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5:21 AM
Whyyyy is it 25% cheaper to literally buy an entire PC with Windows 10 preinstalled than it is to just buy Windows 10
That OS isn't transferable though; it will be an OEM that's locked.
Not saying that's morally right; just pointing out it isn't the same Windows 10 that you buy in the store.
I'm just wanting to be able to slap it on a VM... the machine the VM now runs on had a retail Windows 10 on but it wont detect it when running inside the VM, so rather than paying £200 for the licence I could pick up an old T1700 Xeon for £140 which comes with a 10 pro OEM
I bought a used license for my inlaws on lizengo.de
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
@MarkR microsoft used to give us licenses
ask pierre or anatol about it, it may still be possible ...
@cmb you know if that's still possible maybe ?
I can't find access too it now, but I used to have a free msdn subscription that included licenses for all kinds of things ...
7:41 AM
I used to have a free MSDN subscription but that stopped working for me a while ago. And since I have done anything Windows-specific in a long time I did not bother to ask MS about it.
@IluTov It's okay to just squash everything
@JoeWatkins I don't think so. Pierre asked for renewal of his subsciption, but that was rejected.
8:07 AM
@JoeWatkins Microsoft cutting their support is what I'm trying to fix. At least so far as the processing horses goes.
Having spent 2 hours trying to work out MS software assurance licencing, I can only assume that MS doesn't actually want anyone to licence their software.
@NikiC Done. Once again, thank you so much Nikita! Couldn't have done any of my RFCs without you.
Did you have a chance to enquire about where I might place the snapshots @cmb ?
@MarkR please see chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/11?m=49999923#49999923. I still would prefer to wait for while with rolling snapshot builds.
Sure thing, sorry I must have missed that earlier message.
8:23 AM
I think this is probably the ultimate Laravel tweet.
It's got everything: Static methods. People getting angry about the number of characters they have to type...
8:53 AM
If anything, these kind of tweets teach me to ignore tweets starting with a fire emoji :D
@NikiC Any clue with this is about:
/home/derick/dev/php/derickr-vld/srm_oparray.c: In function ‘vld_dump_zval’:
/home/derick/dev/php/derickr-vld/srm_oparray.c:459:3: error: duplicate case value
  459 |   case IS_INDIRECT:       return vld_dump_zval_indirect (val.value);
      |   ^~~~
/home/derick/dev/php/derickr-vld/srm_oparray.c:458:3: note: previously used here
  458 |   case IS_CALLABLE:       return vld_dump_zval_callable (val.value);
      |   ^~~~
make: *** [Makefile:213: srm_oparray.lo] Error 1
Only happens with master/PHP 8
well, both have the same value, but are used in different contexts so they never actually clash
I wonder why my code had this...
it's clearly nonsense
It's "callable" that makes no sense for "val.u1.v.type", right?
I don't think this one makes sense either:
    case IS_CONSTANT_AST:   return vld_dump_zval_constant_ast (val.value);
9:02 AM
this one makes sense
as zval type? I haven't seen that anywhere else though?
@Derick you'll encounter it when writing const FOO = BAR + 1;
let me test that :-D
I recommend doing it in a class, like class A { const FOO = BAR + 1; } const BAR = 2; var_dump(A::FOO);
sure, but it doesn't show up in opcodes, though?
9:05 AM
ah, yeah, it doesn't
just attached to the constants zval
(if you mean IS_CONST oparray inline zvals)
ah, it does
const FOO = 1; const BAR = 2 + FOO; var_dump(BAR);
line     #* E I O op                           fetch          ext  return  operands
    1     0  E >   DECLARE_CONST                                            'FOO', 1
          1        DECLARE_CONST                                            'BAR', <const ast>
Okay then I misremembered :-)
(I wrote that code… but it's been a loooong time)
9:44 AM
@cmb :o
me either
Are there legit use-cases for declare(ticks=1), besides messing with one's brain?
@Ocramius no
Lemme rephrase: did anyone see a library using this for good, and not for evil?
