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1:18 AM
@twiz yeah, seems they weren't using firestore
@twiz lol I was annoyed at how shity my school's third party vendor was so i was looking as others and found that one
i have this really bad habit of checking like every website for how it's built and any obvious security issues
1:44 AM
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6:55 AM
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7:59 AM
hi all
how are you ?
Is it possible to show horizontal progress bar while video is playing using Exoplayer, right now its visible only when I play/pause video?
Anything is possible if you commit to it
Except maybe faster than light travel
Yea Raghav
but right now I am not capable to achieve this above issue and I need help
commit better
what should I do?
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9:24 AM
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11:45 AM
@Ninja If the docs don't tell you, the code will.
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3:04 PM
3:37 PM
this chat has been very dead the past week or two
since past week
how you doin
Right then, I'm off
I'm alright man, just starting my day really
gunna go get some groceries I think
how are you doin?
3:50 PM
Why buy groceries when you can order premade meals
and healthier
doing fine too
4:35 PM
nice man glad to hea rit
does retrofit has any special annotation or way to consume streaming api ?
@ballBreaker any idea ?
i do not
5:06 PM
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I just got the groceries delivered
Walmart delivery seem to be doing a good job when selecting which products to ship
nice man
I haven't tried that yet
How was it?
you pay a $10 fee every month and they'll ship you any order of +$35
so far I'm pleased with it
specially when it comes to their veggies and fruits selection
oh nice that sounds pretty reasonable
is it $10/order ?
like it's $10 for a month if you only order once? or 10 for a month unlimited orders of $35+ ?
10 for a month unlimited orders of $35+
unlimited afaik
never have ordered more than 4 times
per month
5:18 PM
oh damn that's a pretty great deal then
yeah. Just checked back on the monthly fee it is $12.95 not $10
So is people on vacations or something? I've also noticed the chat is quite quiet these days. I'm always lurking and it was pretty active
Hello there
5:35 PM
People are at home and this has been a ghost town since
We still get the occasional migratory shellfish, but that's it
@Tamoxin still a great deal
although the pricing kind of incentivizes you to not get big grocery orders but rather split them into multiple ones
5:52 PM
@Nyakouai got it
I don't know it having several smaller order instead of a big one is ecologic.
More trips, but you waste possibly less?
fruits and veggies are more fresh that way but that also means more trips for the delivery person
also more tips $$$
I usually stock for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks
oh you gotta tip them?
you can. Is not a must
tbh in my hometown is not very common that people tip you for doing your job, but here in USA I've noticed it doesn't look good when you do not tip
I'll tip pizza delivery drivers but never uber drivers
I'd have to see the pricing specifics of grocery delivery
Whether their tip is "baked-in" or not
Also damn, it's looking like we might be officially in the wave #2 now
Our daily cases surpassed our highest ever from april :\
Thinking we're going to be going back from stage 3 to stage 2 re-opening soon
6:12 PM
Coming from Europe, tipping is a hard habit to gain
Tipping the pizza delivery guy, bringing the total to about 30% more than the untaxed price you've been quoted. Drives me mad.
Second wave of Corona... It's getting old.
At this point I'm more concerned in the air quality here
At there is no more fires nearby, I think
@Nyakouai lol yeah be thankful we aren't as bad as the US with that
my stand on tipping is that they have to earn it lol
6:28 PM
My stand on tipping is that is not my place to pay the people delivering the product, their boss should do it
Works in Europe. You tip when the service was good, but they can live without it
thats my take on tipping as well
but it's a bit weirder here since they make like minimum wage w/o tips, but with tips a more living appropriate wage
so it's kind of.. a necessary evil but not to the same extent as down south
so I usually give a flat 10%-15% and then reduce based on how shitty they were

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