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12:15 AM
Hey guys, need to ask a question about a search form but it would be more easy if I could show the code. What websites some of you use when you want to show code to others?
@DGF gist.github.com for stuff where the output isn't needed. 3v4l.org where the code should be run.
@Danack Thank you!
So, I did this search form based on some video I watched. But changed a few things. The code should filter the results but nothing happens. If anyone could take a look: gist.github.com/HeadOnFire-sudo/…
This is the blog where I watched the video and it has the source code from video: 1bestcsharp.blogspot.com/2015/10/…
I believe it has something to do with the fact I'm doing other query up there to only show users with id > 1
12:35 AM
@DGF gist.github.com/HeadOnFire-sudo/… do you mean to use a single if conditional, with an or (||) statement?
Argh, my edit didn't go through
After reading the comment above it, the second if statement is probably unnecessary
Which one? This: ` if ($_SESSION['role'] == 'user') `? Probably, I still have to do some changes... But what it's giving me problems is the search
Have you tried adding tick marks to columns in your select statement?
tick marks?
@DGF holy bad code, Batman. No prepared statements D:
@DGF ` `
Called "grave" symbol by some software that utilizes key bindings
I want to make prepared statements to make it secure (Even tho it's for school), but first I want to make this work ahah
Hm, he had `` there but I though that what he wanted to place was this ' '
12:46 AM
No, databases are picky
didn't know this ``was used
will try that, thanks
I'm more upset that someone blogged and recorded a video, pretending to be an authoritative voice but suggesting terrible and insecure code
Authoritative voice, nice one... ahah
Well, it didn't work. Should I make copy paste the while part? I made some changes there also
*Should I copy paste
1:08 AM
Yup that was it, it works now. Can someone explain me or show me some references on what's the difference between my take on it and the original code? It looks so similar
feelsbad being the noob of the chat ahah
1 hour later…
2:31 AM
@Danack I remember that image :D
2:47 AM
2 hours later…
4:34 AM
or something else entirely?
assume that the keys and values in $items and whatever do_a_thing() does I cannot change, only $limitValues and the way how I call do_a_thing() passing $key and $value into it
@Tiffany why not array_filter() with the both arg mode? php.net/manual/en/function.array-filter.php
Otherwise I'd say 2, you technically don't even need the break
4:50 AM
also maybe use in_array
@Girgias how would it limit which key/values are passed to do_a_thing()?
Oh, maybe array_filter combined with in_array?
Well the point of the filter is to limit the keys, and then you just work with a foreach
This would also allow you to add/remove entries in the callback function
But either way any approach does the job :')
My brain kind of locks up in understanding something when it sees the word "callback" that I'm trying to overcome 😬
Can you offer a simple example?
@Girgias coworker will tell me something along the lines of "told you so" lol
5:08 AM
@Tiffany So have a constant array with valid keys and your your filter function would be: return in_array(VALID_KEYS, $key)
Or the other way round don't remember the param order
feature request - List data types ・ *Programming Data Structures ・ #80620
@Girgias not sure I want to write a filter function for a one-off thing, that's why I did $limitValues. There's a slim possibility it could be reused and justify putting into a function but I'd have to confirm that.
Or I guess using a function instead of an array is more versatile?
@Tiffany TBH, using filter/reduce and co is a very functional way of thinnking
Well ngl, it feels like you're initial array input should already be an object lol
The first array is set somewhere else that I can't change, for now...
Obviously, refactoring one step at a time
I mean what do your coworkers think? As the filter function might indeed be useful somewhere else
5:19 AM
Not sure, I'll have to ask tomorrow. I was writing a new method, reusing or rewriting portions from another method and trying to figure out the best way to do stuff, either the way it had been done before or a different way. While also accounting for outside things that have changed.
I try to avoid using switch statements as much as possible but I will admit there are times that switch is probably the best. I was trying to determine if this was one of them (original code used a switch)
5:47 AM
use in_array, it's the least dodgy solution
and you are overthinking :B
keep in mind there are better solutions, but i wouldn't call them readable
6:34 AM
Good morning.