@NikiC ty, I'm gonna ask the usual offenders for more insights before drawing conclusions :D
@Ocramius Laravel?
9:50 AM
Does it rely on it somewhere?
Laravel is generally good at making simple problems hard, not hard problems simple
I don't know, just asking as you said "usual offender"
I've never touched Laravel
Nor Symfony TBH
@Ocramius good intent, not good result. Pretty sure people used to use it for signal handling, but that is not a good way of doing it.
@Ocramius poor mans debugger to watch variable mutations over the course of an execution … apart from that? no.
Also, github.com/Danack/MemTrigger was not evil intent. But not the right thing to do, probably.
How should I create the first admin user for my webapp? Enter into DB directly?
10:02 AM
or control flow tracing
@bugwheels94 either that, or better write a command line script that can be run on the server by a sysadmin.
@Danack Makes sense. Thanks.
So now named args are locked in, do we need to do a once-over the stub files and make sure everything has the names we want them to have?
Probably :-) They should also be consistent when possible. ie "$string" everywhere and not $str in one place and $string in another.
@Derick Aye that's what I was thinking of looking through basic_functions.stub
10:14 AM
github.com/struggle-for-php/… love this - really wish it was usable with type assertions
I wonder how many years it will be before someone tries to move those kind of comments into attributes.
@MarkR putting together a note of the preferred spelling of standard variable names would be good. Except for writeable....which is going to be a shitshow.
@Danack INI setting for "proper spelling" which includes 'u' where appropriate.
@MarkR not years, IMO - I think it will be a "first come, first done" scenario
good hope for a PSR-5 fork that uses those: problem is keeping compatible with current tooling, which will have to catch up
If it were done at engine level for some strange reason, the biggest issue I see is the most common ones, string, int etc would need to be encapsed in quotes, lest we added something to get a typename
#[type(int)] $x = 1234;
I think it's unlikely though, probably more likely we'll get type support built directly into the language.
10:25 AM
@MarkR it would be OK to move it to a library at first though: easier to refer to it, easier to version and to adjust. Since we can then have it in the AST, manipulating/upgrading becomes easier than the current annotations stuff
I'll have a look at the date/time ones
function checkdate(int $month, int $day, int $year): bool {}
That prototype is offensive.
depreciate it. add checkdate_real(int $year, int $month, int $day);
@Derick ugh
One day I will remember its deprecated and not depreciated. But today is not that day.
Everyone knows that dates only exist in the US, and only west coast.
10:39 AM
@NikiC Should I just commit the .stub file, or the generated file too
@Derick both
configure didn't regenerate it, would I need to do "make" ?
@Derick yes
And you'll have to run tests
Because it may change error messages
10:42 AM
Tests failed : 0 ( 0.0%) ( 0.0%)
that was in ext/date, 4 tests did fail due to the change
11:00 AM
Happy Friday
@salathe since stepping down as doc editor, does this mean no more crazy Rebecca redirects?
...from you, I mean
never say never…
Lol, you'll find a way, in other words
11:15 AM
@MarkR We've already started it. Although, I've only finished cleaning up in Zend: github.com/php/php-src/pull/5847 But one for ext/reflection is on its way too
@Derick I saw your commit! Nice :) However, I spotted some snake:case usages in the OO API. Would you consider to switch to camelCase instead since the method names also use this format?
At least, this is the rule of thumb that we "agreed" to follow with Nikita.
Also, I lamented a lot in the past whether "timezone" or "timeZone" is better a name. Finally, I used the latter in an earlier project of mine, since it seems to me that "time zone" is the correct spelling :)
It had a few snake cases in there already, so that's what I settled on.
no, it must be timezone.
I am not having a silly Z in there.
11:31 AM
Biggest question to me is
JSON is string Or Object?
@Derick IMO current param names doesn't matter too much, since they are generally not displayed anywhere outside the manual. PHP 8 is the first version where they will have more significance in the code (because of named params + error messages are now including them)
timezone is fine too :)
FYI: Nikita compiled a list of param names used in stubs with number of occurences: gist.github.com/nikic/b1223525b8bb0a1bef0f6b8a267318e9
master.php.net: Diese Website nutzt eine veraltete Sicherheitskonfiguration :'(
"safety configuration"?
