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12:07 AM
you mean that aussie vampire koala?
1 hour later…
1:21 AM
A: Convert Unix timestamp to human-readable time

NineAs has been said, theres not really a portable way to do this using shell, or even AWK. GAWK can do it, but GAWK strftime is not availble with certain versions of AWK, namely MAWK. And MAWK is used with some popular distros, for example Debian. I agree that a portable shell or AWK solution shoul...

              capacity     operations     bandwidth
pool        alloc   free   read  write   read  write
----------  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----
zroot       1.08G  38.2T      2      5  28.8K  60.4K
Soon, I shall be unstoppable
2:11 AM
Only for the intellects in this room ^
2:53 AM
and bye
it's 5 am
time to sleep
3 hours later…
5:49 AM
6:21 AM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!!! :D
6:34 AM
Morning guys
6:53 AM
7:13 AM
Q: How to install new version of signed apk over the old version of .abb in android

InsaneCatI already uplaoded bundle on playstore in past and now i just created a signed apk of updated version of my app then first install app from playstore of older version and then try to install updated version of signed apk on that is it installed or not? Means my question is that in past i had to ...

7:43 AM
8:02 AM
@TimCastelijns in the context stackoverflow.com/questions/34368385/…
unrelated, here are yesterday's dev summit videos youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWz5rJ2EKKc_xXXubDti2eRnIKU0p7wHd
that's a lot of nerd speak mehdi
@TimCastelijns I liked it, that's very refreshing :D especially the part where arrays can be implemented as successions in memory but also as a hashtable
I didn't make it that far
8:17 AM
never mind the question, the only interesting thing is the answer
as usual
I'm in the rust room now :D
There's a rust room?
Tim, you should try doing AoC in Rust this year
It's a lot of fun for the first 3 days that you find the motivation to do the problems
good idea
16 hours ago, by Tim Castelijns
for aoc 2019, rust looked most promising/interesting between a few that I compared
I'm torn between rust and haskell
On one hand, Rust means I can actually get stuff running
On the other, haskell will be a steeper learning curve, better for trying out stuff I don't know
you did rust last year
8:24 AM
Yeah but I gave up after like a day or two
It's hard to find time for them 12 days in a row
didn't we all
But I did end up doing a bunch of rust between AoC 2018 and now, so maybe haskell is the better bet
there's usually this little fucker somewhere around day 7 that takes me the whole day or more, and then I am behind with no chance to catch up
8:39 AM
Online since 24-10-2019 08:39 (UTC). Running on develop@355b70d. Uptime: 0h
there is no room about apache spark, except this haunted useless one chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/127924/apache-spark
the community is full on forums and jira tickets...
8:59 AM
> Smart editor features for ProGuard rules
Android Studio now provides smart editor features when you open ProGuard rules files, such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and error checking. The editor also integrates with your Android Studio project to provide full symbol completion for all classes, methods, and fields, and includes quick navigation and refactoring.
yeah boy
Confused between .net core & django rest
Sometime it feels need to learn, sometime it feels use what you already know...
@MwBakker "With Compose you don't need data binding anymore, it's built-in." :P
Compose !!
No xml xD
9:23 AM
lol compose and databinding are different things
data binding is built into compose
hmm maybe i read the difference between view binding and data binding
and i now cant even find it
and nice that db is gone good riddance
mwb whole coding experience was a lie now xD
Db is gone? @ColdFire why is that??
9:38 AM
How are my favorite nerds on the internet doing
watching nerd vids from yesterday
I'm ok, trying to make a piece of shit code run faster
how are you?
9:58 AM
I walked 40min to work today
I died
Nice reincarnated
why tho trains not working?
or bmw in repairs?
my better half took it
and my workplace has the worst connection
walking is usually faster
10:15 AM
if anyone wants easy reps, experiment with AS4.0 canary and compose, and answer all the shit questions that will be asked the coming days
Res collector
Need to update fast and go wild
Tim you are being active more after resignation 😂
10:39 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 24 '18 at 13:01, by Jordy
/remove Tim Castelijns
@MuratKaragöz I really wonder how long is it with public transports if 40min is fast :D
why not use a bike?
Because I have to switch busses which take 20min itself
I took a different route today and oh boy that was a mistake
the other route is like 20 min walking
Hi, can you guys tell me what word does he say after saying "in" two times. youtu.be/DOoJnJJnAG4?t=1871 Its at 31:15
in "what" also have main thread?
11:01 AM
11:11 AM
such a waste of time
did you watch the Joker, murat?
It was gooooooooooooooooooood
even my parents liked Joker
that's what I also thought, it was very good :D
11:19 AM
ice baby
can we talk about it or would we be spoiling some of us?
too soon I think
@rupinderjeet "tornadofx"
fine, let's give them 1 or 2 more weeks?
11:27 AM
I want to see it still :)
me too. haven't watched it.
@MehdiB. not yet, did you?
yes! I watched it yesterday, I really liked it!
thanks, didnt knew this existed
11:38 AM
i will cast out from group soon, I think.
because java is casting out from android
what does that mean
why does workmanager have a dependency on room?
AS 4.0 has motionlayout animation preview :clap:
maybe they store jobs in room
to persist jobs during reboot probably
11:49 AM
12:20 PM
Mornight regular people!
Mornight people without italic names!
I will trash your message Raymond for not being nice
Good morning, friends
Good morning, Ray
12:37 PM
> I can’t remember ever accurately estimating a project in 35 years of coding. They keep asking… lol.
> Always estimate off of a spec
client: spec? what is spec? btw can you change the thing you made yesterday
> Do not let yourself be bullied into giving a full estimate for sections that haven’t been properly defined
are properly defined "sections"/features even real
pseudo real. so you can give a pseudo estimate
sometimes I wonder if the people writing these articles with such confidence, even work on the industry
> How much will this cost me?
> Idk, bro I can not estimate
1:02 PM
@MehdiB. if the estimate does end up being accurate it's just because of random chance
I think so too, most estimates are asked to be provided at a stage when no one has any idea about a certain feature
Updated my answer as a lot of details were inaccurate in retrospect.