6:51 AM
Good morning coders!
Huh, @NikiC is this behaviour expected: 3v4l.org/oTLmD ?
7:36 AM
Random question: is there a term for someone who self-taught, who is good at the bits they know about, but are just unaware of quite a few things that taught programmers would know about? Like say, someone who has five years of programming that has never encountered the phrase ‘dependency injection’.
@Danack I think the term is "one of us"
posted on January 13, 2021

8:14 AM
@Danack Impostor - Dunning-Kruger combo.
8:39 AM
@Girgias huh ^^
I guess "yes" because the method now has a : string type
Which means implicit coercion in weak mode
Yeah I thought this was the reason for it, I'm just going through the docs of the OOP section and the toString docs where talking about E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR so i wanted to check that behaviour, got very surprised with the results lol
9:40 AM
Wait... marking a magic method as non public is just a warning?
Ah, it's because it didn't emit anything before, amazing
9:55 AM
Support "user opcode override whitelist" ・ JIT ・ #80621
@NikiC btw do you have plans to deprecate __sleep() and __wakeup() ?
10:18 AM
Hey guys, does someone knows how to add % in prepared statements? Having a problem adding the %
$query = "SELECT * FROM users` WHERE CONCAT(id_users, username, email, gender, role) LIKE ?";`
10:31 AM
A: pdo prepared statements with wildcards

SumoanandIt can work with bind param too in following way: $name = "%$name%"; $query = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM `gc_users` WHERE `name` like :name"); $query->bindParam(':name', $name); $query->execute();

@Girgias nope
@NikiC So was the point of __serialize() and __unserialize() just to be able to deprecate the interface?
@Girgias yeah
I mean we could also kill __sleep and __wakeup, it just isn't particularly important
Is there any advantage of using them over __serialize()/__unserialize() ?
@Girgias Maybe a bit simpler code in some cases? Like if you mostly want to match your object structure, and only make a minor adjustment on wakeup?
But longer term I agree it makes sense to drop them, just to have a single mechanism...
10:47 AM
Should I escape to global ns the assert() in ns context use or not?
@brzuchal doesn't matter
(for performance that is)
assert is special-cased so that zend.assertions works even if not fully qualified
@NikiC I see, thank you
@NikiC Wait, what are the differences again? Might want to flesh the docs as I just read them and the example for sleep/wakeup is to restore a DB connexion (which is a bit whack)
Regarding the serialization, did ever anyone considered adding transient keyword to props or a built in attr #[Transient] which ignores default serialization of props?
Not that I can recall, no
10:55 AM
Ok, maybe it's only mee seeing some potential in it then
I mean, what would it do?
@IluTov thanks!
@Girgias it'll tell the default __serialize() to skip properties marked as transient without a need to implement the magic method.
I mean, seems to make sense
I'm really not the expert on that topic tho, I never serialize objects as I don't write production code lol
@brzuchal So, opt-out per property or per-class for all properties (and then opt-in per property)?
11:03 AM
I imagine it would be opt-out per property as serialization is something which is enabled by default
@IluTov ^^ opt-out
Same in Java - transient is a Java keyword which marks a member variable not to be serialized when it is persisted to streams of bytes. When an object is transferred through the network, the object needs to be 'serialized'. Serialization converts the object state to serial bytes. Those bytes are sent over the network and the object is recreated from those bytes. Member variables marked by the java transient keyword are not transferred; they are lost intentionally.
We send over the wire serialized objects onto a queue using Symfony Messenger although hadn't a need to ignore any props yet
By design they should be stupid commands most of the time, but you never know
11:18 AM
@cmb indeed there is a lot of old stuff lingering around in the manual D:
I wasn't even aware of that servers appendix. :(
Yeah that's a surprise
There is also a install/windows/legacy folder :|
gluten morgen
Second morning @Wes?
this one is caffeinated
11:50 AM
The best morning
@Wes is that German?
gluten free german
12:23 PM
@IluTov Just a pondering, but if Nikita does add object array keys, enums would likely benefit from some kind of global function that takes an array that might have object keys, and returns an array with the scalar equivalent key (or throws if one isn't defined)
12:33 PM
@Girgias yeah, I know about that; that was a most unfortunate change ~5yrs ago, where the existing docs just have been moved to legacy, and new low quality docs have been added. :(
That sucks :(
@MarkR I usually use Functional::reindex for modifying keys. Unfortunately we don't have a built in map for keys. Something definitely worth considering. Semantics seem clear enough to me.
