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9:42 AM
Another weird aspect of that is tips often go untaxed. Its actually kind of crazy that the IRS isn't particularly bothered by this loophole. Obviously they aren't worried about a delivery driver avoiding taxes on their small income, but really its just a way for their employer to dodge taxes.

This also creates an issue that people working for tips will have an income of next to nothing on paper, which can be a problem for things that require a credit check since they appear to be completely broke.
10:17 AM
Anyone smoked a cigar?
Is that a trick question? lol
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Why would that be a trick question, I am confused haha
Sep 30 '19 at 10:17, by Tim Castelijns
Q: Moderator Resignation Notice

Robert HarveyI'm resigning as a moderator from all Stack Exchange sites, effective today. I didn't make this decision lightly, frivolously or suddenly. A persistent pattern of corporate missteps, and a monumentally deplorable moderator dismissal, has compelled me to re-evaluate my relationship with Stack Ex...

@RaghavSood Some people have a will to live past 35
10:27 AM
Sounds terrible
@Taseer Well, I mean, who hasn't smoked a cigar?
Granted I have no idea why anyone does... but there's always someone that thinks its a good way to celebrate an occasion or some nonsense.
@twiz Majority of humanity, cigars are a relatively recent invention
I have not. I don't know what's the attraction in them
@Taseer The attraction is that at some point one of your idiot friends will think its a good idea. lol
10:31 AM
I was browsing an online store and they cost around $300, crazy af
Yeah, just snort printer ink instead
@RaghavSood Well not all of us are an immortal alien robot. I haven't been alive long enough to know that.
@Taseer Oh... well, those are just for really lame rich people. I've definitely never smoked a $300 cigar. haha
At least I don't think so... If they cost $300, then "idiot friend" was a serious understatement.
You can be rich and dumb
Source: CF exists
10:36 AM
I don't understand the attraction in certain things like cigs, cigars and other crazy stuff given the fact that they cause damage to your health
Probaby it has to do with being socially accepted to a certain group type
@twiz dont smoke anything save 300$
Technically, that's a bad deal - if you don't smoke solely to save money, you'll likely live far longer, which is a lot more expensive
Best to just die early
@Taseer Having a job where you sit at a computer for half the day is far worse for your health than an occasional cigar.
Same with living in basically any city and breathing the air.
and a thousand other things people do on a regular basis without thinking about it.
tl;dr living is bad for your health - 100% of death happened to people who lived
Death is also good for living. 100% of people who died were once alive.
11:13 AM
passed 2000 commits on this project today
congrats timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
thx adam
damn, man
it doesn't mean anything, it's just a nice number :P
11:18 AM
2048 or bust
give me 2 days
you do 30 commits a day?
no why
11:54 AM
morning y'all
how's it going?
for us'ers theres a presidential debate tonight 9pm est
for non-us'ers come watch America's downfall at 9pm est
Sorry, I've already got something planned for that time
you can take a break from mining bitcoin to watch
will biden get riped apart in this debate?
we shall see
i hope he can talk at least
tax return will somewhat burn trump
12:13 PM
but taxes aren't gonna change anyone's view
I think the Times had his taxes for a while but released them just now to screw him over
grrr did you buy fifa 21
no he ignored them
why would he ignore? He also had fifa 20
12:27 PM
i'm starting a new startup
i legit think it's a good idea
it already exists
im excited
destined to failed
true tim
@Tim sorta, but not really
12:30 PM
Second last panel
can you be more specific
@RaghavSood your comic is not applicable as i have not been feeling held back
Your shortcomings aren't invalidated by more shortcomings
12:51 PM
@JBis but why? lol
to entertain the people
sounds horribly boring to me...
@Tim nope
but I have origin
nah i think it will be entertaining
so I'll be able to play it
is it out?
@Tim and 14,15,16,17,18,19 haha
still suck at fifa
1:05 PM
@JBis I'm not a fan of reality tv shows.
TLC should broadcast it
they need to do those mid convo fake interviews
1:25 PM
Lol that's basically what Trump talks like in general. Mostly ignoring the question and talking as though no one else is in the room and just spewing complete emotional nonsense to stir up drama and portray himself as the victim.
I honestly wish they would just do things like that. At least then it would be honest about how trashy it is to watch a "debate".
Or just get Jerry Springer to host it.
Ok, I'm going to go like hike and kayak and stuff. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much.
sounds fun be back before supper o/
1 hour later…
2:47 PM
eyyy hows it goin man
not bad
i got a new startup idea
haha nice man
2 hours ago, by JBis
i legit think it's a good idea
what about you?
2:56 PM
well if you wanna share the idea I can shit on it a bit if you want
ehh not too bad, but feelin a little moody this morning and its too cold to sit on my balcony haha
soon, i promise :)
cool ^^
how's your finger?
pretty good, it's gunna leave a big scar but it's otherwise healing real nicely
I like getting scars anyway haha so it ain't no thang
sup dinner
3:02 PM
you know what they say
amputation is just a big scar
3:25 PM
@JBis ideas are worth nothing
what happened to your finger bb?
he got a girlfriend
@grrigore I beg to differ, patents can be worth a lot
@Tim you stole my joke lol
I was waiting for something like that haha
I guess a patent is more than an idea
can't steal something that doesn't exist
3:36 PM
oof tim rolling over kids
he is a kid man , cut him some slack
also tim looks free now
yeah can say whatever I want, there are like 2 mods left and they couldn't care less about chat
dream crusher tim
@grrigore I cut my finger last week really badly and then came in here and told everyone