@DaveRandom yeah, outdated https config
yeh I just google translated it, it made much more sense of it than my rudimentary German skills did :-P
11:39 AM
@DaveRandom (security configuration would be a better translation here)
yeh, idk why I didn't make that connection tbh
@MátéKocsis Thanks for making PHP 8.0 an even more huge pain in the butt for the documentation team (aka @cmb).
@salathe Tbh I prefer that then having shait param names
Probably will spend a bunch of times on docs again when FF is done and I can't add much to it
lol, okay.
@salathe "Wir schaffen das!" (doc-gen.php may be our friend)
11:53 AM
@salathe I've already offered my help (multiple times) with updating the docs.
Good morning, all.
I mean, I've told this multiple times before. That said, I want to start working on the documentation around when the last few RCs are released
Call me back when you're actually helping. Thanks.
I recently got a complaint from a coworker who looked at the prototype of str_replace() and intuitively mixed $search and $subject up, reasoning: $search - what I search in, $subject, the subject I want to find - except that it's completely wrong. Can we make that clearer?
I know I sound like a dick, but you've no idea how many people have promised to help yet look at the contributions.
12:01 PM
WOT! Another amendment!?
@salathe I've been spending nearly all my free time working on PHP since October, so so far it is not just a promise, but actual work done.
@NikiC did you consider using external names on your named parameters proposal, like Swift?
@salathe Sorry if I decide to prioritize stuff that can only be done in a major release compared to the docs which can be done any time, and not like I didn't do a bunch for the docs, sure maybe not the EN version but never the less.
@MátéKocsis I'll go over the names again and update them, and do the docs too.
@Derick Cool :)
12:04 PM
walk time first
Is there any central place to put suggestions for individual function parameter renames forward?
@Girgias Also, docs IMO should be updated too soon prior to the final release. People would be very-very surprised. :D
I don't think I'm supposed to just change it but I neither want to do a PR for every single suggestion
@bwoebi Maybe open an issue on php-tasks ?
@bwoebi No, not yet, but it would be very much appreciated. Maybe you could create a task?
Exactly, what George said :)
12:08 PM
@MátéKocsis how shall that be structured? just make a comment for each suggestion on a function which can be voted on?
@bwoebi Dunno exactly. :) But I'd probably compile a list with the suggestions together with some background info/reasoning if needed
I think a "meta" issue is maybe better
@Girgias so...?
I don't if it's super adequate but maybe as Maté said a todo list of functions, I know Maté can update the first message of an issue as he's been doing that on the resource -> object one.
This would put everything in one place instead of various issues
docgen needs to be updated wrt. union types and return types – any volunteers :)
12:12 PM
But dunno if it's the best solution :-/
@cmb I've never seen that code so who knows :p
@cmb Your tiny little hack is not appropriate?
Oh boi
@MátéKocsis you might not be considering how much work that creates ... it's fine to cleanup in Zend, although I'm not personally convinced of the value of changing words in error messages, php isn't a week old, these error messages have been around for like a decade, but whatever, if you're not also going to help with migration guides and doc updates then you're really just creating work for other people, and or making the manual - our most valuable asset - worse ...
5y ago
@cmb Ain't no git btw? Or does it need to be SVN due to the Doc tooling?
12:15 PM
it's still very useful for new doc pages; I've used it several times; it retrieves arguments via reflection, but doesn't seem to cater to return types at all (probably because we didn't have them for internal funcs), and of course, union types are pretty new.
@JoeWatkins Not like some of the current arguments names in the docs match the implementation, so work would need to be done anyways
could use github.com/php/doc-base as well
At that point, making it consistent seems a way better course of action IMHO
the people reading the docs and source code are not the same set of people, except for 10 people in this room ...
oh you mean in reflection ...