@MarkR As for a function that converts all enum keys to strings/ints, when would this be useful? JSON is one use-case I can think of, we've thought about automatically coercing enums in json_encode before, I don't think we've actually made a decision there.
12:53 PM
To give an example, I use a ton of UI components which are dropdown lists, populated from assoc arrays. If I moved them over to use enums I'd have to have a check at each place for if it was an object, call some method on it, or use the scalar value if it wasn't an object.

Would be messy. Could write a helper of course, but IMO it would make sense to ship the helper with it:

foreach (array_scalar_keys($whatever) as $k => $v) {
printf('<option value="%s">%s</option>, htmlspecialchars((string)$k), htmlspecialchars((string)$v))
@MarkR I think automatically implementing __toString() would solve this problem in a nicer way. But as mentioned in the ML that's also somewhat inconsistent...
Well the scalar equivalent isn't limited to string is it?
@MarkR But you're always coercing into a string in your example.
Sure, although I'd say that's not a requirement
@MarkR What other examples are there? If you're using the key in arithmetic expressions there's already an assumption the key will be an int or a numeric string.
1:02 PM
But tostring wouldn't be able to handle the int cases
Sorting by keys would be another one I'd think.
@MarkR But you can just do ->value :) We've argued the same for strings but given that lots of keys are handled as you suggested above __toString() might have a clear benefit.
If you do ->value you have to make every access of your keys object aware and suddenly everything includes ternaries
Personally I'd be inclined to add a (scalar) cast as the cleanest way of doing it, but it does bring about the case of the "equivalent" key existing multiple times in an array.
@MarkR Ok, I can see that. array_map_keys($array, fn ($e => $e->value)); would work fine.
array_map_keys($array, fn ($e => is_enum($e) ? $e->value : $e))
@MarkR But when are you ever mixing enums with other keys? That would even make you vulnerable to overriding other keys.
1:09 PM
I think that bit is fairly unlikely, but a mechanism for APIs to have an easy way of ensuring they have a scalar from an array key without needing to repeat the same bit of boilerplate every time they do it, would be a sensible addition.
Same problem with a native function, actually. What happens with array_coerce_enum_keys([0 => 'foo', Foo::Bar => 'bar']) where Foo::Bar has the primitive value 0?
This would be something to be decided by the function, either that or a flag, or two functions.. three behaviours in fact.... Replace / Ignore / Throw
I have to go now, I'll think about it some more :)
1:36 PM
Optional argument brackets ・ Documentation problem ・ #80622
2:00 PM
there is always someone that complains against even the most natural and requested change
Happy new year to those in other timezones and calendars!
Does anyone know by chance if gettext caches the .mo language files by path, real path, or filename? I couldn't figure it out based on the glibc code yet
2:16 PM
(maybe I found the relevant glibc code now, yay!)
People need to stop responding to Rene on the list. Given the abuse he thew at Michael he should be kicked, not answered.
People need to stop replying to off-topic messages
@Crell What abuse are you talking about?
The rude comment he posted back onto the list wasn't from Rene
Although I agree this has nothing to do with the internals of PHP :|
See Michael's second message, that opens "I didn't say best practice". He has quoted at the bottom what I presume was a direct reply that Rene sent him.
...Oh. And I have to apologize to Rene, because I misread. It was someone ELSE that apparently responded to Michael off-list, now that I read it again.
My misreading.
2:33 PM
@Crell Well yes that is what I was talking about, it wasn't him x)
And rhsoft is technically banned, he's evading it all the time
Oh, it' that rh?