Feel free to share your input as it roughed a couple of feathers among security people
A: Can a stolen Android phone with USB debugging enabled have screen lock bypassed?

OakSecurityA sophisticated threat actor could potentially try to exploit the Android Debug Bridge's permissions by switching your phone's storage media to another same model phone with already active ADB/ADBD authorizations (based on HWID like the network chip's MAC address) and maybe some additional tinker...

1:50 PM
hello hello
o/ o/
^_^ hows your day
@OakDev you have 37 upvotes, so you must be right
mine is slow so far
2:06 PM
Why does your avatar look like poop
Filling out this "Spotlight profile" for our company's quarterly newsletter
It is asking about accomplishments
Wondering what kind of licensing do I need to use @AdamMc331 's accomplishments
Murat, whose?
Looks like someone woke up this morning and thought, "I wonder how I can go about getting kicked from the Android room quickly this morning"
How dare you bad mouth my malformed triangle
@MuratKaragöz so basically the triangle shape is the only attribute that made you think of the poop emoji? 😂😂😂
2:09 PM
Actually I was glancing from an angle on the screen
and was wondering why he chooses poop as his avatar
I didn't choose poop.
I very carefully handcrafted an elegant triangle out of a square
Ok, I believe that
@codeMagic lol
sup triangle man
2:26 PM
@MehdiB. you're poking fun, so you must know otherwise. How about a quick "here's why that's inaccurate, f*ck-o"?
Which is the main point why I linked my answer here.
High upvote and visibility only means if I'm fundamentally wrong, I'll look more of an idiot and bring more people with me.
So please speak if there's an issue.
@OakDev I'm down with that
I'm all for people looking like idiots
It's like a little ray of sunshine during a rainy day
Hahah, me too, I mean, to hell with responsability, right?!
2:30 PM
yo mauks
o/ maukerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr clone
2:30 PM
cM cM o/
lol why clone?
the real mauker was disposed now the clone exist
@OakDev I don't know anything at all. I was jokingly reassuring you.
ok now I'm paranoid, can't tell if you're playing or not
>who hurt you
One thing you'll learn is that 85% of people in here have given up on SO
2:37 PM
That guy basically sums up my singing skills
bum bom bum bom bum bom
@ballBreaker yeah no that's cute, but I ain't there yet.
I'm just trying to say, that by asking for help on questions in here you'll mostly just get crickets
Especially when it comes to "review this question so I get more points"
No worries, wasn't expecting much
Is that a hidden insult
2:44 PM
No offence intended.
@MuratKaragöz hahaha I could probably do this youtube.com/watch?v=bOZT-UpRA2Y
I wouldn't say you won't get much help on questions in here. People are usually happy to take a look
@OakDev 9 out 10 concerns are completely unfounded, just relax :D
I just think this particular one, no one has anything to add
@MuratKaragöz here is btw the full version if you don't know it youtube.com/watch?v=7yh9i0PAjck :D
2:56 PM
Panduru Ionut requested access. Rep: 23 - Questions: 9 - Answers: 3 (ratio 4:1.3)
zucc <3
@MehdiB. ah yes
I dunno man, I'm just an intern @ Wildnet Technologies.
2:57 PM
I win
@PanduruIonut you currently do not meet the requirements to chat here. You can find our requirements in the rules.
@Mauker You do not have sufficient access for this command
3:21 PM
@Mauker how are you enjoying the new city? I know you've been there for a while now
GF still live far away?
@ballBreaker Yes :)
And yes
But we manage to see each other once or twice a month
and sometimes I can even stay for one week or more in there
Ah that's not so bad! I think you mentioned she was planning to move to your city, is that still in the works?
It got easier since my car arrived tho