Yeah, but with named arguments they need to match
12:17 PM
@Girgias + not just names, but types + default values. Nothing matches now. But I know that you know :)
@JoeWatkins Mate did a lot more than just working on error messages :)
he just works a lot on error messages
I'm trying to flesh out the reasons for salathe not being so happy about this kind of change ... people do forget once they are done working on code that the job isn't over ...
ah, default values may be an issue for docs, due to changes from PHP 7
@cmb I think a lot is making stuff allow null when previously they were just overloaded functions
@JoeWatkins Obviously, I've also made less doc contributions as I'm more focuses on doing stuff which can only be done in PHP 8.0, I think that's one factor as to why doc contributions are lower than usual
12:20 PM
yes, but docs need to document PHP 7 and 8 (I think we can drop PHP 5 specifics soonish, like we did for PHP 4 stuff)
I've basically stopped looking at the French doc since uuuh April?
I thought the plan was to archive then drop 5 when we were going to start documenting PHP 8 for the most part
+ Currently, there's still 200 default values around that don't work well together with named parameters, even though we've already fixed 100ish of them
when 8 is generally available, it must be documented ... lots and lots of people say they are focusing on code first and will do migration and doc updates - myself included - and have never found the time ...
@JoeWatkins I've got the whole month of September to do just that :D
I'm not having a dig, any work is good work, I'm just saying this is an obvious annoyance for some people ...
yeah, so did I ...
12:22 PM
Well I have no other obligations, as Imperial only starts in October
@JoeWatkins All of these PHP 8 changes contributed significantly to my walking away from the project, not just resigning the editor position, actually walking away from PHP.
also, how much sense does it make to make in the region of hundreds of changes to code without touching any docs at all, possibly for several months ... really it would make more sense to prepare doc changes that match the code changes, maybe even the same person can review them and commit them at the right time ...
@marcio obviously
oh you're out @salathe ?
Also, and I don't normally share personal issues, this has directly caused illness: PHP docs and PHP 8 has literally broken me. So please forgive me if I'm a little short with promises, hopes and wishes.
@JoeWatkins At least for a while, for some measure of "out", yes.
12:31 PM
I hope you feel better anyway ... I also decided to do that which rewards me for a bit, I wouldn't say I walked away, but after a bad experience I had earlier this year with some open source work, I decided it best to concentrate on other things also ...
@JoeWatkins It's easier to decide on final naming in code first and then do a semi-automated docs update for everything
Because implementation and docs are separate repos, it's not really feasible to update both at the same time, and would cause a lot of friction as we decide on the details
@salathe As in: you dislike the changes, the dicussions being too stressful or it just getting too much work for you?
I should also mention that there has been explicit guidance not to document PHP 8 yet. I think that's a bad decision though, and we should allow PHP 8 changes now already.
@NikiC Agreed
I don't recall seeing any such guidance...?
12:36 PM
I'm not sure I see the problem, why can't the PR that changes code also tag and maintain a pr in the doc repo, and make changes to it as decisions influence code changes ?
@bwoebi Broadly, yes to all of those.
@Crell What I have in mind is github.com/php/doc-en/pull/50, maybe "guidance" is a bit of a strong word for an off the cuff decision in a PR :)
Yeah... unless we have an actual doc lead then that's not guidance, it's some dudes opinion. :-)
@Crell the leader is whoever has the reigns ... he has them ...
12:40 PM
So, am I understanding right that docs are now officially open for PHP 8 changes (with appropriate change logs etc)? ^^
Having lived through a decade of Drupal development, "whoever shouts loudest is in charge" is the absolute worst possible way to run anything ever invented.
no shouting involved, he does the actual work we are talking about ... many could, and don't ... just like niki does the zend stuff, so his words carry weight, christophs carry weight in docs ...
So what does "has the reigns" mean, and how is someone not already deeply involved supposed to know it?
If cmb is the actual docs lead, cool, good stuff, make sure that's listed somewhere so we peons know it. :-)
I'll make him a badge
@NikiC I'd wait until PHP 5 stuff is removed; otherwise docs may become a total mess.
12:47 PM
@cmb Oh, good point
Do we have any ETA on that?
