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10:02 AM
10:15 AM
sup gents
and you?
so gents
how do you handle refresh token using Authenticator?
@asim sorry man I wasn't in the chat
10:47 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jan 20 '20 at 17:07, by ballBreaker
Blue MAN Group? More like Blue Sexist Group amirite
11:28 AM
Hello friends
I like Blue Man Group, they're funny.
I know what you mean, I really really love ducks
I had a delicious duck in germany on my last vacation trip
I had a nice peking duck sushi bowl recently
@JBis I don't think there are many people 'doing things properly' in Unity. Most of the tutorials use really ugly code because that's what most games developed in Unity look like. If you want to do things really properly you'll have to make ( or use existing) editor extensions.
1 hour later…
12:53 PM
If the ending part was made by the Simpsons I would genuinally be alarmed
1:46 PM
@Mehdi lol
@Mehdi I played that :D That was fun for a minute
What if in the future history is recorded through games instead of books
it will certainly be more fun to learn :D
2:10 PM
@miva2 like IDE linters extensions?
@JBis Instead of inheriting from MonoBehaviour you can inherit from Editor and basically add new menu options to make everything cleaner and smoother and more specific towards what you are building.
like make your own base class?
Learned this during a gamejam :P github.com/miva2/BonesBonesBones/commit/…
sems like we're getting a nightclock here
@miva2 link is broken
2:23 PM
Also like in this file github.com/DaveVanVerdegem/ggj2019/blob/master/Assets/Code/… there is [CreateAssetMenu and [Tooltip]. Not sure what the correct term for those things are. Annotations? Those are really useful.
@JBis this one should work github.com/miva2/BonesBonesBones/blob/…
@MwBakker why is the fine so low? 95eu?? I think most people are not going to care, they will go outside with the low risk of getting caught, worst case scenario they pay 95eu and move on
We have a nightclock at midnight here. Not sure what the fine is. There were talks about an earlier evening clock like in France though.
@JBis Keep in mind that was hackaton code so still not the cleanest. But those square bracket things can really boost productivity and make the code cleaner.
I never saw those in tutorials until I explicitly searched for them.
2:47 PM
@Tim I never even paid 95 euro for an event ticket pre covid
I just got a call from my aunt and her friend
Their keyboard of their laptop is not functioning, so gave them instructions to get the touch keyboard on the screen to test of that responds
Somehow, at some weird event she managed to turn the entire screen 90 degrees with that mouseclick keyboard while looking for teamviewer on Google
I am now trying to recreate that event myself, it's impossible so far. I have no idea how she achieved that with the mouseclick keyboard
it's kind of impressive even
you can do it with ctrl+alt+shift+arrow or something
I know
But not with the mouseclick keyboard unless you set 'sticky' keys as option or so
and there was no reason to click on any of these keys either
3:08 PM
3:31 PM
heh more like GO F yourself
I bumped into the website that has the oldtimer events I need
I asked them for an API and their costs
"what you gonna use it for" I'd figure I will just tell them cause the CSS of their website sucks so I don't see them do the effort to steal my idea
I am no longer getting a response
@miva2 interesting
4:23 PM
hows it going man?
May 9 '17 at 8:22, by Tim Castelijns
\o Grandmaster B.
it's going swell
oh wow that pre-dates my arrival into this chat! it's like you knew
and nice man, things have calmed down finally for you?
4:32 PM
had a good evaluation last week, promoted to senior, currently waiting to hear back on what they can do for me in terms of salary. Which may be disappointing for me. Should hear that this week. In the meantime just taking it easy
ooooh nice dude! congrats :D things have calmed down with the design of the house and all that as well?
yeah it's gonna be a while before that needs attention again
sup crabs
4:48 PM
nice! that's awesome :D
sounds like things are good
not much man, just startin my work
I love how chill my days are xD
5:32 PM
hey carl
hard to get back into the work zone after a 3 day weekend
haha yeah I feel you, it's taken me a week to get back into the zone after 2 weeks off
6:04 PM
@Ahmad no income tax in Washington state
posted on January 19, 2021 by Neal Eckard

Android Studio 4.1.2 is now available in the Stable channel. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Stable channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download here. For information on new features and changes in all releases of Android Studio, see the Andr

