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1:20 AM
Ribbit ribbit
2 hours later…
3:17 AM
Ribbit ribbit
Time to sleep for Mr. Froggo
Mornight all!
BTW is raghav crashed or something? I haven't seen it running for some time
1 hour later…
4:44 AM
@RaymondArteaga might be afraid of you.
5:02 AM
Fragmented - Android Developer Podcast: 167: Clean Architecture with Joe Birch
posted on July 01, 2019 by shows

Donn sits down with Buffer Android Lead, Joe Birch. Joe is a GDE for Android, Google Actions, Flutter and Google Pay. In this episode Donn and Joe talk about Clean Architecture, what it is, and why you might want to use it. They break down the concept of what Clean Architecture is in a manner that is easy for even a beginner to understand. Enjoy.

5:22 AM
Good Morning all
I need one help with service file
i need to start service file while my app started
5:38 AM
but after some of time my application goes close from background thread
Good morning everyone. :)
Is there anyone has worked with CollapsingToolbarLayout?
6:20 AM
6:35 AM
`WARNING: API 'variant.getMergeResources()' is obsolete and has been replaced with 'variant.getMergeResourcesProvider()'.
It will be removed at the end of 2019`
Why am i getting this
am using distributionUrl=https\://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-4.10.1-all.zip
7:25 AM
7:41 AM
Cc @raghav ^
My followers are ever increasing
i always thought the machine uprising would be bloody and dangerous, but apparently it's first steps are about denying us food heating.
8:00 AM
Is there anyone are having the ideas of Collapsing toolbar layout how it'd be achieved like this following?
In this above there is heart below of textview, I need that heart exactly left of top textview which is actually collapsing toolbar layout
I am not getting how that heart icon will be aligned to the left of textview and exactly below need another textview
8:28 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic yes this is true
They need it to be backward compatible to make it a seamless adoption without any issues
9:04 AM
@CptEric xD
hello !!
9:17 AM
what up homeboys
@JBis yes :)
@MarkO'Sullivan slick new pic bro
spent all sunday at home binging series because of the heat
how were your weekends?
good, worked some, watches some series as well. Cleaned all apartment windows and balconies
have you seen handmaids tale?
9:22 AM
I died
and now I am alive again
snapped a finger bone in half playing rugby, spent yesterday sweating and drinking cheap wine
and watching netflix
Not yet Tim, someone suggested it to me last week, but I was reluctant given their taste in series, is it any good?
my gf watched it a year ago or so, it seemed weird so I didn't join her. But I gave it a shot and watched s1 and s2 over the past weeks, now we watch s3 together. It's very good, the story is pretty unique
it's a bit gruesome now and then, but it's part of what makes it good I think
Hand of God is awesome
i reccomend good omens
9:38 AM
Nice, I'll start handmaids tale
I think I had started Hand of God, but stopped at episode 3 I think when I couldn't really figure out the type of serie it was :D
btw, @MuratKaragöz we haven't met yet!
Oh yeah you are one of us now
next week I'll head to the gym with mehdi, wanna join us?
20 mins ago, by CptEric
snapped a finger bone in half playing rugby, spent yesterday sweating and drinking cheap wine
i can come and look at you lifting
nsh, just kidding, sure!
9:44 AM
yikes, how did you do that
a big guy stepped on my ring finger while playing, and my finger found his boots irresistible.
