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12:16 AM
I'm really sorry and I try my very hardest not to correct people on stuff but... *affect
The effect of an event affects objects
An event effects changes, however that usage can fuck off, people only say that when they want to show off and/or confuse people
I will now go and correctly put myself in the bin
>.> If I slap you would that have any affect on you?
/kills self
There is a time in every man's life when he really craves some toast and marmite. Usually it's straight after brushing ones teeth and getting into bed, which would make it taste immeasurably bad from mouthwash
how do you feel about marmite? the love/hate thing seems like bollocks to me, I just "don't mind" it
I would never make myself a marmite sandwich, but I wouldn't necessarily say no if you put one in front of me and I have definitely gone to town on bowl of twiglets at weddings/shit parties
I rather enjoy it so long as the bread has not been over-toasted,
12:28 AM
in fact I was excluded by that advertising campaign, maybe that's the hill I should die on
It's usually a toss up between marmite and strawberry jam. I find jam goes together with if I'm having a cup of tea before bed. Marmite goes better with milk.
I can definitely see that
though my tea is builders brew or gtfo, and you definitely don't want that right before bed
no sugar but soupy af
I will be honest though, the last few messages make it sound like you are 70
Honestly I feel it sometimes.
sure, I own waterproof slippers
That reminds me I need to buy new slippers.
12:34 AM
I also regularly forget what I was saying half way through a sentence, and think that everyone 16-20 speaks a foreign language
@MarkR do you own cat(s)?
Last year I did a photoshop for a youth group, and I had to actually use urban dictionary mid conversation to figure out what they were saying.
lol epic
yeh never had the experience yet of not being able to infer what is meant
One of them kept on calling everyone "my G" and I had no idea.
wait, wut? :-P
I am an upper middle class kid and even I was conscious of that at school :-P
I must have missed the curriculum on inner-city teen talk.
Then again I'm very sheltered :P
12:40 AM
@MarkR I believe replying with "g-dawg" might be appropriate.
Nodding and smiling until I could figure out what they were trying to say seemed to work.
Time to go spend 30 minutes listening to a guy talk about dehumidifiers! G'nite all (youtube.com/watch?v=oHeehYYgl28)
1:05 AM
I've wondered what marmite and vegemite taste like. I wonder if I can order them off Amazon...
o_O 250g container is 19 USD. good lord.
1:41 AM
$19 for 250g of marmite is at least $12 too much, even accounting for exoticness
Considering spending 9 USD for the 125g, but still probably way overpriced.
bovril > marmite
they are completely different things tho
bovril is somewhat edible :D
I would call them both... acquired tastes.
That's what I've heard, which is why I'd prefer getting the smallest container possible in case I hate it
Beer was an acquired taste for me when I used to drink it, but it was only after I started trying craft beer.
Wait, is marmite similar to beer in flavor? They both have yeast
In the way that kool-aid and wine are similar, I suppose.
1:51 AM
That's disappointing-ish. I'll have to wait until I try it, whenever that is.
you have to use them intelligently. like you don't eat a ketchup sandwich, but a sandwich with some ketchup among the ingredients. same thing for marmite
@Tiffany you could try spreading some miso paste on toast, and see if that is at all pleasant....
even if brits like to eat it like that, raw, that's just them being weird i think :B
googles miso paste
did you ever have a crips sandwhich Danack
to me that's like putting pasta on pizza, it's so weird :D
2:07 AM
@Wes yes, but chip butty is better.
starch levels intensify
@Wes my mom used to love putting chips (the American version) on sandwiches. I thought it was bizarre as a child, but now I kind of want to try it.
Mmmm, some Sterzing's chips on bread would be nice...
2:52 AM
That should be enough snacks to last me awhile...
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5:37 AM
@Tiffany trust me, you are not missing out, you will hate it. British are just weird.
