SO: bans me
me: *surprised pikachu*
@ballBreaker add there, "me: flags myself"
3:57 PM
New Riff Raff album out, btw.
stop deleting messages Oak 😡
Noe >:|
(I'm jk, you're free to do so)
I gtg guys
3:58 PM
See ya
Peace & love
good luck bB
Please Admins/Mods bookmark new Riff Raff album
I'm certain it'll prevent at least 1 suicide
from a fed up guy coming home from work
@grrigore cya dude! have a good weekend 😀 and thanks
3:59 PM
Who's that?
You too
@grrigore Since you and I don't know them, they probably suck
Riff Raff is like a satirical rapper
he's so bad that he's good, kind of thing
yeah kinda
Closer to Dirt Nasty though
Alright, I'm leaving the office, my brain has stopped working
yeah im going for lunchy
Have a good weekend if I don't see you later MEhdi
Thank you! have a nice one as well if we don't meet tonight! :D
4:03 PM
thanks brother :)
He's a butterscotch Babe Ruth with crushed jewels on his tooth
"made forty grand last weekend, I was sleeveless"
im off guys, cya later
gl @ballBreaker
4:19 PM
@MuratKaragöz lol nice and correct xD
Tried Jetpack Compose
View refresh seems to kill my PC
more drama on SO
4:53 PM
Please bookmark eLi's post.
I will bounty 50 rep.
He lives the life of Fitzgerald,
Caviar apparel
He pulls up in a bone marrow Camaro
He's Rap Game's Jack Sparrow.
The one. The only.
Rap game Pavarotti
posted on October 25, 2019 by lfy

Android Emulator Hypervisor Driver for AMD Processors is now available for download via SDK Manager in the Canary channel. This is meant for AMD users on Windows who want a faster AVD experience on par with HAXM, or cannot run with Hyper-V / WHPX enabled (e.g., running other virtual machine engines such as VMware/VirtualBox or not running Windows 10; however, note that we are still committed t

1 hour later…
6:10 PM
Anyone has experience with "FileDirector" (From Spielberg)?
6:40 PM
hm i thinking about giving the arch navigation second chance
with new fixes in navi and fragments
maybe even single activity arch
maybe when there is support for dynamic features
hmm let us know the reviews
@ColdFire right but updates to existing apps still need to target 28 per my second source
both have time limit
6:49 PM
by 11/1
ah yes target 28 was forced since last year or maybe early this year
there was this thing in the keynote
target 29 will be forced since next year
if android version in development is for example 11
November 1, 2019: Required for app updates
6:49 PM
you will have to target version 10
yes as i said
that's what I'm referring to
next year api 29 will be forced :(
yeah but thats fine i guess
6:50 PM
and screw scoped storage
yeah but not as minimum
@ColdFire yeah
So our app targets 26 but by November of this year it will need to be 28 for updates, right?
android can burn itself with its apple like garbage scoped storage
this is going to suck
yes cM
6:50 PM
yes CF
so what's the min nowadays?
cM you can knock out fragment as the most hated shit in android once you start developing for scoped storage
and the garbage documentfile and its storage apis
im going for 21 as the min
I mean required minimum
im planing to move to 23 pretty soon
6:52 PM
15 cM
google api are mostly 15+ now
15 or 16? Make up your mind
15 is android 4.0
16 is what i use as minimum
15 is too garbage to bother
ok, thanks
6:53 PM
also its puny 0.3% share
But we have a targeted market so we can't really go by share. We have to decide what our users can use and when to stop support for existing hardware, unfortunately
i doubt your users have 15 tho
its very very old os
like 2011 probably
7:17 PM
heyo o/
The name of the album I'm listening to right now is amazing
whats going on with a dinner date?
"Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide"
@IvanMilisavljevic Meeting her in about 3 hours! :)
ah yeah timezone kicks again
I ever show you the band "Alpha Male Tea Party" ?
They have some pretty fuckin' awesome songs, and some of the best names for stuff
nah il check it out when im done with dev summit
7:25 PM
This album is awesome, start with it
7:57 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic are you at the summit or watching remotely?
watching remotely
I applied for a ticket but got rejected
il be more active on the events in the upcoming year
im officially a senior now, and that means i have to go to meetups, give courses and stuff

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