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4:00 PM
@Derick That's a good question. amphp/http-server would have at least one fiber per request. In a testing environment I suppose there could be a few hundred. Are you just looking for an initial hashmap size?
Sort of, yes.
Also just curious :D
Interesting, I wonder what hackery Swoole is doing to break it.
Do you have to store the backtrace display, or can you just throw it out and remake it on a fiber switch?
Xdebug stores information when functions are called already - so it's part of the stack
Ah, ok, so now you'll have to swap those. I'm sorry. :(
It seems swoole/sdebug is now referring to github.com/swoole/yasd
@Trowski It should be all part of the same structure, so I don't think it is a real issue.
as long as I have a separate stack for "main" and each fibre
4:08 PM
Someday I'm going to see a commit adding typedef zend_fiber zend_fibre :P
You could just have speled it correctly the first time around ;-)
fibres are found in your breakfast, fibers are what make up threads ...
wikipedia disagrees ... but eating a fiber is an incoherent thought ...

@Trowski how do you eat a fiber ?
if there's no api for eating fibers they should be removed for dietary reasons ...
see how I make fun of myself for saying stupid things ... I know when I'm saying stupid things :D
I'll get right on adding a zend_metamucil API.
Better than me, I usually realise im saying stupid things approx 30 seconds after I see them in the sent list :P
I'm prone to quite extraordinary panic and paranoia, for obvious reasons, and I know that ...
4:20 PM
It's still better than not realising that you said a stupid thing.
@MarkR "oh no"
Speaking of paranoia, I had the AZ vaccine a couple of days ago... the day after they pulled it from under 40s (i'm 35), then today they announced it could trigger nerve disorders \o/
@MarkR the AZ vaccine has been injected in more than 100 mil Indians so far :D
@MarkR First or second dose?
@Trowski First... man it sucked
4:25 PM
@MarkR I wonder then if you'll get the second dose. My first dose did nothing to me, but the second one wasn't very fun about 12 hours later.
@cmb It's Raindr
or whatever the fuckwits name is
@Trowski I felt nothing until 12 hours later and then I was almost completely incapacitated with fever and shakes.
@Trowski Advice has always been to take all doses
Lasted about 3 hours until I fell asleep (somehow) and then I woke up a couple of hours later sore, but otherwise functioning
4:27 PM
@MarkR That's what I had for days when I got real-covid, the firs tshot of the AZ jab only give me a moderate fever and headache, but a sore arm for a week
@Derick Of course, but what if they stop administering the AZ vaccine?
@Trowski They don't.
Probably not, right.
People that had one shot, will get the second one. It's just recommended that under 40s get one of the other options due to a slightly higher risk of side-effects.
4:29 PM
Ah, ok. They did pause the J&J one in the US for a few weeks, though that's only a single shot.
they do the AZ ones here with 11-12 weeks in between, so I need to wait another 10 for jab #2
I'm glad I had it (assuming I don't get a brain clot and die, or my immune system strips the protection of my nerve fibres)
But it's still a little "grrr" that they change the guidance 2 days after having received the jab
11-12 weeks, wow. I'm sure we'll be getting boosters every year from now on.
The chance is minute
You are probably about as likely to get hit by a bus, so I wouldn't worry about it.
4:31 PM
1 in 60,000 ish
I'm not worried tbh, it's just one of those ... "...seriously?" kinda thoughts
1:60k for what? clots? I thought it was much much less
The risk of a clot is roughly one in 100,000 for people in their 40s, but rises to one in 60,000 for people in their 30s. Two in a million people in their 40s died rising to four per million people in their 30s. (bbc.co.uk/news/health-57021738)
On my leaflet it says 4 in a million
The thing is now though, that it's something that people are aware of, and if you get the symptoms of these clots, they can be easily medicated for.
Any how, the Mrs is getting her first one on Sunday.
I guess if I'm going to die horribly, there's worse ways to go than doing my bit for society
oh we found out about the vaccine, we will get a letter, and nobody has to pay for it ... we're not a "priority group" ...
4:38 PM
I'm not either
Anyone aware of solid research on how important it is for people who got covid-19 to get the vaccine?
But for once this UK government hasn't fucked something up.
@LeviMorrison No. But I know that in the Netherlands you're only getting 1 (of 2) shots of any vaccine if you've had Covid.
I'm a work-from-home employee and my hobbies are low-risk; so it's not on my personal priorities at the moment. I don't want to take a sick day because of the shot -- at least due to what I know right now.
Anecdotal information is is that the vaccine is better against more strains
@Derick Is there any other country that does it like that?
4:40 PM
@PeeHaa Not to my knowledge.
sigh typical NL
@LeviMorrison I'm in the same sort of position, but do present at two different schools twice a day ...