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
8:23 AM
@Tiffany Be honest. The exclamation was for the use of metric, and unrelated to the price, wasn't it :P
8:50 AM
Can anyone tell me why can't we reduce this function in place where static variable is initialized for the first time?
function foo () {
    static $bar;
    $bar ??= random_int(1, 10);
    return $bar;
Random number is just an example, but why it cannot be static $bar = random_int(1, 10); ?
and it gives now Fatal error: Constant expression contains invalid operations
Going further return static $bar = random_int(1, 10);
also makes sense
or final :/
So in my example static would not be a sort of assign operation modifier, does that even make sense?
9:17 AM
9:27 AM
@LeviMorrison Sure, but indoor class based spaces with lots of shouting and sweating is the best way to spread germs. You can exercise outside.
@Danack I saw you had a question, but this stupid chat lost it. What was it?
15 hours ago, by Danack
@Derick do you use a plugin or workflow for editing your podcasts to reduce the amount of work for switching between your audio, and the remotely recorded audio?
Plugin? No... I just use audacity to line up the tracks.
then denoise them one by one
then edit for uhms, aaahs, and aeroplanes
then normalise them, and then compress the sound
the editing by far takes the longest
there's a youtube channel I subscribe to, where the host sometimes has guest speakers, but uses the audio from the skype call. Apparently I have audio dyspraxia (aka ears don't work so good), and find it difficult to understand low quality audio.
But how do you switch between the different audio channels? for the different speakers?
tbh, I almost never use the audio recorded by the guest, as I think that my own recording through whereby is often better
Switch? I don't switch... I don't understand the question :-)
Each recording (mono) forms a track in audacity which I edit together
@Sara That's a weird way of spelling Stockholm syndrom
9:33 AM
@Derick For scenarios where the audio received at your end of the system, from the guest is of low quality, how do you tell the computer 'where the guest is speaking, use their audio file'? Or do you just lay them on top of each other?
yes, I lay them on top of each other - as their own separate track. I use two recordings locally too, one with my fancy mike that just records me, and the audio that comes out of whereby/the browser goes into another file.
So each track never has two people on it (unless there is some minor sound leakage) - and audacity allows me to just null these out.
ah okay, I missed the 'recording your own audio separately' as a thing to do.
9:57 AM
guys, the video of these talks isn't available?
The ones I have given are also at derickrethans.nl/talks.html but few will have a video link
@Derick weel, no problem
@Derick I saw these video ;-)
@Danack did he find you yet ?
was it fun ??? :D
10:08 AM
@JoeWatkins No, but he does make it easier to report it to the Austrian police....
dude's a little unhinged
tbh, this week is turning into an even better week than last week. imgur.com/gallery/bk6lhRy Now my other next door neighbour apparently has covid, and didn't wear a mask when walking past me in the hall on the way to get the covid test 2 days ago and now.....a lunatic.
humans are the worst
10:42 AM
With great power comes great stupidity
10:54 AM
hey joe \o
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12:00 PM
Is it a limitation of PCRE2 (or is there another technical reason) why PHP does not support more Unicode character properties? php.net/manual/en/regexp.reference.unicode.php says "Extended properties ... are not supported by PCRE." Is that still up-to-date?
Having to use gist.githubusercontent.com/ravisorg/… instead of (?:\p{Emoji_Modifier_Base}\p{Emoji_Modifier}?|\p{Emoji_Presentation}|\p{Emoji}\x{FE0F}?) is kind of inconvenient.
@Danack I think I've gotten used to it, because it doesn't stick out as much as it used to.... Americans always use an article when describing "hospital" but Brits usually don't.
Watching British TV shows and hearing "go to hospital" or "they're in hospital" was jarring for me
why, because no-one seemed concerned about the cost? :-P
The last year of my mom's life, she was in and out of the hospital multiple times. I remember a period of two weeks where almost every day I was bringing her to the ER until they finally admitted her.