@Crell no, I'm not the docs lead – just try to help with docs when I can.
(There's probably still plenty of 7.4 stuff to document, of course...)
Maybe we should just start on that now? Otherwise this is a chicken and egg problem
@NikiC I'm afraid nobody is working on that. Will check doc ML ...
@cmb I think we mainly need a decision that it's okay to do it.
yeah, I just found that one as well!
And yes, it's okay, but we need to snapshot PHP 5 docs (like we did for PHP 4).
Doesn't pdo_mysql support in/out parameters (PDO::PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT)?
no idea
12:52 PM
according to heap.space/… only pgsql and odbc would support those
1:03 PM
@NikiC Woah! Named args are a thing!
@MátéKocsis @Girgias github.com/php/php-tasks/issues/16 I did a start
@bwoebi good idea
Probably makes sense to develop some documented guidelines...
1:22 PM
@bwoebi Nice!
@MátéKocsis as for param names, i checked dom extension because it has large API surface, and the names all look good to me, no generic or weird things in there.
1:56 PM
@beberlei Yes, it seems mostly fine. Just one thing: it might make sense to change $attr to $attribute in DOMElement::setAttributeNode(), even though the type is DOMAttr.
@NikiC yeah agree, but the primary guideline shall be consistency with existing naming
re: field names, we're not going to run into any issues in the long-run by having names like "object" and "string" are we?
@MarkR you mean w.r.t. keywords?
@bwoebi Yep
yep, we aren't.
2:05 PM
I have a huge list (100,000) of temporary, free, or spam email address domains. I want to check them to filter out the ones that aren't valid (eg. don't have dns or nameserver)
Does anyone have any idea what the most efficient way to do that would be?
Shove em all in a redis queue then start up 50 workers
That's how I occasionally re-check our likely-typo'd-email list at work.
That would work. Do you try to suggest something like "You put in gmial.com, did you mean gmail.com?"
Usually we just say that their email failed validation because the domain name could not be resolved. We've saved countless support tickets from catching it early before they start to complain that they're not getting registration messages etc
Ah okay that makes sense
I'm wondering if there's a way without using command line to do a regex search within this file without loading the file into memory
2:13 PM
The error has a short description, then the domain name in big font, then telling them to go back and fix it
@Alesana if the file is line based, you could process line by line (fgets())
@cmb Do you think that would be almost as fast as loading it into a variable as a string and doing a regex search?
100,000 entries is not a large number tbh
Okay cool
I've just been working on this report generation script and it kept using up all the memory so I'm trying to be wary of that lol
3:01 PM
am I correct in thinking that by having attributes in core, it makes libraries like Doctrine more powerful because it allows these libraries to free up parsing code? I feel like I'm missing something else...
@Tiffany It's rather that we have a properly typed API which is asserted by the language itself instead of a free-form format just held together by convention
that manual doc-comment parsing is unnecessary is just a welcome side-effect
@Tiffany I'd say doctrine's annotations parser is, over time, likely lose market share, as it were, because it's now effectively core
Personally as soon as 8.0 lands i'm planning on moving 95% of my annotations off of docblock parsed by doctrine, and over to attributes, and modifying my custom container framework to use parameter-level attributes for mapping specialities
3:34 PM
I know I said this during the 7.2 release cycle, but I'mma say it again. I want to propose increasing the vote threshold for RFCs brought to vote less than 2 months prior to feature freeze.
6-8 weeks before FF: 80%
4-6 weeks before FF: 85%
2-4 weeks before FF: 90%
0-2 weeks before FF: 95%

Get you stuff sorted earlier, or be awesome.
Wouldnt that effectively make the 'normal' RFC period something like 5 months?
No, it'd make it 10 months.
The period between feature freeze and GA isn't a "no RFCs" window.
And in fact. Any vote could STILL allow passing at 75%, but if it passes that but not the higher threshold, then it goes in the subsequent branch.
So really, it's 12 months.
Because it happens EVERY. SINGLE. RELEASE. A rush of RFCs goes into rushed voting, and people get butthurt about something passing (or not) when they thought it shouldn't (or should) have, but there's no time left to fix up the details.
e.g. Attributes, Named Parameters, and that's just examples from this week.