... I just pictured that, now I feel sick XD
Hope it heals fast :)
fun fact: I had the same thing happened to me back in the school days
don't be weak mehdi
9:47 AM
it's still crooked
because I refused surgery
@TimCastelijns 😂😂😂
that's very strong of you murat
I was like 12 or so
scared as fuck
how come you were given a choice then?
i have been told i won't need surgery. i wouldn't mind to be wolverine for a while
9:49 AM
I had the option to put on a mounting to straighten the finger
I had a similar thing happening to my finger, the doctor said there was a new technique not involving surgery and putting iron bars inside the hand => it failed, my finger is still crooked
welcome to the club captain crook
sometimes it hurts during winter XD
Synced starred message data. Took 66531 ms.
well well
!stars week
9:57 AM
 User       | Message (5)                                      | Stars (27)
 W0MP3R     | congrats, want a badge??                         | 7
 Tim Castel | BreakMW                                          | 6
 codeMagic  | no                                               | 5
 Mehdi B.   | basically this i.imgur.com/d3hOXi6.png           | 5
 R15-Zucc   | Unknown command '!cat'                           | 4
I want at least 10 stars on a message this week guys, do your best
@TimCastelijns thanks bro! Hadn't updated it in a while
I go away on holidays and the weekly star level drops... what the hell everyone
user image
perfect reaction XD
star my message to get 2 stars back
@MarkO'Sullivan curious, what were the keywords you used to find this one? :D
10:05 AM
star-ring detected
@MehdiB. elite meme, mark o'sullivan memes, king of memes... etc
I'm scared to google that :D
10:10 AM
I didn't mean for you to star that message bros, I meant that you should be posting extra funny memes this week
yeah I don't want to get suspended
Great, he deleted his question after my answer 😤😤
how is everybody doing?
enjoying spanish healthcare as i delete spam mails about discounts on medicines i get for free.
Oh, nice
10:20 AM
@MarkO'Sullivan how does your girlfriend cope? You must get a lot of attention from other women
@CptEric spanish healthcare is decent?
@TimCastelijns :D I do not but I appreciate the compliment <3
as good as germany's for what i've seen so far
on some levels better, specially on it's universality
@MarkO'Sullivan don't lie
10:26 AM
like, for what i've seen in germany the insurance covers all costs, you need to find a doctor, and many hospitals seem private-ish or at least privately managed, so if you're not insured you might get a bill. in spain you have a lot of fully public clinics and hospitals where you can drop by anytime to be treated, and they take care of everything. and ofcourse you never pay a dime.
all hospitals are private
but open to the public
so what i suspected 😃 very american-ish system.
also they have to take anyone, they can not refuse
even if you have no insurance
@CptEric I know, and it's good but I've seen in a hospital in as I recall Guadix people coming with a scratch on their arm or 3 coughs. It was heavily crowded day in and out as it seemed
My ex used to get treatment per shot (flu shot?) everytime she felt a little sick
To me it seemed she never gave her immunesystem a chance with those shots
But not sure, she got ill a lot of times a year though
luckily you are not a phd in medicine as the person taking care of her shot calendar.
still, that's what hospitals are for, to treat people.
10:30 AM
@CptEric nor do I make money on those shots, so the motive to give them is a little different than to "sicken it out" as we'd call it here
well, time 2 lunch.
just got back from dentist, can't eat yet :/
I'm about to postpone the dentist appointment I have tomorrow
it's gonna be a butchering session, 2 wisdom teeth to be removed at once with surgery
@MehdiB. make sure you choose a very difficult animal to help you "calm" through the session
it makes the entire thing at least a little funny
10:39 AM
the capybara is the most chill animal out there :D
but something like a duck is easier to find
but why do you need that? thought they only perform local anesthesia
they do. It's just for the fun part of it
I think they are obligated to allow it
I don't want Tim & Murat to think I'm weak, i'm gonna ask the dentist to do it with the minimum amount of anesthesia
I had 4 teeth holes drilled & filled today. The only reason I did not want anesthesia is because I hate needles, therefor I'm weak
10:50 AM
@MwBakker don't lie
No I have a real phobia for needles, woke up from after surgory once. All was good till I looked at the infusion. Made me pass out again right after
@MwBakker ok, then I'll ask my dentist to use the biggest needle he has, this way he knows I'm not weak
@MehdiB. just thinking about needles makes me feel lightheaded xD
10:55 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
11:21 AM
flagged for ugly design
Practial usage > design
flagged for being forced into landscape mode when you want to type
´wtf is that monstrosity
are you bashing zombies with it
yeah. Nice one murat
Lot's of brands did this before
Nobody ever asked them to stop with qwerty sliders
11:59 AM
@MwBakker why the "!!" after the heart? 😂
this is our e-tax service
our gov payed 100k for this
@TimCastelijns he says he hopes the market could push the qwerty slide once more
@MehdiB. not I just love it, I want all to love it
" [the OEMs] want a thin, sexy device to put on advertising" that can barely be repaired no more and break easily. "Throw away device" market in full going
so, did you close the chapter of your app?