Fortunately, on government insurance because sure was disabled and she fought tooth and nail to get coverage, so there was no cost to us directly
12:25 PM
@SebastianBergmann it is not unlikely that the PHP manual is outdated here, but looking at pcre.org/current/doc/html/pcre2pattern.html#uniextseq, it seems those properties are not supported by PCRE2 (yet).
Hey. Is there an easy way to validate an input of product price? Without using regex expression? Seems complicate to use regex to validate price that can be float
a price should not be a float, though
@Derick Thanks, this one: FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT?
but see what @cmb said too
12:36 PM
@cmb How so, in the database the price shouln't be float? Why not=
because of float pointing precision
assuming you do math on them, chances are you'll get rounding errors, which means you'll be charging incorrect prices
I searched and see that float considers for example 2.24 and 2.2444 same type, is that the problem?
So I should use Numeric(5,2) for example? Using MySql
You should use an integer
And store cents instead of Euros/Dollars/BritishPounds
integer? But with that I cant have float prices
Q: Why not use Double or Float to represent currency?

Fran FitzpatrickI've always been told never to represent money with double or float types, and this time I pose the question to you: why? I'm sure there is a very good reason, I simply do not know what it is.

12:44 PM
@DGF That's exactly the point
Also see the big Warning at php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php
Ok, I see, thanks. Even if I only use prices with 2 decimal numbers( like: 1.22; 2.55) will have that problem?
1.22 is not what you think it is. It's 1.220000000000000something
*Unless he is actually using decimal numbers
Which is pretty unlikely :)
oh, Matthias Verraes helped with that. So it's probably good to use.
12:56 PM
Okay, thanks for the help. Will have a look into that and see whats best
@cmb Thanks.
...oh you've been linked it already
and yes. using FloatHex echo float_compare(1.22 + 2.55, 3.77); gives:
│ Sign │ Exponent    │ Mantissa                                             │
│    0 │ 10000000000 │ 1110001010001111010111000010100011110101110000101000 │
│    0 │ 10000000000 │ 1110001010001111010111000010100011110101110000101001 │
│    - │ ----------- │ ---------------------------------------------------x │
Good Morning!
Hi guys
1:16 PM
@Tiffany I normally would....but think my Bristol accent kicked in and describing it as "going to 'ospital" sounds less weird than "going to the-ospital"....
1:34 PM
It's curious, actually. There are other places which feel comfortable in American English saying without including an article, like "going to school," "going to church" but others that don't: "going to the store," "going to the library," I wonder if there's something that explains where the line is drawn. (Also, it's not completely unfamiliar to say "going to store" or "going to library" but it does feel a little weird, but not as jarring as "going to hospital")
Q: Is there a reason the British omit the article when they "go to hospital"?

UticensisWhy do British speakers omit the article in constructions like "go to hospital" or "go on holiday"? Pretty much all American speakers would rephrase those as "go to the hospital" and "go on a holiday", I think. Is there any good reason, or forgotten sense behind those words that might explain why...

"Going to hospital" sounds perfectly fine to my.. eyes? Reads perfectly fine to my ears? You know what I mean.
But I think it's about being a subject vs a (very) informal adjective
I.e. if you say "I'm going to hospital" I am confident that means you personally need medical attention - the "hospital" part essentially becomes a shortened version of "getting medical attention at a hospital"
if you were going to visit someone (or drop some off or whatever) and said "I am going to hospital today" I would assume English is not your first language
the debate is on "going to hospital" vs "going to the hospital"
right I understand that
and Im saying that I think it's because the term "hospital" is used in place of the phrase "get medical care"
The question I linked explains the reasons behind using either format which makes sense to me. But I'm not sure if I'll ever become used to "go to hospital"
to quote @Tiffany's earlier post: I would bet money in the "British shows" she mentioned the person involved in the phrases "go to hospital" or "they're in hospital" was a patient, in every single case
right so answer on that question is confirming my idea: "the purpose for which that place is designed"
a sick person goes to hospital. their relative will go to the hospital to see them.
my son goes to school. I take him to school. The teacher has asked me to come to the school because he is a little shit. etc etc.