3:51 PM
@Sara Agree. At that point we can move the feature freeze also a little bit closer to the RC period
That is, perhaps, down to the fixed annual release schedule, which while I appreciate the regularity of, might perhaps be better served by using the RFC process itself to trigger the feature freeze.
@bwoebi To what benefit?
@Sara I very much look forward to feature freeze. Things will be a lot less stressful.
Nobody tests alphas and betas...
Making the FF date later is just going to make people bring their RFCs to vote later.
3:53 PM
@Sara well, not if there's the high vote passing threshold
@NikiC Quite. The alpha period is bananas.
You have more faith in humanity than I.
@Sara "It's the rules, you have no luck this time."
@Sara I don't think anything is every going to solve the magical effect of deadlines ;)
@NikiC Sigh. Quite.
3:55 PM
If we want to make changes in that area, I'd probably go for just blanket raising the voting threshold beyond the 2/3 it is now
user image
@Derick it's funny you say that, this was a huge issue at my last job. DBA would apply an upgrade to test server for ERP, would encourage users to test it... maybe a handful actually would. And the handful that did, only did it because we had convinced them why testing is important and finally understood (or they encountered a patch that broke their shirt and they didn't understand why)
@Derick I sometimes just try deploying master on staging… but never actually do try the actual release alpha/beta/rc
Any tricks on making valgrind go faster? :-)
throw more cores at it? (I dunno)
4:01 PM
nope, the process is single core...
@Tiffany singlethreaded applications...
I have plenty of cores.... 48 to be precise
24 hours ago, by Crell
Holy mother forking shirt balls...
user image
How else do I test Xdebug against 320 version in a reasonable amount of time
4:02 PM
@Derick not using valgrind
smartass :-þ
@Derick It's a serious suggestion ;) What do you use it for?
40 cores on my work machine, but access to 700+ throughout my icecream cluster
Maybe address sanitizer would be a sufficient replacement
No seriously… use tools which do fence your memory allocations directly to detect out of bound reads
4:03 PM
My home machine is a mere 24 cores.
@NikiC I've not had luck getting that to work properly.
like asan as Nikita proposes
but, in this case it's for running callgrind/cachegrind
@Sara DOOM_in_Task_Manager.gif
gawd, everyone showing off their clusters and I'm trying to convince myself not to spend 3 grand on 4 Dell R720s :|
4:03 PM
oooh callgrind. yeah no options then
@MarkR Technically Sara's employer paid for mine
You can use perf instead, but whether that's useful depends on the case
@Derick Did you fail to return company property??!?!?!
perf is pretty good though if you don't need call graph informatino
@Sara No, made a deal.
4:04 PM
Ah, that's fair then.
I had to video wiping the nvme card :-)
Honestly, I'mma try to do the same with this MacPro (which was already a bit old when I swiped it from NYC)
Old, but WELL spec'd
You're leaving?
Honestly, I'd expect them to simply trust you.
I mean, someday yes.
Nothing lasts forever.
Nope, they very much insisted on videoing it. It was pointless, as it was all open source on there.
4:06 PM
Outside of cloud, 95% of what that company does is open source.
I'm sure there is some code that's technically not supposed to be there in a backup somewhere, but not deliberately.
And even then. Videoing an erasure of THAT machine's storage proves only that THAT machine's storage was wiped.
Deleted all my email too
well, yeah, that too
Doesn't even show that, easy to clone and swap
it's faster to reinstall linux and remount /home/derick
4:07 PM
Yes Mr. Infosec that was definitely absolutely the right SSD you saw me pour thermite on.
(not that I did that, but I could of)
But yeah, my exit from any company is:
1/ Get everything not already open sourced open sourced, so I can refer to it later.
2/ Copy off anything purely personal that happen to be on the system.
3/ Nuke the site from orbit.
I don't want company resources once I'm gone.
then again, that company has some of my copyright embedded in it...