@R15-Zucc bha! slow day.
how are you Eric?
12:12 PM
hand hurts a lot
running out of painkillers soon
appointment on wednesday
why don't you go to the emergencies
@CptEric with a boxer?
What happened to your hands?
@CptEric True, sir flapping too much is injurious to hands!!
@MehdiB. i already did when it happened
now i'm waiting for confirmation that it's healing
and follow up scheduling
Who flagged it LOL, Come on!
12:27 PM
don't discourage people from flagging messages
@CptEric ah okay, hope you get a fast recovery 💪💪💪
i apologize if i offended anyone it was not my intention, also i failed to understand how was it discouraging?
people are free to flag whatever they feel is offensive without being questioned why they did so
let's move on now
it's discouraging because you mocked them for doing it
Q: Why do you stay?

Don't PanicI'm very hesitant to ask this. I hope it won't be interpreted as me trying to make some kind of statement or encourage people to do something or other. I'm not talking about my own opinions on any of the various controversial stuff at all, and I'm not judging anyone for feeling however they feel ...

@murat did you see this drama
mods saying they don't know why they are still here
Saw it, the Cody guy is mad
12:40 PM
I keep typing "m"+enter in my address bar. Muscle memory. — Tiny Giant 2 days ago
same goes for me and the "c" letter for this chat
but I don't understand why people hang out in meta and not participate on SO
like what is your purpose
Dec 20 '18 at 11:33, by Murat Karagöz
It's the fuel
@MuratKaragöz at some point they have heavily invested time on SO,
I left once when I got my 40K account reset, in order to force myself to not contribute anymore. I re-rolled a few months later just to not have to deal with not having a registered account. I just submitted a profile delete again because of recent decisions that were not only lied about their motivations but double down upon and the gaslighting by mods. The "return" on investment was gone a long time ago, it is in the negative now with the loss of trust in the powers that be. I can put the time I spent in SO into building something I would be invested in instead. As Jem sings 24 hours ... — Jarrod Roberson yesterday
what the fuck
he resets his account to accomplish what
this totally baffles me
nvm he is searching for attention meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/386402/…
12:52 PM
you are relatively new here back in time like 2012-2013 SO was way more awesome, community was friendly, people moderated better on their own, but now its just pile of useless garbage with very less old users
true, I joined in 2012
why did you delete that post
he had enough heat and his suggestion was useless
Apr 29 '18 at 14:58, by Tim Castelijns
@Ahmad do we have a slack or some place we can rendezvous in case of apocalypse
Why not delete all the other -100 voted questions?
12:57 PM
because that would trigger a ddos attack on SO
bad joke, was trying to say that there are too many of them
@Ahmad bro kindly check my previous message, it's becoming relevant
We should have a discord server
iirc, there was an attempt, a chat called miaou or something like that
that sounds overly tailored to reno and tristan
1:03 PM
true XD
github.com/Canop/miaou (link of the chat server on the readme)
You can join our cool Whatsapp group
@MuratKaragöz it is not about negative votes it is because SO is for programming logic too, algorithms are same, as well as most of the language are used together ie PHP, JS, HTML than there is possibility of spamming
who still uses PHP?
@MehdiB. facebook ? idk i am a lawyer
That warrants to delete his post?