1:50 PM
It actually makes me wonder if it's based on how the American health care system is... @DaveRandom said it as a joke but it almost makes sense.
also works for education.
maybe they don't work well enough to satisfy the linguistic definition of "the purpose for which that place is designed"
@Tiffany if you had to be in court, would you say "go to the court" or "go to court"
@Stephen depends on the reason I'm going
I dunno, petty larceny.
if I had to pay a bill on a citation, and the place where I made the payment was at the courthouse, I would say "go to the courthouse," maybe "go to the court"
if I was going in front of a judge, I would say "go to court"
right so I think that's the same logic played out again, it's just curious that you find it natural there but not in other places.
obviously there are some exceptions though.
1:56 PM
it is curious :P
nobody outside of a bad comedy is saying "I'm going to gym"
"I'm going to movies/cinema"
oh what about tertiary education, if you dont call it school.
you wouldn't say "going to the college" or "going to the uni" would you?
"going to college"
we don't really say "uni" either
it's ok we all have our failings.
2:14 PM
I would say "I'm going to the hospital" but "I'm going to school"
Isn't that Dutch slipping through still?
The "go to hospital" is pretty weird to me, but "to go on holiday" or "go to school" are totally normal tho
@PeeHaa No, I doubt that.
substring doesn't work with §,µ and £ event on online sandbox ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80623
2:31 PM
@Derick Depends where you live, really.
In the US, the highest spreader of coronavirus by far is small household gatherings.
Only morons still do these.
Seriously, stay the fuck at home.
3:05 PM
@Derick "at home" or "at the home"?
3:20 PM
.... hackers are demanding bitcoin payments to release internet connected chastity cages...
the only shocking part of that is that internet connected chastity cages are a thing that exists
3:58 PM
Bitcoin? Tulip mania.
how can you reorder an array by index? like so 0,1,2 => 0,2,1
0,2,1 looks less ordered than 0,1,2 :B
What kind of structure is that: comma separated index[/value]?
question is not much clear
4:04 PM
lol ok, I have an array. I need to reorder it into a different order. if the current order by index is: 0,1,2 I need to order it to 0,2,1. does anyone know how that can be done? :)
in which form do you have the new order?
array of indexes?
@Stephen **Runs off to do some googling...
@hakre no, just a normal array.
@KerrialBeckettNewham You can do with with usort(), but you're on your own on defining what that callback looks like.
@KerrialBeckettNewham if you would array_flip it, would it have the indexes in order as keys?
4:07 PM
@Sara for purely research purposes, of course ;-)
if so, then use array_replace(array_flip(order), toSortArray)
Sorry, uksort()
That way you can remove britain while you're at it.
@Sara err, wasn't that uksortout()?
@hakre Can only flip STRING and INTEGER values, it's an array of objects
@Sara Is there RFC for eusort()?
4:08 PM
@KerrialBeckettNewham that was for the indexes in order. again, do you know how to obtain the order first of all?
@Stephen Yes. Research.
I always do research before embarking on a new way to make money too lol.
@Tpojka in eu it is you have to sort it out yourself.
Could be.
apropos of nothing:
4:13 PM
@hakre not really, no
@KerrialBeckettNewham would say this needs to be solved first.
@Danack social engineering is just golden.
$node->args = [
                $node->args[0] => 0,
                $node->args[1] => 2,
                $node->args[2] => 1,

to compare what I meant earlier: $node->args = array_replace(array_flip([0, 2, 1]), $node->args);
Undocumented change php 8 vs php 7 abs function ・ *Math Functions ・ #80624
4:23 PM
@hakre Legend! cheers bud. I'm shit with that type of stuff lol
@Gordon You joke, but many languages have different words for the home in "at home" "my home" and "going home". In Dutch the first one is "thuis" and the last two are "huis". In Welsh it's "gartre", "cartre" and "adre" respectively.