Honestly, I think of some of the code I left at Yahoo! (and is still running), and I'm glad I can't see it anymore cringe
GDPR was fun... "right to delete" vs "I have 10 years of backups sitting on my NAS"
4:10 PM
@MarkR We specifically designed field level encryption around making that part of GDPR easier.
I've never actually tried that.
User: "Delete my shit". DBA: "Okay, I deleted your encryption key."
==85158== Address 0x1d2c6458 is 24 bytes after a block of size 64 in arena "client"
That's a valgrind warning I haven't seen yet - any clues what "arena" they mean?
Is memgrind aware of slab allocators? That's neat.
I would GUESS that it's saying "technically, your process owns that memory, but I happen to know your allocator (e.g. tcmalloc/jemalloc) hasn't internally allocated it.
So it's an ordinary overrun as far as you're concerned.
Or use-after-free.
use after free more likely
4:14 PM
Yeah. Being 24-bytes past is suspicious. :)
What process is this in?
It's defo in my code
hrmmm.... Surprising memgrind would know anything about zend alloc.
Or are we actually using tcmalloc now.
I'm way behind on a lot of specifics.
Then entirely possible my guess is just wrong. /shrug
I am disliking the way valgrind has removed the --attach-gdb feature, it's now more cumbersome to use
4:37 PM
Anyone specialize in scraping data?
What kind of data? There's many a way to scrape
It's an ajax form that populates results on the page.
i.imgur.com/Ws3RSn6.png taken from reddit just now... this hurts.
4:56 PM
I feel judged.
5:17 PM
@MarkR I saw that too. What made it worse was that just yesterday I was in a meeting talking about feature work which shifted (topically!) to compilers and then people were suddenly like: "Uh... I have another meeting to get to. Bye."
5:35 PM
@Sara while I agree, for example the saner numeric string one I asked Andrea if she was continuing looking back at it (well trailing whitespaces) and she said she would try to before coming back to me IIRC in early June that she couldn't in the end, but I still had some university shit to do, so I couldn't really start it before end of June :(
What's the easiest way to contribute to the official PHP project?
@MarkR looking at my i5 3rd gen quad core :(
@Carl Bug fixes in a PR to php-src or docs
@Girgias Good idea :)
The edit.php.net website is down for me.
@Sara that is a great idea! :) another appoach could be to require RFCs on new stuff to be voted on 2 month before feature freeze or similar, then allow only amendments until feature freeze
6:00 PM
Hmm. Anyone know how to determine which include/require/zval the ZEND_RETURN opcode I am on corresponds to?
As far as I can tell, it corresponds to an include/require/eval iff the function doesn't have a name, but not sure how to tell which one it is.
Name of the file doesn't seem to be stored anywhere.
so github profile readmes are available now... twitter.com/github/status/1286724102099816448
@Carl Sadly down for everyone, you can use the IP directly:
Do ping someone to review changes as otherwise it usually just rots there
or just PR doc-en... and ping people here :P
Actually better
I prefer that method because it allows my changes to be reviewed by veterans before they're added. For minor changes, I don't mind committing them directly in SVN, but for the changes I made, e.g., to the properties page for typed properties - I wanted that to be reviewed to catch any mistakes I made and nudge me in the right direction to improve it.
@Carl another option: qa.php.net/howtohelp.php
particularly writing test cases
...and can't find the page that shows code coverage :/
6:16 PM
It's on azure pipelines now
gcov.php.net got decomissioned due to the old box
@Girgias link?
I might be able to find it... I"m assuming I can dig around the CI pipeline and maybe find it
I'm trying to find it again 2s :p
Did Azure decide to hide our nightly buid which does ASAN/MSAN and gcov or am I blind?
I'm getting a lot of "you don't have authorization to view this" messages ... which is valid, but I thought most of this should be publicly viewable...
MS changed something a while ago
@beberlei Fair. Tweaks could have a lower barrier than whole features for sure.
6:36 PM
@beberlei Adding observer support for generators is... fun.
@LeviMorrison uggh. i have time to do the benchmarks in a controlled way tomorow btw
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