1:06 PM
objection, argumentative
@MuratKaragöz i found the tone of op abrasive, suggestion should be polite not cogent
This was the post I was searching back when Yvette was elected, meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/364236/…
no wonder I could not find it since she hid it
@MarkO'Sullivan bro I'm no discord nerd but I made a server for when the apocalypse happens discord.gg/qxe6dEk
1:13 PM
@MehdiB. btw why are you against PHP ?
it's just gonna be you and me probably
@MarkO'Sullivan lol couldn't recognize you in that image xD
I joined!
We good
I wish you could change your avatar per server though :(
what this room is on discord?
The everyone but CF room on Discord
1:15 PM
@NullPoiиteя I'm not against it, that language and I haven't had any intersection in at least 6 years, so I thought it no longer existed
anyway good to talk to you guys, later
Cya, I was just kidding btw hope you're not leaving because of that
1:19 PM
@MehdiB. you should be more considerate of your opinions when dealing with the rare breed of developers who enjoy PHP
They are an endangered species
@MarkO'Sullivan let's not change that
@MarkO'Sullivan savage XD
that's still the best "savage" gif ever made by mankind :D
1:25 PM
Mr Sullivan please calm down
yeah, the firefighters are understaffed
@TimCastelijns wow so RIP SO finally?
Dzhuneyt requested access. Rep: 4176 - Questions: 170 - Answers: 128 (ratio 4:3)
I don't know man I don't follow all the meta posts
1:36 PM
@Dzhuneyt welcome. Please start by reading the rules and confirm you have read them before saying anything else.
@TimCastelijns Online since 18-06-2019 07:55 (UTC). Running on develop@355b70d. Uptime: 317h
1:52 PM
@TimCastelijns is this the only way we'll ever meet? :(
Is murat in that discord server? I don't only want to hear about protein and gainz
am I dreaming or did you just reduce murat to his muscles
@murat feel free to flag
@MehdiB. back to void, back to reality. Back to the dark and cold. Show me mercy, decide what you'll to with me
Rally of retribution?
likewise I don't think murat wants to hear about databinding
the ride never ends
2:00 PM
That's what she said ;)
I have read and understood the rules
welcome dzh
fite me
2:11 PM
@MuratKaragöz xD if he wins he can stay in the room?
"if he wins"... you've been watching too many movies with a happy ending :D
Tim, you got op7?
2:30 PM
Never lost a fight
at least in my eyes
who used to start the fights? you or them?
the voices in his head
@netpork yep
2:52 PM
And what are first impressions
it's a nice upgrade from the OP1
it is much much faster, the face unlock is nice, the onscreen fingerprint scanner is nice
the camera is nice I guess, haven't used it much
3:13 PM
"the camera is nice I guess" you can't imagine my jealousy on that non-chalant description :(
I wouldn't know what to take pictures of
abandoned buildings, landscapes, sightings
but all of that is outside
@TimCastelijns you dont go out at all?
@TimCastelijns hahaha
3:21 PM
3:33 PM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!!! :D
Hello womper!
How is it going??
pretty good, had lots of free time today, mainly monitoring some long processing
how are you?
good!!! :D
hello wompy
3:55 PM
@TimCastelijns - messenger.
you mean facebook's?
4:24 PM
you're not very quick on the uptake here Tim
Hello wompy-womp!
5:15 PM
Many of us are not on Facebook
yeah I think I heard someone say, 1 - 2 - 3, not everyone is on the fb platform
5:33 PM
@TimCastelijns says the guy who has messaged me on FB Messenger in the last month
6:21 PM
@zoe, I see you're protesting against SO, could you please give a TL;DR?
What did I miss?
this meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/386324/… feel free to go through it all and give us a TL;DR :D
@MehdiB. want the short TL;DR: or the long TL;DR:?
maybe a 2-5 lines TL;DR?
They've stopped implementing feature requests and other improvements for core users. They also have several quality improvement projects they started themselves, but then ignored and didn't do anything about, even though all of it's still necessary.
6:28 PM
because no budget?