4:39 PM
i haz done it. damn that was a lot to figure out. i.stack.imgur.com/OMZJA.png
@Wes what's it doing?
headless chrome
5:29 PM
@Wes What is definition of check function?
Probably just a wrapper around assert
Not clear: it throws exception in case of false?
Maybe, it just seems weird, its just being sent boolean value, so either its logging it somewhere, throwing an exception or changing the behavior somewhere else.
yo @Wes, what does check do?
@mega6382 yes, it's like assert but cannot be disabled by ini. that would be because there's a lot of guesswork involved
eventually i will convert back to assert
5:46 PM
So, is this open source or something or is it for work?
it's gonna be open source yup
Hello all, can anyone help with my connection string to a pervasive ODBC? the below is in m php file and when i browse to the local website(localhost/default.php) the page is blank. I can echo out "test" before the connection string and that shows on the page.
$connect=odbc_connect("Driver={Pervasive ODBC Engine Interface};ServerName=gss.hennignt.com;ServerDSN=GLOBAL_PLA;",
" ", " ", SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC);
@Wes great
what happened to the proposal to have the new Foo()->bar() without parentheses syntax working?
6:02 PM
Invalid free / memory corruption in zend_string_release ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80625
6:25 PM
@SkylarP what other debugging steps have you taken? Have you tried echoing after the connection? Have you tried var_dumping the connection? Also make sure you have errors turned on.
6:40 PM
Passing 'pass' to mb_convert_encoding()'s $from_encoding not working since 7.3 ・ Documentation problem ・ #80626
I tried echoing after the connection but the page remained blank. I will try var_dumping and I tried to turn errors on using odbc_error() and odbc_errormsg() but the page remained blank. I will look into turning errors on as well
@SkylarP That generally means you have a fatal error. Enable error reporting
Q: How do I get PHP errors to display?

AbsI have checked my PHP ini file (php.ini) and display_errors is set and also error reporting is E_ALL. I have restarted my Apache webserver. I have even put these lines at the top of my script, and it doesn't even catch simple parse errors. For example, I declare variables with a "$" and I don't ...

Also check your error log
Or if it's a dev environment, just display errors... but only if it's a dev environment
maybe a production environment that no one cares about if someone bored and comes across the site
7:11 PM
@PeeHaa @SkylarP also, if possible, use PDO/odbc instead of odbc_* functions
and set errmode to exceptions
@DaveRandom You really think I would be dicking around with odbc? :P
ah twas a reply :D
Almost got upset
7:28 PM
sorry, I'll try harder next time
7:43 PM
@DaveRandom do you have any examples of pervasive and PDO? I tried try {
$dbh = new PDO('odbc:host=gss.hennignt.com;dbname=GLOBALTST'," ", " ");
foreach ($dbh->query('select * from zzHENEmplWkcntr') as $row){
$dbh = null;
} catch (PDOException $e){
print "Error!: " . $e->getMessage() . "</br>";
but I got an error "could not find driver"
hi I installed wsl on windows how can I
find the IP or whatever to discuss var/www/html/index.php? How do I go about this? Please help
I have wsl on vscode
Incident on 2021-01-14 19:52 UTC
7:59 PM
@SkylarP I don't I'm afraid, never used it, sorry
session_get_cookie_params options-array 1st param is 'expires' not 'lifetime' ・ Documentation problem ・ #80627
@SkylarP however I will say that you want PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION passed as a constructor argument
and you really very definitely need to make sure you have error_reporting(-1); ini_set('display_errors', '1');
I think I have the error reporting setup correctly. I couldn't figure out PDO so I'm back to odbc_connect and I get an error whenever I run the page now. odbc_connect(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] DRIVER keyword syntax error
8:20 PM
@SkylarP if you have the time, it's recommended you should use it to learn how to use PDO
If you have trouble understanding something specific, ask