Pretty sure it is
2:48 PM
yes, it's him
@Stephen Yeah, but that isn't very specific.
Okay, so regarding RH. Does anyone know someone in Vienna preferably, or Austria in general who owes them a big favour? I tried to make a police complaint before, and they said it couldn't be done online, and to make a complaint to my local police.
The police in the UK said the complaint has to be made in the place where the events occurred, so that the police local to that area could investigate.
I'm trying the contact I have again, but it might make life a lot easier if someone could walk into a police station in Austria.
3:10 PM
@Danack I'm from Austria. Not Vienna though
@GNi33 could you drop me an email at danack at basereality com please? Probably best to discuss the exact details offline, but the general thing is that a particular person has been abusive to many people involved with PHP. Although he's banned from the list, he sends emails directly to people, and also spams bugs.php.net using fake email addresses.
My understanding is that rises to a criminal behaviour in Austria, just need the police there to take it as an official complaint.
@Danack okay, I'll send you an email
@Trowski I'm ready for you :-) (after a loo break)
3:34 PM
Started reading this and my mind went already "Marco is not gonna like this"...
And of course I was not surprised by his reaction.
3:48 PM
> If your production code can cause outages based on E_DEPRECATED notices,
then that's a bug in your code.
This is definitely true, IMO. If you can't emit new deprecation notices then there is literally no acceptable code-based way to tell people when things they use are deprecated.
4:02 PM
@LeviMorrison that's not how I read what he said
How did you read it?
how I read it is "going straight to runtime behavior changes is a big risk, so definitely do deprecation first"
> If you have vague plans, perhaps introducing #[Deprecated] first, then
proposing a separate RFC for the runtime behavior?

For me, runtime behavior is:
and earlier:
> I'd be totally for a built-in #[Deprecated] attribute if it did NOT
have a runtime behavior, which is an absolute no-go from my PoV.
@ircmaxell Hey
/me waves :D
Haven't seen you around in a while :)
Everything good?
4:07 PM
Doing well. Crazy busy with work and everything, so been doing little more than lurking here every now and then :).
how about you?
hello hello
@ircmaxell Everything good here as well :)
I don't think I said it before, but congrats on 8 as well!
I finally got around to work on an old project of ours :P
Been writing some content for the PHP internals book
4:11 PM
Oh yeah? That's awesome. I noticed some PRs and such come across.
Heh, PRs... yes, I guess I should look at those as well :D
@ircmaxell By the way, there seems to be some kind of issue in the DNS setup described in github.com/phpinternalsbook/PHP-Internals-Book/issues/99, if that's something you can adjust
@ircmaxell I think the last time we talked was at phpkonf a year and a half (?) ago. Do you still work at the same place?
@NikiC I followed instructions, but it doesn't appear to be working. Made another change and will let DNS propagate and then see what happens
@NikiC Nope, I'm at Facebook now :)
@ircmaxell whaaaat
Which team?
Yeah, joined July 2019 :)
I support the Mobile GraphQL Client team. We build a C++ data layer that powers iOS and Android :)
4:28 PM
You're working for the devil now?
Okay, I know that GraphQL is a thing, but never looked closer at it
@Crell They have cookies. Tracking cookies :P
@Crell I can say hands down best company I have ever worked for (at least my organization). Not going to comment on what the broader company does or anything there.
@NikiC We do some interesting things with it on the client. For example, let's say 2 different parts of the app request the same data. We're able to denormalize it, store it once, and use later updates to update all references to the same data (if there are 2 copies of the same post in different areas of the app, if you interact with one, it'll reflect in all of them instantly)
Think I am going to skip the gym today and just get some sushi.
Yes you should
4:53 PM
Gyms aren't open here :-(
@StatikStasis Gym? I barely know what that is anymore. I've lost 10 kilos of weight since last year, but not in a good way.
@Derick Didn't you just make a super corona?
Oh, that's not last year anymore I guess ^^
@PeeHaa No. They just discovered it here because nobody else does lots of this kind of research and sequencing of viral DNA.