@LeviMorrison If you're ill, you're ill and stay at home? Oh wait... US.
@Derick I can work if I'm sick since I work from home; that's not what I meant ^_^ I rather meant that quite a few people have severe enough reactions to the vaccine that it hinders their ability to work for a day or so, and I don't want that productivity loss right now.
dude are you in chains somewhere or something ?
4:43 PM
@LeviMorrison But you're asking it in a way that because you've had covid and... saying that your hobbies are low risk, perhaps not low-risk enough? ... IMO you should still go get it, it really helps against the spread. And if you're worried about having to take a day off, get it on a Friday?
I get my second dose tomorrow
@JoeWatkins Ha, no, I just enjoy my current work a lot.
I scheduled mine through my county's health department, and they only had appointments available on weekends (that I could see)
I got an invitation by text from: a hospital, my GP directly, and the NHS standard one. And also a letter from the NHS. I booked it ASAP at the hospital (2 hour walk)... and then find out that the local council does a walk-up-jab centre in a bus... parking 200 metres away from me :-)
4:47 PM
@LeviMorrison if you don't get vaccinated and you die, your productivity will suffer most probably ...
There are local pharmacies that offer the vaccine too, but I wasn't sure how to go about scheduling through them. I ended up looking through my county's website and found an appointment scheduler there. Worth it for having it done on the weekend.

thanks to everyone who's getting their shots, even though the second dose can be a doozy
@BenMorss sometimes the first dose, depending on the brand :P
it'll still be better than getting covid...
@Tiffany true!
4:48 PM
I should make sure I have had a meal before going tomorrow...
I read that the second dose involves a ~20% chance of severe side effects, but I've heard so many stories about 1-2 days of severe fatigue that it feels like 100%
Which, I guess, is why science is useful
("severe side effects" = "being really tired", not something more dangerous)
@JoeWatkins It's true. I got the virus once and thankfully lived. I was just asking if there is more information on how important it is for such people to get the vaccine, and not just guessing.
Back in March, I spoke on this forum with @Sara and @cmb about propagating the new AVIF support in gd into PHP's gd. I heard that there would be a feature freeze around June for potential 8.1 release.
It's ugly, but I gotta say the ?? operator is the salvation of this codebase on PHP 8...
When is the actual feature freeze happening? I looked around but couldn't find info.
4:52 PM
@LeviMorrison The CDC says "Get it": (cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html)
> That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again.
So just guessing, which is a bit unfortunate, but oh well, it is what it is.
@BenMorss 2021-07-20 (see wiki.php.net/todo/php81)
oh I see
Local government website also says "yes": london.gov.uk/coronavirus/coronavirus-covid-19-faqs/…
thanks @cmb!
I'm working on that again now... glad to see there's still time
4:54 PM
Really Windows? I can't define a const static as an or'ing of other constants, bah.
5:04 PM
@Trowski I'm trying to run github.com/amphp/ext-fiber/blob/master/examples/… - but I get an error that the "FiberScheduler" interface isn't found
nm, i used the example from the RFC instead
@Derick You must have not pulled ext-fiber lately.
uhm? why would I need ext-fiber when 'm using PHP master? :-)
For the example code. FiberScheduler would have been months ago.
The example you linked to works fine with php-src master.
probably me then
5:31 PM
@Trowski When does the "address_observer" callback get triggered? Just switching between fibres?
@Derick Just before switching into a fiber and just after switching out of a fiber.
And I suppose I need to handle switches in all three handlers?
5:53 PM
@Derick There's 3 observers just for testing purposes.
You need to implement a single zend_observer_fiber_switch_handler
aaah, OK. I get it now. sorry
@Derick Sorry, documentation would have helped. Everything is a bit fluid right now though.
as in: it's still going to change?
6:09 PM
If you think it needs to, I have no plans to change it. This API was added for exactly this sort of purpose.
Fluid was probably the wrong word. It's still so new though.
6:47 PM
@Danack @Trowski Should shared be the default mode in injector instead of defaulting to creating a new instance for each injection?
@kelunik I think so, yes. Most of my definitions are shared.
@LeviMorrison germany recently ruled to keep people that recovered within the last 6 month the same as vaccinated. if you want one random yard stick.
@beberlei Thanks.
@Sara Okidoki, thanks!
@Sara @JoeWatkins Have you done any session/call with the new RMs? I'd love to join if you are planning something, to refresh some of the process in place
@Sara Just received your email about web-php.git, thanks for the heads up!
7:15 PM
@Trowski Not sure how to do qualifiers, yet, so you can have different definitions for a single class. Any suggestions?