@SkylarP an easy way to determine whether you have error reporting set upi right would be to just put throw new Error; at the top of the script and make sure you see a stack trace
though the "syntax error" business implies that there is some SQL statement being executed behind the scenes which is syntactically invalid
error_log not working after fastcgi_finish_request ・ *General Issues ・ #80628
I don't found a way for this error while debugging
|t = timelib_strtotime(ZSTR_VAL(times), ZSTR_LEN(times), &error,
| DATE_TIMEZONEDB, php_date_parse_tzfile_wrapper);

if I put a breakpoint inside timelib_strtotime function it skipped and with vscode , step by step it returns this "unable to open 'parse_date.re'" I not understand why
8:36 PM
if you don't have a good reason, don't develop php-src on windows
chances are the cause of your issue was a failure to regenerate some re2c code, in which case I got no idea what to do about it on windows :-P
@DaveRandom no windows, mac
ah well that's even more alien to me in terms of compiler toolchains, sorry :-P
osx is like mirror universe *nix
feels like it was designed by someone inherently evil, certainly
@DaveRandom ok I will try on linux
@DaveRandom hahahah
@BruceStackOverFlow I can't promise it will work, but there will certainly be a lot more people who can help you fix it
@BruceStackOverFlow Just install Docker/Vagrant and don't worry, everything else will be ok.
8:41 PM
install docker or become a vagrant
Resistance is futile.
@DaveRandom Docker's a good solution :-)
And when got some time, change nick to BruceOverFlow. :P
depends what the problem is
Nov 28 '20 at 21:38, by DaveRandom
@BruceStackOverFlow you should change your handle to @BruceOverflow
8:44 PM
@DaveRandom ok
Nov 28 '20 at 21:41, by BruceStackOverFlow
@DaveRandom hehe ok
lol sorry that feels kind like bullying, obv you can have you handle set to whatever you want :-P
Why is internet explorer so bad
@DaveRandom However, we will call him as we want. :D
s/so bad//
8:46 PM
@bigchungus just refuse to support it, problem solved
if you are still using internet explorer I hate you and you are not allowed to use things I made
@DaveRandom I think I'd get OCD if he'd change his nick to BruceStackOver.
@bigchungus Define internet explorer. :D
@BruceStackOverFlow It's changed on SO though.
chat+main site take a couple of hours to sync
9:10 PM
@DaveRandom if (defined('INTERNET_EXPLORER')) throw new \Exception();
throw new Apocalypse;
9:44 PM
DI - nothing? new Apocalypse(RiderInterface $rider);?
if your apocalypse is dependent on other stuff you probably designed your universe wrong
Reminder to myself: in case of wrongly thrown Apocalypse, start from scratch.
@Danack hope that your thread will yield some results finally (re: rh)
10:05 PM
I feel like at this point we can discuss that ^ openly in here btw, the SE moderation system is good enough to prevent any issues in here and the guy definitely knows exactly who wants him to piss off
10:24 PM
You are still allowed to run around here. So much for good moderation system
@DaveRandom my plan is to contact the police in Austria. And 'luckily' that last message saves me having to trawl throug all of the messages he's sent right now.
there's a law in Austria against continued abuse, particularly using multiple email addresses to work around bans. First need to get the austrian police to take the report, which someone in Austria may be helping with.
Ah I am clearly missing some info due treating email in general as a dead medium
Also, he is fucking terrified of people contacting his company about his behaviour. I strongly suspect when he was kicked out of Debian message boards, he was told to stop using his work email address for his fuckery.
btw I have discovered that if you tell people that you refuse to respond to emails and they have to use sane platforms for communication, they just stop emailing you. Highly recommended strategy. The people who are worth talking to will use something sensible, and everyone else can get fucked
The bit about me contacting his company, was that I sent an email through 'the lounges' contact us form. And got a invitation to have a fight within about 15 minutes. So he's monitoring that, to prevent any complaints reaching his managers...