5:15 PM
Super corona sounds like a really bad vodka.
5:26 PM
Pretty sure the super corona came from the US. We supersize everything here.
@Derick I apologize if there were a lot of so's and uhm's in that podcast :-P I'm a bit rusty at public speaking.
@PeeHaa I got a burger instead. =P
@IluTov Got to take care of yourself.
@StatikStasis Well, I even wanted to build a home gym and rent a space but there's nothing available in the area.
@StatikStasis Good on you!
@IluTov I cannot work out at home- I will have other things on my mind. Need the environment of the gym to focus on working out. I have had gym equipment at home a couple of times... usually turns into a clothes rack.
@StatikStasis Yeah same. I'd usually go workout whenever I got sick of working (the gym is right next to it) and needed a break. Now working from home I have 0 motivation to do anything and even less without equipment. I can do push ups, that's it. But the rep ranges are simply not practical.
5:40 PM
@IluTov have you looked at 'door resistance bands'? Assuming the doors in your place are reasonably strong?
@IluTov Welcome to my world, but that's the case since 3 years :|
5:53 PM
6:22 PM
@Trowski No worries, I'll edit these and my bumblings out.
6:47 PM
@Tpojka I am in this photo and I don't like it.
@Derick do you use a plugin or workflow for editing your podcasts to reduce the amount of work for switching between your audio, and the remotely recorded audio?
7:11 PM
@Derick Unfortunate. Sacrificing health for the sake of health is not the best trade-off, IMO. Sacrifice restaurants, entertainment, etc, but physical recreation still needs to be open with reasonable restrictions, IMO.
7:55 PM
We're not sacrificing health for personal health, we're sacrificing it to stop the total collapse of our entire health system.
8:12 PM
@Danack I should've probably emphasized that it's mostly mental. I have resistance bands, I would probably get a decent workout in. But in my mind, it's usually "all or nothing" so unless I can go to the gym and go all-out it doesn't feel worth it to me, although I know that's factually not true.
8:33 PM
@Girgias I've been my heaviest at 81 kilos around one year ago with tons of force feeding. Not training and eating intuitively is what made me lose the 10 kilos. Sounds nice but force feeding sucks. I don't remember the last time I was truly hungry.
@IluTov I'm barely 60kg
which ain't great
@Girgias I feel ya, I was the same a couple of years ago.
at 183cm.
Not as bad as "only" 175cm
But yeah need to get back doing some kind of exercise
Fucks sakes. I'm 102 and liable to die of a heart attack before I reach 40
I am 115 kg, if that helps anybody :D
8:48 PM
@GabrielCaruso Good session! high-5
I did manage to drop to around 94 earlier this year which I was pretty happy about, but I comfort eat a lot to deal with depression and isolation and packed it back on within a couple of months of that. Really sucks
Thanks Covid lockdowns :|
And I am just 22 yrs old, fuck.
@MarkR I am sure it will get better for you, just don't lose hope. :)
9:09 PM
@mega6382 This photo looks like each of us. Especially in the Winter.
lol, totally
9:29 PM
@MarkR @mega6382 I'm sure you both can do it. The first weeks are the hardest. Once you've developed enough habits most things are completely automatic and you can stop thinking about it so much and focus on other things. I think health should be a priority for everyone, not just because your life will be longer but also better. Once you're into the whole fitness thing it can actually be quite enjoyable.
Thanks for the motivating words :) I have lost 5 kg over the last couple of months, my weight is actually lower now than it has been in the last couple of years. So, I am trying, albeit slowly but surely.
@MarkR tbf you look good for 102
or is that a really old pic? is that why it's monochrome?
It's from 5 or 6 years ago, I just happen to like it
@mega6382 That's great! Slow and steady wins the race. Just keep going :)
9:39 PM
I now have extremely lop sided hair imgur.com/JoAnMLS
You still look pretty good :p
@MarkR man you really shouldn't stand that close to the edge of the platform you know
@MarkR On the flip side, I'm now completely bald (alopecia areata, not male pattern hair loss). 🤷🏻‍♂️
kinda obsessed with this atm youtube.com/watch?v=RT39bmZ-vaw /cc @Danack
about 20 hours since I last listened to it...