basically you are showing off your new crabline gf
3:42 PM
thanks got he did not get a mantis
guys I spilled drink on my macbook and now the space key is sticky af, can I just take it off and clean it?
not sure about macs but you should be able to yeah
alternatively pour some water in there to get the stickiness out :D
it's one of them weird buttefly keyboards
3:50 PM
oh true
I bet you could find something on google, someone must have done this before
I found about smallkeys but not the space bar
just do same as with small keys
The space bar is a little trickier
But the process is about the same
@Tim I found something just now for the larger ones
3:51 PM
thanks everyone except CF
> Larger keys eg. Delete have a stabilising bar as well. To remove the Delete key slide the tool in flat at the right hand edge of the key and run it up and across the top to the top-left corner. This should snap the bar out of its place. The prongs on the Delete key are on the top-right and top-left and the bar on the bottom. After the metal bar is detached it can be removed as above. (Shift, Tab etc. may be the same but I didn't try them myself).
wait what?
might be something more specific for a space key, but it looks like they have the stablizing bar, space bar will have it for sure
@AdamsLostKeyStore Process Mauker threw an Exception: NoJavaAllowedException
@Mauker mauker.clone()
3:52 PM
some kotlin for you
what is a stabilizing bar
it's a small metal piece that comes in some space bars
a long metal bar that runs along the entire underside of the key so that when you press the far right or left side of it the middle clicks down
lmao that's cheating
3:53 PM
to evenly distribute the force applied through it
But not every keyboard has one
maybe you can try this
mine doesn't, it uses a different mechanism
3:54 PM
why not?
it has two springs on each side and the key itself in the middle
I didn't really watch it though
@ballBreaker It's rick roll isn't it?
would be qiute the elaborate rick roll
@ballBreaker notsure myemployer willappreciateme cutting that metalpart in 2xD
3:58 PM
my teacher wont let me into the zoom :(
I didn't realize they did that in the video
4:47 PM
He doesn't need to know that :eyes:
why won't GitHub let me add a new SSH key? :(
When I try to add a new one it simply gets me back to the SSH list page and the new key isn't there
they dont trust you
after you abandoned your lib for a year with its users
Is there a similar way to QR code but for some more data?
I didn't abandon the users I was answering the issues
@grrigore elaborate
lol i saw those issues have no reply since a year or more
4:54 PM
Like a QR code but able to store a 10MB worth of data
10MB is a lot
so.. probably not
it's 2020 ffs
and we are still dealing with pandemic for ffs
well the increase in data is going to increase the size of the QR/bar code, so it's possible but it's going to be like an entire page
4:55 PM
smart people are dumb
dumb people are smart?
wait what's with that name lol
this one: @AdamsLostKeyStore
adam lost another keystore?
5:05 PM
any ssh gurus here?
what do you think of the name "AskBeyond"?
5:20 PM
depends on the context
for a website name
@JBis 0
@Mauker me but wont help people who abandon their libs
^ Doesn't count
yes you
5:22 PM
He only cares about himself
@AdamsLostKeyStore seriously?
ok on a serious note i would give maybe a 5
its not that bad but not great either
also you wont get .com domain of it for sure
@Mauker :/
bad mauker says bad stuff about others
@AdamsLostKeyStore .net
5:25 PM
@JBis .JBis
meh .net
.net aint too bad
and if it gets big, .com is aval
yeah .net isn't so bad
@JBis mmm if it's a website to talk to ghosts, then it's a solid 9, if it's anything else, like a 6
overall decent name w/o any context
where you get ghosts from?
really? y'all like it better than i do
ok maybe ill stick with it
@JBis depends on the website purpose
sounds like some spiritism website haha
5:38 PM
@JBis ask beyond the grave
yeah exactly as grigg mentioned lol
sounds like spiritual shit
once you're comfortable telling us what it is I'll be more than happy to help you come up with a name
soul mates <3
hmm ok
you can mention it on discord
yeah i might
I find it very difficult to come up with a name
yeah names are hard
my go-to is always a joke, but I usually come around to something that's good
5:40 PM
said ballBreaker
ballBreaker, the crab
i spent an hour last night going through a bunch of different similar app names and then key words of my app but synonyms and the best i could get was "AskBeyond" "nexpert"
("nexus" + "expert")
First of his name, the side walker, bearer of bad jokes, the 9 finger
@Mauker hahah idk if you can tell, but the name came first and then I thought "what animal would do some good damage to testicles"
5:42 PM
classic bb haha
that makes sense
im an idiot ignore that
then came the stock lobster pic + MS paint
and then later on dave with the hair photoshop
5:43 PM
Classic Dave
@JBis so it's an app that lets people ask experts in certain fields questions? sort of like "AskScience" on reddit or "askReddit" but specific to certain things?
@ballBreaker sorta but not exactly
right idea but not what you are thinking
tbh I like nexpert better than askbeyond
it sounds too much like "squirt" to me
5:45 PM
listen to the people jbis
to the customer
you should call it www.moistsquirt.net
5:46 PM
1-10 "nexpert"?
I think you can skip this step for now
maybe you'll find something better as you go
but how am i to create a folder on my desktop without a name?
5:50 PM
just use a working title like moist squirt
it's what I do / bands do when making songs before they settle on a name
that's why I have songs uploaded online with such gems of names like: Texticular cancer, unplanned abortion, finger lickin', etc
nothings more annoying that people who take good domain names and then have no content
and you can see bb is a famous person
so it's working
I liked texticular cancer the most
what a name
@JBis yeah big time
back when I tried to make a blog I had to get "thethoughtbucket" instead of "thoughtbucket" because someone was sitting on that and trying to scalp it
5:58 PM
also damn these people they have good domain
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