10:29 PM
He might be an actual murderer tho
You never know
Maybe you will wake up dead one day
That's why going the police route, rather than more lolz worthy stuff.
@Danack shouldn't be too hard to find people at his company on linkedin
@DaveRandom You mean I'm going to die? Why did no-one tell me? This changes everything.
I mean maybe you won't, most of the pics I have ever seen of you look pretty satanic
@FlorianMargaine I think the police route is more appropriate, and more likely to work permanently. btw thanks for pinging that person.
10:32 PM
@SkylarP use a system, user or file DSN (assuming you're on Windows; on other systems there should be similar alternatives)
@DaveRandom Not sure if you saw, but one of the people on my floor got carted off in an ambulance two days ago (been drinking himself to death, and looks like winning). The other person on my floor has covid, and I passed them in the corridor when they were heading out to get their covid test, when they weren't wearing a mask...
sense of doom intensifies
@DaveRandom but how could one live without odbc_result_all :p
@Danack ...kill everyone in the whole world?
@cmb omg how have I never experienced this delicacy before??
10:54 PM
He keeps going and going and going
More fuel to the fire, eh
Making sure any bridges are burnt to a crisp
@Danack holy, seen the mails that just ticked in?
@Kalle Don't respond, it's senseless. Any response, no matter how reasonable, will just give him an excuse to write again.
Aye, I'm not but it was an impressive show
So little to trigger so hard, I mean even when I was a teenager it wasn't that bad even though I was an asshole
How is he still not blocked from the mailing list anyway? I thought we blocked all of the @ rhsoft.net addresses.
He is blocked, but new account and then just replies to individuals and then they reply-all back to the list, that is how we know
Every few months we need to add new ones to the ML blacklist and same for the bug tracker
11:08 PM
@IluTov he also uses gmail addresses sometimes.
> that last message saves me having to trawl through all of the messages he's sent
> Die hier angeführten Kommentare geben nicht die Meinung des Webmasters wieder und im Sinne einer freien Meinungsäußerung wird darum gebeten Anfeindungen sowie Beleidigungen zu unterlassen.
Funny that this disclaimer is in the comment section of his website :D
lol how ironic (been a long time since I spoke german but I got the gist of it)
> The comments made here do not reflect the opinion of the webmaster, and in the spirit of free speech, we ask that you refrain from hostility and insults.
Here's the Deepl translation, for those who don't speak German ^^
@IluTov funny thing is that his website makes LC's website look modern
You take that back!
11:30 PM
@Danack The downside of valueOrDefault (in the context of enums) is that we don't have a clean way to express the return type. Usually it'd be valueOrDefault<T>(T $default): int|T (e.g. for an int enum) but since we don't have generics we'd have to resort to mixed.
valueOrNull was also proposed, which would work nicely with ??. It's a little lengthier but also extremely clear and explicit.
The clumsy language there I dislike. It feels very AbstractSingletonFactoryBeanFactory.
"have to resort to mixed." for now.
We can't easily change it later.
It could also be documented as to what it returns depending on what is passed in. To be upgraded to proper generic at a later date?
Also, I don't know that we could use an enum type to define the enum type.
11:35 PM
@Danack True, but I also honestly dislike orDefault in general, given that ?? does pretty much exactly that in a more expressive way.
Anyway, I don't feel strongly about it. Whatever option makes the most people happy is fine by me :)
I'm off to bed, good night everyone!
> who do you think you are? the police?
Well, actually...
Part of me wonders if we should just do from(): ?self, and then use from() ?? throw new YouFail();
I don't like nulls, but...
I wonder what Rust does here.
Ah, Rust does the same as Swift; it returns an Optional monad.

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