6:21 PM
6:39 PM
anyone else ever fall asleep during class?
yeah all the time
legitimately every single day in grade 12
calculus was my sleeping class
I continued the tradition into university by falling asleep during every chemistry lecture
good times
it's all fun until you have dreams involving the class around you and you don't recognize that they were dreams, and then you come out of the sleep-state and ask the girl next to you if you just had sex
7:02 PM
that last bit was a true story, was very awkward
I used to slip in and out of consciousness in chemistry class and always got confused what was real or wasn't real
7:21 PM
@ballBreaker lmfao
I had a crush on her and she was in the friend group at the time, so it didn't end well as the feeling was not mutual
7:38 PM
haha yeah oh well
found some official unity tutorials. Looks helpful but they go super slow. Don't need hear about everytime the dude clicks the mouse.
haha yeah tutorials are brutal for that
@VictorVosMottor you have write access
whoever is doing the captions is really funny. They have the same intro sound for each part but the captions describe it differently each time. "electronic sounds" "cool sounds" "wire sounds"
7:57 PM
haha nice
8:30 PM
@ballBreaker what
@Tim best of luck Timmy-G
u heard me
classic america
sup bb?
@Tim just demand more
Unless you dont realize how much they want / need you
sup mwb
how s the app going?
not much dude!! Just been bangin' some work out
8:39 PM
workout or work out haha
@MwBakker I asked for a specific raise, but my boss has to get approval from his boss, because of the crisis and stuff
what crisis?
there's no crisis in IT I guess
@grrigore haha work, out
I have a meeting every day 4-5PM so I just pretty much get all my work done between 11-4 lol
yeah man, what are you up to?
8:49 PM
gotta do some research for the fucking uni
9:06 PM
feck eh
that's brutal
they should pay ya for that
sup gents
hey Ivan
yo ivy
9:17 PM
awesome conversation starter
good talk, bye
sup Ivan?
i have awesome Krang updates
its now a multiplatform lib
what's that?
9:19 PM
the compiler plugin ive been working on
the one that intercepts function calls
oh that's the name?
haha nice man
who came up with the name?
you now get resolved function arguments instead of joined string
I didn't get to check that out
been busy af at work and uni is killing me
9:21 PM
still work in progress
damn baby is awake, brb
but its working
console logs?
it can be used for everything basically
you get notified every time function is called
does it work with java too?
nope, kotlin only
I guess it could be useful in onboarding stuff
9:22 PM
nice dude :D
its main purpose is logging
to see the methods called and maybe classes?
but as i said it can be used for pretty much anything
make it for java 6 and you'll get a download from me
make it 5
9:23 PM
IR works for kotlin sources only
you can build a lib for example with JVM target
and use it with any java
and with kmpp you can use it with js, native mobile whatever
but it works only with kotlin sources
but does it log the class too?
not for now
I mean function name parameters, the class could be useful
9:24 PM
il expand those rules a little bit so you will be able to create custom stuff
there is couple more things i have to sort out
first is documentation and V1 release
are you doing this for a hobby?
than redaction, custom messages and stuf
more or less yeah
it gives me the ability to have clean logging without too much hassle
il try to test it out in prod one day
win win win situation
9:26 PM
this was the hardest stuff i did so far
doing compiler stuff is haaard
especially without documentation
there is this meta.arrow-kt.io
which greatly simplifies this kind of stuff, but I wanted to do it the hard way
brb getns
and yeah testing/issues/prs welcome
what is that
ivan just let his baby cry while he talked to you
for like ten minutes
the baby woke up but did not cry bb
man smart people are too smart
peasant window users, how do you guys transfer stuff to a new computer? do you just copy file to external disk and then copy them to new computer? how do you transfer programs?
oh damn
I thought it was crying
9:31 PM
it? :O
@JBis gdrive?
programs I guess you gotta reinstall them
damn that sucks for you guys
I like my new computer to be blank and clean
guys, ty is like my but with a t
9:32 PM
as for files, network drive
why hasn't microsoft come out with a transfer tool
maybe they got one but I don't know
yeah i have no idea
not something I would use
oh well
I basically get a new laptop and install AV and steam and then boom
good to go lol
9:34 PM
their lack of a easy to use tool makes me money so i don't care
yeah I mean if someone is gunna care about that shit they can get a mac
mac is shit
windows is shit
linux is nice
no wonder malware disguises itself as adobe software so often, their own download page looks like a scam
the real computer users use no OS
I just power the transistors inside the PC with my mind