9:46 PM
My recent obsession is Codemiko. That girl has serious talent and is years ahead of her time... although I did have a Steps + S CLub 7 binge earlier today
@IluTov I think that being fully bald is better than male pattern baldness, or having weird patches etc.
@mega6382 Not when your eyebrows are gone too 😜 Although I still have 1 1/2 😄
It makes me look much older than I am though, I had significant regrowth a year ago and regained a fair bit of my hair line. The shaving is annoying but I still enjoyed it more.
@IluTov That more makes it sound like someone got you with an electric shaver while you were asleep :P
@Danack lol :-P
Yeah, 1 1/2 just doesn't sound so natural :D
9:52 PM
maybe he really stood too close to the edge?
@MarkR It falls out gradually, maybe somebody is plucking out more and more eyebrows every night :D
Has Trump just been impeached? I have just received apple news notification for it.
Yes he was
Depressingly, only 10 of the republicans voted for it. Makes you wonder what more they needed, maybe a nuclear strike on their own houses.
I have heard that many have received dead threats, so that might be why...
The US is now in the thrall of racist bullies. Again.
10:12 PM
don't the dems now have enough control to do it on their own anyway?
or rather, enough votes
I mean if the whip were a literal whip making everyone show up and not be a dick
Yeah, the outcome was not in question. Still... it makes you wonder about the level of fanaticism present to vote against considering what happened.
not sure tbh, if I was receiving death threats and knew it was going to happen anyway I'd probably take the obvious easy option
and I refuse to believe there are that many arsehole Rs congress
there are a good few premium bellends, but there are still some real politicians left as well
@DaveRandom in the house yes, in the senate nope.
the senate is now 50/50 isn't it?
Yeah, needs a 2/3rds majority though . Although the republican leader has indicated he would support impeachment (purely for political interest, the senate wants Trump gone)
10:19 PM
oh sure, sorry I didn't mean they have enough control to be judge/jury/executioner (and nor should they)
just in the house
A simple majority will bar him from ever holding office again though, even if they can't secure a conviction.
the guy is a thousand and clearly unhealthy, he'll be dead in 5 years no matter what happens
without conviction it's a failure
He'll spend the rest of his life in court either way, even if he tries to pardon himself (which seems unlikely to survive a supreme court challenge, but maybe) he'll be dragged into state court for as long as he lives.
there definitely needs to be a law that there cannot be any presidential pardons issued between the election and inauguration, how is that not a thing
Full power of the president up till inauguration really. If it wasn't the case he'd had tried it the day before.
10:23 PM
yeh but the point of "between the election and inauguration" is that if you do it the day before you lose votes
Speaking of things that should be crimes, whoever wrote the weather handling code for Earth has some serious questions to answer about why it seems to be hardcoded to rain on the night before bin day.
there are zero circumstances under which delaying the formal issuing of a presidential pardon for 2 months would cause a major problem
not being able to issue a pardon does not prevent you from releasing a prisoner, for example
like it seems so blatantly obvious to me that I am surprised to learn it isn't a thing that was done in the 1700s
(and I am not given to such levels of incredulity)
@MarkR I thought that impeachment is unpardonable
@beberlei Do you use Discord?
@Crell no why?
10:29 PM
@mega6382 he's talking about all the recent pardons that Trump did over the past 2 months.
The 'perform crimes that benefit me, and I'll pardon you' ones, in particular.
@FlorianMargaine oh, I thought maybe it was about him pardoning himself
$asshole_emails = [
    'rtrtrtrtrt  dfdfdfdf  dfd',
    'spam2  rhsoft  net',
    'php-bugs  lists  php  net',
    'phpbugreports  gmail  com',
did I miss any?
wildcards would be better on the first two
(I suspect)
is that first one real??
surely dfd is not a real tld
10:42 PM
it's not, but we don't have domain validation (i presume).
need to fix that
that's not hard in this day and age
imo, the 'abusing people on discuss stuff on internals' is probably the more urgent problem.
so the blocking the first one is almost pointless, if someone wants to wreak havoc and we don't do domain validation then they will obviously just use another fake address and it will go on forever
same for all of them, in a sense
I don't have anything to add to a blacklist, but a blacklist is pissing into a hurricane
@DaveRandom :O To the PC jail with you!