@cmb Some things changed apparently in ZipArchive::extractTo in PHP 8 apparently, looks like the last commit needed changes when merging up.
@kelunik Param name and/or attribute?
$context = new Context;
    ->name('std', new Value($stdClass));

$a = $context->getByType(A::class);
@GabrielCaruso We've not had any sessions/calls yet. I've begun going through PRs and tagging them, asking questions, and even merging a couple.
That's what I have currently for the API, instead of class there's also method and function. However, such qualifiers really only make sense for instances, not for functions.
@ramsey Nice. I had one with Sara when I started, it helped a lot to understand the process :)
7:28 PM
@kelunik What is name referring to? Param name?
@Trowski Yes, there's also index, type, and attribute
Sounds reasonable.
@kelunik What about the requesting executable. Can I specify when building A use FileLogger and when building B use ConsoleLogger?
Say both constructors take a LoggerInterface named $logger.
That is the main thing that is needed IMO
Well that and maybe squeezing out a bit more performance somehow
hey sorry to disturb all of you could you please help to solve this I am really helpless from 3 days please please stackoverflow.com/questions/67440300/…
@GabrielCaruso Yeah, no worries. I just had a moment of wtf when bumpReleases seemed to have done nothing (which it had!)
7:43 PM
happy friday 11ers
@Ekin \o/
And payday
Payday bestday
What about retirement day?
Lemme know when that day comes
I'm probably going to be working until I'm dead T_T
I have the saaame feeling
7:59 PM
@Christinaleonel WTF go away
@Trowski Yes, sure.
    ->type(LoggerInterface::class, new TypeReference(FileLogger::class));

    ->type(LoggerInterface::class, new TypeReference(ConsoleLogger::class));
Ah yes, of course. Nice.
@PeeHaa random chat invite?
For some reason I read it before as provide A to a param of this name. Now it's more clear.
I need to get identifiers in there somehow, probably as first or second arg to class()
8:03 PM
@Tiffany I recommend renting your soul to a unicorn for four years to get a cash out then fucking off somewhere without computers for a few years.
Well, vidja game computers are okay
@Tiffany aye
@Sara I would just sell the unicorn right away and fuck off :P
@Trowski The rules object already exists, but I haven't rebuilt the actual object construction, yet :D
I'll never get the stank of Facebook off me, but I can buy some nice smelling soaps until the day I die.
@Sara 😂
In fairness, Facebook didn't reek of evil quite so badly when you worked there.
8:07 PM
cough cough
sure ;-)
Heh, well ok, maybe they did, but they tried to cover up the stench. Now they wear it proudly and smear it on everything.
@Sara 🤣
is there a sample ODBC database somewhere (container maybe?) that doesn't require me to jump through hoops to get access?
@Trowski they used to put makeup on the pig, now they don't bother
8:34 PM
anyone have opinions on the tidy extension?
learning new stuff about the manual every work day...
@Tiffany Only opinion: Does it really need to be an extension still in the year of our lord PHP 8.0?
if you want to use it, be sure to build it against the very latest libtidy and not the one bundled in PHP html-tidy.org
(Unless that's been updated recently in php-src)
We don't bundle tidy
ah... I thought we did
Anyway, I noticed an issue with linking against a very old tidy version when I was playing with something last year, so I had to get an updated version and build it myself
@Crell I guess the primary reason for it to be an extension is to use all the work that's gone into libtidy, rather than waiting on someone to build all of it in PHP
coworker is using it in code to fix up some very bad XML, didn't even know it existed
8:50 PM
Very bad HTML formmatting is expected but XML? I think you should pray to a God you think is there ^_^
hi guys
it's possible mock in test a class DateTimeImmutable ?
I found this:
Another solution ?
@Trowski Nikita already fixed it. Thanks!
@BruceOverflow do you need to mock it? it's part of the core language, you don't need to test how it behaves and it does not have any side effects, just give it a real one
you only need to mock things when you need to emulate the behaviour of the real thing, in this case the real thing is predictable and harmless
n.b. you should probably not listen to my opinions about testing anything :-P
9:03 PM
@LeviMorrison be wary of Wordpress/Joomla "XML export" plugins
pretty much a case of having to work around bad data, but they generally don't pass a linter, in my very limited experience
@cmb I wasn't sure on the etiquette if I should just fix it myself.
I need to test a class that uses it
Well, I screwed it up, so I should fix it. If somebody else beats me to it, I should be ashamed :)
@DaveRandom A method like isExpired()
@BruceOverflow Mockery is the library I know of, but I haven't used it
9:07 PM
that's not part of DateTime
you only need to mock things with unpredicatable behaviour or side effects. DateTime has neither of those two facets.