the real computer users use no gui
just establish a ssh connection and transfer the stuff or something duh
9:38 PM
@JBis lol yeah it's pretty bad
@grrigore yeah duhhhhh
i have no idea what i m talking but it might work
hahah yea PCs aren't made to work without an OS soyou'd be fooked
speaking of no gui, this project is hilarious github.com/vadimdemedes/ink
> React for CLIs. Build and test your CLI output using components.
maaan I'm bored in this meeting
what's happening in america rn
9:40 PM
stupid people ahahaha
oh I read that wrong
guess i m in america
@grrigore quick tip, don't fuck up calling people stupid, you look like a moron
well stupid people are everywhere
that s a fact
thats what stupid people say to make themselves feel better
idk man
9:43 PM
there's a stupid person inside all of us
just waiting to get out
and for some people it came out right around the time they were born
@JBis yeah the stupid person came out of my mom when I was born
@ballBreaker crabs lay eggs so i think your mom should get that checked out
if humans laid eggs do you think we would celebrate the day we were laid?
asking the real questions
9:46 PM
i bet dads celebrate the way they got laid
anyway...cya later o/
10:02 PM
@JBis mm probably the day we hatched idk about laid.. good question though
if we were born in eggs we'd have like 500 siblings though so it might not really matter LOL birth might just be insignificant at that point
that's sad
haha yeah
do you ever lie to people at work to make them feel better about themselves and like you more
I guess so
sometimes I do it so people are more willing to do favours for me in the future
but not big lies
10:05 PM
"wow you're literally THE BEST, thanks!!!!"
"What would I do without youuuuu"
stuff like that haha
oh not really
fluff their feathers a bit
I mean I sometimes don't tell the truth
hahaha I find myself doing it a lot and then I tried to analyze why I do it and I realized it's almost purely manipulation
10:06 PM
@grrigore tell me more
speaking of manipulation
I don't "fluff their feathers"
sometimes I just don't tell the truth
like omg why are you doing that you are killing me (I guess it translates to not being rude?)
hahah I see what you mean
like exagerrations?
like it wasn't really that funny but you're pretending it is?
kinda stuff
I m just not rude
lmao I thought you meant "your killing me" like that thing is so funny I'm dying
okay haha I get it
killing me like I wanna die
10:11 PM
if it's nice
tell the truth
don't be mean
idk man
complicated haha
yeah fair
I tell the truth almost too often though
even if its mean
i've been obsessed with this one david bowie song for the past like 5 days
which one?
I never heard it before the other day lol
hm I don't really like this one I guess
why do we write I and not i?
10:17 PM
because I is a noun
and a reference to yourself
honestly idk
but that's probably it lol
same reason it's God and not god?
yea but we use You or uppercase when we reference God or something
The Apotheosis of Washington is the fresco painted by Greek-Italian artist Constantino Brumidi in 1865 and visible through the oculus of the dome in the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building. The fresco is suspended 180 feet (55 m) above the rotunda floor and covers an area of 4,664 square feet (433.3 m2). The figures painted are up to 15 feet (4.6 m) tall and are visible from the floor below. The dome was completed in 1863, and Brumidi painted it over the course of 11 months at the end of the Civil War. He was paid $40,000 ($668,087 in today's funds) for the fresco. Brumidi had worked...
interesting stuff tho
yeah idk because you'd think that it would also be "Me"
but it's me
we should do some research
must be because I looks better than i
someone was bored lol
10:20 PM
it's because before God there was actually a god named I, so it's like the same rule for the God rule
lmao idk
im just screwing around
is the real reason
A: Why "i" is written with a capital?

Araucaria - Not here any more.The important information in this thread is from Etymonline.com. They get their information from the famous English linguist Otto Jespersen:, who said this The reason for writing I is ... the orthographic habit in the middle ages of using a 'long i' (that is, j or I) whenever the letter was i...

I find the Roman numerals a much better explanation
i as 1 vs I?
hmm thats interesting
but I member using I as 1
not i..
10:25 PM
i've definitely used iv
i ii iii iv etc
with that point on it?
esp. in Microsoft word
@ballBreaker haha
I don't think microsoft was out back then
I've used it IRL as well
it's a thing
we'll finish this next time
10:26 PM
mark it as pending
sounds good
i just finished work for the day so im gunna take off, have a good night man
same man see you
1 hour later…
11:49 PM
@CarlAnderson a friend of mine is just considering moving to Seattle because of that LOL
decisively a nice bonus

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