Nov 18 '16 at 11:55, by DaveRandom
Although I'm all in favour of abandoning email as a concept tomorrow and replacing it with something designed this millenium that is fit for purpose
Mar 11 '20 at 16:43, by DaveRandom
I've said it before and I'll say it again, email is not fit for purpose and has not been so since the 1990s
May 5 '20 at 0:05, by DaveRandom
seriously, I am constantly amazed by the fact that email is still a thing, it hasn't been fit for purpose since the mid 90s, maybe earlier
fuck mailing lists.
10:49 PM
@DaveRandom Replace it with facebook
@MarkR I've been in the PC jail since the first time I touched Windows.
A very cushy jail
@PeeHaa replace it with a lot of different things, and yes facebook is one of them
whatsapp/signal/imessage/whatever is one of them
fucking dropbox is one them
people abuse email for so many things it is absolutely insane
mailing lists, in fact
10:51 PM
Moderated forum would be my first pick honestly
there are sooooooooo many alternative and much better ways to discuss things publicly on the internet
Of a replacement
@PeeHaa 100%
I mean ffs that was basically all PHP was used for in the early 2000s, making forums
@DaveRandom @MarkR ugh should have made some sort of joke about "breaking Windows", can't pull it together
10:56 PM
@DaveRandom Well I was more feigning outrage at blacklist :P
anyone else get briefly caught off guard by the ping when they reply to themselves? :-P
....never been able to reply to myself.
@MarkR yeh, I feel like we both could have done better there tbh. There's alway next time. gg
put :<message-id> at the start of the messge
get the message ID from the permalink
@Danack You need to work on your disassociation then.
far too much effort.
same reply for both.
10:58 PM
actually lol'd
genuinely gg
@MarkR ^ you get that tho
He likes to use same email to make sure he gets 'credit' for his 'help'.
@Danack I wonder if that will remain the case when you start doing something about it... but I will certainly concede it's the simplest option
I worry it will not be adequate, but I am regularly wrong about things
@PeeHaa omg idk how I did not see this at the time, lol :-P
It's like he genuinely thinks that being abusive in his response is somehow helpful to the other person
11:09 PM
I thought it helpful to abuse people in responses you idiot?
that kind of thing
actually maybe I won't leave that there
btw @Tiffany did you resolve your array filter/map thing?
@Tiffany yes.
@DaveRandom yes
I opened the PR today, finally, but product manager came back with a change request, so I'm in the process of figuring that out...
I really feel like you could job with buggering about with collections in a language where they don't suck
C# obviously will be what I recommend
stuff like this makes a lot more sense when your collections are object-oriented and more specialised
it all works fine in PHP, but it's harder to conceptualise
"could job" lol, that should have been "could do"
11:26 PM
Working with Typescript collections + generics brings me such joy... there's only one problem, whenever I switch back to PHP my productivity drops by around 80% because I keep on forgetting to write 'function' and trying to use () => syntax
^ oh yes, use Typescript
I mean in general, but also as a playground for collections and generics and customisation and inheritance
though C# generics are a lot less leaky than typescript in terms of variance
the only thing that bugs me about it is the lack of difference between int and float, a problem with the underlying runtime
use typescript to bash out code that reads nicely and works properly. use C# to craft code that reads poetically and works debatably
@MarkR my understanding is that (in most JS engines) integer operations are magically translated to integers
actually didn't niki write about it once?
nikic.github.io/2012/02/02/… this but there is another post by someone else I read around the same time more in depth
It doesn't effect me a great deal day to day, after working with PHP though it's just odd... although not as odd as floor() returning a float.

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