(thanks for the answer)
Sure, so instead of implementing mod tools (that in the long run help with cash flow, if that's a problem), they implement a new horrid front page that's more likely to scare users away than keep 'em
if you haven't seen that yet, open stackoverflow.com in an incognito tab or some other place you're not logged in.
aha! I didn't see it, looks like they're going for the enterprise
I prefer to call it shooting themselves in the foot, but that works.
oh my gosh
all that yellow
my eyes
Ikr. Burns to look at
6:33 PM
yeah I thought I was on a beehive for a moment
I think they're struggling to grow and generate profit, that would explain why they're going for the enterprise and why they're hiring a new CEO
y'all should read meta some time... It's depressing af
tbh I'm just emotionally attached to this room, I don't care about meta :D
Yeah, but it main dies and drags the network with it, that affects chat too
now this is depressing XD
6:41 PM
did you watch Norsemen? that serie fixes the mood 👌
You love Vikings era too much
@MehdiB. Welcome to the problem :]
@TaseerAhmad what is too much?
The love for Vikings era
what is the acceptable amount?
6:47 PM
ask yourself
you're the one who should define the "too much"
@MehdiB. Discord might save the day
we'll have to scrap +10y of chat transcript to be exported on discord
7:02 PM
those are just speculations of course, my guess is that this chat is not going anywhere
@MehdiB. It depends on SE's next move
Might as well shed few tears listening to my Immortal then...
It sounds as if they're struggling with financials, but they're not makign the best moves to fix that
@Zoe do we have data on the sales revenue of the Team product vs ads vs jobs ads?
We have no data.
At all.
7:07 PM
if the enterprise products don't generate much revenue their best recourse is on traffic and ads
in which case not much will change as much as we're concerned imo
@MehdiB. Yeah. But to monetize traffic, they need ads. And so far, they haven't done a good job convincing people to whitelist SE in ad blockers
that I have no idea how to solve, but I also think that the meta folks are quite aggressive and critic of any move by SE
as if they were bullying the SE team
There is no doubt we've stopped making changes for core users and your observations about how that's gotten worse ring true to me. And we've certainly seen negative feedback on meta (downvotes being the most trivial). The result may not be what you hope for, however. Often (and more often recently) I've heard colleagues dismiss meta feedback. Nobody wants to listen to relentless negativity. Hence this meta post written in the dead of night so I can finally sleep. As an intermediary between the community and the company, I'd like to help meta feedback be less easily ignorable. — Jon Ericson ♦ Aug 19 '18 at 15:47
> Nobody wants to listen to relentless negativity
this ^
7:25 PM
Raihanul Alam requested access. Rep: 28 - Questions: 4 - Answers: 3 (ratio 4:3)
@RaihanulAlam you currently do not meet the requirements to chat here. You can find our requirements in the rules.
7:43 PM
8:04 PM
8:51 PM
@R15-Zucc nobody wants to listen to relentless negativity.
Random poll question: How often do you download the same file more than once?
way too often.
It's worse when I download stuff on my phone though. The files there are extremely unstructured (thanks to samsung :])
The rest of the time I think I don't have it (because I totally clean up my download folder on a regular basis)
I often think "do I have this already" and downloading again is less effort than checking
8:58 PM
Yep, makes sense.
Thanks for the input.
@CarlAnderson nice XD
There are not enough chairs and it would get too crowded if they brought their own chair, but they can wait outside
@R15-Zucc What if -- and this is just a suggestion -- you went out and bought some more chairs?
9:13 PM
I suggest people just wait outside instead and just talk to people who go to the bathroom
you're from norway, have you not seen norsemen?
it's just something we decided to start watching
when we decided to turn r15 into a welcoming cultural stronghold
9:30 PM
r15 is a what now?
a place with full creative freedom
it's important to be uncompromising on art, Carl
(you really should watch norsemen)
but I'm already a norseman
that's like saying I should look in a mirror
seeeeeeeeriouseely carl?
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