Yes, and no
I mean, she'll come over here next year and will stay for 3 months or so
But then I'll change my contract to remote and will move in with her there
She needs to be there to finish her research
3:37 PM
Ahhhh right, okay well tht's not so bad I guess
And part of that research she will be able to conduct here, hence the 3 months
After her doctorate is done, we'll see what we'll do
Perhaps we'll stay in São Paulo, or move again, idk
Is it straining on the relationship being far away?
Hopefully you two can stick it out :)
One good thing about the place I work on is that they have a "remote first" policy
Sometimes it can be hard, yes
but nothing we can't handle
That's good!
But right now my contract is "presential"
However, I'm already negotiating to change that
3:40 PM
bb is trying hard to behave like a responsible adult
Almost my entire team is remote now
Is it just because of how new you are right now?
And soon I might be the only one around here in the office lol
It's more cause many ppl left
Or changed teams inside the company
Some even changed their contracts to remote
haha jesus
My Agile Master will soon do the same
We work just fine that way
I find it amusing
I've never been to a workplace were remote work went so well as here
You don't feel far from your team at all
(And to be fair, I'm 8 months in the company, and right now I'm the oldest team member)
Two guys left the country to pursue other jobs abroad
one went to São Paulo since our client/partner offered him a superior position there
And he wanted to live there anyway
3:43 PM
Oh that's good man, yeah remote can be iffy.. I feel like it's kind of an all-or-nothing work style
basically either everyone is remote or nobody is remote
Two got promoted inside the company and left the team
two changed teams based on a "job rotation" policy
And now, here I am
The senior member lmao
Good morning, room 15
@ballBreaker But here's what's amazing about here, any Remote / Non-Remote ration works
Damn bahaha that's either really cool, or kind of concerning
Morning, o' ancient one
3:45 PM
Places that have turnover like that always worry me.. either its amazing because you jump up the ladder quick or concerning because people dont want to stay
@ballBreaker I don't think it's concerning since the company is growing and is listed as one of the top 100 best places to work in brazil
You were talking about ppl leaving
mostly it's bad to have high turnover
yeah exponential growth into positions that shouldn't exist is what killed blackberry
Yeah, many ppl leaving is concerning, it was a bad hit on my team at first. That I can agree.
@Mauker :( cruel world
did you try finding a job for your gf in your city?
3:49 PM
But it's not happening on every team
@ColdFire She can't move now :/
yeah if you keep reading CF she's doing a doctorate
IIRC the company has around 450-500 employees, and 30-35% of those are remote workers
yes i read that now
lunch time
see ya
3:53 PM
cya mauker man
Remote work with the possibility to go to an office space is by far the most logical way to work in 2019
for who
for people who's functions doesn't require a physicl presence
For programmers, yeah
3:55 PM
kind of question is that
for who
Well you just said it's the most logical way to work in 2019 and I'm being pedantic
... i concur with both statements
Karen, TImmy
3:57 PM
you might want to delete your 2 comments that begins with "W"
missed delete/edit deadline
b& incoming
3:59 PM
1 message moved to Trash
Please refrain from that kind of language here.
Hamza Moukaliif requested access. Rep: 21 - Questions: 4 - Answers: 0 (ratio 4:0)
@CarlAnderson Can I edit it? I was editing it.
Cause my point
@HamzaMoukaliif you currently do not meet the requirements to chat here. You can find our requirements in the rules.
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