FWIW I agree with DaveRandom
just create a DateTimeImmutable instancew with a known absolute timestamp and pass that in
9:08 PM
fake data :D better way to test than mocking
@DaveRandom Unless the thing is working with timezones and dst in which case it's very much unpredictable :P
not if you always use the same timestamp/zone, stopping FUDing :-P x
Wait... paste an example
pasted using ctrl+v ^
an example
(not pasted)
9:09 PM
new DateTimeImmutable('@0')
@PeeHaa dude... i was trying to drink something
that's always predictable, right? always UTC unix epoch?
@CharlesSprayberry :P
@CharlesSprayberry did you soak your keyboard?
@DaveRandom Let me introduce you to my life, where UTC is only a tiny part of my job
9:10 PM
@Tiffany I just almost choked so fortunately everything is ok.
I'm good, I suspect
stahp reminding me the dst bugs
Or I should say Ekin's job as she is our designated datetime sufferer :D
it's friday
and I just called it :P
for friday's sake
9:11 PM
I guess... depending on your time zone?
yeh not sure what day it is in japan, maybe Saturday sake by now
there is a classic english pun around sake and "sarccy" (slang for sarcastic), I have never heard a good version of it but I really feel like it has legs (maybe that's why it's a classic tho still unfunny so far)
@DaveRandom I read "sake" as Japanese sake... alcohol
yeh that's the point :-P
@DaveRandom ?
btw this
yeh if you are testing you have to give your date an absolute value (prob), it needs to be predictable
predictability is the point of mocking things...
new DateTime() // essentially random value for testing
new DateTime('@0') // always the same value with predictable behaviour
the 0 can be any value
9:17 PM
ah ok
or you could use createFromFormat() with an absolute value
I think like this new \DateTime("@".time()); and mock time()
@BruceOverflow that's one of the reason why people created different datetime related interfaces
a DateTime object is basically a really complicated integer, fundamentally it has a single absolute value, you just need that to be predictable
And inject it instead
9:19 PM
yeh I must admit I wish DateTimeInterface was a little bit more open sometimes, though also other times I am glad it is not
it could do with some Interface Segregation applying to it a bit probably but meh
I agree guys, but I have this code ... :-(
for now I recommend you choose an absolute timestamp that is more or less now, and just use that with a real instance
other opinions are available tho, I'm sure
@BruceOverflow Can't can change though
@DaveRandom :+1
9:41 PM
@PeeHaa delete as appropriate
yeah wow
Good on me!
I do that a lot
I also omit "not" from sentences a lot, which is arguably worse because I end up saying the opposite of what I meant
That's very good
it is
10:22 PM
Ugh, the PHP CLI webserver appears to leak 3 to 4 MiB on every request. I'm hunting my own memory leak and makes it harder.
10:54 PM
"it's just a debugging tool" which is apparently hard to debug :-P
11:15 PM
Also note: this is exactly why I've been advocating for no dynamic memory allocation after process startup in my extension; it's just too hard to track certain issues. I've reduce the number of lines of code that do allocations in my own code to one, which has to cross thread boundaries, so for now I bit the bullet. But the libraries I call don't have the same philosophy.
11:25 PM
> I've reduce the number of lines of code that do allocations in my own code to one
how? by a proxy or am I missing a point?
like you can't just not malloc() things and magically do everything on the stack surely?? :-P
@DaveRandom I use fixed-static buffers and if I exceed them, I stop/quit/whatever is appropriate.
oic, basically implement your own memory management?
do you mmap() that or still just emalloc() a big-ass block?
To a degree, but if you design all the APIs to be fail-able it's not so bad to return errors up from lower levels so the higher-level app logic can decide what it should do with the failure.
i.e. are you doing it under zend mm still I guess is my question
are you making memory_get_usage() lie to me? :-P
Not in ZMM; it's just arrays of certain sizes as thread-local memory.
I don't alloc, mmap, or anything.
11:30 PM
ah kk
The thread-local storage mechanism will include the allocation into whatever it does.
that is essentially antithetical to the way I think about memory management in PHP
My single allocation mentioned is a malloc though, because it crosses thread boundaries and needs to be de-coupled from the PHP MM.
you may as well have just said "I make PHP work like you think it doesn't"
the failing there is mine, obv :-P
I understand how to work with the safe little box that zts built for me... after that, halp
I think most extensions should use PHP MM for what memory they need. Just certain kinds, such as zend_extension-y types, should do the exact opposite ^_^
For instance, a PHP memory profiler will need to allocate its own memory, and it should definitely not touch the state of the PHP MM; that would tamper with the state it's profiling.
11:35 PM
ok that I understand
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